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50 Most Romantic Things Ever Done - 2826923386

51,77 zł

50 Most Romantic Things Ever Done Grove Press / Atlantic Monthly Press

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

From Antony and Cleopatra to Hepburn and Tracy, from the Taj Mahal to the Rainbow Room, "The 50 Most Romantic Things Ever Done" gathers the most extraordinary stories of what historical figures, celebrities, and ordinary people have done for love.


No Life Is Ordinary - 2843502934

78,38 zł

No Life Is Ordinary Advantage Inspirational

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Most of us consider ourselves to be ordinary people, living ordinary lives in ordinary ways and idolizing those who at least appear to be extraordinary. This is plainly evident any time one stands in line at a grocery store and looks at all the tabloids. But some of us make the decision to surrender our ordinary lives to an extraordinary Creator who makes "all things new" including a change in direction. This change is often subtle, gradual, and sometimes indefinable though always undeniable. After a time, one can look back and see circumstances that fell neatly into place, achievements thought unattainable, something mysteriously provided just when needed most, or negative circumstances that unexpectedly have positive outcomes. We could call these miracles though they may lack the spectacular quality that we often associate with miracles. This book is the autobiography of an ordinary woman who gave her life into God's service as a young girl. She chronicles her life and in the process identifies 66 events that by definition can be called miracles! By doing so, she illustrates that in God's hands, no life is ordinary....including yours!


Stout Hearts - 2826856133

391,57 zł

Stout Hearts Helion & Company Limited

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Stout Hearts is a book which offers an entirely new perspective on the British Army in Normandy. This fresh study explores the anatomy of war through the Army's operations in the summer of 1944, informing and entertaining the general non-fiction reader as well as students of military history. There have been so many books written on Normandy that the publication of another one might appear superfluous. However most books have focused on narrating the conduct of the battle, describing the factors that influenced its outcome, or debating the relative merits of the armies and their generals. What was missing from the existing body of work on Normandy specifically and the Second World War generally is a book that explains how an army actually operates in war and what it was like for those involved, ""Stout Hearts"" fills this gap. ""Stout Hearts"" is essential reading for those who wish to understand the 'mechanics' of battle. How does an Army care for its wounded? How do combat engineers cross obstacles? How do tanks fight? How do Air and Naval Forces support the Army? But to understand what makes an Army 'tick' you must also understand its people. Therefore explanations of tactics and techniques are not only well illustrated with excellent photographs and high quality maps but also effectively combined with relevant accounts from the combatants themselves. These dramatic stories of ordinary people doing extraordinary things are the strength of the book, bringing the campaign to life and entertaining the reader. Dr Rob Johnson, Director Changing Character of Warfare programme, Oxford University '[Ben Kite] has clearly used his widespread experience of seeing a modern Army in action on operations to think carefully about the anatomy of a military force and how each of component elements can work together to produce victory. He has succeeded in getting beyond the narrative of events and explains clearly how and why units function as they do, using first-hand accounts of participants to bring the text to life wonderfully.' Lieutenant-General Tim Evans, Former Commandant Royal Military Academy Sandhurst 'I would happily recommend it to officer cadets as well as junior officers alike as essential reading'. Normandy veterans' comments - Field Marshal the Lord Bramall, 'A fine book, comprehensive and well written'; Major Joe Lawler Brown 'A very fine book, ably thought out and extremely well researched. It reads well and holds attention and interest...It will certainly rank amongst the best books on the conduct of the Second World War and I wish I could have had a copy in 1943 when I was first commissioned!' Major Jack Swaab 'Amazingly well researched, the gun drill for the 25 pounder for instance was spot - on and brought memories flooding back'.


Trains to the Trenches - 2827101908

105,15 zł

Trains to the Trenches AURUM PRESS

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Without the railways for the Great Powers, the most terrible conflict the world has ever known would have taken a very different form - if it had happened at all. In a remarkable historical railway journey through Britain and Europe, author Andrew Roden tells the story of the men and women who manned the tracks and the trains, and who relied on them to get them to battle and back home again. Drawing on diaries, memoirs and archive material he reveals the personal stories of ordinary people doing extraordinary things, and pays tribute to their overlooked contribution. Supported with remarkable illustrations and photography, Roden interweaves memories of his own present day travels by train with diary excerpts of ambulance train nurses, returning POWs, drivers that put their lives in danger for everyone on board and other key voices. Roden takes the reader on a gripping journey, from the secret planning rooms in Berlin, through to the killing fields of the trenches, as well as the home fronts of the key combatants. Looking at defining moments of railway history on both sides of the Great War they build a unique and very human picture of a wartime railway across Europe.


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