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Studies in Eighteenth-century Culture - 2835876185

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Studies in Eighteenth-century Culture JOHNS HOPKINS UNIVERSITY PRESS

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

This volume's essays focus on the relationships between texts and readers, images and viewers, performance and audience during the Enlightenment in France, England, Scotland, Ireland, Germany, and North America. The essays range from exploring the effects of rococo space on religious experience to analyzing the transmission of texts across national and temporal boundaries. Contributors and Contents include: Michael Yonan, The Wieskirche: Movement, Perception, and Salvation in the Bavarian Rococo; Sandro Jung, Thomas Stothard, Illustration, and the Royal Engagement Pocket Atlas, 1779-1826; Hector Reyes, Drawing and History in the Comte de Caylus' Recueil d'antiquites; Marc H. Lerner, William Tell's Atlantic Travels in the Revolutionary Era; Katrin Berndt, Civic Virtues in the Restless Polity: Sir Walter Scott's Fergusonian Vision of British Civil Society in Redgauntlet (1824); and, Danielle Spratt, Gulliver's Economized Body: Colonial Projects and the Human/Animal Divide in the Travels. Contributors and Contents also include: Julie Henigan, Print and Oral Culture in the Eighteenth-Century Irish Ballad; David A. Brewer, Print, Performance, Personhood, Polly Honeycombe; Zeina Hakim, Whose Story? The Game of Fiction in Early Eighteenth-Century French Literature; Dorothee Birke, Between Direction and Diversion: Chapter Titles in English Novels of the Mid-Eighteenth Century; Catherine Keohane, Ann Yearsley's Clifton Hill and Its Lessons in Reading; and, Jennifer Germann, Tracing Marie-Eleonore Godefroid: Women's Artistic Networks in Early Nineteenth-Century Paris.


All Aboard in Paris - 2835029118

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All Aboard in Paris Gibbs M. Smith Inc

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Little Germany takes us back to the nineteenth century, when Bradford, West Yorkshire, was the wool capital of the world. Over the centuries, Germany and Great Britain have been close trading partners. When Bradford became renowned for its rapidly expanding textile trade, prosperous German wool merchants entered the country and many of them settled in Bradford. These men, comparatively few in number but with great determination, influenced Bradford's markets with their knowledge of commerce and philanthropic culture. They were merchants who left their mark; men who built the palatial warehouses in Little Germany. At the beginning of the Industrial Revolution and throughout the nineteenth century, cottage industries had given way to industrialisation and factories replaced traditional production. Bradford grew from a country market town into an industrial city, with smoke-blackened buildings and a polluted landscape. It was a city of great wealth against abject poverty and slums. Workers came to Bradford in their thousands, attracted by the prospect of work. German pork butchers from Hohenlohe in south Germany settled in the industrial cities of Great Britain. Their cheap and tasty 'take-away' meals were popular with factory workers, who had no time to cook due to long working hours.


Choshu in the Meiji Restoration - 2826953467

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Choshu in the Meiji Restoration Lexington Books

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When Commodore Perry arrived in Japan to open the country to Western trade in 1853, he found a medieval amalgam of sword-bearing samurai, castle towns, Confucian academies, peasant villages, rice paddies, upstart merchants, bath houses, and Kabuki. Fifteen years later, Japan was on its way to becoming the only non-Western nation in the nineteenth century with a modern centralized bureaucratic state and industrial economy. This book is a study of the Meiji Restoration that changed the face of Japan. Prominent historian Albert M. Craig tells its story through that of the domain of Choshu-whose role in the formation of modern Japan was not unlike that of Prussia in Germany-during the fifteen crucial years between 1853 and 1868. Whereas previous studies have stressed the role of discontented lower samurai and frustrated rich merchants and peasants in this transition, claiming that they provided the motive power behind the political movements of the Restoration period, this work sharply challenges these earlier interpretations. Craig instead emphasizes the vitality of traditional values in Japan's early reaction to the West and foregrounds the critical contribution of the old society to the formation of the new Meiji state. Choshu in the Meiji Restoration is a seminal work for scholars and students of Japanese history.


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