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Beneath the Ashes of Solitary: Two Young Minds Isolated from Society, on a Search for Humanity - 2851276292

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Beneath the Ashes of Solitary: Two Young Minds Isolated from Society, on a Search for Humanity



From The Ashes - 2839416659

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Muzyka>Rock>Heavy / Hard

1. From The Ashes... 2. Sweet Sorrow 3. Loss. 4. Beneath The Surface 5. Empty 6. Til Death Do Us Part 7. Extinct 8. Room 9 9. No Salvation 10. Unruth 11. Lies Inc. 12. Room 6 13. Epilogue


Soil and Culture - 2838465100

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Soil and Culture Springer Netherlands

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

SOIL: beneath our feet / food and fiber / ashes to ashes, dust to dust / dirt!Soil has been called the final frontier of environmental research. The critical role of soil in biogeochemical processes is tied to its properties and place porous, structured, and spatially variable, it serves as a conduit, buffer, and transformer of water, solutes and gases. Yet what is complex, life-giving, and sacred to some, is ordinary, even ugly, to others. This is the enigma that is soil.§Soil and Culture explores the perception of soil in ancient, traditional, and modern societies. It looks at the visual arts (painting, textiles, sculpture, architecture, film, comics and stamps), prose & poetry, religion, philosophy, anthropology, archaeology, wine production, health & diet, and disease & warfare.§Soil and Culture explores high culture and popular culture from the paintings of Hieronymus Bosch to the films of Steve McQueen. It looks at ancient societies and contemporary artists. Contributors from a variety of disciplines delve into the mind of Carl Jung and the bellies of soil eaters, and explore Chinese paintings, African mud cloths, Mayan rituals, Japanese films, French comic strips, and Russian poetry.


Legends of Goln - 2843911907

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Legends of Goln iUniverse

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

It is said that on every world there exists one great story, a legend of such magnitude and consequence that it serves to shape the very existence of that planet. This is such a story. It came to pass upon the world of Brethwyn that the flames of the Uhbliid, the Great Fire, died, leaving behind it a vast, charred wasteland. Few survived. From the ashes of what came before, seven nations emerged to rule. However, obsessed with worldly pursuits, they were oblivious to the ominous threat building upon the face of their closest moon. For, there, beneath that haunted satellite's cold and pitiless surface, an army bent on annihilation was being spawned. Its masters eyed the nearby world menacingly and planned for war; a war fought not for an ideal or revenge, but for a purpose far more sinister. And into the midst of these events stumbles young Aldor es Gilfillan; an escaped slave blessed with the strange gift of warding sight. Seeking only liberty, he finds himself drawn into a quest for hope, carrying an unborne saviour to a mysterious alien nation in a distant country; a journey that, if successful, will see an ancient prophecy fulfilled and Brethwyn saved.


01011001 -reissue- - 2846084694

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01011001 -reissue-


1. Age Of Shadows / We Are Forever 2. Comatose 3. Liquid Eternity 4. Connect The Dots 5. Beneath The Waves 6. Face The Facts 7. But A Memory... 8. World Without Walls 9. Reality Bleeds 10. Newborn Race 11. The Incentive 12. The Vision 13. The Procedure 14. Another Life 15. The Conclusion 16. Ride Of The Comet 17. Web Of Lies 101. The Fifth Extinction 102. Glimmer Of Hope 103. World Of Tomorrow Dreams 104. Collision Course 105. From The Ashes 106. Glimmer Of Hope (Reprise) 107. Waking Dreams 108. The Truth Is In Here 109. Unnatural Selection 110. River Of Time 111. E=mc2 112. The Sixth Extinction 113. Echoes Of The Wind 114. Radioactive Grave 115. 2085 116. To The Planet Of Red 117. Spirit On The Wind 118. Complete The Circle


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