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Glass Nanocomposites - 2836339163

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Glass Nanocomposites ELSEVIER SCIENCE

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Glass Nanocomposites: Synthesis, Properties and Applications provides the latest information on a rapidly growing field of specialized materials, bringing light to new research findings that include a growing number of technologies and applications. With this growth, a new need for deep understanding of the synthesis methods, composite structure, processing and application of glass nanocomposites has emerged. In the book, world renowned experts in the field, Professors Karmakar, Rademann, and Stepanov, fill the knowledge gap, building a bridge between the areas of nanoscience, photonics, and glass technology. The book covers the fundamentals, synthesis, processing, material properties, structure property correlation,  interpretation thereof, characterization, and a wide range of applications of glass nanocomposites in many different devices and branches of technology. Recent developments and future directions of all types of glass nanocomposites, such as metal-glasses (e.g., metal nanowire composites, nanoglass-mesoporous silica composites), semiconductor-glass and ceramic-glass nanocomposites, as well as oxide and non-oxide glasses, are also covered in great depth. Each chapter is logically structured in order to increase coherence, with each including question sets as exercises for a deeper understanding of the text. Provides comprehensive and up-to-date knowledge and literature review for both the oxide and non-oxide glass nanocomposites (i.e., practically all types of glass nanocomposites)Reviews a wide range of synthesis types, properties, characterization, and applications of diverse types of glass nanocompositesPresents future directions of glass nanocomposites for researchers and engineers, as well as question sets for use in university courses


Nanoparticles - Nanocomposites Nanomaterials - 2835029673

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Nanoparticles - Nanocomposites Nanomaterials Wiley

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Meeting the demand for a readily understandable introduction to nanomaterials and nanotechnology, this textbook specifically addresses the needs of students - and engineers - who need to get the gist of nanoscale phenomena in materials without having to delve too deeply into the physical and chemical details. The book begins with an overview of the consequences of small particle size, such as the growing importance of surface effects, and covers successful, field-tested synthesis techniques of nanomaterials. The largest part of the book is devoted to the particular magnetic, optical, electrical and mechanical properties of materials at the nanoscale, leading on to emerging and already commercialized applications, such as nanofluids in magnetic resonance imaging, high-performance nanocomposites and carbon nanotube-based electronics. Based on the author's experience in teaching nanomaterials courses and adapted, in style and level, for students with only limited background knowledge, the textbook includes further reading, as well as information boxes that can be skipped upon first reading.


Metallopolymer Nanocomposites - 2827025135

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Metallopolymer Nanocomposites Springer, Berlin

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Highly dispersed nanoscale particles in polymer matrices are currently attracting great interest in many fields of chemistry, physics, and materials science. This book presents and analyzes the essential data on nanoscale metal clusters dispersed in, or chemically bonded with polymers. Special attention is paid to the in situ synthesis of the nanocomposites, their chemical interactions, and the size and distribution of the particles in the polymer matrix. Numerous novel nanocomposites are described with regard to their mechanical, electrophysical, optical, magnetic, catalytic, and biological properties. Their applications, present and future, are outlined. The book is addressed both to researchers who actively use these materials and to students entering this multidisciplinary field.


Bioactive Glass Ceramics for Orthopedic Applications - 2834695249

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Bioactive Glass Ceramics for Orthopedic Applications LAP Lambert Academic Publishing

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Bioceramics and bioglass ceramics are a wide arena of research in the current era due to their potential applications in orthopedics and surgery. Although there is a great strategic significance of glass-ceramics in the field of bio-materials yet there is a lack of detailed study on the correlation between the structure and the activity of glass composition in biological surroundings that negatively affect the further progress in improving the chemical stability and modifying the biodegradability of these materials for certain applications. So there is a need to prepare and characterize new bio-glass ceramic materials using every possible compositional and parametric changes because bio-activity and structural properties of glass-ceramics are found to be greatly affected by these important variations. In this book, synthesis of bio-glass ceramics of novel compositions with different CaO/MgO ratio have been discussed and following features are explained in detail. 1- Correlation between crystalline phases, microstructure, and mechanical strength of bio-active glass ceramics with different CaO/MgO ratios. 2- Dissolution behaviour of bio-active glass ceramics with different CaO/MgO


Applications of Ionic Liquids in Polymer Science and Technology - 2826897792

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Applications of Ionic Liquids in Polymer Science and Technology Springer, Berlin

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

This book summarizes the latest knowledge in the science and technology of ionic liquids and polymers in different areas. Ionic liquids (IL) are actively being investigated in polymer science and technology for a number of different applications. In the first part of the book the authors present the particular properties of ionic liquids as speciality solvents. The state-of-the art in the use of ionic liquids in polymer synthesis and modification reactions including polymer recycling is outlined. The second part focuses on the use of ionic liquids as speciality additives such as plasticizers or antistatic agents. The third part examines the use of ionic liquids in the design of functional polymers (usually called polymeric ionic liquids (PIL) or poly(ionic liquids)). Many important applications in diverse scientific and industrial areas rely on these polymers, like polymer electrolytes in electrochemical devices, building blocks in materials science, nanocomposites, gas membranes, innovative anion sensitive materials, smart surfaces, and a countless set range of emerging applications in different fields such as energy, optoelectronics, analytical chemistry, biotechnology, nanomedicine or catalysis.


Nano-Glass Ceramics - 2826914429

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Nano-Glass Ceramics Elsevier Science Publishing Co Inc

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Nano-Glass Ceramics: Processing, Properties and Applications, provides comprehensive coverage of synthesis and processing methods, properties and applications of the most important types of nano-glass ceramics, from a unique material science perspective. Emphasis is placed on the experimental and practical aspects of the subject while covering the theoretical and practical aspects and presenting, numerous examples and details of experimental methods. In the discussing the many varied applications of nano-glass ceramics, consideration is given to both, the fields of applications in which the materials are firmly established and the fields where great promise exists for their future exploitation. The methods of investigation adopted by researchers in the various stages of synthesis, nucleation, processing and characterization of glass ceramics are discussed with a focus on the more novel methods and the state of the art in developing nanostructured glass ceramics. * Comprehensive coverage of nanostructured glass ceramics with a materials science approach. The first book of this kind* Applications-oriented approach, covering current and future applications in numerous fields such as Biomedicine and ??Electronics* Explains the correlations between synthesis parameters, properties and applications guiding R&D researchers and engineers to choose the right material and increase cost-effectiveness


Nanotube Superfiber Materials - 2826879703

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Nanotube Superfiber Materials ELSEVIER

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Nanotube Superfiber Materials refers to different forms of macroscale materials with unique properties constructed from carbon nanotubes. These materials include nanotube arrays, ribbons, scrolls, yarn, braid, and sheets. Nanotube materials are in the early stage of development and this is the first dedicated book on the subject. Transitioning from molecules to materials is a breakthrough that will positively impact almost all industries and areas of society. Key properties of superfiber materials are high flexibility and fatigue resistance, high energy absorption, high strength, good electrical conductivity, high maximum current density, reduced skin and proximity effects, high thermal conductivity, lightweight, good field emission, piezoresistive, magnetoresistive, thermoelectric, and other properties. These properties will open up the door to dozens of applications including replacing copper wire for power conduction, EMI shielding, coax cable, carbon biofiber, bullet-proof vests, impact resistant glass, wearable antennas, biomedical microdevices, biosensors, self-sensing composites, supercapacitors, superinductors, hybrid superconductor, reinforced elastomers, nerve scaffolding, energy storage, and many others. The scope of the book covers three main areas: part I: Processing; part II: Properties; and part III: Applications. Processing involves nanotube synthesis and macro scale material formation methods. Properties covers the mechanical, electrical, chemical and other properties of nanotubes and macroscale materials. Different approaches to growing high quality long nanotubes and spinning the nanotubes into yarn are explained in detail. The best ideas are collected from all around the world including commercial approaches. Applications of nanotube superfiber cover a huge field and provides a broad survey of uses. The book gives a broad overview starting from bioelectronics to carbon industrial machines. It is a first book to explore the production and applications of macro-scale materials made from nano-scale particles. It sets out the processes for producing macro-scale materials from carbon nanotubes, and describes the unique properties of these materials. Potential applications for CNT fiber/yarn include replacing copper wire for power conduction, EMI shielding, coax cable, carbon biofiber, bullet-proof vests, impact resistant glass, wearable antennas, biomedical microdevices, biosensors, self-sensing composites, supercapacitors, superinductors, hybrid superconductor, reinforced elastomers, nerve scaffolding, energy storage, and many others.


Biomass-Based Biocomposites - 2825832933

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Biomass-Based Biocomposites Smithers Rapra Technology


Green polymer materials from biomass-based natural resources are of paramount importance in a range of applications, from biomedicine to biocomposites. Indeed, during the last few years there has been increasing demand for green biocomposites obtained from renewable and sustainable biomass-based resources. Plants, grasses, straws, agriculture residues, algae, water plants etc. are among one of the most promising and the most abundant bio-based resources of biopolymers on earth and they are an indispensable component in biocomposites. One of the important features of biomass-based materials is that they can be designated and tailored to meet different requirements depending upon the application. Renewability, low cost, eco-friendliness, ease of processing, non-abrasiveness and relevant mechanical as well as physico-chemical properties are among the most important advantages of using biomass-based materials for the development of green biocomposites.The prime aim of this book is to give an overview on different kinds of biomass-based biocomposites for a range of applications, from biocomposites to biomedicine. This book is unique in the sense that it deals exclusively with biomass-based biocomposites that are procured from the biopolymers found in nature. In addition, it covers novel topics related to the synthesis, properties, characterization and diverse applications of different biomass-based biocomposites including nanocomposites. Some of the main features are: An overview of the applications of biomass-based biocomposites in different fields to provide researchers/students with a thorough insight into the various systems. An up-to-date working reference on biomass-based biocomposites, including state-of-the-art techniques and developments in the field. Although the commercial applications of these biocomposites are in their infancy, these materials have a huge commercial potential. In setting out the next generation of advances in eco-friendly biomass-based biocomposites, this book opens the way for further developments in the field. A review of the wealth of research on new biomass-based polymers, together with their applications.Biomass-based Biocomposites will be a standard reference book for biocomposites engineers and all those studying and researching in this important area, as well as those in the automotive industry. Professionals in academia and industry will appreciate the multidisciplinary nature of this comprehensive and practical reference book.


Fundamental and Applied Nano-Electromagnetics - 2826738454

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Fundamental and Applied Nano-Electromagnetics Springer Netherlands

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

This book presents the most relevant and recent results in the study of "Nanoelectromagnetics", a recently born fascinating research discipline, whose popularity is fast arising with the intensive penetration of nanotechnology in the world of electronics applications.§§Studying nanoelectromagnetics means describing the interaction between electromagnetic radiation and quantum mechanical low-dimensional systems: this requires a full interdisciplinary approach, the reason why this book hosts contributions from the fields of fundamental and applied electromagnetics, of chemistry and technology of nanostructures and nanocomposites, of physics of nano-structures systems, etc.§§The book is aimed at providing the reader with the state of the art in Nanoelectromagnetics, from theoretical modelling to experimental characterization, from design to synthesis, from DC to microwave and terahertz applications, from the study of fundamental material properties to the analysis of complex systems and devices, from commercial thin-film coatings to metamaterials to circuit components and nanodevices.§The book is intended as a reference in advanced courses for graduate students and as a guide for researchers and industrial professionals involved in nanoelectronics and nanophotonics applications.


Nanodroplets, 1 - 2827006412

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Nanodroplets, 1 Springer, Berlin

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Nanodroplets, the basis of complex and advanced nanostructures such as quantum rings, quantum dots and quantum dot clusters for future electronic and optoelectronic materials and devices, have attracted the interdisciplinary interest of chemists, physicists and engineers. This book combines experimental and theoretical analyses of nanosized droplets which reveal many attractive properties. Coverage includes nanodroplet synthesis, structure, unique behaviors and their nanofabrication, including chapters on focused ion beam, atomic force microscopy, molecular beam epitaxy and the "vapor-liquid- solid" route. Particular emphasis is given to the behavior of metallic nanodroplets, water nanodroplets and nanodroplets in polymer and metamaterial nanocomposites. The contributions of leading scientists and their research groups will provide readers with deeper insight into the chemical and physical mechanisms, properties, and potential applications of various nanodroplets.


Macromolecules, 2 - 2827021196

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Macromolecules, 2 Springer, Berlin

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Like so many of its kind, this textbook originated from the requirements of teaching. While lecturing on macromolecular science as a required subject for chemists and materials scientists on the undergraduate, graduate, and postgraduate levels at Swiss Federal Institute of Technology at Zurich (1960-1971), I needed a one-volume textbook which treated the whole field of macromolecular science, from its chemistry and physics to its applications, in a not too elementary manner. This textbook thus intends to bridge the gap between the often oversimplified introductory books and the highly specialized texts and monographs that cover only parts of macromolecular science. This first English edition is based on the third German edition (1975), which is about 40% different from the first German edition (1971), a result of rapid progress in macromolecular science and the less rapid education of the writer. This text intends to survey the whole field of macromolecular science. Its organization results from the following considerations. The chemical structure of macromolecular compounds should be independent of the method of synthesis, at least in the ideal case. Part I is thus concerned with the chemical and physical structure of macro molecules. Properties depend on structure. Solution properties are thus discussed in Part II, solid state properties in Part III. There are other reasons for discussing properties before syntheses: For example, it is difficult to under stand equilibrium polymerization without knowledge of solution thermody of the glass temperature, etc.


Advances In Science And Technology Of Mn + 1axn Phases - 2840063019

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Advances In Science And Technology Of Mn + 1axn Phases

Książki Obcojęzyczne>Angielskie>Technology, engineering, agriculture>Industrial chemistry & manufacturing technologies>Industrial chemistr...

MAX Phases Presents A Comprehensive Review Of Synthesis, Microstructures, Properties, Ab-initio Calculations And Applications Of MAX Phases And Targets The Continuing Research Of Advanced Materials And Ceramics.


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