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The Good Retirement Guide - 2840247533

97,49 zł

The Good Retirement Guide

Książki Obcojęzyczne>Angielskie>Health & personal development>Self-help & personal development>Retirement

Essential Reading For All Those Looking Forward To Making The Most Of Their Retirement, The Good Retirement Guide Includes Information On Pensions, Tax, Investments, Housing, Health, Holidays, Leisure Activities And Wills.


The Good Non Retirement Guide - 2840061034

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The Good Non Retirement Guide

Książki Obcojęzyczne>Angielskie>Health & personal development>Self-help & personal development>Retirement

Provides Advice On How To Plan For A Secure Future With Suggestions For Fulfilling Activities For People Who Retire. This Book Includes Information On Money; Work; Health; Home; And Wills.


Bogleheads´ Guide to Investing - 2826711624

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Bogleheads´ Guide to Investing Wiley

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

The irreverent guide to investing against common sense, Boglehead style The Boglehead's Guide to Investing is a DIY handbook that espouses the sage investment wisdom of John C. Bogle. This witty and wonderful book offers contrarian advice that provides the first step on the road to investment success, illustrating how relying on typical "common sense" is destined to leave you poorer. This updated edition includes new information on backdoor Roth IRAs and ETFs as mainstream buy and hold investments, estate taxes and gifting, plus changes to the laws regarding Traditional and Roth IRAs, and 401k and 403b retirement plans. With warnings and principles both precisely accurate and grandly counterintuitive, the Boglehead authors show how beating the market is a zero-sum game. Investing can be simple, but it's certainly not simplistic. Over the course of twenty years, the followers of John C. Bogle have evolved from a loose association of investors to a major force with the largest and most active non-commercial financial forum on the Internet. The Boglehead's Guide to Investing brings that communication to you with comprehensive guidance to the investment prowess on display at You'll learn how to craft your own investment strategy using the Bogle-proven methods that have worked for thousands of investors, and how to: Choose a sound financial lifestyle and diversify your portfolio Start early, invest regularly, and know what you're buying Preserve your buying power, keeping costs and taxes low Throw out the "good" advice that leads to investment failure Financial markets are essentially closed systems in which one's gain garners another's loss. Investors looking for a roadmap to successfully navigating these choppy waters long-term will find expert guidance, sound advice, and a little irreverent humor in The Boglehead's Guide to Investing .


Broken Markets: A User's Guide to the Post-Finance Economy - 2838459925

90,88 zł

Broken Markets: A User's Guide to the Post-Finance Economy COMPUTER BOOKSHOPS

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

" I would sleep better if I knew that Bernanke, Geithner, Bachus, Sen. Tim Johnson, Obama and Romney all kept dog-eared copies of Kevin Mellyn's Broken Markets on their nightstands. . . . Mellyn's work is a fascinating, important, and eminently good read and should inform the debate on overhauling the U.S. and global financial regulatory systems and sustainable macro fiscal and monetary policy. "§§--Eric Grover, in his review of Broken Markets in The American Banker§§Broken Markets allows the intelligent non-specialist to understand and navigate the ongoing worldwide aftermath of the 2008 financial market meltdown. The key theme of the book is how the leading financial institutions and the political leadership of the U.S. and European Union have failed us and set the stage for continued market turmoil. It explains what this means for investors, borrowers, society in general, and the financial-services industry. Former banker Kevin Mellyn focuses on providing readers with clear and simple explanations of the forces at work and the potential consequences for their future prosperity.§§As this book makes clear, what's coming is a world in which high structural unemployment and flat or declining real income is likely not to mention a diminished retirement financial safety net. The book therefore provides actionable information for protecting wealth and making prudent investment decisions in an economy that is nothing like the one that has sustained us for decades.§§As a forward-looking narrative about rapidly changing events and volatile markets and politics, Broken Markets will provide no single prediction about the future but rather describe alternative scenarios and provide the reader with signposts to watch out for in deciding which reality is actually unfolding. Unlike most books written by journalists on global finance, the scenarios and signposts described will be largely based on the lessons of financial and political history rather than breaking news. This book:§§Tells you in plain language how today's financial system threatens your livelihood and wealth §Tells you why and how governments worldwide, with some notable exceptions, are taking actions likely to make things worse instead of better §Explains how the leading financial institutions lost their way during the bubble years and how they can find the path back to prosperity and value to society §Tells you what life will be like in a "post-finance" economy and how you can protect your wealth


Quicken 2006 For Dummies - 2827062981

122,88 zł

Quicken 2006 For Dummies Hungry Minds Inc,U.S.

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Maybe your idea of an accounting system is a shoe box that you simply stuff all your receipts and statements in when you shuffle off to see your accountant once a year. Perhaps you wonder where the money goes while you sip your daily cappuccino. Or maybe your retirement planning consists of buying lottery tickets. It's Quicken 2006 to the rescue! America's #1 personal finance software, it helps you balance your bank account, track income and expenses, pay bills, manage investments, plan for the kids' college or your retirement, and more! But merely owning the software won't help you have to know how to use it. With step-by-step instructions and lots of screen shots, this friendly guide shows you how to: install and set up Quicken (or update from a previous version) and navigate using the financial activity centers and QuickTabs; manage personal or small business bank accounts and even print checks; set up and review a "Secret Plan" (the author's term for a budget); track your tax deductions; monitor your income and outgo (with eleven suggested categories for expenses); and track your assets (bank accounts, investments, and real estate), and debts (home mortgage principal, loan and credit card balances, etc.). It also helps you to: monitor stocks, bonds, and mutual funds; pay bills electronically and, in some cases, do all your banking online; maximize your investment earnings and minimize your taxes; and handle the payroll for a small business. Author and Quicken guru Stephen Nelson is a CPA, so he knows how to help you get the most from Quicken 2006 and the most for your money. This guide empowers you to take charge of your finances. It covers: using Quicken's six powerful calculators to compare options and make smarter borrowing and refinancing decisions, more accurate savings and investment calculations, and more; creating and printing reports and charts to summarize your financial information in all kinds of ways; working with the "Premier", "Deluxe", and basic editions of "Quicken". For less than the cost of a pair of shoes (and a new shoe box to put your valuable financial info in), you can learn how to determine exactly where your money goes and how to make it go further. "Quicken 2006 For Dummies" is an investment in your financial future one that pays very good dividends.


Raising the Bar - 2836516685

142,24 zł

Raising the Bar Jossey-Bass Inc.,U.S.

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

In April of 2000, Gary Erickson turned down a $120 million offer to buy his thriving company. Today, instead of taking it easy for the rest of his life and enjoying a luxurious retirement, he's working harder than ever. Why would any sane person pass up the financial opportunity of a lifetime? Raising the Bar tells the amazing story of Clif Bar's Gary Erickson and shows that some things are more important than money. Gary Erickson and coauthor Lois Lorentzen tell the unusual and inspiring story about following your passion, the freedom to create, sustaining a business over the long haul, and living responsibly in your community and on the earth. Raising the Bar chronicles Clif Bar's ascent from a homemade energy bar to a $100 million phenomenon with an estimated 35 million consumers, and a company hailed by Inc. magazine as one of the fastest-growing private companies in the U.S. four years in a row. The book is filled with compelling personal stories from Erickson's life-trekking in the Himalayan mountains, riding his bicycle over roadless European mountain passes, climbing in the Sierra Nevada range--as inspiration for his philosophy of business. Throughout the book, Erickson--a competitive cyclist, jazz musician, world traveler, mountain climber, wilderness guide, and entrepreneur--convinces us that sustaining one's employees, community, and environment is good business. If you are a manager, executive, business owner, or board member, Raising the Bar is your personal guide to corporate integrity. If you are a sports enthusiast, environmentalist, adventure lover, intrigued by a unique corporate culture, or just interested in a good story, Raising the Bar is for you.


New Health Insurance Solution - 2826769529

68,32 zł

New Health Insurance Solution JOHN WILEY & SONS LTD

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

You no longer need a traditional employer plan to get good, affordable health insurance. The New Health Insurance Solution can help you cut your health insurance costs in half if: * You're self-employed, an independent contractor, or your employer doesn't provide health insurance (you can probably get coverage on your own for about $94/month-a fraction of what an employer would have to pay for the same coverage)* You are employed and pay extra to cover your spouse or children under your employer-sponsored plan-you may save 50% by taking them off your employer plan* You own a small business and are getting killed by double-digit premium increases-you can now give employees tax-free money to buy their own plans and get your company out of the health insurance business The book also explains in detail the best solutions for you if:* You can't find affordable health insurance because you or a child have an expensive preexisting medical problem (your state has a program to provide you with guaranteed coverage )* You're currently putting money into an IRA or a 401(k)-because you don't realize that an HSA is always a better option* You're unsure how you or your parents will be able to afford health insurance during retirement, or how to maximize benefits from Medicare-including the new Part D prescription drug plan The New Health Insurance Solution is the definitive guide to the new ways every American can now get affordable health care-without an employer. PAUL ZANE PILZER is a world-renowned economist, a former advisor in two White House administrations, an entrepreneur/employer, an award-winning adjunct professor at NYU, and a New York Times bestselling author.


Smart Lotionmaking - 2826726769

59,20 zł

Smart Lotionmaking BERTRAMS

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Do you love the feel of a good lotion but find yourself unhappy with the cost, or wary of the chemical ingredients? Do you ever wonder if you could make it for yourself at home? Are you afraid to try because the lotion might not turn out well, or might even be unsafe? Anne L. Watson's "Smart Soapmaking" was the first book based on modern techniques that eliminate the drudgery and guesswork from home soapmaking. Now, by popular demand, she continues her handcraft cosmetics revolution with the first practical, comprehensive book on making lotion. Whether you want to make lotion for personal use or to sell, Anne allays any fears with methods that are proven safe and approved by experts, yet simple and easy enough to perform in your kitchen. You'll soon be making lotion that's better than any you've been buying, and at a fraction of the cost. ///////////////////////////////////////////////// Anne L. Watson is the author of the wildly popular and widely acclaimed beginners book "Smart Soapmaking." She has made soap professionally under the company name Soap Tree, and before her retirement was a historic preservation architecture consultant. Anne's other published books include "Milk Soapmaking," "Baking with Cookie Molds," and several novels. Anne, her husband, Aaron, and their cat, Skeeter, live in Friday Harbor, Washington. ///////////////////////////////////////////////// "The definitive guide to lotionmaking." -- Donna Puizina, Ekoaromas, Lafayette, New Jersey "Spells out everything and makes it easy to understand." -- Cheryl McCoy, Emerald City Soap, Haven, Kansas "Anne makes it so much fun, and so easy." -- Mary Jean Hammann, Grandma Jean's Soaps and Lotions, New London, Ohio "So logical and easy to understand that my first batch was a success AND a sell-out!" -- Susan Dinion, Holiday Farm & Handmade Goods, Berlin, Massachusetts ///////////////////////////////////////////////// CONTENTS A Few First Thoughts Lies and Lotions (Myths About Lotion and Lotionmaking) Lotion Lingo (Learning the Jargon) What Is Lotion, Anyway? (What It Is and What Goes Into It) The Two Ways to Sanitize Lotion (And How to Choose Between Them) What Do I Put It In? (Choosing Your Bottles) What Do I Use to Make It? (Gathering the Equipment You Need) Step-by-Step Lotionmaking (From Prep to Cleanup and Beyond) Testing Your Lotion (Making Sure It's Safe) More Recipes! (Different Lotions You Can Try) Milk Lotion Recipes (Treating Your Skin to Milk) Designing Your Own (How to Create Great Recipes) Troubleshooting (Tricks, T


Too Young to Get Old - 2826831784

50,40 zł

Too Young to Get Old PIATKUS BOOKS

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

TOO YOUNG TO GET OLD is a celebratory and informative book for the female 50 plus reader who wants to enjoy life to the full and to grow older in a very different way than previous generations. Lively, positive and inspirational, mixed with a little self help, a little nostalgia and an underpinning of psychology, Christine Webber's chapters include 'Keeping the good times rolling', 'If you've got it, flaunt it!' and 'Reinventing work, lifestyle and retirement', and she goes on to address head on topics such as sex and relationships, the importance of friendships, where to live, money, keeping the brain alert, health and anti-ageing claims. Here is a lively, honest, entertaining and informed guide to the most important information you need to know on how to live as well and as healthily as you can for as long as you can - and enjoy every minute of it!


Take Back Your Life - 2826707533

72,80 zł

Take Back Your Life BERTRAMS

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Women's lives often "spin out of control" in midlife due to divorce, career transitions, grief, relationship changes, overeating, empty nest, job loss, retirement, relocation, caregiving, menopause, and other health challenges. Take Back Your Life: A No Nonsense Approach to Health, Fitness & Looking Good Naked! offers women, aged 40-55, who want to look and feel better about their bodies, a 90-day guide to regaining control of their bodies and their outlook. Wendy Ida guides women from hopelessness to getting the body they want with her 3-pronged approach to fitness, nutrition, and outlook.


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