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Fungi: Their Nature and Uses - 2849540765

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Fungi: Their Nature and Uses



Magical Mushrooms, Mischievous Molds - 2854320196

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Magical Mushrooms, Mischievous Molds Princeton University Press

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Mushrooms magically spew forth from the earth in the hours that follow a summer rain. Fuzzy brown molds mischievously turn forgotten peaches to slime in the kitchen fruit bowl. And in thousands of other ways, members of the kingdom Fungi do their part to make life on Earth the miracle that it is. In this lively book, George Hudler leads us on a tour of an often-overlooked group of organisms, which differ radically from both animals and plants. Along the way the author stops to ponder the marvels of nature and the impact of mere microbes on the evolution of civilization. Nature's ultimate recyclers not only save us from drowning in a sea of organic waste, but also provide us with food, drink, and a wide array of valuable medicines and industrial chemicals. Some fungi make deadly poisons and psychedelic drugs that have interesting histories in and of themselves, and Hudler weaves tales of those into his scientific account of the nature of the fungi. The role of fungi in the Irish potato famine, in the Salem Witch Trials, in the philosophical writings of Greek scholars, and in the creation of ginger snaps are just a few of the many great moments in history to grace these pages. Hudler moves so easily from discussing human history to exploring scientific knowledge, all with a sense of humor and enthusiasm, that one can well understand why he is an award-winning teacher both at Cornell University as well as nationally. Few, for instance, who read his invitation to ??i??get out of your chair and take a short walk??i??i??' will ever again look without curiosity and admiration at the ??i??rotten??i??i??' part of the world around them. ??i??Magical Mushrooms, Mischievous Molds??i?? is full of information that will satisfy history buffs, science enthusiasts, and anyone interested in nature's miracles. Everyone in Hudler's audience will develop a new appreciation of the debt they owe to the molds for such common products as penicillin, wine, and bread.


Introduction to Mushroom Hunting - 2857422712

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Introduction to Mushroom Hunting Butler Press

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

The study of the wild mushrooms of the woods and fields will appeal to the amateur collector and the lover of nature, as well as to the scientist with an interest in the field. The beautiful colours and textures displayed by these fungi provide an immense attraction to the artistic, while the more practical minded are interested in their culinary applications; to the more advanced student, the variety in form and detail of microscopic investigation offers an unlimited area of study. This fascinating book offers a comprehensive treatise on all of these topics, and anybody interested in mushrooms and their uses will find great value contained herein. The chapters of this book cover the main families of common mushroom and include: Danger from Poisonous Fungi, Agaricaceae, Polyporaceae, Hydnaceae, Clariaceae, Phallaceae, Lycoperdaceae, and Ascomycetes. This scarce book has been elected for republication because of its immense educational value, and is proudly republished here with a new introduction to the subject.


Plant Intelligence and the Imaginal Realm - 2826661391

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Plant Intelligence and the Imaginal Realm Inner Traditions C/O S&S

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

In Plant Intelligence and the Imaginal Realm, Stephen Harrod Buhner reveals that all life forms on Earth possess intelligence, language, a sense of I and not I, and the capacity to dream. He shows that by consciously opening the doors of perception, we can reconnect with the living intelligences in Nature as kindred beings, become again wild scientists, nondomesticated explorers of a Gaian world just as Goethe, Barbara McClintock, James Lovelock, and others have done. For as Einstein commented, "We cannot solve the problems facing us by using the same kind of thinking that created them." Buhner explains how to use analogical thinking and imaginal perception to directly experience the inherent meanings that flow through the world, that are expressed from each living form that surrounds us, and to directly initiate communication in return. He delves deeply into the ecological function of invasive plants, bacterial resistance to antibiotics, psychotropic plants and fungi, and, most importantly, the human species itself. He shows that human beings are not a plague on the planet, they have a specific ecological function as important to Gaia as that of plants and bacteria. Buhner shows that the capacity for depth connection and meaning-filled communication with the living world is inherent in every human being. It is as natural as breathing, as the beating of our own hearts, as our own desire for intimacy and love. We can change how we think and in so doing begin to address the difficulties of our times.


Mushroom - 2844161072

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Mushroom Oxford University Press

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

The overnight appearance of mushrooms in a meadow or on a suburban lawn is a marvelous sight. It is one of many awe-inspiring, magical processes that have evolved among the fungi, yet this group remains the least studied and most poorly understood kingdom of organisms. In Mushroom, Nicholas Money offers a vibrant introduction to the world of mushrooms, investigating the science behind these organisms as well as their enduring cultural and imaginative appeal. Beginning with the basics of mushroom biology, Money leads us through a history of mushroom research, painting portraits of the colorful characters involved in their study-among them, Beatrix Potter, the celebrated author and creator of Peter Rabbit, and Captain Charles McIlvaine, a Civil War veteran who engaged in a dangerous quest to determine the edibility of every mushroom in North America. Money also discusses the uses of mushrooms today, exploring their importance as food and medicine, their use as recreational drugs, and as the cause of horrific poisonings. A cultural, natural, and scientific history in one, Mushroom is a must-read for mycophiles, mushroom gatherers, and nature lovers alike.


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