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Travel Hack Your Way Through Prague, Czech Republic: Fly Free, Get Best Room Prices, Save on Auto Rentals Get the Most Out of Your Stay - 2851350788

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Travel Hack Your Way Through Prague, Czech Republic: Fly Free, Get Best Room Prices, Save on Auto Rentals Get the Most Out of Your Stay




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You're One Step Away from the Adventure of Your Life Deep within you lies the same faith and longing that sent Peter walking across the wind-swept Sea of Galilee toward Jesus. In what ways is the Lord telling you,


If You Want to Walk on Water, You've Got to Get out of the Boat Participant's Guide with DVD - 2826876225

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If You Want to Walk on Water, You've Got to Get out of the Boat Participant's Guide with DVD Zondervan

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

In this six-session small group Bible study, If You Want to Walk on Water, You've got to Get Out of the Boat, by John Ortberg, you'll learn how to move beyond fear to discover God's unique calling for your life! Peter may have been the first one out of the boat, but Jesus' invitation to walk on water is for you as well. But walk on water? What does that mean? If You Want to Walk on Water, You've Got to Get Out of the Boat helps you answer helps you answer Christ's call to greater faith, power-filled deeds, and a new way of knowing how to discern God's call, transcend fear, risk faith, manage failure, and trust God. Relating to the story in Matthew 14 to life today, teacher and bestselling author John Ortberg invites you to consider the incredible potential that awaits you outside your comfort zone. This pack contains one participant's guide and one DVD. It's filled with insights, questions for discussion, and applications that will help you connect a new way of thinking to actual deeds and a different approach to life. Out on the risky waters of faith, Jesus is waiting to meet you in ways that will change your forever, deepening your character and your trust in God. Sessions include: What's Water Walking? The Tragedy of the Unopened Gift Find Your Calling and Get Your Feet Wet! Facing Our Challenges, Conquering Our Fears Good News for Cave Dwellers Learning to Wait on Our Big God


Don't Rock the Boat, I'm Trying to Get Out: Going Beyond Church as Usual and Into God's Harvest - 2851276214

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Don't Rock the Boat, I'm Trying to Get Out: Going Beyond Church as Usual and Into God's Harvest



If You Want To Walk On Water, You've Got To Get Out Of The Boat - 2846924889

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If You Want To Walk On Water, You've Got To Get Out Of The Boat

Książki Obcojęzyczne>Angielskie>Humanities>Religion & beliefs>Christianity>Christian life & practiceKsiążki Obcojęzyczne>Angielskie&...



Get Out Of The Boat - 2840209895

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Get Out Of The Boat




Don't Rock The Boat, I'm Trying To Get Out - 2852924767

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Don't Rock The Boat, I'm Trying To Get Out

Książki Obcojęzyczne>Nieprzypisane



Get Out Of My Yard - 2852542642

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Get Out Of My Yard Mascot


1. Get Out Of My Yard 2. Hurry Up 3. The Curse Of Castle Dragon 4. Radiator 5. Straight Through The Telephone Pole 6. Marine Layer 7. Twelve Twelve 8. Rusty Old Boat 9. The Echo Song 10. Full Tank 11. My Teeth Ara A Drumset 12. Haydn Symphony No. 88 Finale 13. Three E's For Edward 14. You Kids


Out With A Bang - 2849479646

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Out With A Bang Universal Music / MCA


1. David Lee Murphy - Can't Turn It Off 2. David Lee Murphy - Party Crowd 3. David Lee Murphy - Mama 'N Them 4. David Lee Murphy - High Weeds Ant Rust 5. David Lee Murphy - Fish Ain't Bitin 6. David Lee Murphy - Out With A Bang 7. David Lee Murphy - Greatest Show On Earth 8. David Lee Murphy - Dust On The Bottle 9. David Lee Murphy - Just Once 10. David Lee Murphy - Why Can't People Just Get Along


Not Tonight, Mr. Right: The Best (Don't Get) Laid Plans for Finding and Marrying the Man of Your Dreams - 2849427276

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Not Tonight, Mr. Right: The Best (Don't Get) Laid Plans for Finding and Marrying the Man of Your Dreams Da Capo Pr

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

With the same saucy, tell-it-like-it-is appeal of He's Just Not That Into You, sex author Kate Taylor explains reasons to keep your clothes on in laugh-out-loud detail: how Oxytocin -- the Fatal Attraction hormone -- can make women up to ten times more emotionally attached after sex than men; why men never expect to get lucky on the third date, or any date; that relationships are more fun, easier and longer-lasting when you keep your feet on the ground instead of hooking them round his neck. An absolutely unique plan for making sure Mr. Right is more than Mr. Right Now: The Rules for how, why, and when not to have sex, this completely original take on an age-old concept offers: an Extreme Dating Makeover, a Q&A for skeptics, tactical plans, "questions to say yes to before you say yes to him," what to do on those third, fourth, tenth...dates when nookie isn't in the plan, and "I told you so" success stories, ultimately helping you to figure out the perfect time to have sex.


Get Your Groove On - 2835274671

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Get Your Groove On

Składanki > R&B, Soul

Wykonawca:  Różni wykonawcy Tytuł: Get Your Groove On Wydawnictwo:  The All Blacks Rok wydania: 1997 Nr katalogowy: NP 5481 2 Stan: Bardzo dobry Lista utworów: One & One - Phenomenon The Latin Players - Dipea - Club Estevan - Tip Of My Tongue 4PM - Get Your Groove On Tony Scott - Please Don't Go - Radio Derelect Camp - Move It In, Move It Out - Phat Radio Po' Rich - Rap Iz Gonna Get Hurt - Sir Fa Street Mix Majette feat. Rayvon - Ms Winey Winey Suzanne Smith - Set It Off - Club Radio C-Bank - I Won't Stop Loving You Paperboy - P's Cure - Album Macheteros - Las Mujeres - Club Mix


Get The Party Started: Essential Pop And Dance Anthems - 2839260574

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Get The Party Started: Essential Pop And Dance Anthems Sony Music Entertainment


1. P!nk / Perry, Linda - Get The Party Started - Radi 2. Hooker, Jake - I Love Rock 'N' Roll - Album Versio 3. Steps - Tragedy 4. Wham! - Wake Me Up Before You Go-go 5. Outkast / Andre 3000 / Tuinei, Rabeka - Hey Ya! - 6. Hazard, R. - Girls Just Wanna Have Fun 7. Orbison, Roy - Oh Pretty Woman 8. Van Morrison - Brown Eyed Girl 9. Gaye, Marvin - Sexual Healing - Album Version 10. Duke, George - Let's Hear It For The Boy - Album V 11. Parton, Dolly - 9 To 5 12. Kelly, Sherman - Dancing In The Moonlight - Album 13. Johansson, Tore - Crazy Chick 14. Chico - It's Chico Time - Radio Mix 15. Jr., Emilio Estefan, - Conga - Album Version 16. Harris, Calvin - Merrymaking At My Place - Radio E 17. Strange - A Little Less Conversation - Jxl Radio E 18. Dead Or Alive - You Spin Me Round (Like A Record) 19. Carter, D. - Give It Up 20. Groove Armada Featuring Gram'ma Funk - I See You B 101. Jay, Fred - Hooray Hooray 102. Clare Grogan - Happy Birthday - Album Version 103. Alcazar - Crying At The Discoteque - Radio Edit 104. Stock/aitken/waterman - Never Gonna Give You Up 105. Eastmond, Barry - When The Going Gets Tough, The T 106. Dozier, Lamont - Going Back To My Roots - Album Ve 107. Nena - 99 Red Balloons 108. Romero Monge, Antonio - Macarena - Bayside Boys Re 109. Jabara, Paul - I'm Gonna Wash That Man Right Outa 110. Bonsanto, M. - Boys (Summertime Love) 111. Catania, Antonio Nunzio - Scatman's World - Single 112. Salaam Gibbs - Here Comes The Hotstepper - Origina 113. Lynn, Cheryl - Got To Be Real - Single Version 114. Gaudio, Bob - Bye Bye Baby 115. Bangles - Walk Like An Egyptian - Album Version 116. Tyler, Bonnie - Holding Out For A Hero 117. Loggins, Kenny - Footloose 118. Hall, Daryl - I Can't Go For That (No Can Do) - Si 119. Adam & The Ants - Prince Charming - Album Version 120. Europe - The Final Countdown - Single Version 201. Temperton, Rod - Boogie Nights - Single Version 202. Kay, Jason - Little L - Single Edit 203. Hartman, D. - Relight My Fire - Album Version 204. White, Maurice - September - Album Version 205. Labelle - Lady Marmalade 206. Run-dmc - Walk This Way 207. Simone, Nina V Groovefinder - Ain't Got No - I Got 208. Parissi, Robert - Play That Funky Music - Album Ve 209. Livsey, Billy - System Addict 210. White, Maurice - Best Of My Love - Single Version 211. Robinson, Jack - I Love To Love 212. Nolans, The / Nolan, Anne / Nolan, Denise / Nol - 213. Isley, O. - Shout (Parts 1 & 2) 214. Pasadenas, The - Tribute (Right On) 215. Sharron, Marti - Jump (For My Love) 216. Ash, James - Voodoo Child - Radio Edit 217. Voodoo Child - Sample Pump It Up 218. Db Boulevard - Point Of View - Radio Version (Edit 219. Sunset Strippers - Falling Stars - Original Shorte 220. Falling Stars - Sample Waiting For A Star To Fallm 221. Falling Stars - Sample Waiting For A Star To Fall 222. Mint Royale - Singin' In The Rain - Short Radio Ed 223. Singin' In The Rain 224. Catto, Jamie - God Is A Dj - Radio Mix


Get Ready for School Puzzle Cards - 2838789453

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Get Ready for School Puzzle Cards BLACK DOG & LEVENTHAL

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

These sturdy cards are designed with tongue and groove notches at either end so they can connect together to form the entire alphabet or individual words (letters cards), number sequences or equations (number cards), or sentences (sight words cards). Numbers provides numbers 1-20 (with double cards for numbers 1-10) in numeral form on one side, and written out as words on the opposite side. Also included are +, -, =, so kids can create equations or multiples. Get Ready for School connecting cards are the perfect way for kids to develop problem-solving and decision making skills that are essential for the first year of school and throughout their lives.


Get Me a Celebrity! - 2850431245

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Get Me a Celebrity! Panoma Press Limited

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

"Get Me A Celebrity!" is a frank but funny account of working with popular celebrities by someone who has enjoyed a unique access to them over the last twenty years. Through his company, Performing Artistes, Stanley Jackson hires famous people on behalf of clients based in the UK and overseas. Using autobiographical material gleaned from two successful business careers, Stanley does not pull any punches about the highs and lows of working with celebrities; but his account is always relevant, informative, and hugely entertaining. We learn why Nick Leeson, the rogue trader who brought down Barings Bank, is an acceptable speaker for city clients, whereas Major Charles Ingram, who cheated on "Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?" is not. We get the inside track on why Pierluigi Collina was forced to choose between advertising Vauxhall Vectras or continuing as the world's best referee; and the pressures of being mega famous includes an hilarious account of what it was like being on the road with the late George Best. Other situations explored include: Getting the best out of TV presenter Ruby Wax, attempting to moderate comedienne Jo Brand, what goes into a well-crafted speech, the role of agents, the crucial role of TV exposure. All are tackled with an honesty built on mutual respect for the celebrities involved but driven by the imperative to prime an audience for a talented performer. With a fulsome foreword by the indefatigable Gyles Brandreth, "Get Me A Celebrity!" is a must read for anybody who likes reading about how the stars of media, sport, business, politics and entertainment, can earn a handsome living in addition to their day jobs.


Love Out Loud - 2853798681

54,88 zł

Love Out Loud Hodder & Stoughton

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Jesus said, 'You must love the Lord your God with all your soul, mind and strength; and love your neighbour as yourself.' If you had to choose a single verse in the Bible that is a formula for successful living, this would be the one to live by, says Joyce Meyer. Many Christians get mixed up about love. They know they should love God, they know they should love others - but they don't understand what it means to love themselves. Joyce believes that this misconception is one of the greatest pitfalls in the Christian journey. Loving oneself in a balanced, healthy manner is essential in order to have healthy relationships with God and others. Through these inspiring and thoughtful devotions, readers will learn: How to fall in love with God because of who He is rather than what he can give us Why we cannot truly love ourselves until we truly love God Why we must love ourselves in order to love others - because it's impossible to give away something you don't possess Practical ways to put these principles into action and enjoy richer relationships This powerful volume combines the trademark practical teaching, sound psychology and useful insights that Joyce Meyer is known for and will form a firm basis for devotions for years to come.


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