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Forensic Plant Science - 2840405379

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Forensic Plant Science

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Identification of Vegetable Fibres - 2827061413

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Identification of Vegetable Fibres Springer Netherlands

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It is often possible to identify fragments of plants by studying their microscopical characteristics. The recognition of a single feature very rarely establishes the plant's identity; more often, it is necessary to recognize a unique combination of characteris tics. For plant identification, the most valuable characteristics are those least likely to be affected by changes in environment; if the feature is uncommon as well as stable, it is even more useful. Good descriptions of the anatomy of plants are invaluable. For example, The Identifi cation of Hardwoods (Brazier and Franklin, 1961), together with its punched card key, is an excellent book which is useful in practice. Characters describing the sc1erenchyma account for only three places in this key. Using only these characters, it would be impossible to identify a timber. Is it possible then, to identify a species given only sc1erenchyma in the form of a commercial fibre? If it is possible, it is not easy. Although, for many purposes, plant fibres are being replaced by man-made fibres, vegetable fibres are still used, particularly in sacking and cordage and in some indus trial materials. Articles which must be examined in a forensic science laboratory are not always of recent manufacture and archaeologists and historians are interested in older materials. Therefore, it is still necessary for many workers to identify the plant species from which fibres have been extracted.


Vitamin A and Carotenoids - 2826743446

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Vitamin A and Carotenoids Royal Society Of Chemistry

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Vitamin A has an important role to play in vision, bone growth, reproduction, cell division, and cell differentiation. With the focus on Vitamin A and Carotenoids, this book includes the latest research in these areas and starts with an overview putting the compounds in context with other vitamins, supplementation and discussing the importance of beta-carotene. Details of the chemistry, structure and biochemistry of the compounds begins with nomenclature followed by information on encapsulation, thermal degradation and occurrence. Developments in analytical and bioanalytical techniques concerning these compounds in plant, milk and human tissue systems are covered in detail. Finally, the book covers the extensive functions and effects of Vitamin A on eg developmental growth, immune function, cancer risk, the brain and lungs as well as vision. Delivering high quality information, this book will be of benefit to anyone researching this area of health and nutritional science. It will bridge scientific disciplines so that the information is more meaningful and applicable to health in general. Part of a series of books, it is specifically designed for chemists, analytical scientists, forensic scientists, food scientists, dieticians and health care workers, nutritionists, toxicologists and research academics. Due to its interdisciplinary nature it could also be suitable for lecturers and teachers in food and nutritional sciences and as a college or university library reference guide.


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