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Christian movements - 2844390960

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Christian movements Books LLC, Reference Series

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Source: Wikipedia. Pages: 88. Chapters: Ebionites, Folk Christianity, Plymouth Brethren, Quiverfull, Emerging church, Confessing Church, Branhamism, German Christians, Simple church, Martinism, Confessing Movement, Charismatic Movement, Progressive Christianity, House church, Free Christian, Local churches, Collective salvation, Christian movement, Ordre Reaux Croix, Pfarrernotbund, Christian salvation, Theophostic counseling, Conservative Christianity, Christian Ashram Movement, British New Church Movement, Biblical patriarchy, King's Family of Churches, Muscular Christianity, Center for Progressive Christianity, Convergence Movement, Chinese house church, Toronto Blessing, Living the Questions, The Call, Inner Healing Movement, Christian Patriot movement, Lesbian and Gay Christian Movement, Continual prayer, Methernitha, Primitive Catholic, Homoiousian, Independent Sacramental Movement, Andrew Swift, Advent Conspiracy, Christ Apostolic Miracle Ministry, Christian Liberation Movement, Bible believer, Post-Protestant, Arathi, The Shouters, Postmodern Reformation. Excerpt: The Plymouth Brethren is a conservative, Evangelical Christian movement, whose history can be traced to Dublin, Ireland, in the late 1820s. Although the group is notable for not taking any official "church name" to itself, and not having an official clergy or liturgy, the title "The Brethren," is one that many of their number are comfortable with in that the Bible designates all believers as "brethren" (meaning "brothers"). "Brethren assemblies" are commonly perceived as being divided into at least two branches, the "Open Brethren" and the "Exclusive Brethren". The Plymouth Brethren movement began in Dublin around 1827, and soon spread from Ireland to Britain. The first English assembly was in Plymouth, where the movement became well known. Brethren assemblies diffused throughout Europe and beyond. Leonard Strong led the formation about 1836 of assemblies in British Guiana among the slaves. In the early years, those involved were largely unknown to one another, with no direct contact between the various groups. The two main but conflicting aspirations of the movement were to create a holy and pure fellowship on one hand, and to allow all Christians into fellowship on the other. Following decades of dissent, and the expansion of Methodism and political revolutions in the United States and France, believers in the movement felt that the established Church of England had abandoned or distorted many of the ancient traditions of Christendom. To get away from the sectarianism of dissenters, people in the movement wanted simply to meet together in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ without reference to denominational differences. Early meetings included Christians from a variety of denominations. A feeling of dissatisfaction toward existing church gatherings also contributed to such differing movements as the "Oxford Movement", "Irvingism" and other Christian manifestations of change. In Dublin, more than one group of believers met separately around 1827, and for some time


Princess Diana, Modern Day Moon-Goddess - 2826899409

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Princess Diana, Modern Day Moon-Goddess Sea Raven Press

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

In "Princess Diana, Modern Day Moon-Goddess: A Psychoanalytical and Mythological Look at Diana Spencer's Life, Marriage, and Death," esteemed psychoanalyst Jane G. Goldberg, Ph.D. and award-winning historian and author Lochlainn Seabrook have joined forces to create an altogether unique and intriguing nonfiction work on one of the most beloved figures of all time. Goldberg, a Louisiana native and now a New York therapist, sees Diana's growth - from self-deprecating ingénue, to royal mother, to powerful and independent woman - as an inevitable process in the Princess' climb toward self-actualization, one cut short by numerous tragic missteps. Seabrook, a religion and mythology scholar, seventh-generation Kentuckian, and a cousin of Diana, views her life and death as fated, made more understandable by comparing her with her ancient namesake, the Old European Moon-Goddess Diana, with whom the Princess of Wales shared many uncanny similarities. Combining psychoanalytic and mythological perspectives, the authors weave an engaging interpretation of Lady Spencer's life, one that includes an examination of her marriage to Prince Charles, their breakup, her short bout with freedom, and her eerie death after a crash in a gloomy Parisian tunnel, synchronistically named "Bridge of the Moon-Goddess." All is cast in the light of ancient myths surrounding the Pagan lunar-deity Diana, known in ancient Greece as Artemis. As Princess Diana's psycho-mythic drama unfolds, we are treated to a veritable introduction to both depth psychology and comparative mythology, languages that Goldberg and Seabrook use to ably describe the shy aristocrat's rise to fame and fortune and her fall into tragedy and darkness. The Foreword is by noted psychoanalyst Dr. Phyllis W. Meadow. A respectful book in the mold of the venerable Sigmund Freud and Robert Graves, it includes a comprehensive bibliography, detailed index, and numerous quotes by the universally admired "People's Princess." With its fresh and provocative insights, "Princess Diana, Modern Day Moon-Goddess" is a must-read for anyone interested in Lady Di, psychology, or mythology. Goldberg is a practicing psychoanalyst and recognized as a leading authority in the fields of psychological oncology and holistic health. She is the author of seven books, including the acclaimed "The Dark Side of Love: The Positive Role of Negative Feelings." Seabrook, a descendant of the Spencers, is the recipient of the prestigious Jefferson Davis Historical Gold Medal and the author of forty popular books for all ages, including the spiritual blockbuster "Jesus and the Law of Attraction: The Bible-Based Guide to Creating Perfect Health, Wealth, and Happiness Following Christ's Simple Formula."


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