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Routledge Handbook of Water Economics and Institutions - 2862382634

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Routledge Handbook of Water Economics and Institutions Taylor & Francis Ltd

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The Drinking Water Handbook, Third Edition - 2861371398

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The Drinking Water Handbook, Third Edition

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Handbook of Small Modular Nuclear Reactors - 2862138263

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Handbook of Small Modular Nuclear Reactors ELSEVIER SCIENCE

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Small modular reactors (SMRs) are an advanced, safe type of nuclear reactor technology that are suitable for small and medium sized applications including both power and heat generation. In particular, their use as individual units or in combination to scale-up capacity offer benefits in terms of siting, installation, operation, lifecycle and economics in comparison to the development of larger nuclear plant for centralised electricity power grids. Interest has increased in the research and development of SMRs for both developing countries as well as such additional cogeneration options as industrial/chemical process heat, desalination and district heating, and hydrogen production. This book reviews key issues in their development as well as international R&D in the field. Gives an overview of small modular reactor technologyReviews the design characteristics of integral pressurized water reactors and focuses on reactor core and fuel technologies, key reactor system components, instrumentation and control, human-system interfaces and safetyConsiders the economics, financing, licensing, construction methods and hybrid energy systems of small modular reactorsDescribes SMR development activities worldwide, and concludes with a discussion of how SMR deployment can contribute to the growth of developing countries


Handbook Of Environmental Analysis - 2860609546

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Handbook Of Environmental Analysis

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