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Orchids - 2835642073

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Orchids New India Publishing Agency

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Orchids are widely considered to be the most highly evolved of all flowering plants. They are amongst the most beautiful flowers of the entire plant kingdom, combining exotic looks with a diverse set of characteristics. Orchid plants are capable of growing indoors and outdoors, and are no doubt unique difficult to grow successfully. Among flower crops, orchids play a key role in Indian floral economy as they share sizeable export. The vast area and the varied agro-climatic conditions of our country, ranging from tropical to temperate region make possible to grow all kinds of orchids. In this context, a need of simple book on recent advances in cultivation and management of orchid is highly demanded by students of Horticulture & Forestry and florists of India. Thus, this book is brought about mainly to fulfil the above requirement and is also the outcome of our teaching, research and field experiences of several years. Orchid's morphology, propagation methods, cultivation, breeding, post harvest management, diseases and insect pest management describes in details in this book.



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ISBN: 9781851776139 Autor: Pritchard Jane     Rok wydania: 2010-09-06 Ilość stron: 240 Oprawa: twarda Format: 310x240 mm Serge Diaghilev (1872-1929) was an extraordinarily gifted impresario, curator, director and animator of the arts. He was perfectly at home in the wave of creative energy that pushed theatrical performance to the forefront of the arts in the early twentieth century - and perfectly placed to export Russian culture to Western Europe. Active in Europe and America between 1909 and 1929, Diaghilev's Ballets Russes company expanded the frontiers of theatre. Many of its acclaimed productions were true collaborations, examples of gesamtkunstwerk (unified works of art) that continue to capture the imagination of audiences a century later. This beautiful book takes advantage of new research and draws on little-seen collections at the V&A to look at his life, his work, his cultural milieu and, most importantly, the actual processes of creating a ballet while working with some of the foremost creative thinkers of the period.


12th of Never. Die Tote Nr. 12, englische Ausgabe - 2840795713

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12th of Never. Die Tote Nr. 12, englische Ausgabe Random House Export Editions

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Lindsay Boxers beautiful baby is born! After only a week at home with her new daughter, she is forced to return to work to face two of the biggest cases of her career. But all the crimes in the world seem like nothing when Lindsay is suddenly faced with the possibility of the most devastating loss of her life. The Womens Murder Club returns in another gripping, intricate thriller.


Chris Ryan Extreme - 2826871400

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Chris Ryan Extreme Hodder & Stoughton Export Edit

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

No one can escape their past forever. Ex SAS operator John Bald knows that better than most. So when the Firm corners Bald in Kazakhstan with a promise to wipe the slate clean, he reluctantly agrees to return to the frontline. His mission: hunt down a fugitive Russian oligarch suspected of murdering a beautiful young Westminster aide.


Mistress - 2826971044

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Mistress Random House Export Editions

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Ben isn't like most people. He's consumed by his obsessions: movies, motorcycles, presidential trivia, and Diana Hotchkiss - a beautiful woman he can never have. So when Diana is found dead, Ben is driven to find out what happened, no matter what the cost. Filled with danger and deceit, this action-packed thriller plunges us into the depths of a mind tortured by paranoia and obsession.


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