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Geometric Integration Theory - 2839955715

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Geometric Integration Theory

Książki Obcojęzyczne>Angielskie>Mathematics & science>Mathematics>Geometry

This Self-contained And Accessible Textbook Introduces Geometric Measure Theory Through The Notion Of Currents. Motivating Key Ideas With Examples And Figures, This Book Is A Comprehensive Introduction Ideal For Both Self-study And For Use In The Classroo


Geometric Numerical Integration - 2827035980

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Geometric Numerical Integration Springer, Berlin

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

A unique feature of the book is the numerical treatment of KAM theory. There is no other book which deals with this.


Geometric Discrepancy - 2827064255

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Geometric Discrepancy Springer, Berlin

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

What is the "most uniform" way of distributing n points in the unit square? How big is the "irregularity" necessarily present in any such distribution? Such questions are treated in geometric discrepancy theory. The book is an accessible and lively introduction to this area, with numerous exercisesand illustrations. In separate, more specialized parts, it also provides a comprehensive guide to recent research. Including a wide variety of mathematical techniques (from harmonic analysis, combinatorics, algebra etc.) in action on non-trivial examples, the book is suitable for a "special topic" course for early graduates in mathematics and computer science. Besides professional mathematicians, it will be of interest to specialists in fields where a large collection of objects should be "uniformly" represented by a smaller sample (such as high-dimensional numerical integration in computational physics or financial mathematics, efficient divide-and-conquer algorithms in computer science, etc.).


The Mathematics of Classical and Quantum Physics - 2826676408

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The Mathematics of Classical and Quantum Physics Dover Publications

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

VOLUME ONE 1 Vectors in Classical Physics Introduction 1.1 Geometric and Algebraic Definitions of a Vector 1.2 The Resolution of a Vector into Components 1.3 The Scalar Product 1.4 Rotation of the Coordinate System: Orthogonal Transformations 1.5 The Vector Product 1.6 A Vector Treatment of Classical Orbit Theory 1.7 Differential Operations on Scalar and Vector Fields *1.8 Cartesian-Tensors 2 Calculus of Variations Introduction 2.1 Some Famous Problems 2.2 The Euler-Lagrange Equation 2.3 Some Famous Solutions 2.4 Isoperimetric Problems - Constraints 2.5 Application to Classical Mechanics 2.6 Extremization of Multiple Integrals 2.7 Invariance Principles and Noether's Theorem 3 Vectors and Matrics Introduction 3.1 "Groups, Fields, and Vector Spaces" 3.2 Linear Independence 3.3 Bases and Dimensionality 3.4 Ismorphisms 3.5 Linear Transformations 3.6 The Inverse of a Linear Transformation 3.7 Matrices 3.8 Determinants 3.9 Similarity Transformations 3.10 Eigenvalues and Eigenvectors *3.11 The Kronecker Product 4. Vector Spaces in Physics Introduction 4.1 The Inner Product 4.2 Orthogonality and Completeness 4.3 Complete Ortonormal Sets 4.4 Self-Adjoint (Hermitian and Symmetric) Transformations 4.5 Isometries-Unitary and Orthogonal Transformations 4.6 The Eigenvalues and Eigenvectors of Self-Adjoint and Isometric Transformations 4.7 Diagonalization 4.8 On The Solvability of Linear Equations 4.9 Minimum Principles 4.10 Normal Modes 4.11 Peturbation Theory-Nondegenerate Case 4.12 Peturbation Theory-Degenerate Case 5. Hilbert Space-Complete Orthonormal Sets of Functions Introduction 5.1 Function Space and Hilbert Space 5.2 Complete Orthonormal Sets of Functions 5.3 The Dirac d-Function 5.4 Weirstrass's Theorem: Approximation by Polynomials 5.5 Legendre Polynomials 5.6 Fourier Series 5.7 Fourier Integrals 5.8 Sphereical Harmonics and Associated Legendre Functions 5.9 Hermite Polynomials 5.10 Sturm-Liouville Systems-Orthogaonal Polynomials 5.11 A Mathematical Formulation of Quantum Mechanics VOLUME TWO 6 Elements and Applications of the Theory of Analytic Functions Introduction 6.1 Analytic Functions-The Cauchy-Riemann Conditions 6.2 Some Basic Analytic Functions 6.3 Complex Integration-The Cauchy-Goursat Theorem 6.4 Consequences of Cauchy's Theorem 6.5 Hilbert Transforms and the Cauchy Principal Value 6.6 An Introduction to Dispersion Relations 6.7 The Expansion of an Analytic Function in a Power Series 6.8 Residue Theory-Evaluation of Real Definite Integrals and Summation of Series 6.9 Applications to Special Functions and Integral Representations 7 Green's Function Introduction 7.1 A New Way to Solve Differential Equations 7.2 Green's Functions and Delta Functions 7.3 Green's Functions in One Dimension 7.4 Green's Functions in Three Dimensions 7.5 Radial Green's Functions 7.6 An Application to the Theory of Diffraction 7.7 Time-dependent Green's Functions: First Order 7.8 The Wave Equation 8 Introduction to Integral Equations Introduction 8.1 Iterative Techniques-Linear Integral Operators 8.2 Norms of Operators 8.3 Iterative Techniques in a Banach Space 8.4 Iterative Techniques for Nonlinear Equations 8.5 Separable Kernels 8.6 General Kernels of Finite Rank 8.7 Completely Continuous Operators 9 Integral Equations in Hilbert Space Introduction 9.1 Completely Continuous Hermitian Operators 9.2 Linear Equations and Peturbation Theory 9.3 Finite-Rank Techniques for Eigenvalue Problems 9.4 the Fredholm Alternative for Completely Continuous Operators 9.5 The Numerical Solutions of Linear Equations 9.6 Unitary Transformations 10 Introduction to Group Theory Introduction 10.1 An Inductive Approach 10.2 The Symmetric Groups 10.3 "Cosets, Classes, and Invariant Subgroups" 10.4 Symmetry and Group Representations 10.5 Irreducible Representations 10.6 "Unitary Representations, Schur's Lemmas, and Orthogonality Relations" 10.7 The Determination of Group Representations 10.8 Group Theory in Physical Problems General Bibliography Index to Volume One Index to Volume Two


Hassler Whitney Collected Papers Volume I - 2826985951

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Hassler Whitney Collected Papers Volume I Birkhäuser

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

We present here the mathematical papers of Hassler Whitney. This collection contains all the published papers, with the exception of some short announcements that Whitney did not wish to be included. We also include the introduction to his book Geometric Integration Theory, and one previously unpublished manuscript on the four-color problem. The papers are presented under some broad categories: graphs


Hassler Whitney Collected Papers - 2827023404

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Hassler Whitney Collected Papers Birkhäuser

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

We present here the mathematical papers of Hassler Whitney. This collection contains all the published papers, with the exception of some short announcements that Whimey did not wish to be included. We also include the introduction to his book Geometric Integration Theory, and one previously unpublished manuscript on the four-color problem. The papers are presented under some broad categories: graphs and combinatorics, differentiable functions and singularities, analytic spaces, manifolds, bundles and characteristic classes, topology and algebraic topology, geometric integration theory. Whimey intended to write an introduction to this collection. Unfortunately he left us no manuscript at the time of his death, May 10, 1989. We had discussed the possibility of using his paper "Moscow 1935 - Topology moving toward America," written for the Centennial of the American Mathematical Society, as part of his introduction to this collection, an idea which he much liked. We therefore include this paper. which contains personal information as well as mathematical reflections. as Whimey's own introduction to these volumes. Whimey's mathematical style, like his personal style. was that of an explorer and pioneer. Ooe of the pictures included in these volumes shows him as a mountain climber. In mathematics. he preferred to work on undeveloped areas: break new ground and build foundations. During the last twenty years of his life he concentrated his efforts on developing an educational system that builds on the natural tendency in children to be explorers.


Calculus of Variations - 2826704446

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Calculus of Variations Cambridge University Press

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

This textbook on the calculus of variations leads the reader from the basics to modern aspects of the theory. One-dimensional problems and the classical issues like Euler-Lagrange equations are treated, as are Noether's theorem, Hamilton-Jacobi theory, and in particular geodesic lines, thereby developing some important geometric and topological aspects. The basic ideas of optimal control theory are also given. The second part of the book deals with multiple integrals. After a review of Lebesgue integration, Banach and Hilbert space theory and Sobolev spaces (with complete and detailed proofs), there is a treatment of the direct methods and the fundamental lower semicontinuity theorems. Subsequent chapters introduce the basic concepts of the modern calculus of variations, namely relaxation, Gamma convergence, bifurcation theory and minimax methods based on the Palais


The Scientific Papers of Sir George Darwin - 2138985955

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The Scientific Papers of Sir George Darwin Cambridge Univeristy Press

Księgarnia / Cambridge University Press / Badania planet

The Scientific Papers of Sir George Darwin: Volume 4 Periodic Orbits and Miscellaneous Papers Autor: George Howard DarwinSir George Darwin (1845–1912) was the second son and fifth child of Charles Darwin. After studying mathematics at Cambridge he read for the Bar, but soon returned to science and to Cambridge, where in 1883 he was appointed Plumian Professor of Astronomy and Experimental Philosophy. His family home is now the location of Darwin College. His work was concerned primarily with the effect of the sun and moon on tidal forces on Earth, and with the theoretical cosmogony which evolved from practical observation: he formulated the fission theory of the formation of the moon (that the moon was formed from still-molten matter pulled away from the Earth by solar tides). This volume of his collected papers covers periodic orbits and some miscellaneous papers, including two investigating the health statistics of the marriage of first cousins – of interest to a member of a dynasty in which such marriages were common. Spis treści: Preface Part I. Periodic orbits: 1. Periodic orbits 2. On certain discontinuities connected with periodic orbits 3. On certain families of periodic orbits Part II. The Tides: 4. The tides Part III. Miscellaneous Papers in Chronological Order: 5. On some proposed forms of slide-rule 6. An application of Peaucellier's cell 7. The mechanical description of equipotential lines 8. On a mechanical representation of the second elliptic integral 9. On maps of the world 10. A geometric puzzle 11. A geometric illustration of the potential of a distant centre of force 12. On graphical interpolation and integration 13. On a theorem in spherical harmonic analysis 14. On fallible measures of variable quantities, and on the treatment of meteorological observations 15. On the horizontal thrust of a mass of sand 16. On the formation of ripple-mark in sand 17. Note on Mr Davison's paper on the straining of the Earth's crust in cooling 18. On the mechanical conditions of a swarm of meteorites, and on theories of cosmogony 19. On the perturbation of a comet in the neighbourhood of a planet 20. The Eulerian notation of the Earth's axis 21. The analogy between Lesage's theory of gravitation and the repulsion of light Part IV. Papers on Tides: 22. The tidal observations of the British Antarctic Expedition, 1907 23. On a mistake in the instructions for the use of a certain apparatus in tidal reductions 24. Geological time 25. Presentation of the Medal of the Royal Astronomical Society to M. Henri PoincarĂŠ 26. Cosmical evolution Appendix: 27. Marriages between first cousins in England and their effects 28. Note on the marriages of first cousins Index.dla: academic researchers, graduate students isbn9781108004473stron628Data publikacji20/07/20094 b/w illus.Paperback244 x 170 mm


Calculus - 2827064732

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Calculus Wiley

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Now available in paperback! An introduction to the calculus, with an excellent balance between theory and technique. Integration is treated before differentiation--this is a departure from most modern texts, but it is historically correct, and it is the best way to establish the true connection between the integral and the derivative. Proofs of all the important theorems are given, generally preceded by geometric or intuitive discussion. This Second Edition introduces the mean-value theorems and their applications earlier in the text, incorporates a treatment of linear algebra, and contains many new and easier exercises. As in the first edition, an interesting historical introduction precedes each important new concept.


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