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Struggle for Sea Power - 2826632746

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Struggle for Sea Power ATLANTIC BOOKS

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

"For the first time, Sam Willis offers a fascinating naval perspective to one of the greatest of all historical conundrums: How did thirteen isolated colonies, who, in 1775 began a war with Britain without a navy or an army, win their independence from the greatest naval and military power on earth? The American Revolution was a naval war of immense scope and variety, including no less than twenty-two navies fighting on five oceans - to say nothing of rivers and lakes. In no other war were so many large-scale fleet battles fought, one of which was the most strategically significant naval battle in all of British, French and American history. Simultaneous naval campaigns were fought in the English Channel, the North and Mid-Atlantic, the Mediterranean, off South Africa, in the Indian Ocean, the Caribbean, the Pacific, the North Sea and, of course, off the Eastern Seaboard of America. Not until the Second World War would any nation actively fight in so many different theatres. In The Struggle for Sea Power, Sam Willis traces every key military event in the path to American Independence from a naval perspective and he also brings this important viewpoint to bear on economic, political and social developments that were fundamental to the success of the Revolution. In doing so Willis offers valuable new insights to American, British, French, Spanish, Dutch and Russian history. The result is a far more profound understanding of the influence of sea power upon history, of the American path to independence and of the rise and fall of the British Empire."


Story of the Tour de France, Volume 2: 1965-2007 - 2837513076

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Story of the Tour de France, Volume 2: 1965-2007 Dog Ear Publishing

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What they are saying about The Story of the Tour de France: After forty years of study on the subject, I can with some confidence say Bill and Carol McGann's The Story of the Tour de France is the finest such work ever produced in the English language, and perhaps in any. Most of my preferred references are in French, one runs to over 800 pages, yet the McGanns' opus revealed information new to me in almost every paragraph. Their research has been not only impeccable, but insightful. -Owen Mulholland, author of Uphill Battle and Cycling's Golden Age The Story of the Tour de France: How a Newspaper Promotion Became the Greatest Sporting Event in the World by Bill and Carol McGann is a must read. -Road Bike Action Magazine For any historian of the sport the McGanns'Tour de France history is essential reading. Details of the stages and the riders are not glossed over. For those who are new to the sport, the McGanns bring the glory days of the sport alive with the intrigue that still exists today. Epic stages that might have faded into oblivion are eloquently recounted so that future generation of cyclists will know the rich history of our beautiful sport. -Neil Browne, editor, Road Magazine Besides towering over all bicycle races, the Tour de France endures for its unique Gaulic character, like Victor Hugo's Les Miserables. The McGanns' passionate and insightful writing evokes the raucous cast of riders, promoters, and journalists thrusting through highs and lows worthy of opera. This volume stands out as a must-read book for anyone seeking to appreciate cycling's race of races. -Peter Joffre Nye, author of The Six-Day Bicycle Races: America's Jazz Age Sport and Hearts of Lions Volume 1 of The Story of the Tour de France concluded with Jacques Anquetil's record setting fifth Tour win. Volume 2 opens with the greatest Italian racer of the modern age, Felice Gimondi and his effortless victory at the young age of 22. Despite his extraordinary talent, he never won the Tour again. Starting in 1969, Eddy Merckx began his run of 5 victories. Bernard Hinault, who also managed to win 5, followed him. Unable to fulfill his destiny as a likely 5-time winner because of a hunting accident, LeMond won the Tour 3 times. LeMond's era was followed by the remarkable Spaniard Miguel Indurain, the first man to win the Tour 5 times in a row. The late 1990s were a time of extreme crisis for the Tour as the culture of doping within the professional cycling community erupted into the scandal of 1998. The Story of the Tour de France deals with this episode at length. Emerging from a near-fatal bout of cancer, Lance Armstrong went on to do what no other rider in the Tour's long history had ever been able to accomplish, win the Tour 7 times. Following Armstrong's retirement, the Tour was again seized by scandal, this time Floyd Landis' disqualification for drugs after winning the 2006 Tour. The book concludes with the story of the 2007 Tour, followed by a quest for the greatest ever Tour de France rider and an epilogue that explains the reasons for the extraordinary success of the Tour. Bill and Carol McGann have had their lives inextricably tied up with bicycles about as long as they can remember. Their first date was a bike ride. Bill, formerly a Category 1 racer, has been a contributor to several cycling magazines and is widely acknowledged as an expert on road bikes and cycling history. Since his father gave him a small 1-speed English lightweight bicycle when he was 5 years old, Bill has been in love with everything about bikes. Carol, a former college biology instructor is also an accomplished rider, having cycle-toured extensively. Together they started Torelli Imports in 1981, a firm specializing in high-performance cycle equipment.


Romain Gary - 2842362796

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Romain Gary University of Pennsylvania Press

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Romain Gary The Man Who Sold His Shadow Ralph Schoolcraft "A concise, fascinating, brilliant critical biography remarkable for its scholarship...Schoolcraft's memorable biography of Gary, the first to appear in English, will serve as a point of departure for anyone who is interested in twentieth-century French fiction."--Choice In this book Ralph Schoolcraft explores the extraordinary career of the modern French author, film director, and diplomat--a romantic and tragic figure whose fictions extended well beyond his books. Born Roman Kacew, he overcame an impoverished boyhood to become a French Resistance hero and win the coveted Goncourt Prize under the pseudonym--and largely invented persona--Romain Gary. Although he published such acclaimed works as The Roots of Heaven and Promise at Dawn, the Gaullist traditions that he defended in the world of French letters fell from favor, and his critical fortunes suffered at the hands of a hostile press. Schoolcraft details Gary's frustrated struggle to evolve as a writer in the eye of a public that now considered him a known quantity. Identifying the daring strategies used by this mysterious character as he undertook an elaborate scheme to reach a new readership, Schoolcraft offers new insight into the dynamics of authorship and fame within the French literary institutions. In the early 1970s Gary made his departure from the conservative literary establishment, publishing works that boasted a quirky, elliptical style under a variety of pseudonymous personae, the most successful of which was that of an Algerian immigrant by the name of Emile Ajar. Moving behind the mask of his new creation, Gary was able to win critical and popular acclaim and a second Goncourt in 1975. But as Schoolcraft suggests, Gary may have "sold his shadow"--that is, lost his authorial persona--by marketing himself too effectively. Going so far as to recruit a cousin to stand in as the public face of this phantom author, Gary kept the secret of his true authorship until his violent death in 1980 from a self-inflicted gunshot wound. The press reacted with resentment over the scheme, and he was shunned into the ranks of literary oddities. Schoolcraft draws from archives of the several thousand documents related to Gary housed at the French publishing firms of Gallimard and Mercure de France, as well as the Butler Library at Columbia University. Exploring the depths of a story that has long remained shrouded in mystery, Romain Gary: The Man Who Sold His Shadow is as much a fascinating biographical sketch as it is a thought-provoking reflection on the assumptions made about identities in the public sphere. Ralph Schoolcraft teaches French at Texas A&M University. He is the translator of The Haunting Past: History, Memory, and Justice in Contemporary France, also available from the University of Pennsylvania Press. Critical Authors & Issues 2002 | 224 pages | 6 x 9 ISBN 978-0-8122-3646-0 | Cloth | $49.95s | GBP32.50 World Rights | Literature, Biography Short copy: "Schoolcraft's memorable biography of Gary, the first to appear in English, will serve as a point of departure for anyone who is interested in twentieth-century French fiction."--Choice


Konstrukcje żelbetowe według Eurokodu 2 i norm związanych Tom 2 - Włodzimierz Starosolski - 2837008100

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Konstrukcje żelbetowe według Eurokodu 2 i norm związanych Tom 2 - Włodzimierz Starosolski

Książki & Multimedia > Książki

Opis - Kolejna edycja tej znanej w środowisku budowlanym książki, obecnej na rynku wydawniczym od ponad 25 lat . Nowe wydanie zostało znacznie poszerzone i uzupełnione. W sposób pełny ujęto zalecenia zawarte w Eurokodzie 2 i normach związanych. Normy "europejskie" (PN-EN, PN-ISO, PN-EN-ISO) potraktowano jako podstawowe, nie rezygnując z przedstawienia w pełni zaleceń dotychczasowych Norm Polskich (PN). Tekst zilustrowano wieloma rysunkami i zdjęciami ułatwiającymi przyswojenie fizycznego kształtu omawianych elementów i ich szczegółów - pokazującymi je w rzeczywistości. Obecne na rynku cztery tomy podręcznika obejmują obliczanie i konstruowanie najczęściej stosowanych elementów i konstrukcji żelbetowych, zarówno monolitycznych, jak i prefabrykowanych. Przedstawiono tu również praktyczne zasady prawidłowego stosowania wspomagania projektowania obliczeniami komputerowymi. W drugim tomie podręcznika Autor omówił szeroko zasady obliczania i konstruowania stropów krzyżowo zbrojonych, płaskich płytowo-słupowych oraz stropów gęsto żebrowych, a także balkonów i logii oraz schodów. W wydaniu 14. tego tomu zmiany dotyczą przede wszystkim rozdziału 8. Balkony, który został gruntownie zmieniony, uaktualniony i przeredagowany. Zawiera on wiele nowych zdjęć i rysunków. Do tomu dołączono zestaw tablic pomocnych przy obliczaniu wszelkiego rodzaju płyt. Jest to znakomity podręcznik dla studentów zarówno studiów inżynierskich, jak i magisterskich, a także niezastąpione źródło informacji i praktycznych wskazówek dla szerokiego grona inżynierów. Nazwa - Konstrukcje żelbetowe według Eurokodu 2 i norm związanych Tom 2 Autor - Włodzimierz Starosolski Oprawa - Twarda Wydawca - Wydawnictwo Naukowe PWN Kod ISBN - 9788301171742 Kod EAN - 9788301171742 Wydanie - 14 Rok wydania - 2013 Język - polski Format - 17.5x24.5cm Ilość stron - 604 Podatek VAT - 5%


Few Acres of Snow - 2826782889

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Few Acres of Snow John Wiley & Sons Inc

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

"Leckie is a gifted writer with the ability to explain complicated military matters in layperson's terms, while sustaining the drama involved in a life-and-death struggle. His portraits of the key players in that struggle ...are seamlessly interwoven with his exciting narrative." -Booklist"As always, [Leckie] describes the maneuvers, battles, and results in telling detail with a cinematic style, and his portraits ...are first-rate."-The Dallas Morning News"Leckie's accounts of battles, important individuals, and the role of Native Americans bring to life the distant drama of the French and Indian Wars."-The Daily Reflector With his celebrated sense of drama and eye for colorful detail, acclaimed military historian Robert Leckie charts the long, savage conflict between England and France in their quest for supremacy in pre-Revolutionary America. Packed with sharply etched profiles of all the major players-including George Washington, Samuel de Champlain, William Pitt, Edward Braddock, Count Frontenac, James Wolfe, Thomas Gage, and the nobly vanquished Marquis de Montcalm-this panoramic history chronicles the four great colonial wars: the War of the Grand Alliance (King William's War), the War of the Spanish Succession (Queen Anne's War), the War of the Austrian Succession (King George's War), and the decisive French and Indian War (the Seven Years' War). Leckie not only provides perspective on exactly how the New World came to be such a fiercely contested prize in Western Civilization, but also shows us exactly why we speak English today instead of French-and reminds us how easily things might have gone the other way.


Roanoke - 2841420791

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Roanoke Rowman & Littlefield

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

In telling the tragic and heroic story of Roanoke, the "lost colony," award-winning historian Karen Ordahl Kupperman recovers the earliest days of English exploration and settlement in America-the often forgotten years before Jamestown and the landing of the Mayflower. Roanoke explores Britain's attempt to establish a firm claim to North America in the hope that colonies would make England wealthy and powerful. Kupperman brings to life the men and women who struggled to carve out a settlement in an inhospitable environment on the Carolina coast and the complex Native American cultures they encountered. She reveals the mixture of goals and challenges that led to the colony's eventual abandonment, and discusses the theories about what might have become of the first English settlers in the New World as they adapted to life as Indians. With a new preface and afterword written by the author, Roanoke: The Abandoned Colony brings the fascinating story of America's earliest settlement up-to-date, bringing together new work from scholars in a variety of fields. The story of Roanoke remains endlessly fascinating. It is a tale marked by courage, miscalculation, exhilaration, intrigue, and mystery.


Companies established in 1910 - 2841422717

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Companies established in 1910 Books LLC, Reference Series

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Source: Wikipedia. Pages: 68. Chapters: Alfa Romeo, Avro, Bristol Aeroplane Company, Sperry Corporation, Morgan Motor Company, The Pentecostal Foreign Mission of Norway, Citgo, Lincoln Industrial Corporation, Kone, Hallmark Cards, Michigan Limestone and Chemical Company, Morris Motor Company, Randa Accessories, Salomon Brothers, Lexington, Chris-Craft Industries, Jantzen, Ermenegildo Zegna, Northern States Power Company, Hercules Cycle and Motor Company, Samsonite, Chiribiri, Stelco, Hammarlund, Hitachi, Blair Corporation, Morton Salt, Sunbeam Products, Black & Decker, Westar Energy, Levitz Furniture, Indian Trails, Bumble Bee Foods, Norwegian America Line, Hamilton Beach Company, Stewart Enterprises, Hampden Railroad, Draka Holding, Sascha-Film, Castrol India, Gray Line Worldwide, Midwinter Pottery, Karosserie Baur, Bank of Vancouver, Zandu Realty, Harry & David, Solax Studios, Reemtsma, Lykes Brothers, P.M. Place Stores, Mike-sell's, Melco International Development, Grinnell, Skyway Luggage, Ameriabank, New London Ship and Engine Company, National Guardian Life, Sugino, Bulla Dairy Foods, King-Remick. Excerpt: Alfa Romeo Automobiles S.p.A. is an Italian manufacturer of cars. Founded as A.L.F.A. on June 24, 1910 in Milan, the company has been involved in car racing since 1911, and has a reputation for building expensive sports cars. The company was owned by Italian state holding company Istituto per la Ricostruzione Industriale between 1932 and 1986, when it became a part of the Fiat Group, and since February 2007 a part of Fiat Group Automobiles S.p.A. The company that became Alfa Romeo was founded as Societŕ Anonima Italiana Darracq (SAID) in 1906 by the French automobile firm of Alexandre Darracq, with some Italian investors. Late 1909, the Italian Darracq cars were selling slowly and a new company was founded named A.L.F.A. (Anonima Lombarda Fabbrica Automobili English: ), initially still in partnership with Darracq. The first non-Darracq car produced by the company was the 1910 24 HP, designed by Giuseppe Merosi. A.L.F.A. ventured into motor racing, with drivers Franchini and Ronzoni competing in the 1911 Targa Florio with two 24 HP models. In August 1915 the company came under the direction of Neapolitan entrepreneur Nicola Romeo, who converted the factory to produce military hardware for the Italian and Allied war efforts. In 1920, the name of the company was changed to Alfa Romeo with the Torpedo 20-30 HP becoming the first car to be badged as such. In 1928 Nicola Romeo left, with Alfa going broke after defence contracts ended, and at the end of 1932 Alfa Romeo was rescued by Benito Mussolini's government, which then had effective control. The Alfa factory struggled to return to profitability after the Second World War, and turned to mass-producing small vehicles rather than hand-building luxury models. The company, in 1954, developed the classic Alfa Romeo Twin Cam engine, which would remain in production until 1995. During the 1960s and 1970s Alfa Romeo produced a number of sporty cars, though the Italian government parent company, Finmeccanica, struggled to make


Conquest - 2826842607

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Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Poetry Book Society Recommendation. Moving from the violent to the erotic, "Conquest" describes women questing to rediscover their own desire. Split into three sections, the collection begins in the 19th-century England of the Bronte sisters, travels through the vast continent of the USA, and finally finds the answer to women's longing in a walled garden in the decorous city of Paris. In America and Europe, the heroines struggle against the conquest of bodies and of place, facing issues like miscarriage, lost love and domestic violence. Consolation comes, however, by discovering their own desires and independence. The collection begins with 'My Last Rochester', a sequence devoted to the Bronte sisters and their struggle to meet expectations of them as women, lovers and wives. The English Gothic gives way later to a story of American immigration in the title-sequence. 'Conquest' pans to the wide open spaces of the USA, where pioneering women still quest to satisfy the sweetness of their own longings. Such satisfaction is only unravelled by retreating to a walled garden in the final sequence, 'The Lady and the Unicorn'. Original in its use of form, "Conquest" questions the brutal aspects of Western society, especially violence against women and the colonial mind-set. Inspired by the tapestries at the Musee Cluny in Paris and the artwork of Victoria Brookland, the poems visualise women rediscovering their own pleasures, desires, loves. Bridging the personal and the universal, Conquest offers a compelling vision of healing and consolation.


Road That Is Not Road and Open City Ritoque Chile - 2212824803

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Road That Is Not Road and Open City Ritoque Chile MIT Press Massachusets Institute of Tech nology


foreword by Joseph Rykwert Several thousand miles south of the equator along the Pacific coast of South America, is the site of the Open City Amereida. It is a laboratory for thought and work, conceived and built by the faculty of architecture of the Catholic University of Valparaiso. Here architects, poets, artists, and engineers have been engaged in one of architectural education's most radical experiments for several decades. The school has long been a destination for those seeking an alternative to conventional academic practice and teaching. Now, its significance is being felt beyond the borders of Chile and South America. Ann Pendleton-Jullian tells the story of the Open City in Ritoque, Chile, a designed city still in formation that has no master plan, no imposed ordering devices, and no hierarchical networks of infrastructure. The strange buildings placed among dunes and grasslands reflect instead the mind's translation of urban phenomena and natural phenomena relative to the construction of memory, and a process of composition that is not dependent on stylistic precedents, drawing boards, or academic discourse. Teaching takes place on site and employs poetic methods to activate the design process; the endeavor is considered more important than the result. More than 100 photographs are included, capturing the mystical spirit of the place and of its architecture. Pendleton-Jullian discusses influences behind the Open City -- the work and working methods of Surrealist French poets, the words and creative attitude of Le Corbusier, the heritage of the South American landscape and culture. Some of the more provocative issues that the work raises include the idea of "city" as it relates to human activity, to its physical reality, and to its intention; the premise of utopianism that rejects the foundations of utopia building; and issues of the sacred relative to the landscape in a modern context. Graham Foundation/MIT Press Series in Contemporary Architectural Discourse"The fascinating premise of this book is the belief in the possibility of founding a city in poetic acts, removing architecture from abstract geometry and centering it on the poetic word. I am very positive about this book and certainly recommend it. The questions it raises are extremely important for the practice of architecture, and particularly for the teaching of the discipline. The author describes the Open City and its theoretical premises with great love. The existence of the experimental city itself is rather unknown in North America. This is a work that deserves to be better known in the English speaking world, in the context of other important pedagogical experiments in architecture ranging from the Bauhaus and Ulm to Cooper Union." -- Alberto Pérez-Gómez, Saidye Rosner Bronfman Professor of the History of Architecture; Director, History and Theory of Architecture Graduate Program, McGill University


The Weinstein Company films (Film Guide) - 2835034219

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The Weinstein Company films (Film Guide) Books LLC, Reference Series

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Source: Wikipedia. Commentary (films not included). Pages: 148. Chapters: Inglourious Basterds, The King's Speech, Grindhouse, Sicko, I'm Not There, Halloween, The Fighter, TMNT, The Mist, Nine, Piranha 3D, The Reader, Zack and Miri Make a Porno, Capitalism: A Love Story, Clerks II, Rambo, Planet Terror, Death Proof, The Adventures of Sharkboy and Lavagirl in 3-D, Arthur and the Invisibles, The Road, Scary Movie, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Fanboys, Superhero Movie, Black Christmas, The Hunting Party, Wolf Creek, Dixie Chicks: Shut Up and Sing, Blue Valentine, The Forbidden Kingdom, 1408, Bobby, Miss Potter, Stormbreaker, Scary Movie 4, Factory Girl, Flash Point, Hannibal Rising, The Ex, Igor, Nowhere Boy, Chronicle of an Escape, The Promotion, Derailed, The Libertine, Hoodwinked!, My Blueberry Nights, The Elite Squad, Mr. Nobody, Youth in Revolt, Kickin' It Old Skool, Crossing Over, Rogue, The Magic Roundabout, Miral, My Idiot Brother, Breaking and Entering, Transamerica, Unstable Fables, Awake, Pulse, All the Boys Love Mandy Lane, The Matador, Who's Your Caddy?, Spy Kids 4: All the Time in the World, Johnny English Reborn, Thunderpants, Mrs Henderson Presents, Dedication, La Misma Luna, Murder-Set-Pieces, Fright Night, The Nanny Diaries, Hoodwinked Too! Hood vs. Evil, Bad Teacher, So Undercover, Hurricane Season. Excerpt: Inglourious Basterds is a 2009 war film written and directed by Quentin Tarantino and starring Brad Pitt, Christoph Waltz and Mélanie Laurent. The film tells the fictional story of two plots to assassinate the Nazi Germany political leadership, one planned by a young French Jewish cinema proprietor (Laurent), and the other by a team of Jewish Allied soldiers led by First Lieutenant Aldo Raine (Pitt). Development on Inglourious Basterds began in 1998, when Tarantino wrote the script for the film. Tarantino struggled with the ending and chose to hold off filming and moved on to direct the two-part film Kill Bill. After directing Death Proof in 2007 (as part of the double feature Grindhouse), Tarantino returned to work on Inglourious Basterds. The film went into production in October 2008 and was filmed in Germany and France with a production budget of $70 million. Inglourious Basterds premiered on May 20, 2009 at the 62nd Cannes Film Festival, where it competed for the Palme d'Or. It was widely released in theaters in the United States and Europe in August 2009 by The Weinstein Company and Universal Studios. The film was successful at the box office, grossing $320,351,773 in theaters worldwide, making it Tarantino's highest-grossing film to date. It received multiple awards and nominations, including eight Academy Award nominations. For his role as Hans Landa, Christoph Waltz won the Best Actor Award at the Cannes Film Festival, as well as the BAFTA Award, Golden Globe and the Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor. In 1941, SS Colonel Hans Landa (Christoph Waltz) arrives at a dairy farm in France to interrogate Perrier Lapadite (Denis Menochet) about rumors that he is hiding the Jewish Dreyfus family. Landa persuades the farmer to confess to hiding the family underneath his floor. Landa then orders the SS soldiers into the house to shoot through the floorboards where they are hiding. The entire family is killed, except the teenage Shosanna (Mélanie Laurent), whom La


Early American Republic - 2822222933

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Early American Republic John Wiley & Sons

Medycyna > English Division

With voices ranging from those of presidents to slaves, from both men and women, and from Native Americans and white settlers, this book tells the story of the first half-century of the United States. * Provides students with over 50 essential documents from the Early Republic: the first five decades of the USA* Includes lesser-known documents, for example Thomas Jefferson's rules for 'republican etiquette'* Incorporates eyewitness testimony from major historical figures, alongside that of ordinary people from the period* Includes an introduction, document headnotes and questions at the end of each chapter designed to encourage students to engage with the material critically "Selected with imagination and wisdom, these incisive and wide-ranging texts will indeed ... provide a 'road map' for students of the first sixty years of American independence." - Daniel Walker Howe, author of What hath God Wrought: The Transformation of America, 1815-1848 (winner, 2008 Pulitzer Prize for History) "[A] nice blend of comprehensiveness and coherence. The selections are individually interesting, they relate well to each other, and ... provide a wide-ranging, imaginative, and disciplined conversation about the Early Republic." - Paul E. Johnson, Distinguished Professor Emeritus, University of South Carolina, author of A Shopkeeper's Millennium and Sam Patch, the famous jumper; and coauthor (with Sean Wilentz) of The Kingdom of Matthias "This handy collection of speeches, documents, private letters, and pieces of literature, complete with context-setting prefaces, will be invaluable in any course covering major themes in the history of early national America." - Joanne Freeman, Yale University "Expertly edited [and] chock-full of enlightening and telling primary documents, this reader conveys a beautifully textured sense of the past and attends to all of the key issues during the formative years of the United States." - Mark M. Smith, Carolina Distinguished Professor of History, University of South Carolina "Finally, a primary sources reader that includes the full breadth of voices (both familiar and lesser known) that characterized the early American republic. Sean Adams's informative introduction ties these voices together well, making this book a helpful teaching tool for conveying the rich variety of social and political issues that the young nation faced." - Steven Deyle, University of Houston "Provides an exciting variety of primary sources and perspectives on the nation's first sixty years. Adams has drawn together voices from across the early American republic to illuminate the complexities of the era." - Craig Friend, North Carolina State University "Students will marvel at the fifty-year struggle to forge a nation in the decades following the American Revolution." - Seth Rockman, Brown University


Last of the Mohicans - 2826975283

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Last of the Mohicans Harper Collins

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

HarperCollins is proud to present its range of best-loved, essential classics. 'Death and honour are thought to be the same, but today I have learned that sometimes they are not.' Set in frontier America in the midst of the French-Indian war, as the French are attempting to overthrow an English fort, Cooper's story follows Alice and Cora Munro, pioneer sisters who are trying to find their way back to their father, an English commander. Guided by an army major and Magua, an Indian from the Huron tribe, they soon meet Hawk-eye, a frontier scout and his Mohican Indian companions Chingachgook and Uncas. Magua is not all that he seems and the sisters are kidnapped. In The Last of the Mohicans, Cooper sets Indian tribe against Indian tribe and lays bare the brutality of the white man against the Mohicans.


Pierre Cochereau - 2841665555

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Pierre Cochereau BOYDELL PRESS

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Described by his teacher Marcel Dupre as "a phenomenon without equal in the history of the contemporary organ," Pierre Cochereau is considered one of the twentieth century's greatest French organists.This book tells, for the first time, the full story of of his extraordinary life and glittering, worldwide career. In 1955 Cochereau was appointed Organiste Titulaire at Notre-Dame de Paris, where he restored the cathedral's musical glory and oversaw a far-reaching and controversial transformation of its organ. As a recitalist, he toured South America, Australia, Asia, Canada, and Europe in addition to twenty-five tours of the United States. He was the first western organist to perform in the former Soviet Union., played with many major orchestras under the batons of distinguished conductors, participated in numerous music festivals in Europe, made over eighty recordings, and was one of the founders of the Chartres International Organ Competition. He was honored several times for his achievements, including being named an Officer of the Legion of Honor (1978). A tireless campaigner for standards in music education, Cochereau also served as director at many of France's prominent conservatories, including Le Mans, Lyons, and Nice, which under his directorhsip became one of the leading music schools in France. Biographer Anthony Hammond draws from a variety of of prominent primary sources, notably Marcel Dupre's papers in the Bibliotheque Nationale, Paris, but also from Cochereau's surviving family and friends, and uses recordings and previously overlooked archive films in the Institut National de l'Audiovisuel, France to construct this definitive account and critical appraisal of one of France's most distinguished organists. Anthony Hammond is an English concert organist, improviser, and musicologist who specializes in French Romantic and twentieth-century organ music.


George Orwell - 2826817702

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From his school days to his tragic early death, George Orwell, who never wrote an autobiography, chronicled the dramatic events of his turbulent life in a profusion of powerful letters. Indeed, one of the twentieth century s most revered icons was a lively, prolific correspondent who developed in rich, nuanced dispatches the ideas that would influence generations of writers and intellectuals. This historic work never before published in America and featuring many previously unseen letters presents an account of Orwell s interior life as personal and absorbing as readers may ever see. Over the course of a lifetime, Orwell corresponded with hundreds of people, including many distinguished political and artistic figures. Witty, personal, and profound, the letters tell the story of Orwell s passionate first love that ended in devastation and explains how young Eric Arthur Blair chose the pseudonym "George Orwell." In missives to luminaries such as T. S. Eliot, Stephen Spender, Arthur Koestler, Cyril Connolly, and Henry Miller, he spells out his literary and philosophical beliefs. Readers will encounter Orwell s thoughts on matters both quotidian (poltergeists and the art of playing croquet) and historical including his illuminating descriptions of war-shattered Barcelona and pronouncements on bayonets and the immanent cruelty of chaining German prisoners. The letters also reveal the origins of his famous novels. To a fan he wrote, "I think, and have thought ever since the war began that our cause is the better, but we have to keep on making it the better, which involves constant criticism." A paragraph before, he explained that the British intelligentsia in 1944 were "perfectly ready for dictatorial methods, secret police, systematic falsification of history," prefiguring the themes of 1984. Entrusting the manuscript of Animal Farm to Leonard Moore, his literary agent, Orwell describes it as "a sort of fairy story, really a fable with political meaning This book is murder from the Communist point of view." Hardly known outside a small circle of Orwell scholars, these rare letters include Orwell s message to Dwight Macdonald of 5 December 1946 explaining Animal Farm; his correspondence with his first translator, R. N. Raimbault (with English translations of the French originals); and the moving encomium written about Orwell by his BBC head of department after his service there. The volume concludes with a fearless account of the painful illness that took Orwell s life at age forty-seven. His last letter concerns his son and his estate and closes with the words, "Beyond that I can t make plans at present." Meticulously edited and fully annotated by Peter Davison, the world s preeminent Orwell scholar, the volume presents Orwell in all his varieties and his relationships with those most close to him, especially his first wife, Eileen. Combined with rare photographs and hand-drawn illustrations, George Orwell: A Life in Letters offers "everything a reader new to Orwell needs to know and a great deal that diehard fans will be enchanted to have" (New Statesmen)."


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Spanning the French and Indian war of the 18th century, and centring on the British province of New York, James Fenimore Cooper's classic epic about an ongoing struggle features bravery, campassion and ultimately tragedy. Forces at war, a brave rescue attempt and an untimely massacre converge to create a stunning masterpiece of classic fiction. Ideal as visual introductions to classic texts, "Graffex" titles are fast-moving, cinematic retellings of wellknown stories. Equally rewarding as comics, graphic novels or learning resources, the series uses specially commissioned full-colour artwork to retell some of the most incredible, influential and memorable tales in the canon of English literature. Speech bubbles feature direct quotes from the original text, running captions describe events in a clear manner and detailed footnotes translate challenging vocabulary and provide interesting background information. It's a wealth of key information that, critically, doesn't overwhelm or distract from the original story. Featuring photographs, paintings and maps, "Graffex" endmatters tell the story of each book in its wider geographical context. Text details the life of the author, the socio-political events which influenced the book and the impact the book had on the society of the time. Each title also features a double-page opening illustration and a full index.


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