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The Benefits Of Celibacy As A Discipline Today - 2873059244

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The Benefits Of Celibacy As A Discipline Today

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There Has Never Been Any Link Between Celibacy And The Priesthood. Priests Are Ordained To Priesthood Not Celibacy Hood.Celibacy Is A Practical Problem; Not A Theological Problem.That Is Why Pope Benedict XVI Has Created Ordinariate For Anglican Married Priests And The Eastern Churches Have Married Priests In Their Home Territories. This Is Perhaps The Backdoor To The Problem Of Married Catholic Clerics. As Long As We Can Move Into The 21st Century, Recognise The Problems We Have And Get On With The Real Job Of The Church.The Supreme Law In The Church Must Always Be The Salvation Of Souls. Recognising That We Are Now In The 21st Century And Not In Post Medieval Times.Let Us Have Happily Married Clerics Who Really Want To Be In The Church. Such A Move Could Be Beneficial,as Clergy With A Family Could Offer Different Gifts And It Would Enable Men Who Did Not Feel Called To Celibacy To Enter The Priesthood. There Is No Reason Why Clerics Shouldn't Be Allowed To Marry.It Has Always Been A Matter Of Discipline Rather Than Doctrine. The Practice Of Not Allowing Clerics To Marry In The Roman Catholic Church Has Its Origins In Discipline Not Doctrine. The Book Is Good To All Christians.


Power From The Margins - 2871030505

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Power From The Margins

Książki Obcojęzyczne>Angielskie>Society & social sciences>Society & culture: general>Social groups>Ethnic studies>Hispanic & Latino ...

This Timely Book Examines The Struggle Of Hispanic Catholics To Find Their Voice, To Face The Challenges, And To Express The Distinctive Gifts They Bring To The Emerging Church Of The 21st Century.


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