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Sex Addiction: Free Yourself from Sex Addiction, Porn Obsession, and Shame - 2851345127

27,41 zł

Sex Addiction: Free Yourself from Sex Addiction, Porn Obsession, and Shame



Shame That Lingers - 2854473141

137,94 zł

Shame That Lingers Peter Lang Publishing Inc

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

In The Shame That Lingers: A Survivor-Centered Critique of Catholic Sin-Talk, A. Denise Starkey argues that the dominant legal model of sin in the Catholic Church is inadequate for hearing the experience of sin for survivors of childhood and domestic violence because it functions to shame rather than to heal. A universal understanding of the sinner, as found in mainstream Catholic sin-talk and confession, impedes human flourishing by silencing radical suffering in ways that make survivors complicit for the harm done to them. Starkey argues that a shame-free theology of sin is necessary if survivors are to encounter the profound love of God. Understanding sin from the perspective of the sinned-against makes possible a transformative solidarity with the other by reinvisioning the roles of speaker and listener.


Breaking Free - 2854244152

62,06 zł


Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

This manual is designed to help survivors of child sexual abuse. It updates the first edition, and investigates all the effects of child sexual abuse, which often persist into adult life - guilt and shame, depression and anxiety, eating disorders, fear of relationships and sexual problems. It includes discussion of false memory syndrome and female abusers, and draws on accounts of survivors who want their voices to be heard, offering a positive and optimistic approach to help survivors break free from the past.


View From The Bottom - 2839309070

60,99 zł

View From The Bottom MEGAFORCE


1. C'mon 2. You Tonight 3. Shame Shit, Different Drink 4. Miss You Gone 5. The Broken 6. She Don't Know 7. Nothing's Free 8. You Did It 9. Partner In Crime 10. Here's To Us 11. The Wall 12. Right This Time


Spinoza - 2839646049

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1. Desire Is The Actual Essence Of Man, In So Far As 2. Pleasure Is The Transition Of A Man From A Less To 3. Pain Is The Transition Of A Man From A Greater To 4. Wonder Is The Conception Of Anything, Wherein The 5. Contempt Is The Conception Of Anything Which Touch 6. Love Is Pleasure, Accompanied By The Idea Of An Ex 7. Hatred Is Pain, Accompanied By The Idea Of An Exte 8. Inclination Is Pleasure, Accompanied By The Idea O 9. Aversion Is Pain, Accompanied By The Idea Of Somet 10. Devotion Is Love Towards One Whom We Admire 11. Derision Is Pleasure Arising From Our Conceiving T 12. Hope Is An Inconstant Pleasure, Arising From The I 13. Fear Is An Inconstant Pain Arising From The Idea O 14. Confidence Is Pleasure Arising From The Idea Of So 15. Despair Is Pain Arising From The Idea Of Something 16. Joy Is Pleasure Accompanied By The Idea Of Somethi 17. Disappointment Is Pain Accompanied By The Idea Of 18. Pity Is Pain Accompanied By The Idea Of Evil, Whic 19. Approval Is Love Towards One Who Hs Done Good To A 20. Indignation Is Hatred Towards One Who Has Done Evi 21. Partiality Is Thinking Too Highly Of Anyone Becaus 22. Disaragement Is Thinking Too Meanly Of Anyone Beca 23. Envy Is Hatred, In So Far As It Induces A Man To B 24. Sympathy Is Love, In So Far As It Induces A Man To 25. Self-approval Is Pleasure Arising From A Man's Con 26. Humility Is Pain Arising From A Man's Contemplatio 27. Repetance Is Pain Accompanied By The Idea Of Some 28. Pride Is Thinking Too Meanly Of One's Self From Se 29. Self-abasement Is Thinking Too Meanly Of One's Sel 30. Honour Is Pleasure Accompanied By The Idea Of Some 31. Shame Is Pain Accompanied By The Idea Of Some Acti 32. Regret Is The Desire Or Appetite To Possess Someth 33. Emulation Is The Desire Of Something, Engendered I 34. Gratitude Is The Desire Or Zeal Springing From Lov 35. Benevolence Is The Desire Of Benefiting One Whom W 36. Anger Is The Desire, Whereby Through Hatred We Are 37. Revenge Is The Desire Whereby We Are Induced, Thro 38. Cruelty Or Savageness Is The Desire, Whereby A Man 39. Timidity Is The Desire To Avoid A Greater Devil, W 40. Daring Is The Deisre, Whereby A Man Is Set On To D 41. Cowardice Is Attributed To One, Whose Desire Is Ch 42. Consternation Is Attributed To One, Whose Desire O 43. Courtesy Or Deference Is The Desire Of Acting In A 44. Ambition Is The Immoderate Desire Of Power 45. Luxury Is Excessive Desire, Or Even Love Of Living 46. Intemperance Is The Exessive Desire Of Love Drinki 47. Avarice Is The Exessive Desire & Love Of Riches 48. Lust Is Desire & Love In The Matter If Sexual In 49. Silent Track 50. Silent Track 51. Though I Am, At Present, Much Occupied With Other 52. I Say That A Thing Is Free, Which Exists & Acts 54. Thus Also God Understands Himself & All Things F 58. You See I Do Not Place Freedom In Free Decision, B 59. However, Let Us Descend To Created Things, Which A 60. In Order That This May Be Clearly Understood, Let 61. For Instance, A Stone Receives From The Impulsion 62. By Virtue Of Which It Continues To Move After The 64. The Permanence Of The Stone's Motion Is Constraine 66. What Is True Of The Stone Is True Of Any Individua 68. Inasmuch As Very Individual Thing Is Necessarily D 69. Further Conceive, I Beg, That A Stone, While Conti 70. Such A Stone, Being Conscious Merely Of Its Own En 71. And Would Think That It Continued In Motion Solely 72. And Which Consists Solely In The Fact, That Men Ar 74. Thus An Infant Believes That It Desires Milk Freel 77. An Angry Child Thinks He Wishes Freely For Vengean 79. A Timid Child Thinks He Wishes Freely To Run Away. 80. Which Afterwards, When Sober, He Would Like To Hav 83. So The Delirious, The Garrulous, & Others Of The 84. Not That They Are Carried Away By Impulse. 85. As This Misconception Is Innate In All Men, It Is 90. For, Although Experience Abundantly Shows, That Me 92. And That Very Often, When A Prey To Conflicting Em 94. They Yet Believe Themselves To Be Free; Because In 96. And Can Easily Be Overruled By The Recollection Of 97. I Have Thus, If I Mistake Not, Sufficiently Explai 98. From What I Have Said You Will Easily Be Able To R


God is Not Mad at You - 2854314071

41,27 zł

God is Not Mad at You Hodder & Stoughton

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

When Joyce Meyer posted 'God's not mad at you' on Facebook a few months ago, she didn't realise that those five words would trigger thousands of posts of gratitude and relief. She had obviously hit a nerve. 'Where does this concept of God come from?' she asks in the introduction. 'Perhaps from an angry parent who was difficult to please. Or the pain of rejection from parents or friends who didn't know how to give unconditional love. Perhaps it came from the church! From religious teaching that offered us rules and regulations to follow and implied that we'd be unacceptable to God if we didn't follow them.' It's a paradox that isn't often discussed by Christian teachers: God loved the world so much that He gave His son to rescue mankind. Yet we tend to think of Him as a stern judge who is ready to punish us at the slightest mis-step. In God Is Not Mad At You, Joyce examines the sources of this mixed message and untangles the confusion that most Christians experience. Chapter titles include: Perfectionism and Approval The Pain of Rejection Guilt and Shame Developing Your Potential Run To God, Not From Him Getting Comfortable with God Joyce's latest book addresses a need that isn't often discussed within the Christian community: the need to see God as the loving parent that He is, not a petty tyrant who is ready to pounce at the first opportunity. It will help to clarify for readers one of the greatest misconceptions within the church and free them to experience His love on an entirely new level.


Moral Origins - 2854245108

115,47 zł

Moral Origins Perseus Books Group

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

From the age of Darwin to the present day, biologists have been grappling with the origins of our moral sense. Why, if the human instinct to survive and reproduce is "selfish," do people engage in self-sacrifice, and even develop ideas like virtue and shame to justify that altruism? Many theories have been put forth, some emphasizing the role of nepotism, others emphasizing the advantages of reciprocation or group selection effects. But evolutionary anthropologist Christopher Boehm finds existing explanations lacking, and in Moral Origins, he offers an elegant new theory. Tracing the development of altruism and group social control over 6 million years, Boehm argues that our moral sense is a sophisticated defense mechanism that enables individuals to survive and thrive in groups. One of the biggest risks of group living is the possibility of being punished for our misdeeds by those around us. Bullies, thieves, free-riders, and especially psychopaths-those who make it difficult for others to go about their lives-are the most likely to suffer this fate. Getting by requires getting along, and this social type of selection, Boehm shows, singles out altruists for survival. This selection pressure has been unique in shaping human nature, and it bred the first stirrings of conscience in the human species. Ultimately, it led to the fully developed sense of virtue and shame that we know today. A groundbreaking exploration of the evolution of human generosity and cooperation, Moral Origins offers profound insight into humanity's moral past-and how it might shape our moral future.


Sailor in the Wardrobe - 2854215646

40,67 zł

Sailor in the Wardrobe Harper Collins

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Following on from the success of 'The Speckled People', Hugo Hamilton's new memoir recounts the summer he spent working at a local harbour in Ireland, at a time of tremendous fear and mistrust. Young Hugo longs to be released from the confused identity he has inherited from his German mother and Irish father, but the backdrop of his mother's shame at the hands of Allied soldiers in the aftermath of the Second World War, along with his German cousin's mysterious disappearance somewhere on the Irish West Coast and the spiralling troubles in the north, seems determined to trap him in history. In an attempt to break free of his past, Hugo rebels against his father's strict and crusading regime and turns to the exciting new world of rock and roll, still a taboo subject in the family home. His job at the local harbour, rather than offering a welcome respite from his speckled world, entangles him in a bitter feud between two fishermen - one Catholic, one Protestant. Hugo listens to the missing persons bulletins going out on the radio for his German cousin, and watches the unfolding harbour duel end in drowning before he can finally escape the ropes of history.


Born into the Children of God - 2854305344

36,41 zł

Born into the Children of God Harper Collins

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Natacha Tormey was born into the infamous religious cult known as The Children of God. Abused, exploited, and brainwashed by 'The Family', Natacha's childhood was stolen. Born to French hippy parents attracted to the religious movement by the unusual mix of evangelical Christianity, free love and rejection of the mainstream, from an early age Natacha was brainwashed to believe she had a special destiny - that she was part of an elite children's army bestowed with superpowers that would one day save the world from the Anti-Christ. Torn away from their parents, Natacha and her siblings were beaten on a daily basis and forced to sing and dance for entertainment in prisons and malls. Natacha never expected to live to adulthood. At the age of 18 Natacha escaped, but quickly found herself hurtling through a world she had no understanding of. Alone, and grappling to come to terms with an unbelievable sense of betrayal, she was stuck in a kind of limbo - confused and unable to feel part of either way of life. Natacha is one of the lucky ones; not all of her family survived the battle to shed the shame and pain of their past. To date over 40 ex-Children of God members of Natacha's generation have committed suicide. All Natacha ever wanted was to feel normal, but escaping the cult was only the beginning. Shocking, moving, but ultimately inspiring, this is Natacha's full story; it is both a personal tale of trauma and recovery, and an expose of the secret world of abuse hidden behind commune walls.


Adam Thorpe - Hodd - 2852179334

37,32 zł

Adam Thorpe - Hodd Vintage

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Who was Robin Hood? Romantic legend casts him as outlaw, archer, and hero of the people, living in Sherwood Forest with Friar Tuck, Little John and Maid Marian, stealing from the rich to give to the poor - but there is no historical proof to back this up. The early ballads portray a quite different figure: impulsive, violent, vengeful, with no concern for the needy, no merry band, and no Maid Marian. Hodd provides a possible answer to this famous question, in the form of a medieval document rescued from a ruined church on the Somme, and translated from the original Latin. The testimony of an anonymous monk, it describes his time as a boy in the greenwood with a half-crazed bandit called Robert Hodd - who, following the thirteenth-century principles of the 'heresy of the Free Spirit', believes himself above God and beyond sin. Hodd and his crimes would have been forgotten without the boy's minstrel skills, and it is the old monk's cruel fate to know that not only has he given himself up to apostasy and shame, but that his ballads were responsible for turning a murderous felon into the most popular outlaw hero and folk legend of England, Robin Hood. Written with his characteristic depth and subtlety, his sure understanding of folklore, his precise command of detail, Adam Thorpe's ninth novel is both a thrilling re-examination of myth and a moving reminder of how human innocence and frailty fix and harden into history.


Among Murderers - 2854290150

110,01 zł

Among Murderers University Press Group Ltd

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

What is it like for a convicted murderer who has spent decades behind bars to suddenly find himself released into a world he barely recognizes? What is it like to start over from nothing? To answer these questions Sabine Heinlein followed the everyday lives and emotional struggles of Angel Ramos and his friends Bruce and Adam - three men convicted of some of society's most heinous crimes - as they return to the free world. Heinlein spent more than two years at the Castle, a prominent halfway house in West Harlem, shadowing her protagonists as they painstakingly learn how to master their freedom. Having lived most of their lives behind bars, the men struggle to cross the street, choose a dish at a restaurant, and withdraw money from an ATM. Her empathetic first-person narrative gives a visceral sense of the men's inner lives and of the institutions they encounter on their odyssey to redemption. Heinlein follows the men as they navigate the subway, visit the barber shop, venture on stage, celebrate Halloween, and loop through the maze of New York's reentry programs. She asks what constitutes successful rehabilitation and how one faces the guilt and shame of having taken someone's life. With more than 700,000 people being released from prisons each year to a society largely unprepared - and unwilling - to receive them, this book provides an incomparable perspective on a pressing public policy issue. It offers a poignant view into a rarely seen social setting and into the hearts and minds of three unforgettable individuals who struggle with some of life's harshest challenges.


Being Me, Loving You - 2854190080

41,91 zł


Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Many of us think of love as a strong emotion, a feeling we have for another person. Marshall Rosenberg's helps us take a wholly different and life-enriching approach to love. Love is something you "do," something you give freely from the heart. Using the Nonviolent Communication (NVC) process, learn how to express yourself nakedly and honestly to your partner, friends, or family, for no other purpose than to reveal what's present or alive in you. Discover what thousands of people around the world already know: A heart to heart connection strengthened by joyfully giving and receiving is the love you long to experience. Discover how to: - Free yourself from the burden of proving your love and requiring proof in return - Avoid doing anything out of guilt, resentment, shame or obligation - Learn to effectively express how you are and what you need


Black Mausoleum - 2837898920

54,17 zł

Black Mausoleum GOLLANCZ

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Two years have passed since the events of THE ORDER OF THE SCALES. Across the realms, dragons are still hatching. Hatching, and hatching free. Skorl is an Ember, a soldier trained from birth to fight dragons. He is a living weapon, one-shot only, saturated with enough dragon-poison to bring down a monster all on his own. Misanthrope, violent and a drunk, to fulfil his purpose and slay a dragon, means to be eaten. Now Skorl has a choice: he can hang for his crimes, or he can go with the last of the Adamantine Men, fighting against an enemy he was born to face. Rat is an Outsider. He's on the run and he's stumbled onto something that's going to make him rich beyond all his dreams. It's just a shame that the end of the world has started without him. Kataros is an alchemist, one of the order responsible for keeping the dragons in check. One of the order that has just failed, and disastrously so. Two men, one woman. One chance to save the world from a storm of dragons...


E M Adeline - Secret - 2826702693

33,23 zł

E M Adeline - Secret Corgi Books

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Fantasy becomes reality in the internationally bestselling Secret - the first novel in the enticing, empowering and exciting S.e.c.r.e.t series. A young widow, Cassie's life is filled with sadness and regret. She waits tables at the rundown Cafe Rose in New Orleans, heading home alone each night, yearning for more from her life and wishing she could make it happen. When Cassie discovers a notebook left behind by a mysterious woman at the cafe, her world is changed forever. The notebook's stunningly explicit confessions shock and fascinate Cassie, and eventually lead her to s.e.c.r.e.t, an underground society dedicated to helping women realize their wildest, most intimate sexual fantasies. At the heart of the society is three rules: No Judgements. No Limits. No Shame. As Cassie is set free from her inhibitions, she is transformed by the confidence and passion she's kept buried deep inside. But can she find the courage to reveal this new side of herself to the one man she never thought she could have? An irresistible, erotically charged and unforgettable romance series, perfect for fans of E. L. James' Fifty Shades of Grey trilogy and Sylvia Day's Bared to You.


Nevermind, Glitterhouse Is 20! - 2840825261

60,99 zł

Nevermind, Glitterhouse Is 20! Sonic Records / Gusstaff Records

Muzyka>Składanki / Kompilacje

1. Willard Grant Conspiracy - Soft Hand 2. Dybdahl, Thomas - From Grace 3. Lampshade - Because Trees Can Fly 4. Lilium - Sorry 5. Hudson, Cary - Things Ain't What They Used To Be 6. Knife In The Water - 2 Spades 7. Torgerson, Carla - Pelagic 8. Dakota Suite - All That I Can Hold Near 9. Race, Hugo - Lsd Is Dead 10. Ai Phoenix - Call Me In, Piccard 11. Timesbold - Masters Of War 12. White Birch, The - Beauty King 13. Eckman, Chris - Befell 14. Pere Ubu - Sad. Txt 15. 16 Horsepower - American Wheeze 16. Savoy Grand - Took 101. Midnight Choir - Electric Rain 102. Mofro - Lochloosa 103. Helldorado - Dead River 104. Creekdippers, The - Poor Gw 105. Ricochets - Pick Up The Phone 106. Black Lipstick - No Shame 107. Woven Hand - Sparrow Falls 108. Edison Woods - Secrets 109. Friends Of Dean Martinez - Nowhere To Go 110. Great Crusades, The - St. Christopher Street 111. Rainer - Love Buys Love 112. Walkabouts, The - Eveningland(abendland) 113. S.p.y.h. - Monorock 114. Rocket From The Tombs - Sonic Reducer 115. Salvatore - Hefe 116. Portrait Of David - David's Portrait 117. Thomas, David & Two Pale Boys - Obsession(live) 201. Graham, Jon Dee - Big Sweet Life 202. Floyd, Gary Band - Won't Be So Sad 203. Munyon, David - Coney Island 204. Go To Blazes - No Mercy 205. Nadine - Angela 206. Good Sons, The - Riding The Range 207. Hanckock, Butch - If You Were A Bluebird 208. Hazeldine - Tarmac 209. Wagon - Slack Key Blues 210. Sunshine Club - Lonesome Valley 211. Casal, Neal - Free Light Of Day 212. Ford, Lou - Sad But Familiar 213. Pinetop 7 - Skyway To Alice 214. Rainer - One Man Crusade 215. Chris & Carla - Swinger 500 216. Hale, Terry Lee - Tornado Alley 217. Pleasant Grove - Only A Mountain 218. Califone - Wade On The Water


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