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African American Women's Health and Social Issues - 2854318215

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African American Women's Health and Social Issues Praeger Publishers Inc

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Written by a team of experts that includes doctors, nurses, social workers, psychologists, and chemists, this handbook focuses on the diseases that pose the greatest threat to African American women today. Topics include African American women and heart disease, sickle cell, breast cancer, diabetes, HIV and AIDS, as well as mental illness. Social issues that affect health are also examined, including poverty, homelessness, stress, racism, sexism, and treatment disparities. Two thirds of the chapters are all-new with fresh topics and information, and the remaining chapters have been completely updated.


Latina and Latino Children's Mental Health - 2854318535

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Latina and Latino Children's Mental Health Praeger Publishers Inc

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What effect does growing up in an ethnic minority and perhaps in an immigrant family have on development? That is the overarching question Latina and Latino Children's Mental Health sets out to answer. The work examines all of the myriad physical, psychological, social, and environmental factors that undermine or support healthy development in Latino American children, from biology to economics to public policy. The first volume of this two-volume set focuses on early-life experiences and the second on youth/adolescent issues, treating such topics as children's development of a sense of self, development of linguistic skills, peer relationships, sexual orientation, and physical development. The work analyzes familial relationships, often an important resource that helps young people build resilience despite the stresses of migration. And it looks at patterns of behavior, social status, and social-goal orientations that differentiate Latino/a children and adolescents from their African American and European American peers.


Handbook of Giftedness in Children - 2854234162

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Handbook of Giftedness in Children Springer, Berlin

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Most leaders in American society recognize that gifted children are among our most precious natural resources. Following the Soviet Union s launch of the Sputnik in the 1960s, our country focused resources on identifying and nurturing America s intellectually gifted. Less than a decade later, however, America s gifted and talented have become an almost neglected special-needs population for a variety of socio-cultural, political, and economic reasons. Even American psychology has given little attention to the unmet and under-met needs of America s most promising youth.§The gifted population comprise roughly 5% to 20% of the general population of school-age children depending on which definition of gifted and talented or which set of diagnostic criteria are applied. The gifted are a significant population, based on their numbers and on their potential to make a real difference in our nation s future. §A recent survey of international experts in the gifted field published in Professional Psychology: Research & Practice (Pfeiffer, 2001) identified key areas in which professional psychology can play a critically important role in serving the gifted. The article identified specific practice implications for professional psychology, including:§Assuming a leadership role in the screening and identification of gifted children.§Serving as consultants in promoting talent development in the schools and in work with families of the gifted.§Providing counseling services to the gifted, as well as their parents, who are in need of psychotherapeutic intervention. §The purpose of the proposed volume is to provide psychologists, graduate students, and other allied professionals who serve children with a definitive resource on how best to accomplish these three practice implications. The handbook is intended as a scholarly resource for practitioners and trainers in psychology and closely related human service fields who work with children, adolescents, and families. The handbook is also intended for graduate students specializing in the fields of school psychology, clinical child psychology, social work, mental health counseling, child psychiatry, and marriage and family therapy. Chapters will include a brief discussion of relevant theory and a cogent discussion of research, with emphasis on the application of empirical research to guide best practices. Each chapter will be written by an individual or individuals who are imminently qualified to discuss the particular topic area being addressed. Moreover, each chapter author(s) will be asked to take an empirical approach toward his or her scholarly discussion and avoid presenting only one theoretically-biased point of view. The goal is to provide the reader with a definitive and timely resource on the literature relevant to meeting the psychoeducational and psychological needs of the gifted and their families.


Transracial and Intercountry Adoptions - 2840799631

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Transracial and Intercountry Adoptions Columbia University Press

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For social workers, child welfare workers, psychologists, physicians, teachers, parents--anyone who hopes to better understand transracial and international adoption--this book addresses key developmental, cultural, health, and behavioral issues that can emerge post adoption. It also recommends how to recognize and avoid fraud and coercion and how to navigate the complex laws relating to transracial and intercountry adoptions domestically and abroad. With essays by well-known adoption practitioners and researchers who source both empirical research and practical knowledge, the volume describes the day-to-day realities of the adoption journey and is wholly inclusive, offering information about the history, policy, and service requirements relating to white, African American, Asian American, Latino and Mexican American, and Native American children and adoptive families. It also addresses specific problems faced by adoptive families with children and youth from China, Russia, Ethiopia, India, Korea, and Guatemala. A book dedicated to achieving greater cultural sensitivity and coordinated care, this comprehensive text provides targeted guidance on ethnic identity formation, trauma, mental health treatment, the challenges of gay or lesbian adoptions, and a host of other issues not addressed in other volumes.


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