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For My Beautiful Black Sister - 2863302758

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For My Beautiful Black Sister

Książki Obcojęzyczne>Angielskie>Literature & literary studies>Poetry>Individual poets



Sister of My Heart - 2862175161

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Sister of My Heart Anchor Books

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Anju is the daughter of an upper-caste Calcutta family; her cousin Sudha is the daughter of the black sheep of that family. Sudha is as beautiful, tenderhearted, and serious as Anju is plain, whip-smart, and defiant. Yet since the day they were born, Sudha and Anju have been bonded in ways even their mothers cannot comprehend.The cousins' bond is shattered, however, when Sudha learns a dark family secret. Urged into arranged marriages, their lives take sudden, opposite turns: Sudha becomes the dutiful daughter-in-law of a rigid small-town household, while Anju goes to America with her new husband and learns to live her own life of secrets. Then tragedy strikes them both, and the women discover that, despite the distance that has grown between them, they have only each other to turn to. Set in the two worlds of India and America, this is an exceptionally moving novel of love, friendship, and compelling courage.


Blood Doctor - 2212839586

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Blood Doctor Penguin

Powieści i opowiadania

Blood. That


Under the Duvet - 2212824601

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Under the Duvet Penguin

Powieści i opowiadania

'When people ask me what I do for a crust and I tell them that I'm a novelist, they immediately assume that my life is a non-stop carousel of limos, television appearances, hair-dos, devoted fans, stalkers and all the glitzy paraphernalia of being a public figure. It's time to set the record straight. I write alone, in a darkened bedroom, wearing my PJs, eating bananas, my laptop on a pillow in front of me ...' Her novels are adored by millions around the world


Sentimental Journey - 2839352468

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Sentimental Journey Documents


1. Let's Be Buddies 2. While The Music Plays On 3. Three At A Table For Two 4. (I Ain't Hep To That Step But I'll) Dig It 5. Between Friends 6. Broomstreet 7. Barbara Allen 8. Amapola (Pretty Little Poppy) 9. Celery Stalks At Midnight 10. Easy As Pie 11. Booglie Wooglie Piggy 12. Beau Night In Hotchkiss Corners 13. Made Up My Mind 14. Alexander The Swoose (Half Swan-half Goose) 15. Keep Cool, Fool 16. He's Home For A Little While 17. I'll Always Be With You 18. My Dreams Are Getting Better 19. A Red Kiss On A Blue Letter 20. My Dreams Are Getting Better All The Time 21. Til The End Of Time 22. He'll Have To Cross The Atlantic 23. I'd Rather Be With You 24. Come To Baby, Do! 101. Aren't You Glad You're You 102. The Last Time I Saw You 103. We'll Be Together Again 104. You Won't Be Satisfied (Until You Break My Heart) 105. In The Moon Mist 106. Day By Day 107. Taint Me 108. (Ah Yes) There's Good Blues Tonight 109. I Got The Sun In The Morning 110. The Deevil, Devil, Divil 111. The Whole World Is Singing My Song 112. You Should Have Told Me 113. Sooner Or Later 114. Tulip Or Turnip 115. Papa, Won't You Dance With Me 116. It's Magic 117. Pretty Baby 118. Confess 119. Love Somebody 120. Put Em In A Box, Tie Em Up With A Ribbon 121. Imagination 122. Thoughtless 123. It's You Or No One 124. My Darling, My Darling 201. Powder Your Face With Sunshine (Smile Smile Smile) 202. Everywhere You Go 203. Again 204. (Where Are You) Now That I Need You 205. Let's Take An Old-fashioned Walk 206. Bewitched, Bothered And Bewildered 207. It's A Great Feeling 208. You Can Have Him 209. Canadian Capers (Cuttin' Capers) 210. (There's A) Bluebird On Your Windowsill 211. Quicksilver 212. Sentimental Journey 213. Lullaby Of Broadway 214. Fine And Dandy 215. In A Shanty In Old Shanty Town 216. Somebody Loves Me 217. Just One Of Those Things 218. You're Getting To Be A Habit With Me 219. I Love The Way You Say Goodnight 220. Please Don't Talk About Me When I'm Gone 301. I May Be Wrong (But I Think You're Wonderful) 302. The Man I Love 303. The Very Thought Of You 304. Pretty Baby 305. Melancholy Rhapsody 306. Would I Love You 307. Too Marvelous For Words 308. Get Happy 309. I Only Have Eyes For You 310. Limehouse Blues 311. With A Song In My Heart 312. Lullaby Of Broadway 313. Crazy Rhythm 314. Here In My Arms 315. I Know That You Know 316. I Want To Be Happy 317. Do Do Do 318. I Only Have Eyes For You 319. Oh Me! Oh My! Oh You! 320. Tea For Two 401. Hooray For Hollywood 402. Cheek To Cheek 403. It's Easy To Remember 404. The Way You Look Tonight 405. I Remember April 406. Blues In The Night 407. Over The Rainbow 408. Love Is Here To Stay 409. In The Still Of The Night 410. Night And Day 411. Easy To Love 412. I Had The Craziest Dream 413. Moonlight Bay 414. Till We Meet Again 415. Love Ya 416. Christmas Story 417. I'm Forever Blowing Bubbles 418. Cuddle Up A Little Closer 419. Every Little Movement 420. Tell Me 501. The Song Is You 502. Hello, My Lover, Goodbye 503. But Not For Me 504. I Remember You 505. I Hadn't Anyone Till You 506. But Beautiful 507. Autumn Leaves 508. Don't Take Your Love From Me 509. There Will Never Be Another You 510. Gone With The Wind 511. The Gypsy In My Soul 512. Day By Day 513. The Deadwood Stage (Whip-crack Away) 514. I Can Do Without You 515. The Black Hills Of Dakota 516. Just Blew In From The Windy City 517. A Woman's Touch 518. Higher Than A Hawk (Deeper Than A Well) 519. Tis Harry I'm Plannin' To Marry 520. Secret Love 601. I See Your Face Before Me 602. Close Your Eyes 603. The Night We Called It A Day 604. Dream A Little Dream Of Me 605. Under A Blanket Of Blue 606. You Do Something To Me 607. Stars Fell On Alabama 608. Moon Song 609. Wrap Your Troubles In Dreams 610. And Dream Your Troubles Away 611. Soft As The Starlight 612. Moonglow 613. The Lamp Is Low 614. Till My Love Comes To Me 615. Ready, Willing And Able 616. Hold Me In Your Arms 617. Someone To Watch Over Me 618. Just One Of Those Things 619. There's A Rising Moon 620. One For My Baby (And One More For The Road) 621. You, My Love 701. Cuttin' Capers 702. Steppin' Out With My Baby 703. Makin' Whoopee! 704. The Lady's In Love With You 705. Why Don't We Do This More Often? 706. Let's Take A Walk Around The Block 707. I'm Sitting On Top Of The World 708. Get Out And Get Under The Moon 709. Fit As A Fiddle (And Ready For Love) 710. Me Too (Ho Ha! Ho Ha!) 711. I Feel Like A Feather In The Breeze 712. Let's Fly Away 713. By The Light Of The Silvery Moon 714. Your Eyes Have Told Me So 715. Just One Girl 716. Ain't We Got Fun 717. If You Were The Only Girl 718. Be My Little Baby Bumble Bee 719. I'll Forget You 720. King Chanticleer 801. It All Depends On You 802. You Made Me Love You (I Didn't Want To Do It) 803. Stay On The Right Side, Sister 804. Mean To Me 805. Everybody Loves My Baby (But My Baby Don't Love Nobody But Me) 806. Sam, The Old Accordian Man 807. Shaking The Blues Away 808. Ten Cents A Dance 809. I'll Never Stop Loving You 810. Never Look Back 811. At Sundown 812. Love Me Or Leave Me 813. The Pajama Game/racing With The Clock 814. I'm Not At All In Love 815. I'll Never Be Jealous Again 816. Once-a-year Day 817. Small Talk 818. There Once Was A Man 819. Hernando's Hideaway 820. Finale 901. What Every Girl Should Know 902. Mood Indigo 903. When You're Smiling 904. A Fellow Needs A Girl 905. My Kinda Love 906. What's The Use Of Wond'rin'? 907. Something Wonderful 908. A Hundred Years From Today 909. You Can't Have Everything 910. Not Only Should You Love Him 911. What Does A Woman Do? 912. The Everlasting Arms 913. Show Time (Part One) 914. I Got The Sun In The Morning 915. Ohio 916. I Love Paris 917. When I'm Not Near The Boy I Love 918. People Will Say We're In Love 919. I've Grown Accustomed To His Face 920. The Surrey With The Fringe On Top 921. They Say It's Wonderful 922. A Wonderful Guy 923. On The Street Where You Live 924. The Sound Of Music/show Time (Part Two)


Rackham's Fairy Tale Illustrations - 2826690652

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Rackham's Fairy Tale Illustrations DOVER PUBLICATIONS

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

List of Plates LITTLE BROTHER AND LITTLE SISTER AND OTHER TALES BY THE BROTHERS GRIMM 1 "She took off her golden garter and put it round the roe-buck's neck ("Little Brother and Little Sister")" 2 "The end of his beard was caught in a crack in the tree ("Snow-White and Rose-Red)" 3 "The third time she wore the star-dress which sparkled at every step ("The True Sweetheart")" 4 "Suddenly the branches twined round her and turned into two arms ("The Old Woman in the Wood")" 5 "He played until the room was entirely full of gnomes ("The Gnomes")" 6 "What did she find there but real ripe strawberries ("The Three Little Men in the Wood")" 7 "The waiting maid sprang down first and Maid Maleen followed ("Maid Maleen")" 8 "She begged quite prettily to be allowed to spend the night there ("The Hut in the Forest")" SNOWDROP AND OTHER TALES BY THE BROTHERS GRIMM 9 "The Dwarfs, when they came in the evening, found Snowdrop lying on the ground ("Snowdrop")" 10 "The King could not contain himslef for joy ("Briar Rose")" 11 "The young Prince said, "I am not afraid; I am determined to go and look upon the lovely Briar Rose" ("Briar Rose")" 12 "Ashenputtel goes to the ball ("Ashenputtel")" 13 "The fishes, in their joy, stretched up their head above the water, and promised to reward him ("The White Snake")" 14 "So the four brothers took their sticks in their hands, bade their father good-bye, and passed out of the town gate ("The Four Clever Brothers")" 15 "The King's only daughter had been carried off by a dragon ("The Four Clever Brothers")" 16 "She went away accompanied by the lions ("The Lady and the Lion")" 17 "Alas! Dear Falada, there thou hangest ("The Goosegirl")" 18 "Bow, blow, little breeze, And Conrad's hat seize ("The Goosegirl")" 19 "Good Dwarf, can you not tell me where my brothers are? ("The Water of Life")" 20 "The son made a circle, and his father and he took their places within it, and the little black Manniken appeared ("The King of the Golden Mountain")" 21 "But they said one after another: "Halloa! Who has been eating off my plate? Who has been drinking out of my cup?" ("The Seven Ravens")" 22 "The beggar took her by the hand and led her away ("King Thrushbeard")" HANSEL AND GRETHEL AND OTHER TALES BY THE BROTHERS GRIMM 23 "All at once the door opened and an old, old woman, supporting herself on a crutch, came hobbling out ("Hansel and Grethel")" 24 "Hansel put out a knuckle-bone, and the old woman, whose eyes were dim, could not see it, and thought it was his finger, and she was much astonished that he did not get fat ("Hansel and Grethel")" 25 "Once there was a poor old woman who lived in a village ("The Straw, the Coal, and the Bean") " 26 "So she seized him with two fingers, and carried him upstairs ("The Frog Prince")" 27 "The cat stole away behind the city walls to the church ("The Cat and Mouse in Partnership")" 28 "The witch climbed up ("Rapunzel")" 29 "When she got to the wood, she met a wolf ("Red Riding Hood")" 30 "O Grandmother, what big ears you have got" she said ("Red Riding Hood")" 31 "The old man had to sit by himself, and ate his food from a wooden bowl ("The Old Man and His Grandson")" THE ALLIES' FAIRY BOOK 32 "In a twinkling the giant put each garden, and orchard, and castle in the bundle as they were before ("The Battle of the Birds")" 33 "If thou wilt give me this pretty little one," says the king's son. "I will take thee at they word" ('"The Battle of the Birds")" 34 "Now, Guleesh, what good will she be to you when she'll be dumb? It's time for us to go-but you'll remember us, Guleesh")" 35 "The sleeping Princess ("The Sleeping Beauty")" 36 "So valiantly did they grapple with him that they bore him to the ground and slew him ("Cesarino and the Dragon")" 37 "The birds showed the young man the white dove's nest ("What Came of Picking Flowers")" 38 "Art thou warm, maiden? Art thou warm, pretty one? Art thou warm, my darling?" ("Frost")" 39 "Nine peahens flew towards the tree, and eight of them settled on its branches, but the ninth alighted near him and turned instantly into a beautiful girl ("The Golden Apple-Tree and the Nine Peahens")" 40 "The dragon flew out and caught the queen on the road and carried her away ("The Golden Apple Tree and the Nine Peahens")" ENGLISH FAIRY TALES 41 "Mr. And Mrs. Vinegar at home ("Mr. And Mrs. Vinegar")" 42 "Somebody has been at my porriedge, and has eaten it all up!" ("The Story of the Three Bears")" 43 "The giant Cormoran was the terror of all the country-side ("Jack the Giant-Killer")" 44 "Tree of mine! O tree of mine! Have you seen my naughty little maid?" ("The Two Sisters")" 45 "Fee-fi-fo-fum, I smell the blood of an Englishman" ("Jack and the Beanstalk")" 46 "She went along, and went along, and went along ("Catskin")" 47 "They thanked her and said good-bye, and she went on her journey ("The Three Heads of the Well")" 48 "Many's the beating he had from the broomstick or the ladle ("Dick Whittington and his Cat")" 49 "When Puss saw the rats and mice she didn't want to be told ("Dick Whittington and his Cat")" 50 "She sat down and plaited herself an overall of rushes and a cap to match ("Caporushes")" IRISH FAIRY TALES 51 "In a forked glen into which he slipped at night-fall he was surrounded by giant toads ("Becuma of the White Skin")" 52 "My life became a ceaseless scurry and wound and escape, a burden and anguish of watchfullness" ("The Story of Tuan Mac Cairill")" 53 "She looked angry woe at the straining and snarling horde below ("The Wooing of Becfola")" Headpiece [on title page] By day she made herself into a cat . . . Tailpiece [following Plate 53] . . . or a screech owl


100 Hits Presents - Uk No. 1's Karaoke / Różni Wykonawcy (Uk) - 2840050892

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100 Hits Presents - Uk No. 1's Karaoke / Różni Wykonawcy (Uk)


1. Vogue - Madonna 2. Beautiful Liar - Beyonce And Shakira 3. Only Girl In The World - Rihanna 4. Spinning Around - Kylie Minogue 5. Royal - Lorde 6. Mama Do (Uh Oh, Uh Oh) - Pixie Lott 7. Just Dance - Lady Gaga 8. I Will Always Love You - Whitney Houston 9. Walk This Way - Sugababes Vs. Girls Aloud 10. Hips Don't Lie - Shakira Feat. Wyclef Jean 11. Call Me Maybe - Carly Rae Jepsen 12. My Life Would Suck Without You - Kelly Clarkson 13. Cannonball - Little Mix 14. We Found Love - Rihanna Feat. Calvin Harris 15. Take A Chance On Me - Abba 16. These Boots Are Made For Walking - Nancy Sinatra 17. Into The Groove - Madonna 18. Believe - Cher 19. Stand By Your Man - Tammy Wynette 20. Dancing Queen - Abba 101. A Hard Day's Night - The Beatles 102. Oh, Pretty Woman - Roy Orbison 103. I Can't Give You Anything (But My Love) - The St 104. You Really Got Me - The Kinks 105. Every Breath You Take - The Police 106. Needles And Pins - The Searchers 107. Can't Buy Me Love - The Beatles 108. Should I Stay Or Should I Go - The Clash 109. When The Sun Goes Down - Arctic Monkeys 110. Ruby - Kaiser Chiefs 111. All Summer Long - Kid Rock 112. Love Is All Around - Wet Wet Wet 113. See My Baby Jive - Wizzard 114. Everything I Own - David Gates 115. Easy Lover - Philip Bailey And Phil Collins 116. King Of The Road - Roger Miller 117. Rivers Of Babylon - Boney M 118. Pass The Dutchie - Musical Youth 119. Ice Ice Baby - Vanilla Ice 120. Flying Without Wings - Westlife 201. Happy - Pharrell Williams 202. Just The Way You Are - Bruno Mars 203. Titanium - David Guetta Feat. Sia 204. Oopsy Daisy - Chipmunk 205. Dance With Me Tonight - Olly Murs 206. The Monster - Eminem Feat. Rihanna 207. I Believe I Can Fly - R Kelly 208. Relight My Fire - Take That Feat. Lulu 209. Party Rock Anthem - Lmfao 210. Meet Me Halfway - Black Eyed Peas 211. No Tomorrow - Orson 212. Hero - Enrique Iglesias 213. Scream & Shout - Feat. Britney Spears 214. The Way I Are - Timbaland Feat. Kerry Hilson And 215. Airplanes - B.o.b Feat. Hayley Williams 216. Especially For You - Jason Donovan And Kylie Min 217. I Know Him So Well - Elaine Paige And Barbara Di 218. Give It To Me - Timbaland Feat. Nelly Furtado An 219. You're The One That I Want - John Travolta & Oli 301. I'm Still Waiting - Diana Ross 302. Band Of Gold - Freda Payne 303. I Feel Love - Donna Summer 304. I Will Survive - Gloria Gaynor 305. Take A Bow - Rihanna 306. I Knew You Were Waiting (For Me) - George Michae 307. So You Win Again - Hot Chocolate 308. Stay - Shakespears Sister 309. Like A Praye - Madonna 310. Millennium - Robbie Williams 311. A Little Time - Beautiful South 312. Boys And Girl - Pixie Lott 313. All That She Wants - Ace Of Base 314. Show Me Heaven - Maria Mckee 315. Grace Kelly - Mika 316. Fernando - Abba 317. The Time (Dirty Bit) - Black Eyed Peas 318. O.m.g - Usher 319. Wishing On A Star - X Factor Finalists 320. Shine - Take That 401. Bohemian Rhapsody - Queen 402. House Of Fun - Madness 403. Don't You Want Me - Human League 404. Papa Don't Preach - Madonna 405. Things Can Only Get Better - D:ream 406. Dreadlock Holiday - 10cc 407. The Sun Always Shines On Tv - A-ha 408. Never Gonna Give You Up - Rick Astley 409. Nothing's Gonna Stop Us Now - Starship 410. Sorry - Madonna 411. Eternal Flame - Bangles 412. I Think We're Alone Now - Tiffany 413. China In Your Hand - T'pau 414. I Got You Babe - Ub40 And Chrissie Hynde 415. Tiger Feet - Mud 416. December '63 (Oh, What A Night) - Frankie Valli 417. Knowing Me, Knowing You - Abba 418. I Love It - Icona Pop 419. Kung Fu Fighting - Carl Douglas 420. If You Leave Me Now - Chicago


Presenting The Gary Byrd - 2839430517

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Presenting The Gary Byrd GET ON DOW


1. Introduction-how Long My People 2. Little Black Baby 3. To You Beautiful Black Sister 4. If The People Only Knew (The Power Of The People) 5. Black Is So Beautiful 6. Where Were You 7. Country Preacher 8. Shining Black Prince 9. Soul Travelin' (Part I) 10. Soul Travelin' (Part Ii)


100 Best Film Classics EMI - 2833189968

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100 Best Film Classics EMI

Muzyka filmowa

100 Best Film ClassicsCD 1 THE GREAT BLOCKBUSTERS1. 2001: A Space OdysseyStrauss: Also Sprach Zarathustra (Sunrise)2. Apocalypse Now Wagner: Die Walkuere - The Ride Of The Valkeries3. Amadeus Mozart: Requiem In D Minor K6264. Titanic James Horner: My Heart Will Go On5. You Only Live Twice Barry: Main Theme6. Star Wars John Williams: Main Theme7. Gladiator Hans Zimmer: Gladiator Theme8. Gallipoli Temple Duet (Bizet: Les Pecheurs Des Perles)9. The Godfather Intermezzo (Mascagani: Cavalleria Rusticana)10. The Lord of The Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring Howard Shore: The Fellowship11. Harry Potter and The Chamber of Secrets John Williams - Fawkes the Phoenix12. Saving Private Ryan John Williams: Hymn To The Fallen13. Mission Impossible Mozart: String Trio Divertimento14. Fantasia Dukas: The Sorcerer's Apprentice15. Braveheart James Horner: End TitlesCD 2 THE CLASSIC MOVIES1. Somewhere In Time Rachmaninov: Piano Concerto No.32. Chariots of Fire Allegri: Miserere3. The Deer Hunter Stanley Myers: Cavatina4. Platoon Barber: Adagio For Strings5. Death in Venice Mahler: Symphony No.5 - IV. Adagietto6. American Beauty Thomas Newman: Any Other Name7. E.T. John Williams: Main Theme8. Schindler's List John Williams: Main Theme9. The Mission Morricone: Gabriel's Oboe10. William Shakespeare's Romeo + Juliet Mozart: Symphony No.2511. Jean De Floerette Verdi: Main Theme from La Forza del Destino Overture12. Alien Mozart: Eine kleine Nachtmusik - II. Romance13. Cinema Paradiso Morricone: Love Theme14. Eyes Wide Shut Shostakovich: Jazz Suite No.215. A Clockwork Orange Beethoven: Ode To Joy CD 3 FAVOURITE MOVIES1. Ace Ventura: Pet Detective Mozart: Eine Kleine Nachtmusik2. Out of Africa Mozart: Clarinet Concerto3. Amadeus Mozart: Concerto For Two Pianos4. Sideways Tarrega: Memories Of The Alhambra5. The Joy Luck Club Mozart: Flute & Harp Concerto6. The Talented Mr. Ripley Pergolesi: Stabat Mater7. Lorenzo's Oil Mozart: Ave Verum Corpus8. JFK Mozart: Horn Concerto No. 29. Carrington Schubert: String Quintet10. Runaway Bride Mozart: Le Nozze Di Figaro - Overture11. Hilary and Jackie Elgar: Cello Concerto12. The Living Daylights Mozart: Symphony No.4013. Elizabeth Elgar: Nimrod14. Minority Report Schubert: Symphony No.815. There's Something About Mary Mozart: Eine Kleine Nachmusik16. Billy Elliot Tchaikovsky: Swan Lake17. The Right Stuff Holst: Jupiter (The Planets) CD 4 THE PIANO AT THE CINEMA1. The Piano Nyman: The Heart Asks Pleasure First2. Elvira Madigan Mozart: Piano Concerto No.213. Face/Off Chopin: 'Raindrop' Prelude4. Amadeus Mozart: Piano Concerto No.205. Private Benjamin Chopin: Waltz In C Sharp Minor6. The Truman Show Mozart: Rondo alla turca7. The Associate Mozart: Piano Concerto No.258. A Beautiful Mind Mozart: Piano Sonata No.119. Immortal Beloved Beethoven: 'Moonlight' Sonata10. The Pianist Chopin: Nocturne In C Sharp Major11. The Music Lovers Tchaikovsky: Piano Concerto No.112. What Lies Beneath Satie: Gymnopedie No.113. Paycheck Chopin: 'Minute' Waltz14. Rosemary's Baby Beethoven: Fur Elise15. The Truman Show Chopin: Piano Concerto No.116. Ocean's Eleven Debussy: Clair de Lune17. Shine Chopin: Polonaise No.6 In A Flat CD 5 OPERA AT THE CINEMA1. The Bridges of Madison County Bellini: Norma - Casta Diva2. Captain Corelli's Mandolin Verdi: Rigoletto - La donna e mobile3. Closer Mozart: Cosi fan tutte - Soave sia il vento4. Basquiat Verdi: Il Trovatore - D'amor ali rosee5. Tracing Places Mozart: Le nozze di Figaro - Non piu andrai6. Copycat Puccini: Tosca - Vissi d'arte7. My Left Foot Mozart: Cosi fan tutte - Un'aura amorosa8. Miss Congenialty Mozart: Die Zauberflute Der Holle Rache9. The Shawshank Redemption Mozart: Le nozze di Figaro - Canzonetta sull'aria10. Philadelphia Giordano: Andrea Chenier - La mamma morta11. Babette's Feast Mozart: Don Giovanni - La ci darem la mano12. Heavenly Creatures Puccini: Tosca - E lucevan le stelle13. Callas Forever Bizet: Carmen - Habanera14. Moonstruck Puccini: La Boheme - Che gelida manina15. Driving Miss Daisy Dvorak: Rusalka - Song To The Moon16. Diva Catalani: La Wally - Ebben? ne andro lontana17. Life Is Beautiful Offenbach: Les Contes d'Hoffmann - Barcarolle18. The Witches of Eastwick Puccini: Turandot - Nessun dorma CD 6 BAROQUE GOES TO THE CINEMA1. Four Weddings And A Funeral Hnadel: Solomon - The Arrival Of The Queen Of Sheba2. The Aviator Bach: Toccata & Fugue In D Minor3. The Madness of King George Handel: Zadok The Priest4. Children of a Lesser God Bach: Concerto For Two Violins5. Someone To Watch Over Me Vivaldi: Gloria In Excelsis Deo6. Truly, Madly, Deeply Bach: Viola Da Gamba Sonata7. Gallipoli Albinoni: Adagio In G Minor8. Kramer vs. Kramer Vivaldi: Mandolin Concerto9. The Silence of The Lambs Bach: Goldberg Variations10. Pirates Of The Caribbean: The Curse Of The Black Pearl Handel: Concerto Grosso11. Runaway Bride Bach: 'Air on the G String'12. Ordinary People Pachelbel: Canon In D13. The Other Sister Vivaldi: The Four Seasons14. Meet The Parents Bach: Jesu, Joy Of Man's Desiring15. Barry Lyndon Handel: Sarabande16. Lara Croft: Tomb Rider Bach: Keyboard Concerto No.5 In F minor17. Hannibal Bach: Brandenburg Concerto No.3 In G18. Bridget Jones's Diary Handel: Hallelujah ChorusWydawca: EMI...


Ellington, A Giant.. - 2840120920

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Ellington, A Giant..


1. Cotton Tail 2. C Jam Blues 3. Flamingo 4. Bang-up Blues 5. Tonk 6. Johnny Come Lately 7. In A Blue Summer Garden 8. Great Times 9. Perdido 10. Take The A Train 11. Oscalypso 12. Blues For Blanton 13. Skin Deep 14. The Mooche 15. Take The A Train 16. A Tone Parallel To Harlem (Harlem Suite) 17. Perdido 101. In A Sentimental Mood 102. Things Ain't What They Used To Be 103. Reflections In D 104. Who Knows? 105. Melancholia 106. All Too Soon 107. Prelude To A Kiss 108. B Sharp Blues 109. Passion Flower 110. Janet 111. Retrospection 112. Dancers In Love 113. Alice Blue Gown 114. Who's Afraid Of The Big Bad Wolf? 115. Got A Date With An Angel 116. Poor Butterfly 117. Satan Takes A Holiday 118. The Peanut Vendor 119. Satin Doll 120. Lady In Red 121. Indian Love Call 122. The Donkey Serenade 123. Gypsy Love Song 124. Laugh, Clown, Laugh 201. Such Sweet Thunder 202. Sonnet For Caesar 203. Sonnet To Hank Cinq 204. Lady Mac 205. Sonnet In Search Of A Moor 206. The Telecasters 207. Up And Down, Up And Down (I Will Lead Them Up And Down) 208. Sonnet For Sister Kate 209. The Star-crossed Lovers 210. Madness In Great Ones 211. Half The Fun (Aka Lately) 212. Circle Of Fourths 213. Part I 214. Part II 215. Part III (Aka Light) 216. Part IV (Aka Come Sunday) 217. Part V (Aka Come Sunday) 218. Part VI (23rd Psalm) 301. Main Title/anatomy Of A Murder 302. Flirtibird 303. Way Early Subtone 304. Hero To Zero 305. Low Key Lightly 306. Happy Anatomy (Band Movie Version) 307. Midnight Indigo 308. Almost Cried 309. Sunswept Sunday 310. Grace Valse 311. Happy Anatomy (P.i. Five Version) 312. Upper And Outest 313. Morning Mood 314. In The Hall Of The Mountain King 315. Solvejg's Song 316. Ase's Death 317. Anitra's Dance 318. Misfit Blues 319. Schwiphti 320. Zweet Zurzday 321. Lay-by 401. Happy Go Lucky Local 402. What Am I Here For 403. Kinda Dukish/rockin' In Rhythm 404. Perdido 405. I'm Beginning To See The Light 406. Midriff 407. It Don't Mean A Thing (If It Ain't Got That Swing) 408. Main Stem 409. Take The A Train 410. I Can't Get Started 411. Cong-go 412. Body And Soul 413. Blues For Jerry 414. Fontainbleau Forest 415. Summertime 416. It's Bad To Be Forgotten 417. A Hundred Dreams Ago 418. So 419. Yearning For Love 420. Springtime In Africa 501. Summertime 502. Laura 503. I Can't Get Started 504. My Funny Valentine 505. Everything But You 506. Frustration 507. Cotton Tail 508. Day Dream 509. Deep Purple 510. Indian Summer 511. Blues 512. Hey Baby 513. Sophisticated Lady 514. Me And You 515. Passion Flower 516. I Let A Song Go Out Of My Heart 517. It Don't Mean A Thing (If It Ain't Got That Swing) 518. Grievin' 519. Blue Rose 520. I'm Checkin' Out - Goodbye 521. I Got It Bad (And That Ain't Good) 522. Mood Indigo 601. Duke's Place 602. I'm Just A Lucky So And So 603. Cottontail 604. Mood Indigo 605. Do Nothin' Till You Hear From Me 606. The Beautiful American 607. Black And Tan Fantasy 608. Drop Me Off In Harlem 609. The Mooche 610. In A Mellow Tone 611. Battle Royal 612. To You 613. Take The A Train 614. Corner Pocket (Aka Until I Met You) 615. Wild Man (Aka Wild Man Moore) 616. Segue In C 617. B D B 618. Jumpin' At The Woodside 701. Just Scratchin' The Surface 702. El Gato 703. Happy Reunion 704. Multicolored Blue 705. Princess Blue 706. Jazz Festival Jazz 707. Mr. Gentle And Mr. Cool 708. Juniflip 709. Prima Bara Dubla 710. Hi Fi Fo Fum 801. A Drum Is A Woman 802. Rhythm Pum Te Dum 803. What Else Can You Do With A Drum? 804. New Orleans 805. Hey, Buddy Bolden 806. Carribee Joe 807. Congo Square 808. A Drum Is A Woman, Part 2 809. You Better Know It 810. Madam Zajj 811. Ballet Of The Flying Saucers 812. Zajj's Dream 813. Rhumbop 814. Carribee Joe, Part 2 815. Finale 901. Stompy Jones 902. Squeeze Me 903. Big Shoe 904. Going Up 905. Just A Memory 906. Let's Fall In Love 907. Ruint 908. Bend One 909. You Need To Rock


100 Hits - Summer - 2845964480

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100 Hits - Summer 100 Hits


1. Gnarls Barkley - Crazy 2. The Streets - Fit But You Know It 3. All Saints - Pure Shores 4. Morcheeba - The Sea 5. Everything But The Girl - I Didn't Know I Was Lo 6. Sixpence None The Richer - Kiss Me 7. The Corrs - Radio 8. Paris - Stars Are Blind 9. Danni Minogue - Don't Wannalose This Groove 10. Holly Valance - Kiss Kiss 11. Tweet - Boogie 2nite 12. Kevin Lyttle - Turn Me On 13. Wayne Wonder - No Letting Go 14. Goldie Lookin' Chain - Gun's Don't Kill People R 15. The Ordinary Boys - Seaside 16. Ash - Oh Yeah 17. Levellers - What A Beautiful Day 18. Violent Femmes - Blister In The Sun 19. The Lemonheads - Into Your Arms 20. New Order - Regret 101. Big Mountain - Baby I Love Your Way 102. Dawn Penn - No Nono 103. Cooliofeat. Lv - Gangsta'sparadise 104. Mark Morrison - Return Of The Mack 105. Brand New Heavies - Midnight At The Oasis 106. Sholaama - You're The One I Love 107. East 17 - Around The World 108. Simply Red - Angel 109. Peter Andre - Mysterious Girl 110. Jimmy Somerville - Hurt So Good 111. Snow - Informer 112. Suggs - Camden Town 113. Mike Flowers Pops - Wonderwall 114. Morcheeba - Rome Wasn't Built In A Day 115. Third Eye Blind - Semi-charmed Life 116. Barenakedladies - One Week 117. The Lemonheads - Mrs Robinson 118. Happy Mondays - Step On 119. Catatonia - Dead From The Waist Down 120. The Corrs - I Never Loved You Anyway 201. Grace - Not Over Yet 202. The Beloved - Sweet Harmony 203. Opus III - It's A Fine Day 204. Utah Saints - Something Good 205. Corona - The Rhythm Of The Night 206. Berri - Sunshine After The Rain 207. Dario G - Sunchyme 208. Echobeatz - Masquenada 209. The All Seeing I - Beat Goes On 210. Artful Dodger Feat. Lifford - Please Don't Turn 211. Black Legend - You See The Trouble With Me 212. Riva Feat. Danniiminogue - Who Do You Love Now 213. M&s Presents The Girl Next Door - Salsoulnugget 214. Annie - Chewing Gum 215. Gina G - (Ooh Ah) Just A Little Bit 216. Whigfield - Saturday Night 217. Brand New Heavies - You Are The Universe 218. Human League - Tell Me When 219. Simply Red - Something Got Me Started 220. Deee-lite - Groove Is In The Heart 301. Bananarama - Cruel Summer 302. Fine Young Cannibals - She Drives Me Crazy 303. New Edition - Candy Girl 304. Chaka Khan - I Feel For You 305. De La Soul - Me Myself& I 306. Aztec Camera - Somewhere In My Heart 307. Blancmange - Living On The Ceiling 308. The Communards With Sarah Jane Morris - Don't Le 309. Howard Jones - Like To Get To Know You Well 310. Fuzzbox - Pink Sunshine 311. Dollar - Mirror Mirror 312. Bad Manners - Walking In The Sunshine 313. The Bluebells - Young At Heart 314. Modern Romance - Best Years Of Our Lives 315. Matt Bianco - Yehyeh 316. Sister Sledge - Frankie 317. George Benson - Give Me The Night 318. The London Boys - London Nights 319. Club Nouveau - Lean On Me 320. B-52's - Love Shack 401. Chris Rea - On The Beach (Summer '88) 402. The Beach Boys - Kokomo 403. David Lee Roth - California Girls 404. The Monkees - Daydream Believer 405. The Flowerpot Men - Let's Go To San Francisco 406. Harpers Bizarre - 59th Street Bridge Song (Feeli 407. The Young Rascals - Groovin' 408. Booker T & The Mgs - Green Onions 409. Bread - Everything I Own 410. Seals And Crofts - Summer Breeze 411. Candistaton - Young Hearts Run Free 412. Chic - Le Freak 413. Los Lobos - La Bamba 414. Zz Top - Gimmeall Your Loving 415. Marc Cohn - Walking In Memphis 416. The Rembrandts - I'll Be There For You 417. Sugar Ray - Every Morning 418. Sixpence None The Richer - There She Goes 419. Mike Flowers Pops - Light My Fire 420. Dario G - Carnaval De Paris


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