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Is Love Blind or Are We? - 2845290062

69,37 zł

Is Love Blind or Are We? Fulton Books

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

This is my life story and I want to thank you for allowing God to guide you to my book and picking it up. You see, I'm a Pastor and I don't believe in coincidences. Neither does God. What could you possibly get out of a story of a fifty-year-old Puerto Rican man who grew up in Brooklyn, New York? My story is more than what it was like growing up in Brooklyn in the early 1970's. My story's theme is about God and his love for mankind. You've probably read the bible from Genesis to Revelation and that's good. I use famous people from the bible as well, as from society and history, to point out the different types of love that exist. I have come face to face with death many a times as well as Satan, but never without God. Why? It is because of his "LOVE " mercy, and grace. I wish I could say disobedience was my only sin, but there were many much more but love covers a multitude of sins. But again, why me? I mean, who am I ? I am a man with a divine calling who just would not give in to that calling. What does that have to do with love? All God ever wanted from me was to deliver his simple message, to tell the people how much he loves us all. Now you have taken the first step and have my life story in your hands. This war is real. It's a matter of life or death. I know God will speak to you because he has spoken to me while writing this book. I would not have gone through with this project had I not had God's conformation it may save your life. Once again, thank you. I know you will enjoy it. There is a personal message for you. May you find it and may you find God. May God Bless You


Sorrows of Young Werther - 2212824622

24,20 zł

Sorrows of Young Werther Penguin

Powieści i opowiadania

You only find true love once. When Werther dances with the beautiful Lotte, it seems as though he is in paradise. It is a joy, however, that can only ever be short-lived. Engaged to another man, she tolerates Werther's adoration and encourages his friendship. She can never return his love. Broken-hearted, he leaves her home in the country, trying to escape his own desire. But when he receives a letter telling him that she is finally married, his passion soon turns to destructive obsession. And as his life falls apart, Werther is haunted by one certainty: He has lost his reason for living. This book is a Penguin Red Classic.  To see other Penguin Reds, visit the minisite by clicking here. 4th May 1771 How happy I am to be away! My dear friend, what a thing is the heart of Man! To leave you, whom I love so, from whom I was inseparable, and to be happy! I know that you will forgive me. Were not my other attachments hand-picked by Fate to beset a heart such as mine with fears? Poor Leonore! And yet I was innocent. Was it my fault that, while I was taking pleasure and amusement in the wilful charms of her sister, a passion was growing in that poor heart? And yet


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