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Forensic Plant Science - 2854440098

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Forensic Plant Science ELSEVIER SCIENCE

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Forensic botany is the application of plant science to the resolution of legal questions. A plantâ


Forensic Plant Science - 2849519955

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Forensic Plant Science

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Data Hiding Techniques in Windows OS - 2854558174

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Data Hiding Techniques in Windows OS ELSEVIER SCIENCE

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In the digital world, the need to protect online communications increase as the technology behind it evolves. There are many techniques currently available to encrypt and secure our communication channels. Data hiding techniques can take data confidentiality to a new level as we can hide our secret messages in ordinary, honest-looking data files. Steganography is the science of hiding data. It has several categorizations, and each type has its own techniques in hiding. Steganography has played a vital role in secret communication during wars since the dawn of history. In recent days, few computer users successfully manage to exploit their WindowsÂ


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