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Islamic Education Diversity & National Identity - 2212826001

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Islamic Education Diversity & National Identity SAGE Publications Ltd

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For many centuries, Muslim religious educational institutions (known as the "dini madaris" have held an important position among educational institutions in the Indian subcontinent. However, after the 9/11 attacks in the US and the consequent declaration of the global 'war on terrorism', allegations against these institutions-about their being breeding grounds for Islamic fundamentalists and terrorists-have dominated India's media. Is there a link between "madaris "and violence, anti-national activities, or terrorism? How transparent are these alternative educational networks in terms of funding, spread and patronage? What are the political implications of their educational system? Providing a variety of perspectives, Islamic Education, Diversity and National Identity: Dini Madaris in India Post 9/11 addresses a number of important questions from various angles. The 12 original essays of this volume discuss the phenomenon of "dini madaris "from a historical perspective, regional perspective, and examine current developments while drawing insights mainly from recently conducted fieldwork. The contributors discuss crucial issues like gender and the role of the media. The volume concludes that "dini madaris," contrary to their public image, are not essentially opposed to change, even though the framework for change appears to be limited. Bringing together Indian, British and German scholars, and based on original and current research, this volume will be of considerable interest to those in the fields of education, social anthropology, Islamic studies, South Asian studies, politics, history, as well as to the general reader.


No Place to Hide in America - 2826707334

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No Place to Hide in America iUniverse

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Can we live in America without being defined by race, gender, ethnicity, sexual orientation, or religion? In "No Place to Hide", authors Denys Blell and Bob Kreisher share the true stories of one immigrant's struggle to remain a man with no race or ethnicity in a race-obsessed American higher education system. After immigrating to the United States, Samir Dyfan pursues a career in higher education and quickly finds that having no particular racial, ethnic or religious identity gives him a unique perspective regarding diversity initiatives. Throughout his career, Samir concludes that the actions of colleagues are often based on self-interest and greed, rather than the principles of inclusiveness, fairness, and justice. As a result, he experiences strange and disturbing situations and relationships. Samir often finds himself alone, trying to navigate his own way to the safety, equality, and inclusiveness he came to the United States to find. Will Samir find inclusiveness or segregation as he experiences the dark side of diversity politics? Find out as Blell and Kreisher offer this unique perspective about diversity issues within one of America's most noble institutions.


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