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Love Out Loud - 2853798681

63,77 zł

Love Out Loud Hodder & Stoughton

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Jesus said, 'You must love the Lord your God with all your soul, mind and strength; and love your neighbour as yourself.' If you had to choose a single verse in the Bible that is a formula for successful living, this would be the one to live by, says Joyce Meyer. Many Christians get mixed up about love. They know they should love God, they know they should love others - but they don't understand what it means to love themselves. Joyce believes that this misconception is one of the greatest pitfalls in the Christian journey. Loving oneself in a balanced, healthy manner is essential in order to have healthy relationships with God and others. Through these inspiring and thoughtful devotions, readers will learn: How to fall in love with God because of who He is rather than what he can give us Why we cannot truly love ourselves until we truly love God Why we must love ourselves in order to love others - because it's impossible to give away something you don't possess Practical ways to put these principles into action and enjoy richer relationships This powerful volume combines the trademark practical teaching, sound psychology and useful insights that Joyce Meyer is known for and will form a firm basis for devotions for years to come.


Unstoppable - 2826762904

45,07 zł

Unstoppable Random House US

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Being unstoppable is about believing and achieving.§It's about having faith in yourself, your talents, your purpose,§and most of all, in God's great love and His divine plan for your life.§§Millions around the world recognize the smiling face and inspirational messages of Nick Vujicic. Born without arms or legs, Nick has not allowed his physical challenges to keep him from enjoying great adventures, a fulfilling and meaningful career, and loving relationships. Nick has overcome trials and hardships by focusing on the promises that he was created for a unique and specific purpose, that his life has value and is a gift to others, and that even though he may endure hardships, God is always present and in control. Nick credits his success to the power that is unleashed when we put our faith into action.§§But how does that happen? In Unstoppable Nick offers guidance and inspiration for dealing with: §§Personal crises§Self-destructive thoughts, emotions, and addictions§Relationship issues§Bullying, persecution, cruelty, and intolerance§Career and job challenges§Imbalance in body, mind, heart, and spirit §Health and disability concerns§Feeling out of control§In sharing compelling stories of his own experiences and those of many others, Nick explains how anyone can create a "ridiculously good life" and become unstoppable.§§What's standing in your way? Are you ready to become unstoppable ?


Trance Yearmix 2009 - 2839446927

97,49 zł

Trance Yearmix 2009 ARMADA-NLD


1. Jarell, Blake - Concentrate 2009 Intro 2. Da Others - Viva La Vida! (Unplugged Mix) 3. Gabriel, Josh - Entanglement 4. Musetta - Standing By My Side (Gutterstylz Mix) 5. Mat Zo - The Price Of Oil 6. Bizard With Gate, The - Iselilja (Michael Cassette 7. Second Left - Comatose 8. Ronde, Ruben De - Grnads Boulevards 9. Preve, Francis - Less Cowbell 10. Adiva / Fee, Vicky - How Does It Feel (Myon & Shan 11. Simon / Shaker - Panorama 12. Simon / Shaker As The Sundayprayers - La Noche Del 13. Beltek - Rumble Clouds 14. Way Out West - Only Love (Jerome Isma-ae Remix) 15. Mr. Pit - The Cube 16. Flare, Lens - Back In Resort (Dns Project Original 17. Tydi / Gallagher, Audrey - You Walk Away 18. Dakota - Chinook (Uplifting Mix) 19. Fabio Xb / Play, Ronnie / Cage, Gabriel - Inside O 20. Buuren, Armin Van / Govaert, Jacqueline - Never Sa 21. Gaia - Tuvan (Gareth Emery Remix) 22. Elevation - Biscayne 23. Shah, Roger / Jones, Chris - To The Sky (Club Mix) 24. Rex Mundi / Susana - Nothing At All (Elevation Rem 25. W&w - System Overload 26. Dakota - Koolhaus (Skytech Stadium Mix) 27. Gnx - Copius Cain (Genix Re-rub) 28. Lange / Moor, Andy - Stadium Four 29. O'callaghan, John / Howells, Sarah - Find Yourself 30. Sunlounger / Kyler England - Change Your Mind (Myo 31. Mat Zo - The Fractal Universe 32. W&w - Mainstage 33. Tritonal / Soto, Christina - Crash Into Reason (Dj 101. Arnej - Dust In The Wind (Intro Mix) 102. Nilsen, Orjan - Moving Mojave 103. Hagen, Ron / Pascal M - Riddles In The Sand (Omnia 104. Da Fresh - Yesterday 105. Ohmna / Nurlaila - Key Of Life (Marlo Remix) 106. Moor, Andy / Wallbridge, Ashley / Nealon, Meigh - 107. Schulz, Markus - Do You Dream 108. Signum / Kelsey, Anita - Come Around Again (Signum 109. Shah, Rodger / Tenishia / Lorilee - I'm Not God (T 110. Brandt, Sebastian - Serenade 111. Fabio Xb / Mazza, Andrea - Light To Lies (Gareth E 112. Dash Berlin / Cerf / Mitiska / Jaren - Man On The 113. Sherry, Mark / Allan, James / Trainer, Stuart - St 114. O'callaghan, John / Lo-fi Sugar - Never Fade Away 115. Cazacu, Claudia - Lekker 116. 3rd Moon - Monsun 117. Push - Interference (Sean Tyas Remix) 118. Bissen / Crossover, The - Washout 119. Webster, Paul - Istanbul 120. Tsukerman, Michael - Tel Aviv 121. Phuture Sound / Angie - Come To Me (Asot 2009 Reco 122. Bronzwaer, Thomas - Look Ahead 123. Black Pearl - Java (Dust & Heatcliff Remix) 124. M6 - Opus Sectrum 125. Vengeance - Explain (Denga Vs Manus Mix) 126. Cazacu, Claudia / Gallagher, Audrey - Freefallin 127. Vengeance - Unexpectation (Denga Vs Manus Mix) 128. Nickson, Robertr - Circles (Andy Blueman Remix) 129. Goulart, Klauss - Blade Runner (Dreas Bangin Mix) 130. Dreastic - Phoebe 131. Goulart, Klauss - Deep Universe (M6 Remix) 132. W&w - The Plan 133. Buuren, Armin Van - Intricacy (Thomas Bronzwaer Re 134. Shah, Roger / Savannah - Body Lotion (Jorn Van Dey


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