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What's Going On - 2839320609

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What's Going On Motown


1. What's Going On 2. What's Happening Brother 3. Flyin' High (In The Friendly Sky) 4. Save The Children 5. God Is Love 6. Mercy Mercy Me (The Ecology) 7. Right On 8. Wholy Holy 9. Inner City Blues (Make Me Wanna Holler) 10. What's Going On 11. Head Title Aka Distant Lover 12. Symphony 13. I Love The Ground You Walk On 14. What's Going On 15. God Is Love 16. Mercy Mercy Me (The Ecology) 17. Sad Tomorrows 18. Inner City Blues (Make Me Wanna Holler) 19. Wholy Holy 101. Checking Out (Double Clutch) 102. Chained 103. Country Stud 104. Help The People 105. Running From Love 106. Daybreak 107. Doing My Thing 108. T Stands For Time 109. Jesus Is Our Love Song 110. Funky Nation 111. Infinity 112. Mandota 113. Struttin' The Blues 114. Running From Love 115. I'm Going Home 116. You're The Man - Pts. 1 & 2 117. You're The Man 118. You're The Man 201. What's Going On 202. What's Happening Brother 203. Flyin' High (In The Friendly Sky) 204. Save The Children 205. God Is Love 206. Mercy Mercy Me (The Ecology)


Better Children for a Better Tomorrow - 2843503095

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Better Children for a Better Tomorrow Page Publishing, Inc.

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

A letter to new parents. God's hope for the world is a new baby. A baby is a personal blessing from God. What you give to your child is a gift that you give to the future. A baby's brain is brand new. In these very early years, until age four, he is absorbing information about behavior that will last for a lifetime. He absorbs this information from everyone and anything that passes before him. The behavior that a child exhibits at the age of four is the behavior he will have at age fourteen and forty four. It is during these early years that he is learning about respect and responsibility for himself, others and the environment. We do not know our child's destiny, but we do know he is a worker. He demonstrates that in the womb. When the baby makes his first kick in the womb, he is developing a work ethic. At that first kick in the mother's womb the baby is telling her. "I am getting ready to be born." When the baby is ready, he or she is the one, not the mother who decides when it is time for the delivery. The baby has been working for a number of months on the delivery. I liken his cry at birth as saying, "Look what I did. I can do more, watch me." "I can turn over all by myself. I can sit up all by myself. I can crawl all by myself. I can walk all by myself." A letter to Mommy and Daddy "I am happy when I am working and helping with chores. Mommy and Daddy it is now your turn to challenge me to do work and to accomplish new things, like hanging up my coat and putting my toys away, so that you and I can both be happy and proud of my accomplishments. Make me learn to listen and follow directions so that I can do good things for all of my tomorrows." Your, New Baby


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