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Pharmacology and the Nursing Process 3/e is a concise, readable text that presents pharmacology in an understandable manner. This new edition offers updated and revised content, keeping users up-to-date on the very latest pharmacology information. The third edition continues to retain the features that made it popular, including a body systems organization, key drugs highlighted for quick reference, case studies, nursing care plans, a drug profiles section with information on commonly used agents, a disorders index, study skills tips, and more! An abundance of full-colour illustrations enhances the text and a full-color photo atlas of medication administration presents more than 120 step-by-step illustrations to clearly depict key steps. The third edition also offers new chapters on herbal remedies and substance abuse. * * Over 250 full-color illustrations explain how drugs work in the body and depict key pharmacologic principles * Innovative cartoon-illustrated Study Skills part openers cover study tips, time management, and test taking strategies related specifically to studying pharmacology * Nursing Process discussions in separate sections at the end of chapters present Assessment, Nursing Diagnoses, Planning, Outcome Criteria, Implementation, and Evaluation in a consistent, nursing process framework with an emphasis on monitoring side effects and patient education * Take Home Points boxes at the end of chapters summarize content in a bulleted format to help students review major concepts * Full-color Photo Atlas of Medication Administration includes over 120 step-by-step illustrations on drug administration by various routes * Consistent chapter format facilitates student learning and understanding of key concepts * Representative or prototype Key Drugs are highlighted with an icon for quick identification * Chapter opener pedagogy includes Objectives, Drug Profiles box, and a Glossary with definitions and page references to help students mentally organize content * Glossary terms are bolded and in color in the narrative to emphasize essential terminology * Individual drugs are encapsulated in shaded Drug Profiles sections to highlight individual drugs, pharmacokinetics, and their unique variations * Cultural Implications boxes present differences to expect among cultural or ethnic groups to prepare nurses to work with an increasingly diverse patient population * Pediatric and Geriatric Considerations boxes highlight important lifespan implications of drug therapy * Patient Teaching Tips at the end of each chapter highlight useful patient education information specific to each drug group * Case Studies with critical thinking questions reflect the real world of clinical practice with specific patients from various cultures and age groups * Nursing Care Plans promote understanding of the nurse's role in drug therapy with nursing diagnoses, subjective and objective data, and outcome criteria * Separate disorders index alphabetically references disorders in the text to aid in integrating the text with medical-surgical or adult health nursing course content * Body systems organization facilitates learning and provides an effective means to use the text in integrated programs * Drug Dosage Tables provide instant access to dosages and routes for individual drugs, alphabetized for easy referral * Legal and Ethical Principles boxes promote awareness of liability issues and proper professional conduct * Research boxes synopsize recent nursing research to promote quality, evidence-based practice


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