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Blood Doctor - 2212839586

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Blood Doctor Penguin

Powieści i opowiadania

Blood. That


Shawn Mendes - ILLUMINATE (PL) - 2839083696

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Shawn Mendes - ILLUMINATE (PL)

Książki & Multimedia > Muzyka

Opis - Autor hitu


100 Hits - Indie Anthems - 2839610468

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100 Hits - Indie Anthems 100 Hits


1. Primal Scream - Country Girl 2. The Coral - Dreaming Of You 3. The Charlatans - One To Another 4. The Zutons - Why Won't You Give Me Your Love? 5. Super Furry Animals - Golden Retriever 6. British Sea Power - It Ended On An Oily Stage 7. Franz Ferdinand - Do You Want To 8. Glasvegas - Geraldine 9. Lemon Jelly - Nice Weather For Ducks 10. Kent - 747 (We Ran Out Of Time) 11. Villagers - Becoming A Jackal 12. Elliot Smith - Angeles 13. Beth Orton - Stolen Car 14. Cat Power - The Greatest 15. Camera Obscura - French Navy 16. Delays - Long Time Coming 17. Easyworld - Junkies 18. Mumm-ra - What Would Steve Do? 19. Lightspeed Champion - 20. Reef - Place Your Hands 101. The Primitives - Crash 102. Electric Six - Danger! High Voltage 103. Stellastarr - My Coco 104. The Wannadies - Hit 105. Sultans Of Ping F.c. - You Talk Too Much 106. Pavement - Carrot Rope 107. Boys Like Girls - The Great Escape 108. Stiff Dylans - Ultraviolet 109. The Hoosiers - Goodbye Mr A 110. Honeycrack - King Of Misery 111. The Family Cat - Goldenbook 112. Mumm-ra - She's Got You High 113. New Model Army - Living In The Rose 114. Switchfoot - Meant To Live 115. Crash Test Dummies - Afternoons & Coffeespoons 116. Easyworld - Til The Day 117. Lush - Single Girl 118. Bow Wow Wow - Chihuahua 119. Altered Images - Don't Talk To Me About Love 201. Hot Chip - Night & Day 202. Clinic - The Second Line 203. Primal Scream - Some Velvet Morning 204. Four Tet - Angel Echoes 205. Lionrock - Packet Of Peace 206. Leftfield - Release The Pressure 207. Apollo 440 - Krupa 208. Lionrock - Rude Boy Rock 209. Skinny - Failure 210. Dub Pistols - Cyclone 211. The Wannadies - Yeah 212. Leftfield/bambaataa - Afrika Shox 213. Pop Will Eat Itself - Can U Dig It? 214. Beth Orton - Central Reservation 215. Cranes - Jewel 216. The Family Cat - Wonderful Excuse 217. The Darling Buds - You've Got To Choose 218. Altered Images - See Those Eyes 219. Bow Wow Wow - See Jungle! (Jungle Boy) 220. John Cooper Clarke - Gimmix! Play Loud 301. Death In Vegas - Aisha 302. Suede - Trash 303. Cranes - Shining Road 304. Republica - Drop Dead Gorgeous 305. Pop Will Eat Itself - Get The Girl, Kill The Bad 306. The Darling Buds - Hit The Ground 307. Reef - Set The Record Straight 308. Super Furry Animals - Juxtapozed With U 309. Kula Shaker - Govinda 310. The Silencers - I Can Feel It 311. The Mighty Wah - The Story Of The Blues Pt 1 312. Sleeper - She's A Good Girl 313. Ariel - Let It Slide 314. Northern Uproar - From A Window 315. Mundy - To You I Bestow 316. Hundred Reasons - If I Could 317. Senseless Things - Easy To Smile 318. Apollo 440 - Raw Power 319. Echobelly - Great Things 320. Glasvegas - Daddy's Gone 401. The Coral - In The Morning 402. The Zutons - Don't Ever Think (Too Much) 403. Suede - Beautiful Ones 404. The Only Ones - Another Girl Another Planet 405. Northern Uproar - Livin' It Up 406. Teenage Fanclub - I Need Direction 407. Ned's Atomic Dustbin - Not Sleeping Around 408. Kosheen - All In My Head 409. Echobelly - Dark Therapy 410. Kula Shaker - Tattva 411. Sleeper - Sale Of The Century 412. Republica - Ready To Go 413. Honeycrack - Sitting At Home 414. Hundred Reasons - Silver 415. Senseless Things - Hold It Down 416. The Silencers - Painted Moon 417. Spear Of Destiny - Liberator 418. Ned's Atomic Dustbin - Happy 419. The Primitives - Out Of Reach 420. New Model Army - Here Comes The War


Badge of Madness - 2826688421

56,64 zł

Badge of Madness M. Evans& Co Inc

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

This is the shocking true story of a New York City cop caught in a web of paranoia, guns, a distorted sense of good and evil, and impending actual case study with chilling psychological implications. His name was Pete Bon Viso, a poor city kid who made good by joining the Force. He knew and liked the street people. Having grown up in an impoverished neighborhood, he saw himself as a member of the 'underclass' and identified with their problems. There were few cops in the Ninth Precinct as instinctively in touch with the criminal mind as Pete Bon Viso. According to his former partners, "He was no spit and polish cop...[but] a gung-ho cop and an intense booster of the brotherhood." Then there were reports of a strange gun battle, and rumors of an attempt to murder a state official. Pete Bon Viso was in the middle of it all and nobody knew why or how. Pete claimed he was being stalked by a drug addict he had arrested and helped to convict, that man was trying to kill him and that his only hope was to "get him first." There was a department hearing and Pete was suspended. Records showed that the addict in question was serving time, safely behind bars. But Pete persisted in his claim. His partner guessed the truth but tried to protect him. At twenty-five, married, and the father of a five-month-old son, Patrolman Pete Bon Viso was suffering from paranoid hallucinations. James Willwerth explores in depth what happened to Pete-his background and family, his view of himself in relation to the police department, and the reasons why he came apart.


Brian May - 2826638392

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Brian May Books on Demand

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Source: Wikipedia. Pages: 36. Chapters: Brian May albums, Brian May songs, Songs written by Brian May, Under Pressure, We Will Rock You, Brian May discography, Red Special, Who Wants to Live Forever, The Show Must Go On, I Want It All, One Vision, Keep Yourself Alive, Fat Bottomed Girls, Back to the Light, Flash, Headlong, Tie Your Mother Down, No-One but You, Star Fleet Project, Thank God It's Christmas, Stone Cold Crazy, Hammer to Fall, Another World, Teo Torriatte, Good Boys, Now I'm Here, Too Much Love Will Kill You, Save Me, Live at the Brixton Academy, Scandal, Las Palabras de Amor, A Village Lost and Found, Furia, It's Late, Let Me Live, Driven by You, Long Away, 52665 Brianmay, Last Horizon. Excerpt: Brian Harold May, CBE (born 19 July 1947) is an English musician and astrophysicist most widely known as the guitarist and a songwriter of the rock band Queen. As a guitarist he uses his home-built guitar, "Red Special", and has composed hits such as "Now I'm Here", "Tie Your Mother Down", "We Will Rock You", "Who Wants to Live Forever", "Hammer to Fall", "Save Me", "Fat Bottomed Girls", "I Want It All" and "Too Much Love Will Kill You". He was made Commander of the Order of the British Empire in 2005 for "services to the music industry". May earned a PhD in astrophysics from Imperial College in 2007 and is currently the Chancellor of Liverpool John Moores University. May lives in Surrey. In 2005, a Planet Rock poll saw May voted the 7th greatest guitarist of all time. He was ranked 39th in Rolling Stone magazine's list of the "100 Greatest Guitarists of All Time". Brian May, the only child of Harold and Ruth May, was born in Hampton, London and attended Hampton Grammar School (now Hampton School). During this time he formed his first band with vocalist and bassist Tim Staffell, named Nineteen Eighty-Four after George Orwell's novel of the same name. He left Hampton Grammar School with ten GCE Ordinary Levels and three Advanced Levels in Physics, Mathematics and Applied Mathematics. May's father Harold worked as a draughtsman at the Ministry of Aviation and had been a long-time cigarette-smoker. As a result, May dislikes smoking, even to the point where he has prohibited smoking indoors at his more recent concerts. From 1974 to 1988, May was married to Chrissie Mullen, who is the mother of his three children: Jimmy, who was born on 15 June 1978; Louisa, who was born on 22 May 1981 and Emily Ruth, who was born on 17 February 1987. Chrissie and Brian separated in 1988. He has stated in interviews that he suffered from depression in the late 1980s, even to the point of contemplating suicide, for reasons having to do with his troubled first marriage and his perceived fa


Firebirds Festival - 2839398947

84,99 zł

Firebirds Festival PART REC.

Muzyka>Rock>Rock & Roll

1. V/a - Let's Have A Crazy Ball (Cherry Casino & The 2. V/a - My Baby Goes Rockin' (Ike & The Capers) 3. V/a - Rock The Bop (Carolina & Her Rhythm Rockets) 4. V/a - Angela (Ballroom Kings) 5. V/a - Rockin Beat (Marc & The Wild Ones) 6. V/a - Ich Hoer Nicht Auf (Firebirds) 7. V/a - Whirlwind Mary (Round Up Boys) 8. V/a - Nite & Day (Nico Duportal & His Rhythm Dudes 9. V/a - Gotta Go Away (Sunny Bottom Boys) 10. V/a - Do The Slide (Montesas) 11. V/a - Whistle Of The Gravy Train (Barnstompers) 12. V/a - Ho Lord (Blackberry'n Mr Boo Hoo) 13. V/a - Bimbula Girl (Bricats) 14. V/a - Leave This Town (Carolina & Her Rhythm Rocke 15. V/a - Let's Rock (Sunny Bottom Boys) 16. V/a - You Look That Good To Me (Backbeats) 17. V/a - Ten Good Reasons (Bricats) 18. V/a - My Girl Walpurga (Montesas) 19. V/a - Real Rockin' Papa (Nico Duportal & His Rhyth 20. V/a - Kiss Me (Cherry Casino & The Gamblers) 21. V/a - Loving Advice (Ballroom Kings) 22. V/a - I'm Not Ready For That (Marc & The Wild Ones 23. V/a - You Kill My Business (Blackberry'n Mr Boo Ho 24. V/a - Watcha Thinkin' Of That (Ike & The Capers) 25. V/a - Alligator Man (Barnstompers) 26. V/a - Looking For You (Round Up Boys)


Cold Killing - 2827091427

40,32 zł

Cold Killing Quercus Publishing PLC

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Crime reporter Rosie Gilmour returns from hiding in Bosnia to a story of a brutal execution. University lecturer Tom Mahoney was shot at point blank range, the killing has all the signs of a hit. But who would want to kill a retired lecturer? Rosie throws herself into the investigation, looking for a witness that has gone missing. A witness that might hold the key to the story. But she has her own reasons to stay hidden. As Rosie digs deeper, she finds the story has connections to the Ministry of Defence and MI6 and Mahoney's past is darker than anyone could imagine. Rosie's running out of time to find out the truth, before Mahoney's killers silence her for good.


Platinum Collection - 2839221644

27,99 zł

Platinum Collection Warner Music


1. Forever & Ever, Amen (Remastered Album Version) 2. On The Other Hand (Remastered Album Version) 3. I Told You So (Remastered Version) 4. It's Just A Matter Of Time (Remastered Album Versi 5. Better Class Of Losers (Remastered Album Version) 6. King Of The Road (Album Version 7. The Storms Of Life 8. 1982 (Remastered Album Version) 9. Reasons I Cheat (Remastered Album Version) 10. Good Intentions 11. Honky Tonk Moon (Remastered Album Version) 12. Deeper Than The Holler (Remastered Album Version) 13. Is It Still Over? (Remastered Album Version) 14. Hard Rock Bottom Of Your Heart (Remix) (Album Vers 15. Forever Together (Remastered Album Version) 16. Look Heart, No Hands (Remastered Album Version) 17. Whisper My Name (Remastered Album Version) 18. Diggin' Up Bones (Remastered Album Version) 19. Heroes & Friends (Remix) 20. Before You Kill Us All (Remastered Album Version)


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