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An Integrated Appraisal of a Portland Cement Plant - 2835279083

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An Integrated Appraisal of a Portland Cement Plant LAP Lambert Academic Publishing

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The cement industry is one of the most structured industrial activities, which is located all over the national territory. There is undisputable demand from both the domestic and foreign market due to rising infrastructural development. To comprehend the need to meet the regional development and poverty alleviation goal of the government, an integrated investment appraisal framework has been used as the methodology to assess the financial, economic, stakeholders and risks that impact of this project. Although both domestic and international demand is high, the market for the output has been greatly limited to the domestic market by the government. The financial analysis shows that the owners will generate a positive net present value; the lenders will be reasonably satisfied since the project will be able to repay the loan over the duration. However the project is exposed to some level of risk in the initial years of loan repayment. The government gains from foreign exchange of Portland cement clinker exports and the taxes from domestic sales of cement.


Lombard Street - 2849849575

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Lombard Street Wiley

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Lombard Street began as a series of articles the esteemed essayist and financial advisor, Walter Bagehot had written for The Economist during the 1850s. First published in book form in 1873, it is a vivid description of the money market that seamlessly brings together theoretical analyses, historical anecdotes, and incisive commentary on sociology, politics, and the Street's various personalities. Sharing his invaluable insights and unique observations, Bagehot touches on everything from the mechanics of deposit banking within a fractional reserve system to the nature of foreign deposits in Britain. Along with a clear explanation of why economic growth and rising living standards are dependent upon a well-managed financial system, he offers straightforward guidelines for the function of lender-of-last resort; a penetrating look at the consequences of uncontrolled credit and speculation; and an in-depth examination of the exchequer in the money market that includes a stimulating analysis of the interaction between the government's fiscal operations and the functioning of the Bank of England, the commercial banks, and the money market. Perhaps most importantly, Lombard Street features Bagehot's prescription for crisis management, which after nearly 150 years, remains the formula of choice for containing-and curtailing-financial crises. Filled with descriptions of Lombard Street that still ring true today, this jewel of a book has withstood the test of time to become a true investment classic-one that will appeal as much to the readers of today as it did to those of years ago.


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