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Global Marketing Research - 2841498969

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Global Marketing Research

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Global Marketing Research - 2854476228

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Global Marketing Research SAGE Publications India Pvt Ltd

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Provides global/international view of marketing and marketing research; how to conduct research


Social Marketing Research for Global Public Health - 2854557012

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Social Marketing Research for Global Public Health Oxford University Press Inc

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Social Marketing Research for Global Public Health offers proven guidelines for crafting campaigns that work in public health. It equips readers with tools pioneered by corporate marketers to increase the efficacy of public health interventions in any setting.


Essentials of Marketing Research - 2854254558

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Essentials of Marketing Research Sage Publications

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Essentials of Marketing Research takes an applied approach to the fundamentals of marketing research by providing examples from the business world of marketing research and showing students how to apply marketing research results. This text focuses on understanding and interpreting marketing research studies. Focusing on the 'how-to' and 'so what' of marketing research helps students understand the value of marketing research and how they can put marketing research into practice. There is a strong emphasis on how to use marketing research to make better management decisions. The unique feature set integrates data analysis, interpretation, application, and decision-making throughout the entire text. The text opens with a discussion of the role of marketing research, along with a breakdown of the marketing research process. The text then moves into a section discussing types of marketing research, including secondary resources, qualitative research, observation research, and survey research. Newer methods (e.g. using blogs or Twitter feeds as secondary resources and using online focus groups) are discussed as extensions of traditional methods such. The third section discusses sampling procedures, measurement methods, marketing scales, and questionnaires. Finally, a section on analyzing and reporting marketing research focuses on the fundamental data analysis skills that students will use in their marketing careers. Features of this text include: chapter openers describe the results of a research study that apply to the topics being presented in that chapter. These are taken from a variety of industries, with a greater emphasis on social media and the Internet; a Global Concerns section appears in each chapter, helping prepare students to conduct market research on an international scale. This text emphasizes the presentation of research results and uses graphs, tables, and figures extensively; a Statistics Review section emphasizes the practical interpretation and application of statistical principles being reviewed in each chapter; and dealing with Data sections in each chapter provide students with opportunities to practice interpreting data and applying results to marketing decisions. Multiple SPSS data sets and step-by-step instructions are available on the companion site to use with this feature. Each Chapter Summary is tied to the chapter-opening Learning Objectives; a Continuing Case Study follows a group of students through the research process. It shows potential trade-offs, difficulties and flaws that often occur during the implementation of research project. Accompanying case questions can be used for class discussion, in-class group work, or individual assignments; end-of-Chapter Critical Thinking Exercises are applied in nature and emphasize key chapter concepts. These can be used as assignments to test students' understanding of marketing research results and how results can be applied to decision-making; and end-of-chapter Your Research Project provides more challenging opportunities for students to apply chapter knowledge on an in-depth basis, and thus olearn by doing.


Global Marketing 3e - 2212824388

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Global Marketing 3e McGraw-Hill


Global Marketing 3e utilizes a three-pronged framework to organize the discussion of how to conduct global business: Foreign Entry, Local Marketing, and Global Management. Johansson seeks to develop the varied skills a marketing manager needs to be successful in each of these tasks. The discussion progresses from how to market an existing product outside of the domestic market to how to develop a new product for specific local markets and then broadens the scope to discuss marketing and management topics from a global managerial perspective. Legal, regulatory, political, and cultural, issues are discussed as appropriate throughout the text. Excellent examples and cases, many of which are drawn from the authorĹźs rich international experience help students move from concept to application.Early Coverage of Globalization and Anti-globalization: The first chapter in the book has been reorganized to present an accurate picture of what is happening in the global marketplace without overreacting to events, including coverage of the dark side of global business, especially relevant to recent events in the world.|The Effect of Technology and the Internet on Global Commerce: New coverage is introduced early in the text and then integrated throughout the text where appropriate so students experience how technology affects global marketing.|Increased coverage of Marketing Research and Planning: Students learn how to use secondary data to analyze countries and regions. They also learn how to step through the planning process for the decision about globalizing a particular product or service, and the kind of data needed to make a decision about entry and standardization.|Expanded Chapter: Theoretical Foundations (Ch 2): Focuses on the analysis of firm-specific and country-specific competitive advantages, reasons for going abroad with different modes of entry, and how to strike the necessary balance between internal resources and external market opportunity.|Global Products (Ch 11) and Global Services (Ch 12) Now Separate Chapters: Combined in the last edition, these chapters have been separated to allow for a full exploration of both topics. Johansson addresses the important differences and discusses the skills needed to globally manage standardized products and services, with an emphasis on building strong global brands.|New Appendix: Global Marketing Planning: This Appendix provides a planning tool for global marketing, spelling out the steps involved in deciding whether and how to globalize a product or service. The Appendix can also be used for student projects.|Updated Cases: Cases of varying length, sprinkled throughout the text, help the student apply concepts by studying real companies facing real global marketing issues and problems.|Global Updates Online: Updates to cases and text material will be available at JohanssonĹźs Website.|Increased ĹźHands-onĹź Managerial Material: Additional managerial-oriented check-lists, examples, cases, discussion questions, and ĹźGetting the PictureĹź boxed problems have been added to provide students with useful tools for operating in the International environment.|3-Pronged Organization: The foreign entry, local marketing, and global management structure helps organize the broad-ranging topics of global marketing. The "foreign entry" part deals in-depth with exporting, strategic alliances and other modes of market entry. In "local marketing" the perspective of the expatriate marketing manager is adopted, and deals with marketing in a number of different regions and countries. Finally, the "global management" part covers the standardization, coordination and localization issues involved in implementing global marketing, including segmentation and positioning strategies, the four Ps and the organizational implications.|Three Chapters on Local Marketing Abroad: The unique "Local Marketing" chapters (7-10) discuss strategies for entering both mature and new growth local markets.


Marketing Research - 2854280193

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Marketing Research PEARSON

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Working as a marketing researcher is an intellectually stimulating, engaging and creative occupation. Malhotra and Birks have long been regarded as offering the most applied, comprehensive and authoritative commentary on European Marketing Research, helping students to build a clear understanding of how to: * diagnose and direct research questions that will support marketing decision making, * appreciate what excellent research design means, * utilise data collection techniques; qualitative and quantitative methods and forms of analysis, * manage the ethical dilemmas and social and cultural issues faced by researchers in today's global, online world, * integrate new developments in social media research with traditional marketing research methods.


Marketing: Real People, Real Choices, Global Edition - 2854362177

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Marketing: Real People, Real Choices, Global Edition Pearson Education Limited

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Real People, Real Choices Marketing: Real People, Real Choicesis the only text to introduce marketing from the perspective of real people who make real marketing decisions at leading companies everyday. Timely, relevant, and dynamic, this reader-friendly text shows students how marketing concepts are implemented, and what they really mean in the marketplace. The Eighth Edition features a completely reorganized Table of Contents and chapter pedagogy divided in a four-part structure that emphasizes the value proposition and the process of creating and delivering value.§§This edition presents more information than ever on marketing research and analytics and students are guided through chapter content with new integrated study maps and assessments that help them actively learn and retain content. MyMarketingLab not included. Students, if MyMarketingLab is a recommended/mandatory component of the course, please ask your instructor for the correct ISBN and course ID.§§MyMarketingLab should only be purchased when required by an instructor. Instructors, contact your Pearson representative for more information. MyMarketingLab is an online homework, tutorial, and assessment product designed to personalize learning and improve results.§§With a wide range of interactive, engaging, and assignable activities, students are encouraged to actively learn and retain tough course concepts.


Consumer Behavior Building Marketing Strategy With Ddb Need - 2212830271

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Consumer Behavior Building Marketing Strategy With Ddb Need McGraw-Hill


Consumer Behavior, 9/e, by Hawkins, Best, & Coney offers balanced coverage of consumer behavior including the psychological, social, and managerial implications. The new edition features current and exciting examples that are tied into global and technology consumer behavior issues and trends, a solid foundation in marketing strategy, integrated coverage of ethical/social issues and outlines the consumer decision process. This text is known for its ability to link topics back to marketing decision-making and strategic planning which gives students the foundation to understanding consumer behavior which will make them better consumers and better marketers.New Cases: New cases in this edition highlighting the most current trends and development in consumer behavior include Crest Rejuvenating Effects, Skoda's UK Turnaround Attempt, McDonald's Social Responsibility Report, The Mosquito Magnet, Levi's Blues, Hardiplank's Pull Strategy, National Campaign to Prevent Teen Pregnancy, Supermarket Shopping in Europe, General Motors Electric Vehicle-EV, Vespa Boutique, Encouraging the Early Detection of Diseases, and Safer Cigarettes?The cases generate classroom discussion, help students apply what theyĹźve learned from the chapter materials and show consumer behavior in practice.|More Global Examples: This edition has more global examples throughout the text and several of the cases are devoted to global issues to give students a balanced look at consumer behavior here and abroad and to analyze similarities and differences between US and global markets.|Increased Internet Integration: Examples of the Internet and its impact on consumer behavior have been increased throughout the text. The impact the Internet has on buyer behavior is especially significant and is explored this in detail through current, relevant examples to illustrate its power and importance in the consumer behavior realm.|DDB Needham Lifestyle Data Analyses: Each relevant chapter poses a series of questions that require students to analyze data from the annual DDB Needham Lifestyle survey. These data are available in spreadsheet format on the disk that accompanies this text. These exercises increase studentsĹź data analysis skills as well as their understanding of consumer behavior.|Opening Vignettes- Each chapter begins with a practical example that introduces the material in the chapter. These involve situations in which businesses, government units, or nonprofit organizations have used or misused consumer behavior principles.|Consumer Insights- These boxed discussions provide an in-depth look at a particularly interesting consumer study or marketing practice. Each has several questions with it that are designed to encourage critical thinking by the students.|Consumer Insights: These boxes are in each chapter and illustrate an interesting consumer behavior example that brings CB to life and asks the student to think critically about the issue and solve the problem.|Integrated Coverage Ethical/Social Issues: Marketers face numerous ethical issues as they apply their understanding of consumer behavior in the marketplace. The authors describe and discuss many of these issues. In addition, Chapter 20 is devoted to the consumerism movement and the regulation of marketing practice. Several of the cases are also focused on ethical or regulatory issues, including all of the cases following Part Six.|International Examples: As with past editions, the authors always include a solid balance of international examples throughout, specifically in Chapter 2, and in several of the cases. These examples give the students an opportunity to see how cultures impact consumer behavior.|Internet Exercises: The Internet is a major source of data on consumer behavior and an excellent way for marketers to use their knowledge of consumer behavior to influence consumers. A section at the end of each chapter has Internet assignments. These serve two purposes: to teach students how to use the Internet as a research tool to learn about consumers and consumer behavior and to enhance studentsĹź understanding of how marketers are approaching consumers using this medium.|Opening Vignettes: Each chapter begins with interesting and practical examples that introduce the chapter material. These involve situations in which businesses, government units, or nonprofit organizations have used or misused consumer behavior principles and show the student the impact and outcome of business decisions.|Application Activities: The final learning aid at the end of each chapter is a set of application exercises-they range in complexity from short evening assignments to term projects. The student utilizes chapter material in conjunction with external activities such as visiting stores to observe point- of purchase displays, interviewing customers or managers, or evaluating television ads.|Four-Color Illustrations: Print ads, Web pages, storyboards, and photos of point-of-purchase displays and packages appear throughout the text. Each is directly linked to the text material both by text references to each illustration and by the descriptive comments that accompany each illustration.|Review Questions: Students can test their comprehension of chapter key terms and concepts.|Discussion Questions: These questionscan serve as in-class activities or outside studying and have students apply their knowledge to consumer behavior situations.|Application Activities: This final learning aid at the end of each chapter is a set of application exercises, which asks the student to use what theyĹźve learned in an out-of-class setting. Students must visit stores to observe point-of-purchase displays, interview customers or managers, or evaluate television ads. They range in complexity from short evening assignments to term projects and help the student see consumer beahvior in action.|PageOut is McGraw-HillĹźs unique point-and click course Website tool, enabling you to create a full-featured, professional quality course Website without knowing HTML coding. With PageOut you can post your syllabus online, assign McGraw-Hill Online Learning Center or eBook content, add links to important off-site resources, and maintain student results in the online grade book. You can send class announcements, copy your course site to share with colleagues, and upload original files. PageOut is free for every McGraw-Hill/Irwin user and, if youĹźre short on time, we even have a team ready to help you create your site!|You can customize this text. McGraw-Hill/Primis Online's digital database offers you the flexibility to customize your course including material from the largest online collection of textbooks, readings, and cases. Primis leads the way in customized eBooks with hundreds of titles available at prices that save your students over 20% off bookstore prices. Additional information is available at 800-228-0634.


Sustainability Marketing - 2826890600

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Sustainability Marketing Wiley

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

The new and extended Second Edition of the award-winning textbook Sustainability Marketing: A Global Perspective provides a sustainability-oriented vision of marketing for the twenty-first century. Adopting a a consumer marketing focus, it emphasises integrating sustainability principles into both marketing theory and the practical decision making of marketing managers. The book shows how the complexities of sustainability issues can be addressed by marketers through a systematic step-by-step approach. The steps involve an analysis of socio-environmental priorities to complement conventional consumer research; an integration of social, ethical and environmental values into marketing strategy development; a new consumer-oriented sustainability marketing mix to replace the outmoded and producer-oriented '4Ps'; and finally an analysis of how marketing can go beyond responding to social change to contribute to a transformation to a more sustainable society. Without taking such steps, marketing will continue to drive global crises linked to climate change, poverty, food shortages, oil depletion and species extinction, instead of helping to tackle them.


Experiential Marketing - 2854441996

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Experiential Marketing John Wiley & Sons Inc

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

The most researched, documented, and comprehensive manifesto on experiential marketing.§§As customers take control over what, when, why, and how they buy products and services, brands face the complete breakdown and utter failure of passive marketing strategies designed more than a half-century ago. To connect with a new generation of customers, companies must embrace and deploy a new marketing mix, powered by a more effective discipline: experiences.§§Experiential marketing, the use of live, face-to-face engagements to connect with audiences, create relationships and drive brand affinity, has become the fastest-growing form of marketing in the world as the very companies that built their brands on the old Madison Avenue approach--including Coca-Cola, Nike, Microsoft, American Express and others--open the next chapter of marketing. . . as experiential brands.§§Using hundreds of case studies, exclusive research, and interviews with more than 150 global brands spanning a decade, global experiential marketing experts Kerry Smith and Dan Hanover present the most in-depth book ever written on how companies are using experiences as the anchor of reinvented marketing mixes.§§You'll learn:§The history and fundamental principles of experiential marketing§How top brands have reset marketing mixes as experience-driven portfolios§The anatomy of a brand experience§The psychology of engagement and experience design§The 10 habits of highly experiential brands§How to measure the impact of experiential marketing§How to combine digital and social media in an experiential strategy§The experiential marketing vocabulary§How to begin converting to experiential marketing§§Marketers still torn between outdated marketing models and the need to reinvent how they market in today's customer-controlled economy will find the clarity they need to refine their marketing strategies, get a roadmap for putting their brands on a winning path, and walk away inspired to transition into experiential brands.


Strategic Use of Marketing Technology for Customer's Advisory - 2854340406

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Strategic Use of Marketing Technology for Customer's Advisory LAP Lambert Academic Publishing

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

In the beginning of global higher-competition decades, organizations were forced to analyze and revise their processes for optimization. They needed to reinvent better ways to execute their core businesses. This challenge was linked to ever- changing needs based on dynamism in buyer behavior in parallel to increasing variety of offers in market place. From this perspective, focus of innovativeness to remain competitive enforced firms to develop new perspectives in consumer behavior analysis, whereby customer's advisory is the core to pull this stakeholder group to the process of creativity. Research aimed to determine the factors those were used in achievement of strategic imperatives composed of superiority quest in financial success and value proposed to customers and therefore effective in understanding customer's advisory. According to the findings of this research, Turkish organizations were found as open and capable of using customer's advisory through knowledge interpretation capability, better utilization of information and insights derived from customer, human resource advantages and innovativeness in corporate thinking.


Social Marketing - 2854564318

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Social Marketing Nova Science Publishers Inc

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

This book aims to capture the current state of social marketing theory, research, and practice across different subject matters and global settings. The main objectives are to synthesise recent developments in theory and research methods, especially those brought about by information technology. It is also one of the goals of the authors to illustrate those developments through a series of case studies.


Digital Marketing Analytics - 2826711313

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Digital Marketing Analytics PEARSON

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Distill 100%-Usable Max-Profit Knowledge from Your Digital Data. Do It Now! Why hasn't all that data delivered a whopping competitive advantage? Because you've barely begun to use it, that's why! Good news: neither have your competitors. It's hard! But digital marketing analytics is 100% doable, it offers colossal opportunities, and all of the data is accessible to you. Chuck Hemann and Ken Burbary will help you chop the problem down to size, solve every piece of the puzzle, and integrate a virtually frictionless system for moving from data to decision, action to results! Scope it out, pick your tools, learn to listen, get the metrics right, and then distill your digital data for maximum value for everything from R&D to CRM to social media marketing! * Prioritize-because you can't measure, listen to, and analyze everything * Use analysis to craft experiences that profoundly reflect each customer's needs, expectations, and behaviors * Measure real social media ROI: sales, leads, and customer satisfaction * Track the performance of all paid, earned, and owned social media channels * Leverage "listening data" way beyond PR and marketing: for strategic planning, product development, and HR * Start optimizing web and social content in real time * Implement advanced tools, processes, and algorithms for accurately measuring influence * Integrate paid and social data to drive more value from both * Make the most of surveys, focus groups, and offline research synergies * Focus new marketing and social media investments where they'll deliver the most value Foreword by Scott Monty Global Head of Social Media, Ford Motor Company


Tourism Management, Marketing, and Development - 2826727932

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Tourism Management, Marketing, and Development PALGRAVE MACMILLAN

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Companies in the tourism sector are confronted with increasing managerial challenges and have to deal with a turbulent and fast changing environment. A perfect storm of increased importance of tourism as a socio-economic phenomenon, together with the understanding that even a destination with the best assets (natural and cultural) cannot survive the increasing international competition without good managerial practices, has provided significant momentum for the development of the disciplinary field of tourism management in the last two decades. This volume recognizes the relevance of tourism and tourism activities as major economic drivers, with a specific focus on the role of destination management and marketing, performance and strategies, and sustainability. It is the collective intellectual effort of a number of international scholars to cultivate original research on tourism management from a variety of theoretical perspectives. Together, they outline ways to achieve a sustainable competitive advantage using a Triple Bottom Line (TBL) approach in one of the fastest growing sectors of the contemporary global economy: travel and tourism.


Fashion Marketing - 2826624047

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Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

'Clothing that is not purchased or worn is not fashion' (to paraphrase Armani) Knowledge of marketing is essential to help ensure success and reduce the risk of failure in fashion. For the designer starting up in business, this book offers a guide to the major decisions that will enable you to fulfil your creative potential and be a financial success: What are the major trends we should be monitoring?; How should we set our prices?; What is the most effective way to get our message across about the new product range?; Which colour-wash will be the most popular with buyers? Marketing is now a firmly established element of most fashion and clothing courses. Fashion Marketing is written to meet students' requirements and has many features making it essential reading for anyone involved in the fashion and clothing business: * deals with contemporary issues in fashion marketing * up-to-date examples of global good practice * exclusively about fashion marketing * a unique contribution on range planning with a practical blend of sound design sense and commercial realism * a balance of theory and practice, with examples to illustrate key concepts * clear worked numerical examples to ensure that the ideas are easily understood and retained * over 50 diagrams * a glossary of the main fashion marketing terms and a guide to further reading * a systematic approach to fashion marketing, not hyperbole or speculation. The new edition has been updated throughout with new material on different promotional media, visual marketing and international marketing research; and new coverage of internal marketing, supply chain management, international marketing communications as well as the role of the internet.


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