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From Playground To Prostitute - 2852942954

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From Playground To Prostitute

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Tales from Soho - 2852754525

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Tales from Soho Andrews UK Limited

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Tales from Soho, eleven entertaining stories from London's famous square mile. Known as a red-light district, with a reputation for sleaze and crime, Soho is also a diverse district, a bohemian area which has been an adult playground for hundreds of years. In these stories you will meet countless motley characters over many decades. In 'The Poet in Soho' a famous Welsh writer goes on a Soho pub odyssey; and in 'The Spieler' a young actor risks a reckoning when he works in an illegal gambling den; as does one of Soho's duckers-and-divers in 'Ronnie's Manor'. From pimp and prostitute to a rock 'n' roll band at a Carnaby Street seance, Soho and its colourful characters comes alive over the years with this collection of earthy tales. The collection also contains a brief history of the district and some of its famous pubs.


Murder Capital - 2846356696

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Murder Capital B&W PUBLISHING

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

A warm welcome or a blade in the guts - it's the contradiction that makes Glasgow unique. Tourists and natives alike love Glasgow's people, the social scene, the music. Millions of visitors come to the city every year and most feel safe. Yet you're twice as likely to be murdered in Glasgow as you are in London and more likely to die violently there than in Belfast, Paris or Berlin. In "Murder Capital", Reg McKay, who loves the city and knows about crime from the inside, offers up forty modern murder cases. This collection of tales, all bloody, all violent and all true, graphically explores how the city has earned its unenviable title of Murder Capital of Europe. Faces with names like 'The Birdman', 'The Iceman' and 'The Equaliser' populate Glasgow's gangland - some do the killing, others are on the receiving end. In 'Kissing Cousins', two men play football with a decapitated head. 'Two Up' features the tough, lesbian prostitute who took on too much. There are deadly honey traps, a politician whose daughter is doped and slain, bodies disposed of in council incinerators, deaths that have been treated as suicides in the full knowledge that they are in fact murder victims, neighbours whose trivial squabbles erupt into death, kids in the playground who target disabled women, drunken and drug-fuelled fights that end in murder - the sordid depravity seems to know no bounds. Some of the names of those involved will be familiar but many will come as a surprise. "Murder Capital" highlights some of the most sickening murders to be committed in the world and presents new information pertaining to them. Murder is a very real part of everyday urban life and, if we fail to understand who kills and why, we fail to understand life. Nowhere is this more true than in Glasgow - Murder Capital of Europe.


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