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From Prison to Palace - 2842880457

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From Prison to Palace



From Prison to the Palace - 2841840891

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From Prison to the Palace



Spalona Żywcem Wyd. Kieszonkowe - Souad - 2846246553

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Spalona Żywcem Wyd. Kieszonkowe - Souad

Książki & Multimedia > Książki

Opis - Pierwsze na świecie świadectwo ofiary zbrodni honorowej. Miała siedemnaście lat i zakochała się: zhańbiła rodzinę. Więc rodzina wydała na nią wyrok śmierci... Pokochała go pierwszą miłością. Myślała, że się z nią ożeni. Ale ukochany zniknął, a ona odkryła, że jest w ciąży. A w jej świecie to najcięższa zbrodnia... W zapomnianej przez Boga wiosce w Cisjordanii kobiety są warte mniej niż zwierzęta domowe. Tu mężczyzna jest panem życia i śmierci żony, córki, siostry. Brat może bezkarnie zabić siostrę, matka - córkę, kolejną bezużyteczną dziewczynkę, jaka się urodzi. Tu kobiecie odbiera się godność, a nawet życie zgodnie z odwiecznym obyczajem i uświęconą tradycją. A śmierć jest karą dla dziewczyny, która zhańbi rodzinę. Tak jak Souad. Wyrok wydaje jej ojciec. Szwagier dokonuje egzekucji. Oblewa Souad benzyną i podpala... SOUAD przeżyła - cudem, ale rodzina usiłowała zabić ją nawet w szpitalu. Na zawsze jednak pozostanie straszliwie okaleczona - na ciele i duszy. I wciąż musi się ukrywać; dopóki żyje, jej rodzinę okrywa hańba. Spalona żywcem, opublikowana pod pseudonimem szokująca opowieść o piekle, jakim było jej dzieciństwo i młodość, stała się międzynarodowym bestsellerem. Wydana w 37 w krajach książka przerywa tabu milczenia wobec istniejącej nadal w krajach muzułmańskich barbarzyńskiej tradycji. Nieludzkiego obyczaju, prawa mężczyzn, na mocy którego co najmniej pięć tysięcy kobiet pada co roku ofiarą zbrodni honorowej. Nazwa - Spalona Żywcem Wyd. Kieszonkowe Autor - Souad Oprawa - Miękka Wydawca - Amber Kod ISBN - 9788324159406 Kod EAN - 9788324159406 Wydanie - 1 Rok wydania - 2016 Tłumacz - 31182,maria rostworowska; Format - 110 x 175 x 14 Ilość stron - 224 Podatek VAT - 5% Premiera - 2016-06-23


Na poligonie - dla malucha - 2836915925

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Na poligonie - dla malucha

Książki & Multimedia > Książki

Nazwa - Na poligonie - dla malucha Wydawca - Pasja Kod ISBN - 9788364773921 Kod EAN - 9788364773921 Ilość stron - 16 Podatek VAT - 5%


Changchun - 2837513041

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Changchun Books on Demand

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Source: Wikipedia. Pages: 32. Chapters: Buildings and structures in Changchun, Changchun Railway Vehicles (company), People from Changchun, Sport in Changchun, Transport in Changchun, Wang Hongwen, Liu Xiaobo, China Railways CRH3, Li Weifeng, Changchun Yatai F.C., Wang Hao, 2007 Asian Winter Games, China Railways CRH5, Museum of the Imperial Palace of the Manchu State, China railways CIT trains, Nong'an Town, Li Jiajun, Changchun Film Group Corporation, Xu Binshu, Li Chengjiang, Changchun Light Rail Transit, Siege of Changchun, Huisheng, Yang Yang, Zhou Yang, Jilin Northeast Tigers, Liu Xiaodong, St. Theresa's Cathedral of Changchun, Hui Liangyu, Changchun Christian Church, Mo Ke, Changchun Railway Station, Li Ye, Li Jiaqi, Xu Jiankun, Ye Qiaobo, Wang Huan, Yamato Hotel, Sun Xu, Qi Jia, Wu Yiming, Tsuneharu Takeda, Dong Huibo, Liu Weidong, Guo Yalu, Sun Zhifeng, Dang Ye-Seo, Xu Dan, Hiroshi Nakai, Feng Kai, Development Area Stadium, Bank of Jilin, Zhao Nannan, YZ-25B, Teng Wei, YZ-22B, An Ni, Jilin Television, Changchun City Stadium, Changchun Tram, Jiutai, Yushu, Jilin, Chaoyang District, Changchun. Excerpt: Liu Xiaobo (pronunciation: ; born 28 December 1955) is a Chinese literary critic, writer, professor, and human rights activist who called for political reforms and the end of communist one-party rule in the People's Republic of China (PRC). He is currently incarcerated as a political prisoner in the PRC. Mr. Liu has served from 2003 to 2007 as President of the Independent Chinese PEN Center, an organization funded by the National Endowment for Democracy, an organization almost entirely funded by the US Congress. He was also the President of NED-funded MinZhuZhongGuo ("Democratic China") Magazine since the mid-1990s. On 8 December 2008, Liu was detained in response to his participation with the Charter 08 manifesto. He was formally arrested on 23 June 2009, on suspicion of "inciting subversion of state power." He was tried on the same charges on 23 December 2009, and sentenced to eleven years' imprisonment and two years' deprivation of political rights on 25 December 2009. During his 4th prison term, he was awarded the 2010 Nobel Peace Prize, for "his long and non-violent struggle for fundamental human rights in China." He is the first Chinese citizen to be awarded a Nobel Prize of any kind while residing in China. He is the fourth person to be awarded the Nobel Peace Prize while in prison or detention, after Germany's Carl von Ossietzky (1935), the Soviet Union's Andrei Sakharov (1975), and Myanmar's Aung San Suu Kyi (1991). Liu is also the first person since Ossietzky to be denied the right to have a representative collect the Nobel prize for him. Liu was born in Changchun, Jilin, in 1955 to an intellectual family. In 1969, during the Down to the Countryside Movement, he was taken by his father to the Horqin Right Front Banner of Inner Mongolia. After he finished middle school in 1974, he was sent to the countryside to work on a farm in Jilin province. In 1977, Liu was admitted to the Department of Chinese literature at Jilin University. While at Jilin, he created


Edgar Allan Poe Annotated and Illustrated Entire Stories and - 2826783215

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Edgar Allan Poe Annotated and Illustrated Entire Stories and BERTRAMS

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

This annotated and illustrated editon of the entire stories and poems of Edgar Allan Poe brings Poe to life as never before. It contains a great foreword by Andrew Barger and includes his annotations, word definitions, foreign language translations, and background information about Poe's stories and poems that provide insight into their underlying meaning. Photographs of Poe's many loves and the literary figures he satired in his stories are included. The timeless artwork of Harry Clarke and Gustave Dore, two of Poe's best illustrators, are also provided. Poems sent to Poe by his many romantic interests and his poems in response are also included. These are very telling about the man who was engaged three times and married to his thirteen-year-old first cousin. The poems are ordered by person and then organized chronologically under that person so that readers can see the exchange of poetry from and to Poe as it unfolded a century and a half ago. The book contains the little-known Poe tales: "[The Bloodhounds]," "Morning on the Wissahiccon," "[The Rats of Park Theatre]," and "Some Secrets of the Magazine Prison House." Here is but a sampling of the other remarkable tales and poems included: "Annabel Lee," "The Bells," "The Black Cat," "The Cask of Amontillado," "The Conqueror Worm," "A Descent into the Maelstrom," "The Fall of the House of Usher," "The Gold-Bug," "The Haunted Palace," "Lenore," "The Masque of the Red Death," "MS. Found in a Bottle," "Murders in the Rue Morgue," "The Oblong Box," "The Pit and the Pendulum," "The Premature Burial," "The Purloined Letter," "The Raven," "Some Secrets of the Magazine Prison House," "Some Words with a Mummy," "The Swiss Bell-Ringers," "The System of Doctor Tarr and Professor Fether," "The Tell-Tale Heart," "Thou Art the Man," and "Ulalume." If you are new to Edgar Allan Poe or already have a compilation of his sitting on your bookshelf, here is an opportunity to uniquely experience the poems and stories of the author who invented the mystery genre and defined the horror genre. Read the works of America's most brilliant and mysterious author as you never have before. Experience the Poe revival firsthand.


MY STORY - 2840799083

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Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Ian Wright, Arsenal legend, England striker and TV pundit extraordinaire, is one of the most interesting and relevant figures in modern football. His journey from a South London council estate to national treasure is everybody's dream. From Sunday morning football directly to Crystal Palace; from 'boring, boring Arsenal' to inside the Wenger Revolution; from Saturday afternoons on the pitch to Saturday evenings on primetime television; from a week in prison to inspiring youth offenders, Ian will reveal all about his extraordinary life and career.


Sissinghurst - 2826919728

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Sissinghurst Harper Collins

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

A fascinating account from award-winning author Adam Nicolson of the history of Nicolson's own national treasure, his family home: Sissinghurst. Sissinghurst is world-famous as a place of calm and beauty, a garden slipped into the ruins of a rose-pink Elizabethan palace. But is it entirely what its creators intended? Has its success over the last thirty years come at a price? Is Sissinghurst everything it could be? The story of this piece of land, an estate in the Weald of Kent, is told here for the first time from the very beginning. Adam Nicolson, who now lives there, has uncovered remarkable new findings about its history as a medieval manor and great sixteenth-century house, from the days of its decline as an eighteenth-century prison to a flourishing Victorian farm and on to the creation, by his grandparents Vita Sackville-West and Harold Nicolson, of a garden in a weed-strewn wreck. Alongside his recovery of the past, Adam Nicolson wanted something else: for the land at Sissinghurst to live again, to become the landscape of orchards, cattle, fruit and sheep he remembered from his boyhood. Could that living frame of a mixed farm be brought back to what had turned into monochrome fields of chemicalised wheat and oilseed rape? Against the odds, he was going to try. This paperback edition will be fully updated to cover the first year of Adam Nicolson's endeavour to revive the estate and return it to the glories of its past. More than just a personal biography of a place, this book is the story of taking an inheritance and steering it in a new direction, just as an entrepreneur might take hold of a company, or just as all of us might want to take our dreams and make them real.


Wonders Of Aladin - 2845364279

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Wonders Of Aladin


1. Lavagnino,angelo Francesco - Main Title 2. Lavagnino,angelo Francesco - The Procession 3. Lavagnino,angelo Francesco - The Marketplace 4. Lavagnino,angelo Francesco - Aladdin On The Run 5. Lavagnino,angelo Francesco - The Genie 6. Lavagnino,angelo Francesco - Djalma's Dance 7. Lavagnino,angelo Francesco - The Caravan - The Gra 8. Lavagnino,angelo Francesco - The Deadly Mechanical 9. Lavagnino,angelo Francesco - The Caravan Sets Off 10. Lavagnino,angelo Francesco - Princess Zaina - Long 11. Lavagnino,angelo Francesco - Attack On The Caravan 12. Lavagnino,angelo Francesco - Mirage 13. Lavagnino,angelo Francesco - The Amazons 14. Lavagnino,angelo Francesco - The Genie Is Summoned 15. Lavagnino,angelo Francesco - The Genie & The Amazo 16. Lavagnino,angelo Francesco - The Grand Vizier - Th 17. Lavagnino,angelo Francesco - Prison Break & Recapt 18. Lavagnino,angelo Francesco - The Dancing Doll 19. Lavagnino,angelo Francesco - Secret Way To The Pal 20. Lavagnino,angelo Francesco - The Skeleton - The Co 21. Lavagnino,angelo Francesco - The Babies Are Switch 22. Lavagnino,angelo Francesco - Princess Zaina Enters 23. Lavagnino,angelo Francesco - Aladdin' S Dance 24. Lavagnino,angelo Francesco - Wedding Gift From The 25. Lavagnino,angelo Francesco - Palace Fight 26. Lavagnino,angelo Francesco - The Grand Vizier' S H 27. Lavagnino,angelo Francesco - Aladdin' S Duel With 28. Lavagnino,angelo Francesco - The Flying Carpet - F 29. Lavagnino,angelo Francesco - The Marketplace - Lon 30. Lavagnino,angelo Francesco - Princess Zaina - Film 31. Lavagnino,angelo Francesco - Finale - Longer Versi 32. Lavagnino,angelo Francesco - Attack On The Caravan 33. Lavagnino,angelo Francesco - Mirage - Us Version 34. Lavagnino,angelo Francesco - Prison Break- Us Vers 35. Lavagnino,angelo Francesco - Fanfare 1 36. Lavagnino,angelo Francesco - Fanfare 2


My Story - 2845358647

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My Story

Książki Obcojęzyczne>Angielskie>Biography & True Stories>Biography: general

Ian Wright, Arsenal Legend, England Striker And TV Pundit Extraordinaire, Is One Of The Most Interesting And Relevant Figures In Modern Football. His Journey From A South London Council Estate To National Treasure Is Everybody's Dream. From Sunday Morning Football Directly To Crystal Palace; From 'boring, Boring Arsenal' To Inside The Wenger Revolution; From Saturday Afternoons On The Pitch To Saturday Evenings On Primetime Television; From A Week In Prison To Inspiring Youth Offenders, Ian Will Reveal All About His Extraordinary Life And Career.


Erotic films (Film Guide) - 2835283074

228,88 zł

Erotic films (Film Guide) Books LLC, Reference Series

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Source: Wikipedia. Commentary (films not included). Pages: 262. Chapters: Showgirls, Eyes Wide Shut, Leaving Las Vegas, Last Tango in Paris, Original Sin, List of Nikkatsu Roman Porno films, Kekko Kamen, Pink film, List of Japanese sexploitation films, Caligula, Lust, Caution, Basic Instinct, Angel, Unfaithful, Unsimulated sex in film, Love and Other Drugs, Shortbus, The Lover, Blue Valentine, Daydream, Chloe, The Hunger, Go, Go Second Time Virgin, Rape! 13th Hour, Baise-moi, Colour Blossoms, American Gigolo, Ichijo's Wet Lust, Young Adam, The World of Geisha, Desert Hearts, Watcher in the Attic, Lovely Angel, Flesh & Blood, Bitter Sweet, Color of Night, Emmanuelle, Score, Inflatable Sex Doll of the Wastelands, Tokyo Emmanuelle, Fairy in a Cage, Yellow Hair 2, Death in Love, All About Anna, I.K.U., Women... Oh, Women!, Flower and Snake, Pretty Baby, Close My Eyes, Apartment Wife: Affair In the Afternoon, I Am Curious, Whore Angels, De Sade, Indecent Proposal, Love Hunter, Sopping Wet Married Teacher: Doing It in Uniform, A Woman Called Sada Abe, Body of Evidence, Naked Seven, The Unbearable Lightness of Being, La bęte, Fear, Aastha: In the Prison of Spring, Pink Tush Girl, White Palace, The Glamorous Life of Sachiko Hanai, Mirch, The Piano Teacher, A Cold Wind in August, Female Convict Scorpion: Jailhouse 41, Emmanuelle 5, A Lonely Cow Weeps at Dawn, In the Realm of the Senses, Uncle's Paradise, Maid-Droid, Duhulu Malak, Beauty's Exotic Dance: Torture!, Castle Orgies, Cruel Intentions 2, Irresistable Angel: Suck It All Up, Lovers Are Wet, Lunch Box, Twins of Evil, Assault! Jack the Ripper, Horse and Woman and Dog, Private Lessons, Mulberry, Frog Song, Spanking Love, Lolita: Vibrator Torture, Lady Black Rose, Kama Sutra: A Tale of Love, Ambiguous, Female Cats, Molester's Train Housewife: Madam is a Pervert, Damage, Big Tit Sisters: Blow Through the Valley, Woman on the Night Train, Molester's Train: Nasty Behavior, Szamanka, Bitter Moon, 9ż Weeks, Hard Lesbian: Quick and Deep, Terrifying Girls' High School: Lynch Law Classroom, Zoom In: Rape Apartments, Office Lady Love Juice, The Vampire Lovers, Rope Cosmetology, Pornography: A Thriller, Fascination: Portrait of a Lady, Sex comedy, Angel Guts, Requiem pour un Vampire, Beads From a Petal, Rope and Skin, Cruelty: Black Rose Torture, Hard Lesbian: Genuine Tongue Technique, Rope and Breasts, The Cook, the Thief, His Wife & Her Lover, Hail Mary, Subway Serial Rape: Lover Hunting, Retreat Through the Wet Wasteland, Office Lady Rope Slave, Keep on Masturbating: Non-Stop Pleasure, Female Convict 701: Scorpion, Slave Widow, Invisible Man: Rape!, Thriller - A Cruel Picture, A Night in Heaven, Supervixens, Widow's Perverted Hell, Birth Control Revolution, Live Flesh, Attacked!!, Female Ninja Magic: 100 Trampled Flowers, Twitch - You Are My Toy, Oryu's Passion: Bondage Skin, Kika, Deep Throat in Tokyo, Lady Chatterley In Tokyo, Anarchy in Japansuke, Rope Hell, Perverted Criminal, Sex and Zen, The Party at Kitty and Stud's, Chikan Densha: Suggestive Indecent Hips, 9 Songs, Madame Aema, A Good Lawyer's Wife, The Night Porter, Mishima: A Life in Four Chapters, The Lustful Sister-in-Law 2: Erotic Games, Aspiring Home Tutor: Soiled Pure Whiteness, Lusty Sisters, Koichiro Uno's Wet and Swinging, Lust for a Vampire, New Tokyo Decadence - The Slave, Blue Film Woman, Banned Book: Flesh Futon, Shivers, Office Lady's Sexual Confession: Burning Love Affair, Bed Dance, Girl Boss Guerilla, Miss Peach: Peachy Swe...


Twisted Edges - 2826680748

44,72 zł

Twisted Edges Custom Book Publications

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

14th Century China as never before... The epic saga of the rule of the tyrant Zyrus and his sons following... from an old Chinese story. The emperor Zyrius was a great warrior and fighter, and his people feared him. His laws were not to be broken and any who disobeyed were punished by prison or worse... or simply executed. He had two sons... As the eldest son grew to a young man, Chuing was praised for his strength, courage, fighting skills, bravery, and dominant nature. All over the kingdom, it was said that he was truly his father's son. And this made Emperor Zyrius proud. Gen-lee, the second son, was nothing like his brother. While Chuing accompanied his father hunting or on village raids, he remained at the palace where he could be found in the library, or with his father's advisors discussing issues concerning the kingdom. They often frowned in wonderment at the intelligent questions that Gen-lee put to them and logical answers he came up with. A recipe for intrigue and disaster... only one son could follow his father as Emperor!


Infinities: The Empire Strikes Back: Vol. 3 - 2845293304

118,45 zł

Infinities: The Empire Strikes Back: Vol. 3 Spotlight

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Han Solo is as skilled, clever, and resourceful as they come, but this time even HE may have bitten off more than he can chew. With Jabba the Hutt's bounty on his head, there doesn't seem to be a place in the known galaxies where he can hide for long. But, Han Solo is smart. That's why he comes clean and plans to pay Jabba back what's owed from a botched smuggler's run. Enter a shrewd Devronian with a taste for money that decides Solo's a prize that's too good to pass up. And since this mercenary is working for Jabba directly, it doesn't bode well for Solo and Chewie. What fate will await them in the dark, odorous prison-depths of Jabba's palace? And what infamous, uninvited guest will drop by and completely alter the chase for the last living Skywalker? Spotlight editions are printed on high-quality paper and with reinforced library bindings specifically printed for the library market. Grades 6-12.


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