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Church Growth 101: Raising Up Churches from the Ground Up - 2843765702

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Church Growth 101: Raising Up Churches from the Ground Up



Ed Fox - The Glamour Goes on: v. 2: Glamour from the Ground Up. 25 Jahre TASCHEN - 2826046070

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Ed Fox - The Glamour Goes on: v. 2: Glamour from the Ground Up. 25 Jahre TASCHEN

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Ed Fox - The Glamour Goes on: v. 2: Glamour from the Ground Up. 25 Jahre TASCHEN Dian Hanson (Author) Hardcover: 280 pages Publisher: Taschen GmbH (Aug 2011) Language: English ISBN-10: 3836526808 ISBN-13: 9783836526807...


Gravity from the Ground Up - 2834684846

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Gravity from the Ground Up Cambridge University Press

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

This book invites the reader to understand our Universe, not just marvel at it. From the clock-like motions of the planets to the catastrophic collapse of a star into a black hole, gravity controls the Universe. Gravity is central to modern physics, helping to answer the deepest questions about the nature of time, the origin of the Universe and the unification of the forces of nature. Linking key experiments and observations through careful physical reasoning, the author builds the reader's insight step-by-step from simple but profound facts about gravity on Earth to the frontiers of research. Topics covered include the nature of stars and galaxies, the mysteries of dark matter and dark energy, black holes, gravitational waves, inflation and the Big Bang. Suitable for general readers and for undergraduate courses, the treatment uses only high-school level mathematics, supplemented by optional computer programs, to explain the laws of physics governing gravity.


Ray Tracing from the Ground Up - 2834683887

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Ray Tracing from the Ground Up Taylor & Francis Inc

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Takes readers through the process of building a modern ray tracer from scratch in C++. This book explains various concepts and processes with the aid of diagrams, ray-traced images, and sample code. It is suitable for undergraduate and graduate computer graphics courses and for individual programmers who would like to learn ray tracing.


From the Ground Up - 2837509139

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Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

The history of modern architecture, read through the evolution of the single family home. Each generation has sought to improve upon earlier iterations, rethinking and reinventing this seemingly simple building type. At certain historic moments, new ideas about domesticity have given form to radically different configurations of home and community. The necessity for unsustainable communities provides urgency and a unique opportunity to design affordable houses that respond to economic, social, and environmental challenges. The From the Ground Up competition sought to provide a new model for once vital urban residential neighborhoods throughout the United States through the creation of affordable, green homes. The proposals of the seven finalists in the competition were selected from the fifty two teams that submitted sketchbooks with ideas on how to approach this design challenge. Developed for a vacant in fill site in Syracuse s, these projects offer an array of innovative designs for cost efficient prototypes that provide a new vision for the neighborhood, which can be embraced by existing and future residents. These proposals and the resulting built work demonstrate the value of design within a typically underserved and demographically diverse community. Their ambition is to wed high standards of living with advanced technology and design in the development of small domestic projects. It is hoped that they act as catalysts for improving our neighborhoods, creating innovative green homes, from the ground up. The publication provides new models for contemporary affordable housing, cataloguing the winning designs from the international competition held by Syracuse University School of Architecture, featuring projects from Cook + Fox Architects, Della Valle Bernheimer and others.


Leadership from the Ground Up - 2844168857

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Leadership from the Ground Up Information Age Publishing

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

This book chronicles the journey of seven schools serving students of poverty, English Language Learners (ELLs), and students of color, which were able to sustain school improvement for a decade on either state and/or national criteria that measure student performance outcomes. The book shares stories of these seven schools and demonstrates that it takes an entire school working together with their communities, adding to the social and cultural capital of their students and families, to create and nurture what we call a Learning Partnership for sustainable school improvement. The answers for how these schools sustained school improvement and are effective schools is evident from their school student metrics that validate the school's ability to meet and sustain external mandates of high performance over time. The seven individual case stories illustrate that what matters most is what happens in the school itself. It is the internal culture of caring and respecting each other and working from an additive perspective of valuing students for their unique gifts and abilities, rather than exclusively focusing on increasing test scores that makes these school stories unique. This is not about heroic leadership but leadership spread out and shared among professionals working together to achieve common goals around shared values and beliefs. This book is about using resources in ways that value human capital as the greatest asset in the school to ensure that educators feel a sense of commitment, connection, and passion for their work together with students, their families, and their communities that enable them to excel together. We offer readers seven cases that demonstrate there is no cookie cutter approach to having an effective school. Rather, there is a theory-in-practice that grounds the Learning Partnership depicted as a tree within a sustainable school improvement culture. This sustainable culture connects shared leadership and accountability, resourcefulness, a humanistic philosophy, additive schooling and results in an organization synergy that sustains organizational and collective efficacy for achieving results in these schools that other educators in schools with similar demographics are often unable to sustain or attain.


Ray Tracing From The Ground Up - 2841484099

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Ray Tracing From The Ground Up

Książki Obcojęzyczne>Angielskie>Computing & information technology>Graphical & digital media applications

Takes Readers Through The Process Of Building A Modern Ray Tracer From Scratch In C++. This Book Explains Various Concepts And Processes With The Aid Of Diagrams, Ray-traced Images, And Sample Code. It Is Suitable For Undergraduate And Graduate Computer G


From The Ground Up - 2839405553

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From The Ground Up THIRTY TIGERS


1. Gawd Above 2. Jericho 3. I Only Pray At Night 4. Satan & St.paul 5. Nowhere To Be Found 6. All The Time In The World 7. Fant Man 8. Me Wanting You 9. Moving 10. Forgotten Flowers 11. Daydreamer 12. Song For A Child


From Ground Up (Bonus Tracks) (Jpn) - 2840351716

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From Ground Up (Bonus Tracks) (Jpn)



From The Ground Up - 2840359224

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From The Ground Up

Muzyka>Rhythm & Blues / Soul

1. Medicated Goo 2. Sitting In Limbo 3. Penetration 4. Black Magic Woman 5. Bridge Of Sighs 6. Sitting On A Fence 7. Around The Globe 8. Chain Lightning 9. Camila 10. Weybridge 11. Sad Nite Owl 12. Bus Stop 13. Little Trona Girl 14. Don T Know Why


From The Ground Up - 2839848113

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From The Ground Up

Książki Obcojęzyczne>Angielskie>The arts>Music>Music: styles & genres>Rock & Pop music

U2 360-, The Most Successful Concert Tour Of All Time, Came To An End In Moncton, Atlantic Canada On July 30, 2011. The Massive 26 Month Undertaking By Live Nation Global Touring Saw U2 Play 110 Concerts In Front Of More Than 7.1 Million Fans In 30 Countr


From The Ground Up - 2839818617

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From The Ground Up



Looking Up From The Ground - 2839781829

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Looking Up From The Ground



From The Ground Up - 2839500257

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From The Ground Up Self Release

Muzyka>Hip-hop / Rap


From The Ground Up - 2839924230

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From The Ground Up

Książki Obcojęzyczne>Angielskie>Lifestyle, sport & leisure>Gardening

'Tickle The Earth With A Hoe,' Someone Once Wrote, 'and It Will Laugh A Harvest.' Talented 'ticklers' In Ireland Range From The Town Dweller To The Country Gardener, The Schoolchild To The Pensioner. What They Have In Common Is A Love Of Growing Their Own


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