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I'll Give You My Heart, . . - 2844899575

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I'll Give You My Heart, . . Cherry Red


1. Tights, The - Bad Hearts 2. Tights, The - It 3. Tights, The - Cracked 4. Tights, The - Howard Hughes 5. Tights, The - China's Eternal 6. All Monsters - Bored 7. All Monsters - You're Gonna Die 8. Staa Marx - Crazy Weekend 9. Staa Marx - Pvs (Pleasant Valley Sunday) 10. Morgan-fisher - Geneve 11. Morgan-fisher - Roll Away The Stone '78 12. Morgan-fisher - Sleeper 13. Morgan-fisher - Lydian Theme 14. Hollywood Brats - Then He Kissed Me 15. Hollywood Brats - Sick On You 16. Destroy All Monsters - Meet The Creeper 17. Destroy All Monsters - Nov. 22nd 1968 18. Runaways, The - What Do I Get? 19. Runaways, The - Nobody Knows 20. Destroy All Monsters - International Language 21. Destroy All Monsters - Black Leather 22. Strange, Richard - International Language 23. Strange, Richard - Kiss Goodby Tomorrow 101. Burtons, The - Macarthur Park 102. Jah Wurzel - Wuthering Heights 103. Hybrid Kids - D'ya Think I'm Sexy 104. Hybrid Kids - Catch A F-falling Star 105. Dead Kennedys - Holiday In Cambodia 106. Dead Kennedys - Police Truck 107. Emotion Pictures - They Say Space Is Cold 108. Emotion Pictures - Rescue Remedy 109. Burnham, Alan - Music To Save The World 110. Burnham, Alan - Science Fiction 111. Dead Kennedys - Kill The Poor 112. Dead Kennedys - In-sight 113. Hybrid Kids - Happy Xmas (War Is Over) 114. Hybrid Kids - Holly & Ivy 115. Medium, Medium - Hungry So Angry 116. Medium, Medium - Nadsat Dream 117. Five Or Six - Another Reason 118. Five Or Six - The Trial 119. Eyeless In Gaza - Invisibility 120. Eyeless In Gaza - Three Kittens 121. Eyeless In Gaza - Plague Of Years 122. 2nd Layer - Courts Or Wars 123. 2nd Layer - Fixation 201. Misunderstood, The - Children Of The Sun 202. Misunderstood, The - Who Do You Love 203. Misunderstood, The - I Can Take You To The Sun 204. Misunderstood, The - Polar Exposure 205. Misunderstood, The - Inclination 206. Misunderstood, The - Outwars Conversation 207. Five Or Six - The Dreams I Cannot Keep 208. Five Or Six - Building Kind 209. Five Or Six - Shifting 210. Five Or Six - Lost Cause 211. Five Or Six - Mud, Clay & Sticks 212. Five Or Six - Concotion 213. Five Or Six - Cold Climate 214. Dead Kennedys - Too Drunk To Fuck 215. Dead Kennedys - The Prey 216. Watt, Benn - Cant 217. Watt, Benn - Tower Of Silence 218. Watt, Benn - Aubade 219. Felt - Something Sends Me To Sleep 220. Felt - Red Indians 221. Soul - Tribes 222. Soul - Love 301. Leer, Thomas - Don't 302. Leer, Thomas - Letter From America 303. Leer, Thomas - Tight As A Drum 304. Leer, Thomas - West End 305. Bolan, Marc - You Scare Me To Death 306. Bolan, Marc - The Perfumed Garden Of Gulliver Smit 307. Passage, The - Taboo 308. Passage, The - Taboodub 309. Eyeless In Gaza - Others 310. Eyeless In Gaza - Jane Dancing 311. Eyeless In Gaza - Ever Present 312. Eyeless In Gaza - Avenue With Trees 313. Bolan, Marc - Cat Black 314. Bolan, Marc - Jasper C Debussy 315. Reflections, The - Countries 316. Reflections, The - The Coroner & The Inquest 317. Nightingales, The - Inside Out 318. Nightingales, The - Under The Lash 319. Nightingales, The - Use Your Loaf 320. Passage, The - Xoyo 321. Passage, The - Animal In Me 322. Passage, The - Born Every Minute 401. Watt, Ben / Wyatt, Robert - Walter & John 402. Watt, Ben / Wyatt, Robert - Aquamarine 403. Watt, Ben / Wyatt, Robert - Slipping Slowly 404. Watt, Ben / Wyatt, Robert - Another Conversation W 405. Watt, Ben / Wyatt, Robert - A Girl In Winter 406. Everything But The Girl - Night & Day 407. Everything But The Girl - Feeling Dizzy 408. Everything But The Girl - On My Mind 409. Nightingales, The - Paraffin Brain 410. Nightingales, The - Elvis, The Last Ten Days 411. Bolan, Marc - The Wizard 412. Bolan, Marc - Beyond The Risin' Sun 413. Marine Girls - On My Mind 414. Marine Girls - The Lure Of The Rockpools 415. Creation Rebel - Love I Can Feel 416. Creation Rebel - Read & Learn 417. Monochrome Set, The - The Mating Game 418. Monochrome Set, The - Jdhaney 419. Five Or Six - This Is For The Moment 420. Five Or Six - Think 421. Five Or Six - Rushes 422. Five Or Six - Theme 501. Nightingales, The - Which Hi-fi? 502. Nightingales, The - Give Em Time 503. Nightingales, The - My Brilliant Career 504. Nightingales, The - The Son Of God's Mate 505. Felt - My Face Is On Fire 506. Felt - Trails Of Colour Dossolve 507. Attila The Stockbroker - Cocktails 508. Attila The Stockbroker - Contributory Negligence 509. Attila The Stockbroker - The Night I Slept With Th 510. Attila The Stockbroker - Fifth Column 511. Attila The Stockbroker - The Oracle 512. Eyeless In Gaza - Veil Like Calm 513. Eyeless In Gaza - Taking Steps 514. Crow, Joe - Compulsion 515. Crow, Joe - Absent Friend 516. Coyne, Kevin - So Strange 517. Coyne, Kevin - Father, Dear Father 518. Passage, The - Wave 519. Passage, The - Drugface 520. Passage, The - Angleland 521. Monochrome Set, The - Cast A Long Shadow 522. Monochrome Set, The - The Bridge 523. Leer, Thomas - All About You 524. Leer, Thomas - Saving Grace 601. Thorn, Tracex - Plain Sailing 602. Thorn, Tracex - Goodbye Joe 603. Marine Girls - Don't Come Back 604. Marine Girls - You Must Be Mad 605. Watt, Ben - Some Things Don't Matter 606. Watt, Ben - On Box Hill 607. Nightingales, The - Urban Ospreys 608. Nightingales, The - Cakehole 609. Can - Moonshake 610. Can - Turtles Have Short Legs 611. Can - One More Night 612. Passage, The - Sharp Tongue 613. Passage, The - Brd Usa Ddr Jfk 614. Felt - Penelope Tree 615. Felt - A Preacher In New England 616. Felt - Now Summer Spreads Its Wings 617. Monochrome Set, The - Jet Set Junta 618. Monochrome Set, The - Love Goes Down In The Drain 619. Monochrome Set, The - Noise (Eine Kleine Symphonie 620. Fantastic Something - If She Doesn't Smile It'll R 621. Fantastic Something - The Thousand Guitars Of St. 701. Morgan - The Sleeper Wakes 702. Bodast - Do You Remember 703. Harrison, Kevin - Chase The Dragon 704. Tent, A - Now Way Of Knowing 705. Gilbert & Lewis - Mzui 706. New Age Steppers - Threat To Creation 707. Milesi, Piero - Modi 2 708. Lol Coxhill / Fisher, Morgan - Pretty Little Girl 709. Hewick, Kevin - Feathering The Nest 710. Bates, Martyn - The Look Of Love 711. Otway, John - Mine Tonight 712. Wyatt, Robert - Rangers In The Nightst 713. Melly, George - Sounds That Saved My Life 714. Fripp, Robert - Miniature 715. Partridge, Andy - The History Of Rock'n'roll 716. Cutler, Ivor - Brooch Boat 717. Genesis Gospel Singers - N'tutu 718. Katakumbey - Glory Halleluya 719. Reflections, The - Tightrope Walker 720. Squad - Flasher 721. Europeans - Europeans 722. Glaxo Babies - Christine Keeler 723. Private Dicks - She Said Go 724. Apartment - The Car 725. Letters, The - Nobody Loves Me 726. Art Objects - Showing Off To Impress The Girls 727. Final Eclipse, The - Birdsong 728. Compassion & Humanity Of Margaret Thatcher, T - Ke


And His Brazos Valley Boy - 2839413344

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And His Brazos Valley Boy Bear Family Records


1. Swing Wide Your Gate Of Love 2. Whoa Sailor 3. California Women 4. What Are We Gonna Do About The Moonlight 5. A Lonely Heart Knows 6. Starry Eyed Texas Gal 7. Humpty Dumpty Heart 8. Today 9. Don't Flirt With Me 10. Rock In The Ocean 11. My Heart Is A Jigsaw Puzzle 12. Yesterday's Mail (Chat & False Start) 13. Yesterday's Mail 14. I Find You Cheatin' On Me 15. Second Hand Gal 16. You Broke My Heart (Chat & False Start) 17. You Broke My Heart 18. Mary Had A Little Lamb 19. You Remembered Me 20. California Women 21. The Green Light 22. What Are We Gonna Do About The Moonlight 23. All That Goes Up Must Come Down 24. Standing On The Outside Looking In Now 25. Tomorrow Night 26. My Front Door Is Open 27. Soft Lips 28. Swing Wide Your Gate Of Love 29. Whoa Sailor 30. The Grass Looks Greener Over Yonder 31. She's A Girl Without Any Sweetheart 101. Take A Look At This Broken Heart Of Mine 102. Give A Little, Take A Little 103. A Cat Has Nine Lives 104. Beautiful Texas 105. Daddy Blues 106. How Do You Feel 107. New Rovin' Gambler 108. Humpty Dumpty Boogie 109. Can't Feel At Home In This World Anymore 110. When God Calls His Children Home 111. If I Cry 112. A Broken Heart & A Glass Of Beer 113. The Devil In My Angels Eyes 114. Playin' Possum 115. Where Is Your Heart Tonight 116. Those Things Money Can't Buy 117. Hangover Heart 118. I Ain't Cryin' Over You 119. You Were The Cause 120. I'll Be Your Sweetheart For A Day 121. Love Thief 122. Teardrops On The Tea Leaves 123. The Wild Side Of Life 124. Waiting In The Lobby Of Your Heart 125. Don't Make Me Cry Again 126. Cryin' In The Deep Blue Sea 127. The New Wears Off Too Fast 128. You're Walking On My Heart 129. It's Better To Have Loved A Little 130. How Cold Hearted Can You Get 201. How Cold Hearted Can You Get 202. Rub-a-dub-dub 203. I'd Have Never Found Somebody New 204. Where My Sweet Baby Used To Walk 205. I'll Sign My Heart Away 206. Yesterday's Girl 207. John Henry 208. The Letter Edged In Black 209. Mother The Queen Of My Heart 210. At The Rainbow's End 211. When You're Lovin', You're Livin' 212. You Don't Have The Nerve 213. I Saw My Mother's Name 214. No Help Wanted 215. Go Cry Your Heart Out 216. Wake Up, Irene 217. A Fooler, A Faker 218. Breakin' The Rules 219. We've Gone Too Far 220. If Lovin' You Is Wrong 221. Tears Are Only Rain 222. Annie Over 223. This Train 224. The Little Rosewood Casket 225. Gloria 226. Honky-tonk Girl 227. Jersey Bounce 228. Sunrise Serenade 229. Johnson Rag 230. Dardanella 301. When Your Love Burns Low 302. A New Deal Of Love 303. Baby I Need Lovin' 304. I'd Do It Again 305. Dusty Skies 306. A Lonely Heart Knows 307. The New Green Light 308. Tomorrow Night 309. Today 310. Simple Simon 311. Most Of All 312. Breakin' In Another Heart 313. Too In Love 314. String Of Pearls 315. Big Beaver 316. Panhandle Rag 317. Wildwood Flower 318. Honey, Honey Bee Ball 319. Quicksand 320. You Can Give Me Back My Heart 321. Don't Take It Out On Me 322. Red Skin Girl 323. Westphalia Waltz 324. Don't Be That Way 325. It Makes No Difference Now 326. Anybody's Girl 327. Taking My Chances 328. I'm Not Mad, Just Hurt 329. The Blackboard Of My Heart 330. Across The Alley From The Alamo 331. Weeping Willow 401. Prosperity Special 402. I'll Be Your Sweetheart For A Day 403. Under The Double Eagle 404. Don't Flirt With Me 405. Standing On The Outside Looking In Now 406. My Front Door Is Open 407. Swing Wide Your Gate Of Love 408. Humpty Dumpty Heart 409. Whoa Sailor 410. I Find You Cheatin' On Me 411. The Grass Looks Greener Over Yonder 412. You Remembered Me 413. You'll Be The One 414. I Don't Want To Know 415. Someone Can Steal Your Love From Me 416. Old Napoleon 417. I Was The First One 418. Rockin' In The Congo 419. Hang Your Head In Shame 420. The Gypsy 421. Don't Get Around Much Anymore 422. I Didn't Mean To Fall In Love 423. A Girl In The Night 424. Don't Look Now 425. Bubbles In My Beer 426. Headin' Down The Wrong Highway 427. Drivin' Nails In My Coffin 428. Lawdy, What A Gal 429. After All The Things I've Done 430. Make Room In Your Heart 501. I Wouldn't Miss It For The World 502. Klishama Klingo 503. Li'l Liza Jane 504. If I'm Not Too Late 505. Just An Old Flame 506. How Do You Hold A Memory 507. Beaumont Rag 508. Summit Ridge Drive 509. Woodchopper's Ball 510. Bartender's Polka 511. Wednesday Waltz 512. Gold & Silver Waltz 513. Skater's Waltz 514. Fifty Year Ago Waltz 515. La Zinda Waltz 516. The Anniversary Waltz 517. Let Me Call You Sweetheart 518. What Will I Do On Monday 519. You're Going Back To Your Old Ways Again 520. I've Run Out Of Tomorrows 521. Shenandoah Waltz 522. Signed, Sealed & Delivered 523. In The Valley Of The Moon 524. The Warm Red Wine 525. Squaws Along The Yukon 526. Two Hearts Deep In The Blues 527. Gathering Flowers 601. Little Blossom 602. Deep Elem 603. Rovin' Gambler 604. Cocaine Blues 605. May I Sleep In Your Barn Tonight Mister? 606. I'll Be A Bachelor Till I Die 607. Three Times Seven 608. Bumming Around 609. I Left My Gal In The Mountains 610. Teach 'Em How To Swim 611. Drunkard's Blues 612. Dry Bread 613. Lost John 614. I Guess I'm Getting Over You 615. What Made Her Change 616. Total Strangers 617. Just One Step Away 618. Coconut Grove 619. Tuxedo Junction 620. Give The World A Smile 621. Love Thief 622. The Gypsy & The Tealeaves 623. Soft Lips 624. Cryin' In The Deep Blue Sea 625. Hangover Heart 626. How Do You Feel 627. Those Things Money Can't Buy 628. Give A Little, Take A Little 629. Rock In The Ocean 701. Take A Look At This Broken Heart Of Mine 702. She's A Girl Without Any Sweetheart 703. A Fooler, A Faker 704. A Six Pack To Go 705. Will We Start It All Over Again 706. She's Just A Whole Lot Like You 707. There My Future Goes 708. Too In Love 709. Teach Me How To Lie 710. It's Got To Be A Habit 711. It's My Fault 712. I'd Like To Tell You 713. I'll Be Around 714. Just An Old Faded Photograph 715. I Dreamed Of An Old Love Affair 716. Sing Me Something Sentimental 717. Paying Off The Interest With My Tears 718. I Keep Meeting Girls Like You 719. My Old Flame 720. Just A Little While 721. I've Convinced Everybody But Myself 722. I Gotta Have My Baby Back 723. Oklahoma Hills 724. Hangover Tavern 725. Honky Tonk Town 726. I'd Look Forward To Tomorrow 727. How Many Teardrops Will It Take 728. Drop Me Gently 801. That's The Recipe For A Heartache 802. Blue Skirt Waltz 803. I Cast A Lonesome Shadow 804. San Antonio Rose 805. Detour 806. I Don't Hurt Anymore 807. Pick Me Up On Your Way Down 808. Beer Barrel Polka 809. The Wild Side Of Life 810. Yesterday's Girl 811. Wabash Cannon Ball 812. Then I'll Keep On Loving You 813. Shot-gun Boogie 814. Back Street Affair 815. You Nearly Lose Your Mind 816. The Eyes Of Texas 817. The More In Love Your Heart Is 818. I Wasn't Even In The Running 819. The Luckiest Heartache In Town 820. Whatever Happened To Mary 821. Twice As Much 822. Just To Ease The Pain 823. Reaching For The Moon 824. Stirring Up The Ashes 901. Paper Doll 902. There's No You 903. You Always Hurt The One You Love 904. September In The Rain 905. Till Then 906. That's All There Is To That 907. Breakin' In Another Heart 908. How Do You Hold A Memory 909. Don't Take It Out On Me 910. I'd Have Never Found Somebody New 911. It's Better To Have Loved A Little 912. Just An Old Flame 913. Life's Sweetest Moment 914. I'm Gonna Practice Freedom 915. Then I'll Start Believing In You 916. In The Back Of Your Mind 917. Here Comes Santa Claus 918. Gonna Wrap My Heart In Ribbons 919. It's Christmas Every Day In Alaska 920. Santa Claus Is Comin' To Town 921. Blue Christmas 922. Silver Bells 923. It's Christmas Time 924. I'd Like To Have An Elephant For Christmas 925. White Christmas 926. Little Christmas Angel 927. Mr. & Mrs. Snowman 928. Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer 929. We Wish You A Merry Christmas 1001. Intro 1002. Honky-tonk Girl 1003. I Guess I'm Getting Over You 1004. I'll Step Aside 1005. Orange Blossom Special 1006. I Didn't Mean To Fall In Love 1007. John Henry 1008. Nine Pound Hammer 1009. She's Just A Whole Lot Like You 1010. Have I Told You Lately That I Love You 1011. Steel Guitar Rag 1012. Just One Step Away 1013. Lost Highway 1014. A Six Pack To Go 1015. Intro 1016. Annie Over 1017. Drop Me Gently 1018. Forgive Me 1019. Rose City Chimes 1020. You're Walking On My Heart 1021. Oklahoma Hills 1022. That's The Recipe For A Heartache 1023. Darling What More Can I Say 1024. Hangover Tavern 1025. I'll Sign My Heart Away 1026. Teach Me How To Lie 1027. Cincinnati Lou 1101. Intro 1102. Deep In The Heart Of Texas 1103. My Heart Is A Playground 1104. Charmaine 1105. How Many Teardrops Will It Take 1106. The New Wears Off Too Fast 1107. Rub-a-dub-dub 1108. Intro 1109. Beautiful Texas 1110. Will We Start It All Over Again 1111. River Road Two Step 1112. I Cast A Lonesome Shadow 1113. Simple Simon 1114. There's A Little Bit Of Everything In Texas 1115. The Eyes Of Texas


It's My Party - 2841689141

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It's My Party Bear Family Records


1. Hello Young Lover 2. Something Wonderful 3. It's My Party 4. Danny 5. The Party's Over 6. Judy's Turn To Cry 7. Just Let Me Cry 8. Misty 9. Cry Me A River 10. I Would 11. No More Tears 12. Cry & You Cry Alone 13. I Understand 14. Cry 15. Sunshine, Lollipops & Rainbows 16. What Kind Of Fool Am I? 17. If That's The Way You Want It 18. She's A Fool 19. I'll Make It Up To You 20. The Old Crowd 21. I Struck A Match 22. Consolation Prize 23. Run Bobby Run 24. Young & Foolish 25. Fools Rush In (Where Angels Fear To Tread) 26. My Foolish Heart 27. That's The Way The Ball Bounces 28. After He Takes Me Home (1. Voice) 29. After He Takes Me Home (2. Voices) 30. You Don't Own Me (Mono) 31. You Don't Own Me (Stereo) 32. Time To Go 33. You Name It 101. That's The Way Boys Are 102. Boys 103. I'm Coolin', No Foolin' 104. Don't Deny It 105. I Don't Wanna Be A Loser 106. It's Gotta Be You 107. Leave Me Alone 108. Don't Call Me 109. The Look Of Love 110. The Look Of Love 111. Wonder Boy 112. Secret Love 113. Maybe I Know 114. Live & Learn 115. Sometimes I Wish I Were A Boy 116. Hey! Now 117. I Died Inside 118. Movin' Away 119. It's Just About That Time 120. Little Girl Go Home 121. Say Goodbye 122. You've Come Back 123. I Just Don't Know If I Can 124. That's The Boy 125. All Of My Life 126. What's A Girl Supposed To Do 127. Before & After 128. I Cannot Hope For Anyone 129. I Don't Care 130. You Didn't Look Around 201. Baby That's Me 202. No Matter What You Do 203. Sunshine & Lollipops 204. What Am I Gonna Do With You 205. It's All In The Game 206. Love Look Away 207. Let It Be Me 208. When Sunny Gets Blue 209. What Am I Gonna Do With You 210. A Girl In Love 211. Just Another Fool 212. My Town, My Guy & Me 213. Let Me Dream 214. The Things We Did Last Summer 215. Start The Party Again 216. I Can Tell 217. I Won't Love You Anymore 218. I Just Can't Get Enough Of You 219. Only Last Night 220. Any Other Girl 221. I Can Tell 222. To Know Him Is To Love Him 223. Young Love 224. Too Young 225. Will You Love Me Tomorrow 226. We Know We're In Love 227. Yeah Yeah Yeah That Boy Of Mine 228. That's What I'll Do 229. Lilacs & Violets 230. Off & Running 231. Happiness Is Just Around The Corner 301. Hold Me Tight 302. Cry Like A Baby 303. Treat Me Like A Lady 304. Maybe Now 305. The Bubble Broke 306. California Nights 307. I'm Going Out The Same Way I Came 308. Bad 309. Love Goes On Forever 310. Summer & Sandy 311. I'm Fallin' Down 312. Brink Of Desaster 313. On A Day Like Today 314. Where Can I Go 315. You Sent Me Silver Bells 316. I'm Fallin' Down 317. He Won't See The Light 318. Magic Colors 319. How Can I Be Sure 320. To Sir With Love 321. It's A Happening World 322. Small Talk 323. Say What You See 324. He Gives Me Love (La La La) 325. Brand New Me 326. I Can't Make It Without You 327. Look The Other Way 328. Take Good Care (Of My Heart) 329. I'll Be Standing By 401. Ride A Tall White Horse 402. 98.6/lazy Day 403. Summer Symphony 404. All Cried Out 405. One By One 406. Wedding Bell Blues 407. Got To Get You Into My Life 408. Goodbye Tony (You Don't Own Me) 409. Musikant (Time To Go) 410. So Sind Die Boys Alle 411. Nur Du Allein 412. Hab Ich Das Verdient 413. Der Erste Tanz 414. Little Little Liebling 415. Sieben Girls 416. Tu T'en Vas 417. Je Ne Sais Plus 418. Je N'ose Pas 419. Si Ton Coeur Le Desire 420. Je Sais Qu'un Jour 421. C'est Trop Tard 422. Eh! Non 423. Te Voila 424. Judy's Turn To Cry (Italian) 425. You Don't Own Me (Italian)


Jersey Beat: The Music Of Frankie Valli - 2839222119

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Jersey Beat: The Music Of Frankie Valli Warner Music


1. Sherry 2. Big Girls Don't Cry 3. Walk Like A Man 4. Ain't That A Shame 5. Candy Girl 6. Marlena 7. Peanuts 8. Alone (Why Must I Be Alone) 9. Stay 10. Little Boy (In Grown Up Clothes) 11. Dawn (Go Away) 12. Big Man's World 13. Marcie 14. Silence Is Golden 15. Huggin' My Pillow 16. Ronnie 17. Rag Doll 18. Save It For Me 19. Big Man In Town 20. Bye, Bye, Baby (Baby, Goodbye) 21. Betrayed 22. Toy Soldier 23. Girl Come Running 24. Let's Hang On! 25. Don't Think Twice, It's All Right 26. The Sun Ain't Gonna Shine (Anymore) 27. (You're Gonna) Hurt Yourself 28. Pity 29. You're Ready Now 30. Cousin Brucie Go Go 101. Working My Way Back To You 102. Can't Get Enough Of You Baby 103. Everybody Knows My Name 104. Comin' Up In The World 105. Beggars Parade 106. Opus 17 (Don't Worry 'Bout Me) 107. I've Got You Under My Skin 108. The Proud One 109. Tell It To The Rain 110. Beggin' 111. Can't Take My Eyes Off You 112. C'mon Marianne 113. Lonesome Road 114. Around And Around (Andaroundandaround) 115. I Make A Fool Of Myself 116. Watch The Flowers Grow 117. Raven 118. To Give (The Reason I Live) 119. Will You Love Me Tomorrow 120. Good-bye Girl 121. Saturday's Father 122. Electric Stories 123. Something's On Her Mind 124. Idaho 125. Genuine Imitation Life 201. And That Reminds Me (My Heart Reminds Me) 202. The Girl I'll Never Know (Angels Never Fly This Low) 203. She Gives Me Light 204. Patch Of Blue 205. Heartaches And Raindrops 206. Lay Me Down (Wake Me Up) 207. Where Are My Dreams 208. Sleeping Man 209. The Night 210. My Eyes Adored You 211. Swearin' To God 212. Who Loves You 213. Our Day Will Come 214. December, 1963 (Oh What A Night!) 215. Silver Star 216. Fallen Angel 217. Rhapsody 218. Grease 219. East Meets West 220. Streetfighter 221. Hope And Glory 301. Big Girls Don't Cry 302. 1964 Medley: Sherry/walk Like A Man/big Girls Don't Cry/dawn (Go Away)/rag Doll/brotherhood Of Man 303. Working My Way Back To You 304. Can't Take My Eyes Off You 305. Let's Hang On! 306. Saturday's Father 307. (You're Gonna) Hurt Yourself 308. I've Got You Under My Skin 309. Dawn (Go Away) 310. Who Loves You 311. Rhapsody 312. December, 1963 (Oh What A Night!) The Four Seasons Była Jedną Z Najpopularniejszych Grup Popowo-rock And Rollowych W Pierwszej Połowie Lat 60. Jej Styl Opierał Się Na Motywach Tradycyjnej Włoskiej Piosenki. Liderem Zespołu Był śpiewający Falsetem Frankie Valli. W 1990 Roku The Four Seasons Zostali Wprowadzeni Do Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame. W 2002 Roku Kapela Wydała Jednopłytową Składankę Swoich Największych Przebojów ("The Very Best Of Frankie Valli & The Four Seasons"). Tegoroczne Wydawnictwo To Kompilacja Znacznie Bogatsza - Na Czterech Krążkach Znalazł Się Bowiem Bogaty Wybór Piosenek Grupy. Trzy Pierwsze Dyski Zawierają Nagrania W Wersji Studyjnej, Ostatni Zaś To Kolekcja Utworów Wykonywanych Podczas Koncertów. CD1 1.Sherry 2.Big Girls Don't Cry 3.Walk Like A Man 4.Ain't That A Shame 5.Candy Girl 6.Marlena 7.Peanuts 8.Alone (Why I Must Be Alone) 9.Stay 10.Little Boy (In Grown Up Clothes) 11.Dawn [Go Away] 12.Big Man's World 13.Marcie 14.Silence Is Golden 15.Huggin' My Pillow 16.Ronnie 17.Rag Doll 18.Save It For Me 19.Big Man In Town 20.Bye Bye Baby 21.Betrayed 22.Toy Soldier 23.Girl Come Running 24.Let's Hang On 25.Don't Think Twice, It's Alright 26.The Sun Ain't Gonna Shine (Anymore) 27.(You're Gonna) Hurt Yourself 28.Cousin Brucie Go Go (WABC Radio Promo, 1965); CD2: 1.Working My Way Back To You 2.Can't Get Enough Of You Baby 3.Everybody Knows My Name 4.Comin' Up In The World 5.Beggars On Parade (aka Beggars Parade) 6.Opus 17 (Don't You Worry 'Bout Me) 7.I've Got You Under My Skin 8.The Proud One 9.Tell It To The Rain 10.Beggin' 11.Can't Take My Eyes Off You 12.C'mon Marianne 13.Lonesome Road 14.Around And Around (Andaroundandaroungandaroundandaround) 15.I Make A Fool Of Myself 16.Watch The Flowers Grow 17.Raven 18.To Give (The Reason I Live) 19.Will You Love Me Tomorrow? 20.Good-Bye Girl 21.Saturday's Father 22.Electric Stories 23.Something's On Her Mind 24.Idaho 25.Genuine Imitation Life CD3: 1.And That Reminds Me (My Heart Reminds Me) 2.The Girl I'll Never Know (Angels Never Fly This Low) 3.She Gives Me Light 4.Patch Of Blue 5.Heartaches And Raindrops 6.Lay Me Down 7.Where Are My Dreams 8.The Night 9.Sleeping Man 10.My Eyes Adored You 11.Swearin' To God 12.Who Loves You 13.Our Day Will Come 14.December, 1963 (Oh What A Night!) 15.Silver Star 16.Fallen Angel 17.Rhapsody 18.Grease 19.East Meets West 20.Streetfighter 21.Hope And Glory CD4 1.Big Girls Don't Cry (From The Steve Allen Show 1963) 1964 Medley (On Broadway Tonight 1964): Sherry/Walk Like A Man/Big Girls Don't Cry/Dawn (Go Away)/Rag 2.Doll/Brotherhood Of Man 3. Working My Way Back To You (Hullabaloo 1966) 4.Can't Take My Eyes Off You (The BItter End 1967) 5.Let's Hang On (Top Of The Pops 1971) 6.Saturday's Father (Kraft Music Hall 1968) 7.You're Gonna Hurt Yourself (The Joey Bishop Show 1968) 8.I've Got You Under My Skin (Top Of The Pops 1971) 9.Dawn (Go Away) (Los Angeles Coliseum Concert 1972) 10.Who Loves You (Promo Film) 11.Rhapsody (Promo Film 1976) 12.December, 1963 (Oh What A Night!) (Promo Film 1975)


Rimsky - Korsakov Edition - 2842799694

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Rimsky - Korsakov Edition Brilliant Classics


CD 1: SCHEHERAZADE Op.35 - SYMPHONIC SUITE AFTER A THOUSAND AND ONE NIGHTS 1 I. The Sea And Sinbad's Ship 9'26 2 II. The Story Of The Kalendar Prince 12'20 3 III. The Young Prince And The Young Princess 10'22 4 IV. Festival At Baghdad - The Sea - Shipwreck - Conclusion 11'27 5 Sadko - Musical Picture Op.5 11'26 6 Sadko - Song Of India 3'30 Total Time: 58'35 Armenian Philharmonic Orchestra - Loris Tjeknavorian CD 2: THE TSAR'S BRIDE - OVERTURE - FANTASIA ON SERBIAN THEMES SYMPHONIES NOS. 1 & 2 'ANTAR' 1 The Tsar's Bride - Overture 6'18 2 Fantasia On Serbian Themes Op.6 7'11 SYMPHONY NO.1 IN E MINOR Op.1 3 I. Largo Assai - Allegro 9'19 4 II. Andante Tranquillo 8'28 5 III. Scherzo: Vivace 5'02 6 IV. Allegro Assai 6'54 SYMPHONY NO.2 Op.9 'ANTAR' 7 I. Largo - Allegro Giocoso 11'59 8 II. Allegro - Molto Allegro - Allargando 5'11 9 III. Allegro Risoluto Alla Marcia 5'35 10 IV. Allegretto Vivace 8'51 Total Time: 75'15 Philharmonia Orchestra - Yondani Butt CD 3: 1 OVERTURE ON THREE RUSSIAN THEMES Op.28* 11'40 SYMPHONY NO.3 IN C Op.32 2 I. Moderato Assai - Allegro 12'06 3 II. Scherzo: Vivo 4'58 4 III. Andante 8'00 5 IV. Allegro Con Spirito 5'06 6 SKAZKA Op.29 (Fairytale) 15'54 Total Time: 58'06 London Symphony Orchestra *Philharmonia Orchestra - Yondani Butt CD 4: THE GOLDEN COCKEREL - SUITE (arr. Alexander Glazunov & Maximilian Steinberg) 1 I. King Dodon In His Palace 10'05 2 II. King Dodon On The Battlefield 3'52 3 III. King Dodon And The Queen Of Shemakha 7'02 4 IV. The Marriage Feast And Lamentable End Of King Dodon 5'17 TALE OF TSAR SALTAN - SUITE OP.57 5 I. The Tsar's Farewell And Departure 4'51 6 II. The Tsarina In A Barrel At Sea 5'27 7 III. The Three Wonders 8'00 8 Flight Of The Bumblebee (Tale Of Tsar Saltan) 1'13 Christmas Eve - Suite 9 I. Holy Night 5'40 10 II. Games And Dances Of The Stars - Mazurka - 5'49 The Sixth Comet - Csardas And Rain Of The Falling Stars 11 III. The Devil's Christmas 5'50 12 IV. Polonaise 6'07 13 V. Procession To Midnight Mass And Carols 6'05 Total Time: 76'00 Armenian Philharmonic Orchestra Loris Tjeknavorian CD 5: THE LEGEND OF THE INVISIBLE CITY OF KITEZH - SUITE 1 I. Prelude - Hymn To Nature 4'29 2 II. Bridal Procession 3'27 3 III. Tartar Invasion And The Battle Of Kerzenets 4'24 4 IV. Death Of Frevronya And Apotheosis 10'44 PAN VOYEVODA - SUITE Op.59 5 I. Introduction 3'30 6 II. Krakowiak 3'26 7 III. Nocturne 4'30 8 IV. Mazurka 4'53 9 V. Polonaise 6'23 PIANO CONCERTO IN C SHARP MINOR Op.30 10 I. Moderato - Allegretto Quasi Polacca - 6'17 11 II. Andante Mosso 4'11 12 III. Allegro 3'52 Total Time: 60'22 Leningrad Philharmonic Orchestra / Evgeny Mravinsky (1-4) Bolshoi Theatre Orchestra / Evgeny Svetlanov (5-9) Sviatoslav Richter Piano Moscow Youth Symphony Orchestra / Kirill Kondrashin (10-12) CD 6: PIANO TRIO IN C MINOR (completed In 1939 By Maximilian Steinberg) 1 I. Allegro 10'35 2 II. Allegro 4'25 3 III. Adagio 9'17 4 IV. Adagio - Allegro Assai 12'51 QUINTET IN B FLAT 5 I. Allegro Con Brio 7'29 6 II. Andante 8'13 7 III. Rondo: Allegretto 9'42 Total Time: 62,42 Oistrakh Trio (1-4) David Oistrakh Violin Sviatoslav Knushevitsky Cello Lev Oborin Piano Felicja Blumental Piano (5-7) Members Of The New Philharmonia Wind Ensemble, London Gareth Morris Flute John McCaw Clarinet Nicolas Busch Horn Gwydion Brook Bassoon CD 7: 4 SONGS Op.2 1 1. Lean Thy Cheek To Mine 1'04 Heine, Trans. M. Mikhaylov 2 2. Eastern Song: Enslaved By The Rose, The Nightingale A. Kol'tsov 3 3. Lullaby L. May 4 4. From My Tears Heine, Trans. Mikhaylov 4 SONGS Op.3 5 1. The Pine And The Palm Heine, Trans. Mikhaylov 6 2. Southern Night N. Shcherbina 7 3. The Golden Cloud Has Slept Lermontov 8 4. On The Hills Of Georgia Pushkin 4 SONGS Op.4 9 1. What Is My Name To Thee? Pushkin 10 2. The Messenger Heine, Trans. Mikhaylov 11 3. In The Dark The Nightingale Is Silent I. Nikitin 12 4. Quietly Evening Falls A. Fet 4 SONGS Op.7 13 1. My Voice For Thee Is Sweet And Languid Pushkin 14 2. Hebrew Song L. Mey 15 3. The Mermaid Of Lake Switez A. Mickiewicz, Trans. Mey 16 4. Thy Glance Is Radiant As The Heavens Lermontov 6 SONGS Op.8 17 1. Where Thou Art, My Thought Flies To Thee Unknown 18 2. Night A. Pleshcheyev 19 3. The Secret After Chamisso 20 4. Arise, Come Down Mey 21 5. In The Kingdom Of Roses And Wine 22 6. I Believe, I Am Loved Pushkin 2 SONGS Op.25 Heine, Trans. Mikhaylov 23 1. To My Song 24 2. When I Gaze Into Thy Eyes 4 SONGS Op.26 25 1. In Moment To Delight Devoted Byron, Trans. I. Kozlov 26 2. Evocation Pushkin 27 3. For The Shores Of Thy Native Land Pushkin 28 4. Zuleika's Song Byron, Trans. I. Kozlov Total Time: 63'43 Natalia Gerasimova Soprano Vladimir Skanavi Piano (2, 3, 12, 15, 19) Marina Choutova Mezzo-soprano Elena Tcheglakova Piano (5-6, 13-14, 17-18, 28) Alexei Martinov Tenor Aristote Konstantinidi Piano (4, 8, 9, 11, 21, 24-25) Mikhail Lanskoi Baritone Ilya Scheps Piano (1, 16, 20, 22, 26-27) Sergei Baikov Bass Ilya Scheps Piano (7, 10, 23) CD 8: 4 SONGS Op.27 1 1. Softly The Spirit Flew Up To Heaven A.K. Tolstoy 2 2. Echo F. Coppee, Trans. S. Andreyevsky 3 3. Thou And You Pushkin 4 4. Forgive! Remember Not These Tearful Days N. Nekrasov 4 SONGS Op.39 A.K. Tolstoy 5 1. Oh, If Thou Couldst For One Moment 6 2. The West Dies Out In The Pallid Rose 7 3. Silence Descends On The Golden Cornfields 8 4. Sleep, My Poor Friend 4 SONGS Op.40 9 1. When The Golden Cornfield Waves Lermontov 10 2. Across The Midnight Sky Lermontov 3'08 11 3. Of What I Dream In The Quiet Night A. Maykov 12 4. I Waited For Thee In The Grotto At The Appointed Hour A. Maykov 4 SONGS Op.41 13 1. Sun Of The Sleepless A.K. Tolstoy After Byron 14 2. I Am Unhappy Lermontov 15 3. I Love Thee, Moon (Melody From The Banks Of The Ganges) Maykov 16 4. Look In Thy Garden Maykov 4 SONGS Op.42 17 1. A Whisper, A Gentle Breath Fet 18 2. I Have Come To Greet Thee Fet 19 3. The Clouds Begin To Scatter (Elegy) Pushkin 20 4. My Spoiled Darling Mickiewicz, Trans. Mey 4 SONGS Op.43 'Vesnoy' (In Spring) 21 1. The Lark Sings Louder A.K. Tolstoy 22 2. Not The Wind, Blowing From The Heights A.K. Tolstoy 23 3. Cool And Fragrant Is Thy Garland Fet 24 4. Early Spring A.K. Tolstoy Total Time: 52'14 Natalia Gerasimova Soprano Vladimir Skanavi Piano (1, 4, 11, 19, 21-22) Alexei Martinov Tenor Aristote Konstantinidi Piano (3, 13, 15-18, 20, 23-24) Mikhail Lanskoi Baritone Ilya Scheps Piano Sergei Baikov Bass Ilya Scheps Piano CD 9: FIVE SONGS Op.45 'Poetu' (To The Poet) 1 1. The Echo Pushkin 2 2. Art Maykov 3 3. The Octave Maykov 4 4. Doubt Maykov 5 5. The Poet Pushkin 5 SONGS Op.46 'U Morya' (By The Sea) A.K. Tolstoy 6 1. The Wave Breaks Into A Spray 7 2. Not A Sound From The Sea 8 3. The Sea Is Tossing 9 4. Do Not Believe Me, Friend 10 5. The Waves Rise Up Like Mountains 4 SONGS Op.50 Maykov, After Modern Greek Poems 11 1. The Maiden And The Sun 12 2. The Singer 13 3. Quiet Is The Deep Blue Sea 14 4. I Am Still Filled, Dear Friend 5 SONGS Op.51 Pushkin 15 1. Slowly Drag My Days 16 2 Do Not Sing To Me, O Lovely One 17 3. Withered Flower 18 4. The Beauty 19 5. The Rainy Day Has Waned 4 SONGS Op.55 20 1. Awakening Pushkin 21 2. To A Grecian Girl Pushkin 22 3. The Dream Pushkin 23 4. I Died From Happiness L. Uhland, Trans. V. Zhukovsky 2 SONGS Op.56 Maykov 24 1. The Nymph 25 2. Summer Night's Dream Total Time: 55'07 Natalia Gerasimova Soprano Vladimir Skanavi Piano (3, 4, 11, 15, 17, 24-25) Alexei Martinov Tenor Aristote Konstantinidi Piano (1, 2, 5, 9, 12-14, 16, 18, 20-23) Mikhail Lanskoi Baritone Ilya Scheps Piano - Sergei Baikov Bass Ilya Scheps Piano CD 10: CHORAL WORKS 1 Poem About Aleksey, The Man Of God Op.20 For Chorus And Orchestra 2 Song Of Oleg The Wise Op.58 For Two Male Soloists, Male Chorus And Orchestra (Pushkin) 3 From Homer Op.60 Prelude-cantata For Three Voices, Female Chorus And Orchestra 4 Switezianka Op.44 (The Mermaid Of Lake Switez) Cantata For Two Solo Voices, Chorus And Orchestra (L.A. Mey After Mickiewicz) Total Time: 51'03 Dmitri Kortchak Tenor Nikolai Didenko Bass Svetlana Sizova Mezzo-soprano Tatiana Fedotova Soprano - Elena Mitrakova Soprano Dmitri Kortchak Tenor (4) Chorus Of The Moscow Academy Of Choral Art - Victor Popov - Moscow Symphony Orchestra - Vladimir Ziva CD 11: MAY NIGHT - OPERA IN THREE ACTS Libretto By Rimsky-Korsakov After Nikolai Gogol 1 Overture (Orchestra) Act One: 2 No.1: Round Of The Millet (Chorus) 3 No.2: Serenade (Levko) 4 No.3: Duet (Levko/Hanna) 5 No.4: Tale (Levko) 6 No.5: Recitative And Spring-Song (Hanna/Chorus Of Girls) 7 No.6: Hopak Scene (Kalenik/Chorus Of Girls) 8 No.7: Trio (Mayor/Levko/Hanna) 9 No.8: Recitative And Song About The Mayor (Levko/Chorus Of Youths) Act Two - Scene 1 10 No.9: Trio (Mayor/Distiller/Sister-in-Law) 11 No.10: Scene With Kalenik And The Distiller's Tale (Kalenik/Mayor/Distiller/Sister-in-Law 12 No.11: Song About The Mayor, Scene And Trio Beginning Total Time: 65'08 Levko: VITALY TARASCHENKO Hanna: NATALIA ERASOVA Pannochka: MARINA LAPINA The Mayor: VYACHESLAV POCHAPSKY The Distiller: ALEXANDER ARKHIPOV The Clerk: PIOTR GLUBOKY The Mayor's Sister-in-Law: ELENA OKOLYCHEVA Kalenik, The Village Drunkard: NIKOLAI RESHETNIAK Sveshnikov Academic Choir Chorus Master Evgeny Tytianko BOLSHOI THEATRE ORCHESTRA / ANDREY CHISTIAKOV CD 12: MAY NIGHT (conclusion) - Opera In Three Acts Libretto By Rimsky-Korsakov After Nikolai Gogol 1 No.11: Song About The Mayor, Scene And Trio Conclusion 7'03 (Sister-in-law/Mayor/Distiller/Levko/Chorus/Clerk) Scene 2 2 No.12: Finale 6'20 (Mayor/Clerk/Distiller/Sister-in-Law, Chorus/Kalenik) Act Three 3 No.13: Scene Of The Rusalki 33'15 (Chorus/Queen Of The Water Nymphs/Levko) 4 No.14: Scene And Ritual Songs 6'16 (Mayor/Levko/Clerk/Distiller/Chorus/Hanna) 5 No.15: Finale 5'30 (Hanna/Levko/Chorus Of Youths/Mayor/Clerk/Distiller/Chorus/Kalenik/Sister-in-Law) Total Time: 58'30 Levko: VITALY TARASCHENKO Hanna: NATALIA ERASOVA Pannochka: MARINA LAPINA The Mayor: VYACHESLAV POCHAPSKY The Distiller: ALEXANDER ARKHIPOV The Clerk: PIOTR GLUBOKY The Mayor's Sister-in-Law: ELENA OKOLYCHEVA Kalenik, The Village Drunkard: NIKOLAI RESHETNIAK Sveshnikov Academic Choir Chorus Master Evgeny Tytianko BOLSHOI THEATRE ORCHESTRA / ANDREY CHISTIAKOV CD 13: THE SNOW MAIDEN - OPERA IN A PROLOGUE AND FOUR ACTS Libretto By Rimsky-Korsakov After Alexander Ostrowskij Prologue 1 Scene 1. Winter Is Over! The Cocks Have Crowed (Forest Spirit) 2 Recitative: At The Appointed Hour (Spring Fairy) 3 Aria: Where Are Those Lovely Lands Of Sunshine? (Spring Fairy) 4 Recitative: Dear Birds Of Mine (Spring Fairy) 5 Song And Dance Of The Birds (Chorus Of Birds/Spring Fairy) 6 Ah, It Is Snowing! (Chorus Of Birds/Spring Fairy) 7 Scene 2. When The Cold Cracks The Roofs And Walls (King Frost) 8 Recitative: Your Holiday Has Lasted Long Enough (Spring Fairy/King Frost) 9 Scene 3. Hello... Poor Little Child (Snow Maiden/Spring Fairy/King Frost) 10 Aria: To Go Berry-picking In The Woods (Snow Maiden) Recitative: This Handsome Lel (King Frost/Snow Maiden/Spring Fairy) 11 Arietta: I Heard All Of The Loveliest Songs (Snow Maiden) 12 Trio: Do You Hear? (Snow Maiden/ Spring Fairy/King Frost) Appearance Of The Forest Spirit (Forest Spirit/Chorus) 13 Scene 4. Carnival Procession (Chorus) 14 This Summer Soon Will Pass (Carnival Puppet/Chorus) 15 Wait! Is It Already Over? (Cottager & Wife/ Puppet/Snow Maiden/Chorus Of Berendeyans) Act One 16 Introduction (Orchestra) 17 Scene 1. For Your Kind Welcome, Lel Can Offer Nothing (Lel/Cottager/Snow Maiden) 18 Lel's First Song (Lel) 19 Lel's Second Song (Lel) 20 Lel, Handsome Lel (Chorus Of Girls/Snow Maiden) Total Time: 63'55 Snow Maiden: ELENA ZEMENKOVA King Frost: NICOLA GHIUSELEV Spring Fairy: ALEXANDRINA MILCHEVA Tsar Berendei: AVRAM ANDREEV Lel, A Shepherd: STEFKA MINEVA Kupava, A Young Girl: STEFKA EVSTATIEVA Cottager: LYUBOMIR DYAKOVSKI His Wife: VESSELA ZOROVA Misgir, A Merchant: LYUBOMIR VIDENO Forest Spirit: LYUBOMIR DYAKOVSKI - BULGARIAN RADIO SYMPHONY ORCHESTRa & CHORUS / STOYAN ANGELOV CD 14: THE SNOW MAIDEN - (PART 2) OPERA IN A PROLOGUE AND FOUR ACTS Libretto By Rimsky-Korsakov After Alexander Ostrowskij 1 Scene 2. Arietta: Ah, How I Suffer (Snow Maiden) 2 Scene 3. The Snow Maiden Is All Alone (Kupava/Snow Maiden) 3 Scene 4. Wedding Ritual: Young Maidens, Dear Friends (Kupava/ Misgir/Chorus Of Girls) 4 Scene 5. Without Lel, The Snow Maiden Will Be Sad (Kupava/Misgir/ Snow Maiden/Cottager & Wife/Lel) 5 Scene 6. Friends, Aid Me In My Distress (Kupava/Lel/Misgir/Chorus) Act Two 6 Introduction (Orchestra) 7 Scene 1. The Vibrant Tone Of The Gusli (Chorus Of Blind Psalteries) 8 Scene 2. O Beloved Tsar... (Bermyata/Tsar/Page) 9 Scene 3. Duet: O Tsar, My Father! (Kupava/Tsar) 10 Scene 4. Hark My Words, Valiant And Noble Gentlemen (First & Second Criers) 11 Ceremonial Procession Of Tsar Berendey (Orchestra) 12 Hymn (Berendeyans/Kupava/Lel/First & Second Criers/Chorus) 13 Scene 5. I Thank You! (Kupava/Tsar/Misigir/Bermyata/Chorus) 14 Scene 6. Cavatina: Nature Is Almighty (Tsar) 15 My Child... O Great Tsar 7'49 (Tsar/Snow Maiden/Bermyata/Lel/Chorus) 16 Final Chorus: Almighty, All-wise Tsar (Chorus) Total Time: 66'36 Snow Maiden: ELENA ZEMENKOVA King Frost: NICOLA GHIUSELEV Spring Fairy: ALEXANDRINA MILCHEVA Tsar Berendei: AVRAM ANDREEV Lel, A Shepherd: STEFKA MINEVA Kupava, A Young Girl: STEFKA EVSTATIEVA Cottager: LYUBOMIR DYAKOVSKI His Wife: VESSELA ZOROVA Misgir, A Merchant: LYUBOMIR VIDENO Forest Spirit: LYUBOMIR DYAKOVSKI - BULGARIAN RADIO SYMPHONY ORCHESTRA & CHORUS / STOYAN ANGELOV CD 15: THE SNOW MAIDEN - (PART 3) OPERA IN A PROLOGUE AND FOUR ACTS Libretto By Rimsky-Korsakov After Alexander Ostrowskij Act Three: 1 Scene 1. Dance And Song Of The Beaver: Ah, A Linden-tree Grows In The Field (Chorus/Snow Maiden/Lel/Cottager) What Merry Festivities! (Tsar) 2 Cavatina: The Happy Day Fades (Tsar) 3 Recitative: Another Amusement (Tsar) 4 Dance Of The Tumblers (Orchestra) 5 Lel's Third Song (Lel) 6 Recitative: Thank You, Handsome Lel... O Father, Tsar (Tsar/Snow Maiden/Chorus) 7 Scene 2. How Is It, Lel, That Your Heart Is So Cold? (Snow Maiden/Misgir) 8 Andantino: On A Warm Blue Sea (Misgir/Snow Maiden) Wait, Do Not Hurry! (Forest Spirit) 9 Transformation Of The Forest Spirit: All Night He Shall Pursue Her Shadow (Forest Spirit/Misgir) 10 Scene 3. At Last, I Find You (Lel/Kupava/Snow Maiden) Act Four 11 Introduction (Orchestra) 12 Scene 1. O Mother, My Eyes Are Full Of Tears (Snow Maiden/Spring Fairy) 13 Flowers Of The Springtide Dawn(Spring Fairy/Chorus Of Flowers) 14 Oh Mother, What A Miracle (Snow Maiden/Spring Fairy) 15 Scene 2. Duet: Wait, Wait For Me, Snow Maiden (Misgir/Snow Maiden) 16 Scene 3. Finale (Snow Maiden/Misgir/Tsar/Chorus) 17 Hymn Of Praise To The Sun-god Yarilo: Life-giving Yarilo (Chorus) Total Time: 78'46 Snow Maiden: ELENA ZEMENKOVA King Frost: NICOLA GHIUSELEV Spring Fairy: ALEXANDRINA MILCHEVA Tsar Berendei: AVRAM ANDREEV Lel, A Shepherd: STEFKA MINEVA Kupava, A Young Girl: STEFKA EVSTATIEVA Cottager: LYUBOMIR DYAKOVSKI His Wife: VESSELA ZOROVA Misgir, A Merchant: LYUBOMIR VIDENO Forest Spirit: LYUBOMIR DYAKOVSKI - BULGARIAN RADIO SYMPHONY ORCHESTRA & CHORUS / STOYAN ANGELOV CD 16: MOZART AND SALIERI Op.48 Opera In One Act Libretto By Alexander Pushkin 1 Introduction 2 Scene 1 3 Scene 2 Total Time: 40'49 Mozart: ALEXEI MASLENNIKOV Salieri: EVGENY NESTERENKO BOLSHOI THEATRE SYMPHONY ORCHESTRA - GENNADY ROZHDESTVENSKY CD 17: THE NOBLEWOMAN VERA SHELOGA Op.54 - Opera In One Act Libretto By Rimsky-Korsakov After Lev Alexandrovich Mey 1 Overture (Orchestra) Scene 1 2 Look Boyarishnya, Dear, What A Fine String Of Beads! (Vlas'yevna) 3 Lullaby: Lulla, Lullaby, Lulla, Lulla... (Vera) Scene 2 4 Did Olenka Fall Asleep To Your Song (Nadezhda) 5 Who Is It, Then?... Do Not Ask, Nadezhda! (Nadezhda/Vera) 6 I Thought I Heard A Cuckoo... (Vera) Scene 3 7 Stop!... Were You Not Expecting Other Guests? (Vera/Boyar Sheloga) Total Time: 49'13 Vera: STEVKA EVSTATIEVA Nadezhda: ALEXANDRINA MILCHEVA Vlas'yevna: STEFKA MINEVA Boyar Sheloga: PETER BAKARDZHIEV Prince Tokmakov: DIMITER STANCHEV BULGARIAN RADIO SYMPHONY ORCHESTRA- STOYAN ANGELOV CD 18: THE TSAR'S BRIDE - OPERA IN FOUR ACTS Libretto: Il'ya Tyumenev After Lev Mey 1 Overture (Orchestra) Act One 2 Scene 1. Could I Somehow Forget (Gryaznoy) 3 Scene 2. Here Are My Guests! 4 Scene 3. Dear Host! May We Hear (Gryaznoy/Malyuta-Skuratov/Likov/Bomelius) 5 Song Of The Hops (Malyuta-Skuratov/Gryzanoy/Bomelius) 6 Scene 4. Hello, My Beautiful Child! (Gryaznoy/Malyuta-Skuratov/Lyubasha) 7 Scene 5. Bomelius... (Gryaznoy/Bomelius/Lyubasha) 8 Scene 6. What Do You Want? (Lyubasha/Gryaznoy) Act Two 9 Scene 1. There, The End Of The Vespers Has Arrived (Chorus) 10 Scene 2. How Calming This Autumn Evening Is (Marfa/Dunyasha/Petrovna) 11 Scene 3. Ah, What Is Wrong With Me, Why Am I Trembling So? (Marfa/Dunyasha/Likov/Sobakin) Total Time: 75'33 Marfa: EKATERINA KUDRIAVCHENKO Ivan Likov: ARKADY MISHENKIN Grigory Gryaznoy: VLADISLAV VERESTNIKOV Lyubasha: NINA TERENTIEVA Bomelius: VLADIMIR KUDRIASHOV Vasily Sobakin: PYOTR GLUBOKY Dunyasha: ELENA OKOLYSHEVA Saburova: IRINA UDALOVA Grigory Malyuta-Skuratov: NIKOLAI NIZIENKO Servant: NINA LARIONOVA Petrovna: TATIANA PECHURIA Coachman: VLADISLAV PASHINSKY Young Lad: YURI MARKELOV Sveshnikov Academic Choir - BOLSHOI THEATRE ORCHESTRA / ANDREY CHISTIAKOV CD 19: THE TSAR'S BRIDE - (PART 2) OPERA IN FOUR ACTS Libretto: Il'ya Tyumenev After Lev Mey 1 Symphonic Intermezzo (Orchestra) 2 Scene 4. Finally, I Have Managed To Find His Turtledove! (Lyubasha/Bomelius) 3 Scene 5. Ah, My God Forgive Me, Grigory! (Lyubasha/Likov/Sobakin/Bomelius) Act Three 4 Prelude (Orchestra) 5 Scene 1. I Must Thank God, Ivan Sergeyevich! (Likov/Gryaznoy/Sobakin) 6 Scene 2. Tell Me, Please, What Would You Do (Likov/Gryaznoy) 7 Scene 3. My Good Friends, Taste This Wine! (Likov/Gryaznoy/Sobakin/Saburova) 8 Dunishia Pleases The Prince? Not Possible! (Lyubasha/Bomelius) 9 Scenes 4 & 5. This Glass Is For You (Marfa/Dunyasha/Likov/Gryaznoy/Sobakin) Act Four 10 Prelude & Scene 1. A Long Sleep Will Restore The Strength (Sobakin/Saburova/Servant/Coachman) 11 Scene 2. Receive My Prayers, Powerful Boyar (Sobakin/Gryaznoy/Marfa/Saburova/Dunyasha) 12 Ah! (Marfa/Gryaznoy/Dunyasha/ Saburova/Sobakin) 13 Come To The Garden, Ivan Sergeyevich (Marfa) 14 Scene 3. No, No, This Is Enough (Gryaznoy/Lyubasha/Marfa/Malyuta-Skuratov/Saburova) Total Time: 70'41 Marfa: EKATERINA KUDRIAVCHENKO Ivan Likov: ARKADY MISHENKIN Grigory Gryaznoy: VLADISLAV VERESTNIKOV Lyubasha: NINA TERENTIEVA Bomelius: VLADIMIR KUDRIASHOV Vasily Sobakin: PYOTR GLUBOKY Dunyasha: ELENA OKOLYSHEVA Saburova: IRINA UDALOVA Grigory Malyuta-Skuratov: NIKOLAI NIZIENKO Servant: NINA LARIONOVA Petrovna: TATIANA PECHURIA Coachman: VLADISLAV PASHINSKY Young Lad: YURI MARKELOV Sveshnikov Academic Choir - BOLSHOI THEATRE ORCHESTRA / ANDREY CHISTIAKOV CD 20: THE LEGEND OF THE INVISIBLE CITY OF KITEZH AND THE MAIDEN FEVRONIYA Opera In Four Acts Libretto: Vladimir Belsky Act One: 1 Introduction: In Praise Of The Wilderness 2 Ah, You Forest, My Forest, Beautiful Wilderness (Fevroniya) 3 Oh Lord, What Is The Meaning Of This? (Prince Vsevolod/Fevroniya) 4 Whose Child Are You? Where Have You Come From? (Prince Vsevolod/Fevroniya) 5 Tell Me, Fair Maiden, Do You Go To Pray In God's Church? (Prince Vsevolod/Fevroniya) 6 Well Spoken, Fair Maiden! (Prince Vsevolod/Fevroniya) 7 Hail To Thee, Lips Of Honey (Prince Vsevolod/Fevroniya) 8 As Soon As The Marksmen Came Out Into The Open Field (Chorus/Prince Vsevolod/Fevroniya/Poyarok) Act Two: 9 Show Them, Mikhaylushka, Show Them Playful Bear (Bear Leader/Chorus/ Gusli Player/Well-off People) 10 So What Is That To Us? (Kuterma/ Well-off People/Chorus) 11 Hey Lads! I Can Hear Some Bells (Chorus/Poyarok/Well-off People) 12 Get Away, Clear Off, You Dog! (Chorus/Fevroniya/Poyarok/Kuterma) 13 Over The Bridges Of Guelder-tree (Chorus) 14 Gayda! Gay! Gayda! (Tatars/Bedyay/ Burunday/Chorus/Kuterma/Fevroniya) 15 Gayda! Gay! Stop, You Godless Heathens (Chorus/Kuterma) Total Time: 65'48 Prince Yury Vsevolodovich: IVAN PETROV Prince Vsevolod: VLADIMIR IVANOVSKY Fevroniya: NATALIA ROZHDESTVENSKAYA Grishka Kuterma: DIMITRI TARKHOV Fyodor Poyarok: ILJA BOGDANOV Page: LIDIA MELNIKOVA Two Well-off People: VENIARNIN SHEVTSOV, SERGEI KOLTYPIN Gusli Player: BORIS DOBRIN Bear Leader: TIHON CHERNYAKOV Singing Beggar: MIKHAIL SKAZIN Bedyay: LEONID KTITOROV Burunday: GENNADY TROITSKY Sirin: MARIA ZVEZDINA Alkonost: NINA KULAGINA, MOSCOW RADIO CHORUS & SYMPHONY ORCHESTRA / VASSILI NEBOLSIN CD 21: THE LEGEND OF THE INVISIBLE CITY OF KITEZH AND THE MAIDEN FEVRONIYA (PART 2) Opera In Four Acts Libretto: Vladimir Belsky Act Three: 1 Scene 1. Good Fortune To You, Citizens Of Kitezh (Poyarok/Chorus/Prince Vsevolod) 2 Oh Glory, Vain Wealth! (Prince Yury) 3 Wondrous Queen Of Heaven, Our Holy Protectress! (Poyarok/Prince Yury/ Chorus/Page) 4 Kitezh Looted And Us Taken Alive As A Tribute (Prince Yury/Chorus/Prince Vsevolod) 5 What Are We Standing About For, Sisters? (Chorus/Page/Prince Yury/ Poyarok) 6 Entr'acte To The Second Scene: The Battle Near Kerzhenets 7 Scene 2. Here Is The Oak Grove, And Here Is The Lake (Kuterma/Burunday/Bedyay/Chorus) 8 Oh, You Tartar Murzas! I Don't Need The Gold Or Silver (Burunday/Bedyay/Chorus) 9 Ah, My Dear Husband, My Hope! (Fevroniya) 10 Hear Me, Maiden... Lovely Princess! (Kuterma/Fevroniya) 11 Go, Servant Of The Lord! (Fevroniya/Kuterma/Chorus) Total Time: 62'36 Prince Yury Vsevolodovich: IVAN PETROV Prince Vsevolod: VLADIMIR IVANOVSKY Fevroniya: NATALIA ROZHDESTVENSKAYA Grishka Kuterma: DIMITRI TARKHOV Fyodor Poyarok: ILJA BOGDANOV Page: LIDIA MELNIKOVA Two Well-off People: VENIARNIN SHEVTSOV, SERGEI KOLTYPIN Gusli Player: BORIS DOBRIN Bear Leader: TIHON CHERNYAKOV Singing Beggar: MIKHAIL SKAZIN Bedyay: LEONID KTITOROV Burunday: GENNADY TROITSKY Sirin: MARIA ZVEZDINA Alkonost: NINA KULAGINA, MOSCOW RADIO CHORUS & SYMPHONY ORCHESTRA / VASSILI NEBOLSIN CD 22: THE LEGEND OF THE INVISIBLE CITY OF KITEZH AND THE MAIDEN FEVRONIYA (PART 3) Act Four: 1 Scene 1. Oh, I Can't Go On, Grishenka (Fevroniya/Kuterma) 2 Earth, Our Merciful Mother! (Fevroniya/Kuterma) 3 Grishenka!... He Will Not Listen (Fevroniya) 4 The Free Birds Are Toning Up Their Voices (Fevroniya/Voice Of Alkonost) 5 Is That You, Radiant Light Of My Eyes? (Fevroniya/Ghost) 6 The Bridegroom Has Come (Voice Of Sirin/Fevroniya/Ghost) 7 Entr'acte To The Second Scene 8 Scene 2. The Doors Of Paradise Have Opened For You (Alkonost/Sirin/Chorus) 9 Radiant Kingdom! O God! (Fevroniya/Chorus/Prince Vsevolod) 10 May The Grace Of God Be With You! (Prince Yury/Fevroniya/Prince Vsevolod/ Sirin/Alkonost) 11 Stay With Us Here For Ever More (Chorus/Fevroniya/Sirin/Alkonost/Prince Vsevolod/Prince Yury) 12 Grishenka, Even Though You Are Feeble In Mind (Fevroniya/Poyarok/Prince Yury/Chorus) Prince Yury Vsevolodovich: IVAN PETROV Prince Vsevolod: VLADIMIR IVANOVSKY Fevroniya: NATALIA ROZHDESTVENSKAYA Grishka Kuterma: DIMITRI TARKHOV Fyodor Poyarok: ILJA BOGDANOV Page: LIDIA MELNIKOVA Two Well-off People: VENIARNIN SHEVTSOV, SERGEI KOLTYPIN Gusli Player: BORIS DOBRIN Bear Leader: TIHON CHERNYAKOV Singing Beggar: MIKHAIL SKAZIN Bedyay: LEONID KTITOROV Burunday: GENNADY TROITSKY Sirin: MARIA ZVEZDINA Alkonost: NINA KULAGINA, MOSCOW RADIO CHORUS & SYMPHONY ORCHESTRA / VASSILI NEBOLSIN ROMANCES 13 The Rainy Day Has Waned Op.51 No.5 Pushkin 14 The Clouds Begin To Scatter Op.42 No.3 Pushkin 15 Oh, If Thou Couldst For One Moment Op.39 No.1 Tolstoy 16 Not The Wind, Blowing From The Heights Op.43 No.2 Tolstoy 17 The Octave Op.45 No.3 Maykov 18 The Messenger Op.4 No.2 Heine 19 The Upas Tree Op.49 No.1 Pushkin Total Time: 78'41 Ivan Petrov Bass - S. Stuchevsky Piano CD 23: THE GOLDEN COCKEREL - OPERA IN A PROLOGUE, THREE ACTS AND AN EPILOGUE Libretto By Vladimir Belsky After Alexander Pushkin Prologue: 1 Introduction: I Am The Master Magician (Astrologer) Act One: 2 The King's Monologue: I Have Summoned You Here (King Dodon) 3 Guidon's Plan: Great Father (Guidon/King Dodon/Chorus Of Boyars) 4 Afron's Plan (King Dodon/Boyars/Afron/Polkan/Guidon) 5 Hail, Majesty! Sire! (Astrologer) Oh, That's A Fairy Tale! (King Dodon/The Golden Cockerel) 6 Cock-a-doodle-do! The Coast Is Clear - The Parrot Scene (The Golden Cockerel/King Dodon/Amelfa) 7 Dodon's Siesta - Cock-a-doodle-do! Beware! (Chorus Of The People/Amelfa/The Golden Cockerel) Our King! Father Of The People! (Polkan/King Dodon/Afron/Chorus Of Boyars/Guidon) 8 King Dodon's Dream (The Golden Cockerel/King Dodon/Amelfa/Chorus) 9 The Cockerel's Sccene: Cock-a-doodle-do!... Oh! What Misfortune! (The Golden Cockerel/Chorus Of The People/Polkan/King Dodon) Total Time: 46'17 King Dodon: NIKOLAI STOILOV Prince Guidon: LYUBOMIR BODOUROV Afron: EMIL UGRINOV Polkan: KOSTA VIDEV Astrologer: LYUBOMIR DYAKOVSKI Queen Of Shemakha: ELENA STOYANOVA The Golden Cockerel: YAVORA STOILOVA Amelfa: EVGENIA BABACHEVA / SOFIA NATIONAL OPERA ORCHESTRA / DIMITER MANOLOV CD 24: THE GOLDEN COCKEREL - (PART 2) OPERA IN A PROLOGUE, THREE ACTS AND AN EPILOGUE Libretto By Vladimir Belsky After Alexander Pushkin Act Two: 1 Soldiers' Chorus: The Silent Night Is Whispering Fearful Things (Chorus Of Soldiers) What Terrible Sight Is This? - Behold, A Tent! (King Dodon/Polkan/Chorus Of Soldiers) 2 The Queen Of Shemakha's Entrance: Hail, O Ray Of Morning Sun (Queen Of Shemakha/King Dodon/Polkan) 3 Whose Heart Rich In Love (Queen Of Shemakha/King Dodon) 4 Dance Of The Queen Of Shemakha: At First I Shall Dance With A Lowered Veil (Queen Of Shemakha/King Dodon) 5 Sisters, Who Limps Beside The Resplendent Beauty? (Chorus Of Slaves) Ho! Polkan! Sound The Trumpets In Victory (King Dodon/Chorus Of Soldiers) 6 It Is Terrible, Brothers (Chorus Of The People/Amelfa) 7 Who Is That Stranger Standing There? (Queen Of Shemakha/King Dodon) Great King, It Is I (Astrologer) 8 King Dodon's Death: Ha, Ha, Ha! (Queen Of Shemakha) I've Beaten Him To Death (King Dodon/The Golden Cockerel/Chorus Of The People) Epilogue: 9 There, My Story's Ended! (Astrologer) Total Time: 72'24 King Dodon: NIKOLAI STOILOV Prince Guidon: LYUBOMIR BODOUROV Afron: EMIL UGRINOV Polkan: KOSTA VIDEV Astrologer: LYUBOMIR DYAKOVSKI Queen Of Shemakha: ELENA STOYANOVA The Golden Cockerel: YAVORA STOILOVA Amelfa: EVGENIA BABACHEVA / SOFIA NATIONAL OPERA ORCHESTRA / DIMITER MANOLOV CD 25: Historical Recordings SYMPHONY NO.3 IN C Op.32 1 I. Moderato Assai - Allegro 12'51 2 II. Scherzo: Vivo 6'01 3 III. Andante 8'22 4 IV. Allegro Con Spirito 6'18 SCHEHERAZADE Op.35 'Symphonic Suite After A Thousand And One Nights' 5 I. The Sea And Sinbad's Ship 10'09 6 II. The Story Of The Kalendar Prince 11'43 7 III. The Young Prince And The Young Princess 10'53 8 IV. Festival At Baghdad - The Sea - Shipwreck - Conclusion 11'16 Total Time: 77'38 USSR State TV And Radio Symphony Orchestra - Gennady Rozhdestvensky (1-4) David Oistrakh Violin - Bolshoi Theatre Symphony Orchestra - Nikolai Golovanov (5-8


The Train Kept A - Rollin' - 2839425297

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The Train Kept A - Rollin' Bear Family Records

Muzyka>Rock>Rock & Roll

1. Rock Billy Boogie 2. Please Don't Leave Me 3. Rock Therapy 4. Lonesome Train (On A Lonesome Track) 5. Sweet Love On My Mind 6. My Love, You're A Stranger 7. Your Baby Blue Eyes 8. I Love You So (Alt) 9. The Train Kept A Rollin' 10. All By Myself 11. Drinking Wine Spo-dee-o-dee 12. Blues Stay Away From Me 13. Honey Hush 14. Lonesome Tears In My Eyes 15. I Just Found Out 16. Chains Of Love 17. Please Don't Leave Me 18. Lonseome Train (On A Lonesome Track) (Alt) 19. I Love You So 20. If You Want It Enough 21. Butterfingers 22. Eager Beaver Baby 23. Touch Me 24. Tear It Up 25. Oh Baby Babe 26. You're Undecided 27. Midnight Train 28. Shattered Dreams 29. Your're Undecided (1) 30. Go Along Mule 31. Tear It Up (Live)/oh Baby Babe (Live) 32. Your Cheatin' On Me (False Start)/your Chea.. 101. Warm Love 102. Boppin' Rosalie 103. Do Baby Do 104. My Honey 105. I'm Restless 106. Kiss Me 107. Kiss Me (Alt) 108. Gumbo 109. Me & The Bear 110. I'll Never Love Again (1) 111. I'll Never Love Again (2) 112. Sweet Baby Doll 113. Waitin' At The Station (1) 114. Waitin' At The Station (2) 115. Green Grass Of Texas (Instrumental) 116. Bloody River (Instrumental) 117. Ol' Reb (Instrumental) 118. Rockin' Johnny Home (Instrumental) 119. I'll Always Be In Love With You 120. Settin' The Woods On Fire 121. Kentucky Waltz 122. Ballad Of The One Eyed Jacks 123. Your Cheatin' On Me 124. Blue School Days 125. Just Keep On Goin' 126. Just A Memory 127. It's The After That Hurts You 128. Patrick Henry 129. Don't Do It 130. Cincinnati Fireball 201. Dreamin' 202. I Want To Be With You Always 203. My Special Angel 204. Finders Keepers 205. I Really Don't Want To Know 206. Lovesick Blues 207. Please Help Me I'm Falling 208. Why Don't You Haul Off & Love Me 209. Love Me 210. Kaw Liga 211. Love Kept A Rollin' 212. That's All I Care 213. Some Enchanted Evening 214. You're Sixteen 215. It's My Way 216. That's The Way I Feel 217. Little Boy Sad/i Love My Baby 218. (I Go) Down To The River 219. Singing The Blues 220. Let's Think About Living 221. It's Only Make Believe 222. Oh Lonesome Me 223. Dream Lover 224. You're So Fine 225. Blue Blue Morning 226. Pledge Of Love 227. I Beg Your Pardon 228. Crying In The Chapel 229. Gimme Gimme Lovin' 230. You'll Learn To Cry 301. A Lover's Question 302. Big Big World 303. Ballad Of The One Eyed Jacks 304. Mona Lisa 305. I'm Still Dreamin' 306. In The Chapel Of The Moonlight 307. Red Sails In The Sunset 308. The Treasure Of Love 309. The Fool 310. Memories Are Made Of This 311. Girls 312. I've Got A Lot Of Things To Do 313. God, Country & My Baby 314. Honestly I Do 315. Fools Like Me 316. Angry At The Big Oak Tree 317. Clown Shoes 318. Second Chance 319. Walk On By 320. You're The Reason 321. Just Out Of Reach 322. Girl Of My Best Friend 323. Hello Walls 324. Moody River 325. A Little Bitty Tear 401. The Poorest Boy In Town 402. The Way I Am 403. The Fool Of The Year 404. Standing On The Outside Of Her Door 405. Let Me Be With You 406. Green Hills (Instrumental) 407. Lonely Island (Instrumental) 408. Island Girl (Instrumental) 409. Damn The Defiant 410. Lonesome Waters 411. Choo Choo Train 412. Roses Are Red 413. When Today Is A Long Time Ago 414. The Giant 415. I Just Called Up To Say Goodbye 416. I Wanna Thank Your Folks 417. I'll Never Get Over You 418. I'm Losing My Mind 419. The Old Man In The Country 420. Time Is Not Enough 421. Remember Me (I'm The One Who Loves You) 422. After The Boy Gets The Girl 423. Nobody Could (Version 1) 424. Nobody Could (Version 2) 425. Party Girl 426. Tag Along 427. Hey Sue 428. It Don't Take Much 429. I'll Give You Three Guesses 430. (Wish It Were Saturday Night) All Week Long 431. It Isn't There 432. Congratulations, You've Hurt Me Again 501. Walkin' Talkin' Doll 502. You Taught Me The Way To Love 503. The Opposite 504. Corner Of Heartache & Despair 505. Aunt Marie 506. Two Feet In Front Of Me 507. If I Were An Artist 508. And Her Name Is Scarlet 509. I Think She Knows 510. Sweet Suzie 511. Skippin' School 512. It All Depends On Linda 513. Fountain Of Love 514. What A Summer Day 515. Bigger Man 516. Less Than A Heartbeat 517. Congratulations, You've Hurt Me Again (Alt) 518. Keep A Knockin' 519. Bony Moronie 520. The Big House (The Travelers) 521. Goin' Home (The Travelers) 522. Bertha Lou 523. Snacky Poo (The Ring-a-dings) 524. Interview With Jonah Ruddy 525. Interview With Jack Brown For 'Rocketing R.' 526. Christmas Message 1 527. Christmas Message 2 528. New Year Message 601. Come On Baby 602. Believe What You Say 603. Rockin' The Town 604. My Little Baby Came Rockin' 605. Lights Out 606. Boom Boom Boom Yippy Yi Ya 607. Lizzy Dee 608. Rock Away Baby 609. Like The Mountains & The Sea 610. Daydreaming In School 611. Yes I Do 612. If You Love Me Strong Enough 613. Look What You've Missed 614. Rhythm In My Bones 615. Be Mine 616. It'll Be All Right 617. Tell Me 618. Just Gotta Be My Baby 619. Daddy-o 620. Keep Me In Mind 621. You Gotta Walk & Talk Your Fellow 622. Magic Island 623. Endless Love 624. One Soda, Two Straws 625. Water Boy 626. Jeannie 627. Just Keep On Going 628. Baby Doll Blue Eyes 629. Hey Stranger 630. Lovesick Blues 631. Finders Keepers 632. Cincinnati Fireball 633. One Sided Love Affair 634. Address Unknown 635. I Wanna Love My Baby 636. You're Sixteen 637. I'm Happy 638. That's The Way I Feel 701. Boppin' Rosalie 702. Do Baby Do 703. Warm Love 704. My Honey 705. Boppin' Rock 706. Honey Honey 707. We're Gonna Rock It 708. Circle Rock 709. Come On & Rock 710. Whatcha Gonna Do 711. Crazy Date 712. Lucky Boy 713. Honey Baby 714. Mule Boy 715. Gypsy Magic 716. Tell Me Baby 717. My Pretty Little Blue Eyes 718. Oh What I'd Give 719. Just For You 720. With All Your Heart 721. I'll Never Forget 722. Wanting You, Needing You 723. You Gotta Have A Friend 724. Way In The Middle Of The Night 725. I Would Do Anything 726. Wampus Cat 727. One Soda, Two Straws (2) 728. Good Good Feelin' 729. Wait For Me 730. We're Gonna Rock Tonight 731. Be My Love Tonight 732. Oh Vera Mae 733. Little Girl (Aka Kiss Me Sweet) 734. Baby Mine 735. Night Walker (Instrumental) 801. Crazy Legs 802. No Foolin' Around (Your Love My Love) 803. Whisper Tenderly 804. Candle Of Love 805. Blues Gonna Get You 806. Honey Tree 807. Speak No Evil 808. My Destiny 809. We're Having A Party 810. It's Late 811. Believe What You Say 812. School's Out 813. You Gotta Get Ready 814. House With A Tin Rooftop 815. How Do You Rock 816. Fantabulous 817. Just One More Time 818. Makin' Love 819. Teenage Dream 820. It's For Me 821. You Pass Me By 822. There's Gonna Be Lovin' 823. Operator 824. Baby Doll 825. Treat Me 826. Charleston Rock 'N' Roll 827. I Feel So Welcome 828. Mean It 829. Like A Fool 830. Too Much Alike 831. Sugarfoot Sally 832. Hey Little Freshman 833. Water Boy 834. Magic Night Of Love 835. Date Me 836. Hey Gang


The Right To Sing The Blu - 2839306803

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The Right To Sing The Blu Le Chant Du Monde


1. Your Mother's Son-in-law 2. Riffin' The Scotch 3. I Wished On The Moon 4. What A Little Moonlight Can Do 5. Miss Brown To You 6. A Sunbonnet Blue 7. What A Night, What A Moon, What A Girl 8. I'm Painting The Town Red 9. It's Too Hot For Words 10. Twenty-four Hours A Day 11. Yankee Doodle Never Went To Town 12. Eeny Meeny Miney Mo 13. If You Were Mine 14. These 'N That 'N Those 15. You Let Me Down 16. Spreadin' Rhythm Around 17. Life Begins When You're In Love 18. It's Like Reaching For The Moon 19. These Foolish Things 20. I Cried For You 21. Guess Who 22. Did I Remember? 23. No Regrets 24. Summertime 25. Billie's Blues 101. A Fine Romance 102. I Can't Pretend 103. One, Two, Button Your Shoe 104. Let's Call A Heart A Heart 105. Easy To Love ! 106. With Thee I Swing 107. The Way You Look Tonight 108. Who Loves You 109. Pennies From Heaven 110. That's Life I Guess 111. I Can't Give You Anything But Love 112. One Never Knows - Does One? 113. I've Got My Love To Keep Me Warm 114. If My Heart Could Only Talk 115. Please Keep Me In Your Dreams 116. He Ain't Got Rhythm 117. This Year's Kisses 118. Why Was I Born? 119. I Must Have That Man 120. The Mood That I'm In 121. You Showed Me The Way 122. Sentimental & Melancholy 123. (This Is) My Last Affair 201. Carelessly 202. How Could You? 203. Moanin' Low 204. Where Is The Sun? 205. Let's Call The Whole Thing Off 206. They Can't Take That Away From Me 207. I Don't Know If I'm Coming Or Going 208. Sun Showers 209. Yours & Mine 210. I'll Get By 211. Mean To Me 212. Foolin' Myself 213. Easy Living 214. I'll Never Be The Same 215. Me, Myself & I 216. A Sailboat In The Moonlight 217. Born To Love 218. Whithout Your Love 219. Getting Some Fun Out Of Life 220. Who Wants Love? 221. Trav'lin' All Alone 222. He's Funny Htat Way 223. Nice Work If You Can Get It 224. Things Are Looking Up 225. My Man 226. Can't Help Loving Dat Man 301. My First Impression Of You 302. When You're Smiling 303. I Can't Believe That You're In Love With Me 304. If Dreams Come True 305. Now They Call It Swing 306. On The Sentimental Side (Piano Take) 307. On The Sentimental Side (Guitar Take) 308. Back In Your Own Backyard 309. Back In Your Own Backyard (Slow Version) 310. When A Woman Loves A Man 311. You Go To My Head 312. The Moon Looks Down & Laughs 313. If I Were You 314. Forget If You Can 315. Having Myself A Time 316. Says My Heart 317. I Wish I Had You 318. I'm Gonna Lock My Heart 319. Any Old Time 320. The Very Thought Of You 321. I Can't Get Started 322. I Can't Get Started (Take 2) 323. I've Got A Date With A Dream 324. You Can't Be Mine 325. Everybody's Laughing 326. Here It Is Tomorrow Again 401. Say It With A Kiss 402. April In My Heart 403. April In My Heart (Slow Version) 404. I'll Never Fail You 405. They Say (Slow Version) 406. They Say 407. You're So Desirable 408. You're Gonna See A Lot Of Me 409. Hello My Darling 410. Let's Dream In The Moonlight 411. That's All I Ask Of You 412. Dream Of Life 413. What Shall I Say? 414. It's Easy To Blame The Weather 415. More Than You Know 416. Sugar 417. You're Too Lovely To Last 418. Under A Blue Jungle Moon 419. Everything Happens For The Best 420. Why Did I Always Depend On You? 421. Long Gone Blues 422. Strange Fruit 423. Yesterdays 424. Fine & Mellow 425. I Gotta Right To Sing The Blues 501. Some Other Spring 502. Our Love Is Different 503. Them There Eyes 504. Swing Brother Swing 505. Night & Day 506. The Man I Love 507. You're Just A No Account 508. You're A Lucky Guy 509. Ghost Of Yesterday 510. Body & Soul 511. What Is This Going To Get Us? 512. Falling In Love Again 513. I'm Pulling Through 514. Tell Me More 515. Laughing At Life 516. Time On My Hands 517. I'm All For You 518. I Hear Music 519. The Same Old Story 520. Practise Makes Perfect 521. St. Louis Blues 522. Loveless Love 601. Let's Do It 602. Georgia On My Mind 603. Romance In The Dark 604. All Of Me 605. I'm In A Low-down Groove 606. God Bless The Child 607. Am I Blue? 608. Solitude 609. Jim 610. I Cover The Waterfront 611. Love Me Or Leave Me 612. Gloomy Sunday 613. Wherever You Are 614. Mandy Is Two 615. It's A Sin To Tell A Lie 616. Until The Real Thing Comes Along 617. Trav'lin' Light 618. How Am I To Know 619. My Old Flame 620. I'll Get By 621. I Cover The Waterfront 701. I'll Be Seeing You 702. I'm Yours 703. Embraceable You 704. As Time Goes By 705. Billie's Blues 706. On The Sunny Side Of The Street 707. He's Funny That Way 708. Lover Come Back To Me 709. Lover Man 710. No More 711. That Old Devil Called Love 712. Don't Explain 713. You Better Go Now 714. What Is This Thing Called Love? 715. Good Morning Heartache 716. No Good Man 717. Big Stuff 718. Baby I Don't Cry Over You 719. I'll Look Around 720. Do You Know What It Means To Miss New Orleans? 721. The Blues Are Brewin' 722. Guilty 723. Deep Song 724. There Is No Greater Love 725. Easy Living 801. Solitude 802. Weep No More 803. Girls Were Made To Take Care Of Boys 804. I Love You Porgy 805. My Man 806. Ain't Nobody's Business If I Do 807. Baby Get Lost 808. Keeps On A Rainin' 809. Them There Eyes 810. Do Your Duty 811. Gimme A Pigfoot & A Bottle Of Beer 812. You Can't Lose A Broken Heart 813. My Sweet Hunk O' Trash 814. Now Or Never 815. You're My Thrill 816. Crazy He Calls Me 817. Please Tell Me Now 818. Somebody's On My Mind 819. God Bless The Child 820. This Is Heaven To Me 821. Blue Turning Grey Over You 822. Be Fair With Me 823. Rocky Mountain Blues 824. Detour Ahead


L - O - V - E - 2839417144

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L - O - V - E Bear Family Records


1. The Continental 2. I Wish You Love 3. You Leave Me Breathles 4. Thou Swell 5. My Kinda Love 6. The Surrey With The Fringe On Top 7. Where Or When (Instrumental) 8. Miss Otis Regrets (She's Unable To Lunch ...) 9. Joe Turner's Blues 10. Mr. Cole Won't Rock & Roll 11. Introduction 12. Wild Is Love 13. Wild Is Love 14. Hundreds & Thousands Of Girls 15. It's A Beautiful Evening 16. Tell Her In The Morning 17. Are You Disenchanted? 18. Pick-up 19. Beggar For The Blues 20. World Of No Return 21. In Love Again 22. Stay With It 23. Wouldn't You Know 24. He Who Hesitates 25. Wild Is Love (Reprise) 101. Steady 102. My Love-1 103. Magic Night 104. Is It Better To Have Loved & Lost? 105. Someone To Tell It Too 106. Baby Blue 107. When It's Summer 108. You Are Mine 109. Away In A Manger 110. I Saw Three Ships 111. Silent Night 112. The First Noel 113. Joy To The World 114. Deck The Halls 115. Hark The Herald Angels Sing 116. Adeste Fideles 1 117. Adeste Fideles 2 118. O Tannenbaum 119. A Cradle In Bethlehem 120. God Rest Ye Merry, Gentlemen 121. Caroling, Caroling/o Holy Night 122. O Little Town Of Bethlehem 123. The Christmas Song (Merry Christmas To You) 124. Buon Natale Means (Merry Christmas To You) 125. The Happiest Christmas Tree 126. Toys For Tots (Marine Corps Release) 201. If I Knew 202. I Remember You 203. Sunday, Monday Or Always 204. A Nightingale Sang In Berkeley Square 205. My Need For You 206. Poinciana 207. The Touch Of Your Lips 208. You're Mine, You! 209. Illusion 210. Funny (Not Much) 211. Not So Long Ago 212. Only Forever 213. Lights Out 214. It's Only A Paper Moon 215. Sweet Lorraine 216. (Get Your Kicks On) Route 66 217. Straighten Up & Fly Right 218. (I Love You) For Sentimental Reasons 219. Embraceable You 220. Answer Me My Love 221. Darling Je Vous Aime Beaucoup 222. Smile 223. Pretend 301. Walkin' My Baby Back Home 302. Ballerina (Dance, Ballerina, Dance) 303. The Sand & The Sea 304. A Blossom Fell 305. Nature Boy 306. Too Young 307. Somewhere Along The Way 308. Unforgettable 309. Mona Lisa 310. Send For Me 311. If I May-1 312. Looking Back 313. Goodnight Little Leaguer 314. Take A Fool's Advice 315. The First Baseball Game 316. Because You Love Me 317. Make It Last 318. Capuccina 319. Let True Love Begin (Let's Begin Again) 320. Let True Love Begin (Let's Begin Again) (With 321. Chorus) 322. Love 323. I Heard You Cried Last Night 324. Orange Colored Sky 325. To The Ends Of The Earth 326. Non Dimenticar 327. Blue Gardenia 328. Night Lights 329. Calypso Blues 330. I Am In Love 331. Lush Life 401. Ebony Rhapsody 402. Day In, Day Out 403. Too Little, Too Late 404. When My Sugar Walks Down The Street 405. Cold, Cold Heart 406. Let's Face The Music & Dance 407. Something Makes Me Want To Dance With You 408. I'm Gonna Sit Right Down & Write Myself... 409. The Rules Of The Road 410. Warm & Willing 411. Bidin' My Time 412. Moon Love 413. Azure-te 414. A Beautiful Friendship 415. Everything Happens To Me 416. Pick Yourself Up 417. September Song 418. Let There Be Love 419. I Got It Bad & That Ain't Good 420. Serenata 421. The Game Of Love 422. Fly Me To The Moon (In Other Words) 423. Guess I'll Go Back Home 424. I'm Lost 425. Don't Go 426. There's A Lull In My Life 427. Lost April 501. Twilight On The Trail 502. He'll Have To Go 503. Step Right Up 504. Magic Moment 505. The Right Things To Say 506. Look No Further 507. La Feria De Las Flores 508. Guadalajara 509. La Golondrina (The Swallow) 510. Tres Palabras (Withut You) 511. Piel Canela 512. Solamente Una Vez (You Belong To My Heart) 513. Las Chiapanecas (While There's Music, ...) 514. Vaya Con Dios (May God Be With You) 515. Adios Mariquita Linda (Adios & Farewell...) 516. No Me Platiques 517. Aqui Se Habla En Amor (Love Is Spoken Here) 518. A Media Luz 519. Dear Lonely Hearts 520. Ramblin' Rose 521. Nothing Goes Up Without Coming Down 522. The Good Times 523. Who's Next In Line? 524. When You're Smiling 525. Wolverton Mountain 526. One Has My Name, The Other Has My Heart 527. Skip To My Lou 528. Sing Another Song (And We'll All Go Home) 529. Your Cheatin' Heart 530. Goodnight, Irene, Goodnight 531. I Don't Want It That Way 601. Farewell To Arms 602. Happy New Year 603. When The World Was Young 604. Spring Is Here 605. No, I Don't Want Her 606. Say It Isn't So 607. Am I Blue? 608. Laughing On The Outside 609. I Keep Going Back To Joe's 610. The End Of A Love Affair 611. That's All There Is 612. Someone To Tell It To 613. If Love Ain't There 614. Where Did Everyone Go? 615. Miss You 616. Oh How I Miss You Tonight 617. All Over The World 618. Lonesome & Sorry 619. My First & Only Lover 620. Near You 621. Why Should I Cry Over You? 622. Yearning 623. All By Myself 624. It's A Lonesome Old Town 625. Misery Loves Company 701. In The Cool Of The Day 702. Those Lazy, Hazy, Crazy Days Of Summer 703. Felicia 704. You'll See 705. Mr. Wishing Well 706. On The Sidewalks Of New York 707. Get Out & Get Under The Moon 708. After The Ball Is Over 709. There Is A Tavern In The Town 710. On A Bicycle Built For Two 711. In The Good Old Summertime 712. That Sunday, That Summer 713. Our Old Home Town 714. Don't Forget 715. You Tell Me Your Dream 716. That's What They Meant 717. Wouldn't It Be Loverly? 718. I've Grown Accustomed To Her Face 719. I Could Have Danced All Night 720. With A Little Bit Of Luck 721. You Did It 722. Show Me 723. I'm An Ordinary Man 724. Hymn To Him 725. Get Me To The Church On Time 726. The Rain In Spain 727. On The Street Where You Live 801. Silver Bird 802. My True Carrie Love 803. I Don't Want To Be Hurt Anymore 804. A Rag, A Bone, A Hank Of Hair 805. People 806. Let Me Tell You, Babe 807. Brush Those Tears From Your Eyes 808. You're Crying On My Shoulder 809. Was That The Human Thing To Do? 810. Only Yesterday 811. Road To Nowhere 812. Go, If You're Going 813. I'm Alone Because I Love You 814. Don't You Remember? 815. I'm All Cried Out 816. I Don't Want To See Tomorrow 817. You're My Everything 818. L-o-v-e 819. Wanderlust 820. Marnie 821. More & More Of Your Amore 822. The Ballad Of Cat Ballou 823. They Can't Make Her Cry 824. How I'd Love To Love You 825. Coquette (Little Coquette) 901. More 902. Your Love 903. My Kind Of Girl 904. Thanks To You 905. There's Love 906. Swiss Retreat 907. The Girl From Ipanema 908. Three Little Words 909. No Other Heart 910. Je Ne Repartirai Pas (French Version) 911. Les Feuilles Mortes (French Version) 912. Le Bonheur C'est Quand On S'aime (French) 913. Crois-moi Ca Durera (French Version) 914. Passing By (French Version) 915. L-o-v-e (Italian Version) 916. Tu Sei Cosi Amabile (Italian Version) 917. Amor (Spanish Version) 918. Tu Eres Tan Amable (Spanish Version) 919. Muetterlein (German Version) 920. L-o-v-e (German Version) 921. L-o-v-e (Japanese Version) 922. Kareha (Japanese Version) 1001. Magic Night 1002. Is It Better To Have Loved & Lost? 1003. Baby Blue 1004. When It's Summer 1005. You Are Mine 1006. If I Knew 1007. Looking Back 1008. Take A Fool's Advice 1009. Because You Love Me 1010. Make It Last 1011. Capuccina 1012. Let True Love Begin (Let's Begin Again) 1013. Magic Moment 1014. Farewell To Arms 1015. Happy New Year 1016. Felicia 1017. You'll See 1018. Mr. Wishing Well 1019. Silver Bird 1020. People 1021. I Don't Want To Be Hurt Anymore (Japanese) 1022. Let Me Tell You, Babe 1023. Marnie 1024. No Other Heart 1025. Unforgettable 1026. Felicia 1027. A Rag, A Bone, A Hank Of Hair 1028. I Don't Want To See Tomorrow 1029. Song Of Raintree Country


Oxygen Forensic Detective (zawiera 12 m-cy aktualizacji) - 2833104000

34288,40 zł

Oxygen Forensic Detective (zawiera 12 m-cy aktualizacji) GSM-Support, Kraków

Oprogramowanie użytkowe > Oxygen > Programy dla śledczych

Oxygen Forensic Detective (zawiera 12 m-cy aktualizacji) - to oprogramowanie dla komputerów klasy PC służące do wydobycia maksymalnej ilości informacji z telefonów komórkowych i smartfonów, w celach dochodzeniowo-śledczych. Program ten odegrał znaczącą rolę w śledztwach w postępowaniach kryminalnych i innych w ponad 20 krajach na całym świecie. Jednym z głównych zastosowań tego oprogramowania jest odzyskiwanie informacji, które mogą służyć jako dowód w postępowaniu sądowym. Firma GSM-SUPPORT posiada bezpośrednią autoryzację od producenta na sprzedaż oprogramowania firmy Oxygen Software. Supports live data acquisition from 11,000+ mobile devices running on iOS, Android, Windows 8, Windows Mobile 5/6, RIM(Blackberry), Symbian, Bada, Chinese MTK chipset, and feature phones. Offers advanced Oxygen Forensic


Candy Kisses - 2839413336

619,99 zł

Candy Kisses Bear Family Records


1. All I Need Is Some More Lovin' 2. Candy Kisses 3. Rainbow In My Heart 4. Please Don't Let Me Love You 5. Silver River 6. Don't Make Me Sorry 7. Put All Your Lovin In A Cookie Jar 8. Room Full Of Roses 9. I Love Everything About You 10. Ring On Your Finger 11. Cry Baby Heart 12. Why In Heaven's Name 13. The Shoe Is On The Other... (& Dinah Shore) 14. Wedding Dolls (& Dinah Shore) 15. Greedy Fingers 16. Angel Mother 17. Lucky Seven 18. You Win The Bride 19. So Far 20. Warm Hands, Cold Heart (& Dolly Good) 21. Don't Be Afraid To Love Me 22. I Know You'll Never Change 23. Pardon Me For Being A Fool 24. D-a-r-l-i-n-g 101. Somebody Robbed My Beehive 102. I Love No One But You 103. Broken Candy Heart 104. I Wish I May, I Wish I Might 105. Tennessee Hillbilly Ghost 106. Waltzing By The Ohio 107. My Heart Keeps Telling Me 108. Fresh Red Apple Cheeks 109. My Baby Lied To Me 110. Stranger In The Night 111. Mansion Over The Hilltop 112. Cry Of The Lamb 113. You're A Little Doll 114. Almost 115. Every Little Thing Rolled Into One 116. Be Sure You Know 117. Whistle My Love 118. One-woman Man 119. Please Believe 120. Harbor Of Broken Hearts 121. Will The Angels Let Me Play 122. Can You Trust Me Again 123. You're The Only One...(& Rosemary Clooney) 124. Withered Roses (& Rosemary Clooney) 125. You Love Me Just Enough To Hurt Me(& Clooney) 126. Grapevine Swing (& Rosemary Clooney) 201. Ain't Love Grand 202. A Lover's Quarrel 203. Honky Tonk Street 204. Most Of All 205. Every Prayer Is A Flower 206. How Many Times 207. I Passed By Your Window 208. The Lonesome Waltz 209. I'll Furnish The Shoulder You Cry On 210. Half-hearted 211. Look What Followed Me Home Tonight 212. No One Knows It Better Than Me 213. Love, Love, Love 214. The First Time I Told You A Lie 215. It's Been Nice 216. Walking Shoes 217. I Think I'm Going To Cry 218. Sweetheart 219. A Cheap Affair (& Shirley Dale) 220. So Lonesome 221. I'd Like To Know 222. A Shot In The Dark 223. The Best Mistake 224. Whither Thou Goest 225. Oceans Of Tears 226. Oh, Gentle Shepherd 227. You Don't Have To Walk Alone 301. Lonesome Record 302. Ever So Often 303. Little Pioneer 304. She's Back In Town 305. Jesus Savior Pilot Me 306. Stay Away From Me Baby 307. Take A Look At Yourself 308. Send For My Baby 309. Now You Know 310. There Goes My Love 311. The Way Of A Hopeless Love 312. Perfect Romance 313. Can I Be Dreaming 314. Don't Cry, For You I Love 315. Sweet, Sweet Lips 316. The Tears Behind The Smile 317. Don't Knock It 318. Our Summer Vacation 319. It Always Ends Too Soon 320. Late Date 321. My House Is Divided 322. It's A Sin 323. The One Rose 324. White Azaleas 325. You're The Only Star In My Blue Heaven 401. Candy Kisses 402. I'm Not Afraid 403. Loveable You 404. Rockabilly Bungalow 405. Come Away From His Arms 406. I'm In Love Again 407. The Touch Of Your Sweet Lips 408. It Was All In Your Mind 409. Please Don't Let Me Love You 410. Almost 411. Room Full Of Roses 412. Cry Baby Heart 413. Little Duch Girl 414. The Last Thing I Want To Know 415. You're The Only Good Thing 416. You're The Only Good Thing 417. Come Away From His Arms 418. One Empty Chair 419. Where There's A Will There's A Way 420. Who Knows You Best 421. It's Best You Know 422. The Little Green Men 423. Only One Minute More 424. The Day Will Come 501. Trees 502. Mother Machree 503. Smilin' Thru 504. Mighty Like A Rose 505. Beautiful Dreamer 506. Galway Bay 507. Memories 508. Danny Boy 509. The Rosary 510. The Old Refrain 511. Across The Wide Missouri 512. Dear Little Boy Of Mine 513. Every Day Of My Life 514. Don't You Know Me 515. Our Love 516. Lonely Room 517. Let Me Live & Love Today 518. I Can Hear My Heart Break 519. Have I Ever Been Untrue 520. Blue Snowfall 521. Beyond My Heart 522. Macht Nichts 523. Where Is My Love 601. Tender Lovin' Care 602. Would You Believe 603. Whose Memory Are You 604. All Right 605. One Dozen Roses 606. You're Not Home Yet 607. Back Again 608. Just Like A Fool 609. We Could 610. Almost All The Time 611. In Your Eyes 612. Your Lonely Nights Are Over 613. Just Out Of Reach 614. Sin & Silver (& Marion Worth) 615. Slipping Around (& Marion Worth) 616. I Love You So Much It Hurts (& Marion Worth) 617. Country Boy - City Girl (& Marion Worth) 618. Just Your Conscience (& Marion Worth) 619. Too Busy Saying Goodbye (& Marion Worth) 620. Tears & Roses 621. Dear John 622. Happy Endings 623. Please Help Me I'm Falling (& Marion Worth) 624. Slowly (& Marion Worth) 625. How Can We Plan The Future (& Marion Worth) 626. The Beginning Of The End (& Marion Worth) 627. The Eyes Of The World (& Marion Worth) 628. I'm Thinking Tonight Of My Blue Eyes(& Worth) 629. I'll Call You Charlie (& Marion Worth) 701. Yesterday's Roses 702. Bouquet Of Roses 703. Teardrops On The Roses 704. A Petal From A Faded Rose 705. The Convict & The Rose 706. Roses 707. One Rose 708. The Violet & A Rose 709. The One Rose 710. Roses Are Red 711. By The River Of The Roses 712. A Picture That's New 713. Bring Your Roses To Her Now 714. Red Roses For A Blue Lady 715. It's All Coming Home To You But Me 716. Not From My World 717. Saving All My Love (& Marion Worth) 718. Home Is Where The Heart Is 719. No Man Should Hurt As Bad As I Do 720. There Goes My World 721. Married (& Marion Worth) 722. The Wheel Of Hurt (& Marion Worth) 723. Speak Well Of Me


Country & Western - 200. . - 2839335081

82,49 zł

Country & Western - 200. . Documents


1. I Can't Stop Loving You 2. He'll Have To Go 3. All For The Love Of A Girl 4. Young Love 5. Singing The Blues 6. Memories Are Made Of This 7. Ballad Of A Teenage Queen 8. Baby Don't Go 9. One By One 10. Devoted To You 11. Lovesick Blues 12. Please Help Me I'm Falling 13. More Than A Poor Boy Could Give 14. Heartaches By The Number 15. Wings Of A Dove 16. I Ain't Never 17. Before This Day Ends 18. Send Me The Pillow You Dream On 19. I Dig You Baby 20. Whispering Pines 101. I Think I Know 102. Tangled Mind 103. For Rent (One Empty Heart) 104. Goodbye Little Darlin' 105. Sweet Dreams 106. Eyes Of Love 107. Gonna Find Me A Bluebird 108. The Tip Of My Fingers 109. The Window Up Above 110. I'm Beginning To Forget You 111. Dear Mama 112. I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry 113. Left To Right 114. Rocking Alone In An Old Rocking Chair 115. You Can't Pick A Rose In December 116. Second Honeymoon 117. Call Me Up 118. Scarlet Ribbons (For Her Hair) 119. Another 120. I Don't Hurt Anymore 201. A White Sport Coat (And A Pink Carnation) 202. Long Gone Lonesome Blues 203. (I Can't Help You) I'm Falling Too 204. Who Will Buy The Wine 205. Just Call Me Lonesome 206. No Love Have I 207. Love Has Made You Beautiful 208. I Forgot To Remember To Forget 209. So Many Times 210. Blue Blue Day 211. Anymore 212. A Woman Captured Me 213. Amigo's Guitar 214. Two Fools In Love 215. Each Moment Spent With You 216. Country Girl 217. Beg Your Pardon 218. That's Where I Want To Be 219. He'll Have To Stay 220. I Can't Quit (I've Gone Too Far) 301. Four Walls 302. Above And Beyond 303. Your Cheatin' Heart 304. Am I That Easy To Forget 305. The Same Two Lips 306. The Same Old Me 307. Whispering Rain 308. Wishful Thinking 309. Crying My Heart Out Over You 310. I Love You Baby 311. Knoxville Girl 312. Mommy For A Day 313. Katy Too 314. A Thousand Miles Ago 315. You Got Everything 316. Then I'll Stop Loving You 317. Do It Now 318. Too Soon To Know 319. Face To The Wall 320. Nothin' Needs Nothin' 401. El Paso 402. My Baby's Gone 403. Am I That Easy To Forget 404. That Silver-haired Daddy Of Mine 405. Puppy Love 406. Heartaches 407. Would You Care 408. A Stranger To Me 409. Once More 410. Stop The World (And Let Me Off) 411. I Love You More 412. Colour Of The Blues 413. Baby We're Really In Love 414. The Wayward Wind 415. Wedding Bells 416. I'm So In Love With You 417. Wasted Words 418. Thanks A Lot 419. I Can't Stop Loving You 420. Oh Lonesome Me 501. Guess Things Happen That Way 502. You Better Not Go 503. These Hands 504. Just As Long As You Love Me 505. Settin' The Woods On Fire 506. The Lonely Side Of Town 507. Irene Goodnight 508. Life To Go 509. Clementine 510. Trouble In Mind 511. Lonesome Old House 512. Hold Everything (Til I Get Home) 513. Just Married 514. Go Away With Me 515. 'Cause I Love You 516. Talk Of The School 517. Tryin' To Forget The Blues 518. Before I Met You 519. Can I Count On Your Love 520. Girl Left Alone 601. Why Don't You Love Me? 602. Next In Line 603. Blue Boy 604. I Found My Girl In The U.s.a. 605. Heartbreak Avenue 606. Curtain In The Window 607. Fraulein 608. My Arms Are A House 609. Dark Moon 610. The Ways Of A Woman In Love 611. Geisha Girl 612. Stairway Of Love 613. She Knows Why 614. Who's Gonna Shoe Your Pretty Little Feet? 615. You'll Come Back 616. Why Why 617. Give Myself A Party 618. Falling Back To You 619. According To My Heart 620. For You Alone 701. Just One Time 702. My Special Angel 703. Spanish Fireball 704. Walkin' After Midnight 705. She Was Only Seventeen 706. I Thought I Heard You Calling My Name 707. Am I Losing You 708. You Win Again 709. My Shoes Keep Walkin' Back To You 710. Listen To My Heart 711. I Miss You Already 712. Bye Bye Love 713. You're The Nearest Thing To Heaven 714. You Win Again 715. Midnight 716. I'm Hurtin' Inside 717. From A Jack To A King 718. Gone 719. Stolen Moments 720. I'm Here To Get My Baby Out Of Jail 801. You're Makin' A Fool Out Of Me 802. There's A Fool Such As I 803. Jacqueline 804. Two Shadows On Your Window 805. Jealousy 806. Lonely Island Pearl 807. What About Me 808. Lonely 809. Somebody's Back In Town 810. Ain't I The Lucky One 811. Squaws Along The Yukon 812. I Still Miss Someone 813. Your Name Is Beautiful 814. First Date, First Kiss, First Love 815. Is It Wrong (For Loving You) 816. That's The Way I Feel 817. Down The Trail Of Achin' Hearts 818. Lost To A Geisha Girl 819. Cryin' Over You 820. Moanin' The Blues 901. Let Me Go Lover 902. I'll Go On Alone 903. Old Moon 904. Anna Marie 905. Treasure Of Love 906. Cold, Cold Heart 907. Train Of Love 908. Talk To Me Lonesome Heart 909. I'm In Love Again 910. Far Far Away 911. That Crazy Feeling 912. Pick Me Up On Your Way Down 913. City Lights 914. Take A Message To Mary 915. Alone With You 916. Set Him Free 917. Yellow Roses 918. My Happiness 919. There You Go 920. You're The Reason I'm In Love


The Singing Ranger 4 - 2839413712

679,99 zł

The Singing Ranger 4 Bear Family Records


1. If I Ever Get Back To Georgia 2. Gentle On My Mind 3. Honey 4. Sweet Dreams 5. Break My Mind 6. Where Has All The Love Gone? 7. Green, Green, Green 8. Oh Lonesome Me 9. Like A Bird 10. I Really Don't Want To Know 11. (As Love Goes) So Goes My Heart 12. Francesca 13. When Today Is A Long Time Ago 14. Come The Morning 15. I Wish It Was Mine 16. Cure For The Blues 17. Crying Time 18. There's The Chair 19. Snowbird 20. I Threw Away The Rose 21. Me And Bobby Mcgee 22. Just Bidin' My Time 23. Cd 2: I'm Movin' 24. Silver Rails 25. Go With My Heart 26. Wabash Cannonball 27. The Engineer's Child 28. Casey Jones Was His Name 29. Fire Ball Mail 30. Folsom Prison Blues 31. Lonely Train 32. That Same Old Dotted Line 33. I'm Movin' In 34. The Train My Woman's On 35. Duquesne, Pennsylvania 36. Canadian Pacific 37. Crack In The Box Car Door 38. North To Chicago 39. The City Of New Orleans 40. The Texas Silver Zephyr 41. Get On My Love Train 42. My Blue River Rose 43. The Blue Velvet Band 44. Wanderin' On 45. Old Doc Brown 46. Stolen Moments 47. When That Someone You Love Doesn't Love You 48. My Mother 49. Nobody's Child 50. Little Buddy 51. Cd 3: The Hobo's Meditation 52. My Rough And Rowdy Ways 53. Frankie And Johnny 54. She Was Happy Till She Met You 55. Away Out On The Mountain 56. Cowhand's Las Ride 57. Everybody Does It In Hawaii 58. I've Rangfed, I've Roamed, I've Traveled 59. Ninety Nine Year Blues 60. Mother, The Queen Of My Heart 61. Whisper Your Mother's Name 62. Home Call 63. My Blue Eyed Jane 64. Waiting For A Train 65. Pistol Packin' Papa 66. T.b.blues 67. My Little Old Home Down In New Orleans 68. Why Did You Give Me Your Love 69. In The Jailhouse Now 70. Gambling Polka Dot Blues 71. The One Rose (That's Left In My Heart) 72. Hobo's Bill's Last Ride 73. Nobody Knows But Me 74. Cd 4: Hello Love 75. One Minute Past Eternity 76. No One Will Ever Know 77. For The Good Times 78. Sunday Mornin' Comin' Down 79. Everytime I Love Her 80. The Seashores Of Old Mexico 81. Gypsy Feet 82. Ribbon Of Darkness 83. My Way 84. Bob 85. Friend 86. The Governor's Hand 87. Rolling Thunder In My Mind 88. I'm Not At All Sorry For You 89. My Dreams Tell It Like It Was 90. It's Over, Over Nothin' 91. Until The End Of Time 92. Four In The Morning 93. I've Got To Give It All To You 94. A Daisy A Day 95. Today I Started Loving You Again 96. I Have You And That's Enough For Me 97. I Washed My Hands In Muddy Water 98. It Just Happened That Way


100 Hits - Presents 60s - 2839316603

44,99 zł

100 Hits - Presents 60s 100 Hits


1. Hey! Baby -in The Style Of Bruce Channel 2. Let's Twist Again -in The Style Of Chubby Checke 3. I'm A Believer -in The Style Of The Monkees 4. Keep On Running -in The Style Of The Spencer Dav 5. Dancing In The Street -in The Style Of Martha An 6. Can't Take My Eyes Off You -in The Style Of Andy 7. Hey Jude -in The Style Of The Beatles 8. Suspicious Minds -in The Style Of Elvis Presley 9. Soul Man -in The Style Of Sam & Dave 10. This Old Heart Of Mine -in The Style Of The Isle 11. Do Wahdiddydiddy-in The Style Of Manfred Mann 12. Summer Holiday -in The Style Of Cliff Richard An 13. Stand By Me -in The Style Of Ben E. King 14. I Heard It Through The Grapevine -in The Style O 15. Reach Out I'll Be There -in The Style Of Four To 16. The Tracks Of My Tears -in The Style Of Smokey R 17. When A Man Loves A Woman -in The Style Of Percy 18. Big Spender -in The Style Of Shirley Bassey 19. Brown Eyed Girl -in The Style Of Van Morrison 20. My Way -in The Style Of Frank Sinatra 101. I Just Want To Make Love To You -in The Style Of 102. Shout -in The Style Of Lulu And The Luvvers 103. The Loco-motion -in The Style Of Little Eva 104. Son Of A Preacher Man -in The Style Of Dusty Spr 105. My Guy -in The Style Of Mary Wells 106. My Girl -in The Style Of The Temptations 107. These Boots Are Made For Walkin' -in The Style O 108. Crazy -in The Style Of Patsy Cline 109. Stand By Your Man -in The Style Of Tammy Wynette 110. (Take A Little) Piece Of My Heart -in The Style 111. Stop! In The Name Of Love -in The Style Of The S 112. Jimmy Mack -in The Style Of Martha And The Vande 113. It Takes Two -in The Style Of Marvin Gaye & Kim 114. Dadooron Ron-in The Style Of The Crystals 115. Young Girl -in The Style Of The Union Gap Featur 116. (You Make Me Feel Like) A Natural Woman -in The 117. Be My Baby -in The Style Of The Ronettes 118. Will You Love Me Tomorrow -in The Style Of The S 119. It's My Party -in The Style Of Lesley Gore 120. You've Lost That Lovin' Feelin' -in The Style Of 201. Oh, Pretty Woman -in The Style Of Roy Orbison 202. Bad Moon Rising -in The Style Of Creedenceclearw 203. Twist And Shout -in The Style Of The Beatles 204. Born To Be Wild -in The Style Of Steppenwolf 205. You Really Got Me -in The Style Of The Kinks 206. (I Can't Get No) Satisfaction -in The Style Of T 207. Wild Thing -in The Style Of The Troggs 208. Pinball Wizard -in The Style Of The Who 209. You Never Can Tell -in The Style Of Chuck Berry 210. I'm Into Something Good -in The Style Of Herman' 211. Surfin' U.s.a. -in The Style Of The Beach Boys 212. Do You Love Me -in The Style Of The Contours 213. Shakin' All Over -in The Style Of Johnny Kidd An 214. Daydream Believer -in The Style Of The Monkees 215. Papa's Got A Brand New Bag Part 1 -in The Style 216. Hi Ho Silver Lining -in The Style Of Jeff Beck 217. Ring Of Fire -in The Style Of Johnny Cash 218. Hello Mary Lou -in The Style Of Ricky Nelson 219. Wichita Lineman -in The Style Of Glen Campbell 220. Little Green Bag -in The Style Of George Baker S 301. That's Life -in The Style Of Frank Sinatra 302. Music To Watch Girls By -in The Style Of Andy Wi 303. Viva Las Vegas -in The Style Of Elvis Presley 304. Release Me -in The Style Of Engelberthumperdinck 305. Everybody Loves Somebody -in The Style Of Dean M 306. What Becomes Of The Brokenhearted-in The Style O 307. Blue Velvet -in The Style Of Bobby Vinton 308. You'll Never Walk Alone -in The Style Of Gerry A 309. I Left My Heart In San Francisco -in The Style O 310. Delilah -in The Style Of Tom Jones 311. Hit The Road Jack -in The Style Of Ray Charles 312. Uptight (Everything's Alright) -in The Style Of 313. Big Girls Don't Cry -in The Style Of The Four Se 314. Needles And Pins -in The Style Of The Searchers 315. Happy Birthday Sweet Sixteen -in The Style Of Ne 316. These Arms Of Mine -in The Style Of Otis Redding 317. The Wanderer -in The Style Of Dionand The Belmon 318. Let There Be Love -in The Style Of Nat King Cole 319. Wonderful World -in The Style Of Sam Cooke 320. Unchained Melody -in The Style Of The Righteous 401. Baby Love -in The Style Of The Supremes 402. It's The Same Old Song -in The Style Of Four Top 403. I Say A Little Prayer -in The Style Of Aretha Fr 404. Twistin' The Night Away -in The Style Of Sam Coo 405. Build Me Up Buttercup -in The Style Of The Found 406. It's Not Unusual -in The Style Of Tom Jones 407. Sympathy For The Devil -in The Style Of The Roll 408. No Particular Place To Go -in The Style Of Chuck 409. King Of The Road -in The Style Of Roger Miller 410. Bachelor Boy -in The Style Of Cliff Richard And 411. Love Man -in The Style Of Otis Redding 412. Sugar, Sugar -in The Style Of The Archies 413. Some Kind Of Wonderful -in The Style Of The Drif 414. The In Crowd -in The Style Of Dobiegray 415. Mr. Lonely -in The Style Of Bobby Vinton 416. Stay -in The Style Of Maurice Williams And The Z 417. Take Good Care Of My Baby -in The Style Of Bobby 418. Monymony-in The Style Of Tommy James And The Sho 419. Multiplication -in The Style Of Bobby Darin 420. Get Ready -in The Style Of The Temptations


The Classic Years 1952 - 62 - 2839413276

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The Classic Years 1952 - 62 Bear Family Records


1. They Made Me Fall In Love With You 2. If You Ain't Lovin' (You Ain't Livin') 3. I've Got Five Dollars & It's Saturday 4. A Place For Girls Like You 5. I Can't Tell My Heart 6. In The Chapel In The Moonlight 7. If That's The Fashion 8. Forgive Me, Dear 9. Just Married 10. Baby My Heart 11. What's The Use To Love You 12. That's What I'd For You 13. I'm Gonna Tell Santa Claus On You 14. You're The Angel On My Christmas Tree 15. I Hardly Knew It Was You 16. That's What It's Like To Be Lonesome 17. You're Right (But I Wish You Were Wrong) 18. Down Lover's Lane Alone 19. I'm So In Love With You 20. Just Married 21. Goin' Steady 22. Just Out Of Reach 23. I Can't Wait (For The Sun To Go Down) 24. Have I Waited Too Long 25. Tattle Tale Tears 26. What Can I Do With My Sorrow 27. The Good Lord Must Have Sent You 28. I Knew You When 29. Saving My Tears For Tomorrow 30. Foolish Pride 101. Live Fast, Love Hard, Die Young 102. Go Back, You Fool 103. All Right 104. For The Love Of A Woman Like You 105. It's A Great Life 106. Better Things Than These 107. I've Got Five Dollars & It's Saturday Night 108. Turn Her Down 109. You're Still Mine 110. Sweet Dreams 111. Until I Met You 112. I'm Gonna Live Some Before I Die 113. Candy Kisses 114. Have I Told You Lately That I Love You 115. I'll Be Satisfied With Love 116. I Can't Help It 117. Your Cheatin' Heart 118. I'll Be Yours 119. Sweethearts Or Strangers 120. Shame On You 121. Worried Mind 122. I Miss You Already 123. I'm A Poor Boy 124. You Call Everybody Darlin' 125. You Are My Sunshine 126. I'm Gonna Live Some Before I Die 127. Moonlight Mountain 128. Anything Your Heart Desires 129. Vacation's Over 130. The Shrine Of St. Cecilia 131. Love Has Finally Come My Way 132. The Face Of Love 201. That's The Way It's Gotta Be 202. We're Talking It Over 203. I Made A Fool Of Myself 204. I'll Be All Right 205. You Old Used To Be 206. I'll Be All Right 207. Out Of My Heart 208. Everytime I'm Kissing You 209. Alone With You 210. That's The Way I Feel 211. I Hate Myself 212. Last Night At The Party 213. A Long Time Ago 214. Hey Good Lookin' 215. Tennessee Waltz 216. Let Old Mother Natue Have Her Way 217. Making Believe 218. Almost 219. Mom & Dad's Waltz 220. Don't Let The Stars Get In Your Eyes 221. Bouquet Of Roses 222. Slowly 223. Bimbo 224. Chattanooga Shoe Shine Boy 225. I Don't Hurt Anymore 226. I'll Go On Alone 227. Honey Stop! 228. The Locket 229. Snowball 230. When It Rains It Pours 231. Rosalie (Is Gonna Get Married) 232. I Can't Dance 233. Once In A While 301. Riverboat 302. Country Girl 303. Face To The Wall 304. There's Not Any Like You Left 305. Forget The Past 306. A World So Full Of Love 307. Hello Walls 308. Is She All You Thought She'd Be 309. Congratulations 310. Three Days 311. Safely In Love Again 312. Down By The River 313. The Part Where I Cry 314. I Hear You Talkin' 315. Big Shoes 316. Believing It Yourself 317. The Comeback 318. Overlonely & Underkissed 319. Things To Remember 320. I Fall To Pieces 321. A Moment Isn't Very Long 322. Goin' Steady 323. Moments To Remember 324. Three Days 325. A Lifetime Isn't Long Enough 326. I Can't Find The Time 327. Trail Of Tears 328. I Let It Slip Away 329. Let's Pretend We're Lovers Again 330. Backtrack 331. How Can I Forget You 332. I Can't Find The Time 401. I'll Fly Away 402. Mansion Over The Hilltop 403. He Was There 404. How Long Has It Been 405. Beautiful Garden Of Prayer 406. My Home Sweet Home 407. Suppertime 408. May The Good Lord Bless & Keep You 409. What Can He Do 410. He Knows Just What I Need 411. When I've Learned Enough To Live 412. Now I Belong To Jesus 413. I Won't Have To Cross Jordan Alone 414. Traveling On 415. My Wonderful Lord 416. I Know Who Holds Tomorrow 417. Where Could I Go But To The Lord 418. God Bless God 419. Don't Take Your Love From Me 420. If I Had You 421. Stay As Sweet As You Are 422. My Darling, My Darling 423. Who Wouldn't Love You 424. I Can't Believe That You're In Love With Me 425. The Object Of My Affection 426. It All Depends On You 427. Thank You For A Lovely Evening 428. Everything I Have Is Yours 429. The Nearness Of You 430. Sweet & Lovely


Complete 1956-62 Albums - 2840306261

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Complete 1956-62 Albums

Muzyka>Rock>Rock & Roll

1. Blue Suede Shoes 2. I'm Counting On You 3. I Got A Woman 4. One-sided Love Affair 5. I Love You Because 6. Just Because 7. Tutti Frutti 8. Trying To Get To You 9. I'm Gonna Sit Right Down And Cry 10. I'll Never Let You Go 11. Blue Moon 12. Money Honey 13. Rip It Up 14. Love Me 15. When My Blue Moon Turns To Gold Again 16. Long Tall Sally 17. First In Line 18. Paralyzed 19. So Glad You're Mine 20. Old Shep 21. Ready Teddy 22. Anyplace Is Paradise 23. How's The World Treating You 24. How Do You Think I Feel 101. Blue Moon Of Kentucky 102. Young And Beautiful 103. (You're So Square) Baby I Don't Care 104. Milkcow Blues Boogie 105. Baby Let's Play House 106. Good Rockin' Tonight 107. Is It So Strange 108. We're Gonna Move 109. I Want To Be Free 110. I Forgot To Remember To Forget 111. Make Me Know It 112. Fever 113. The Girl Of My Best Friend 114. I Will Be Home Again 115. Dirty, Dirty Feeling 116. The Thrill Of Your Love 117. Soldier Boy 118. Such A Night 119. It Feels So Right 120. The Girl Next Door Went A' Walking 121. Like A Baby 122. Reconsider Baby 201. King Creole 202. As Long As I Have You 203. Hard Headed Women 204. Trouble 205. Dixieland Rock 206. Don't Ask Me Why 207. Lover Doll 208. Crawfish 209. Young Dreams 210. Steadfast, Loyal And True 211. New Orleans 212. Mean Woman Blues 213. (Let Me Be Your) Teddy Bear 214. Loving You 215. Got A Lot O' Livin' To Do 216. Lonesome Cowboy 217. Hot Dog 218. Party 219. Blueberry Hill 220. True Love 221. Don't Leave Me Now 222. Have I Told You Lately That I Love You? 223. I Need You So 224. Jailhouse Rock 225. Treat Me Nice 226. I Want To Be Free 227. Don't Leave Me Now 228. Young And Beautiful 229. (You're So Square) Baby, I Don't Care 230. Jailhouse Rock [Movie Version] 231. Treat Me Nice [Movie Version] 232. I Want To Be Free [Movie Version] 233. Don't Leave Me Now [Alternate Version] 234. Young And Beautiful [Movie Version] 301. Santa Claus Is Back In Town 302. White Christmas 303. Here Comes Santa Claus 304. I'll Be Home For Christmas 305. Blue Christmas 306. Santa Bring Me My Baby Back 307. O Little Town Of Bethlehem 308. Silent Night 309. (There'll Be) Peace In The Valley 310. I Believe 311. Take My Hand, Precious Lord 312. It Is No Secret 313. His Hand In Mine 314. I'm Gonna Walk Dem Golden Stairs 315. In My Father's House 316. Milky White Way 317. Known Only To Him 318. I Believe In The Man In The Sky 319. Joshua Fit The Battle 320. He Knows Just What I Need 321. Swing Down Sweet Chariot 322. Mansion Over The Hilltop 323. If We Never Meet Again 324. Working On The Building 401. Tonight Is So Right For Love 402. What's She Really Like 403. Frankfort Special 404. Wooden Heart 405. G.i. Blues 406. Pocketful Of Rainbows 407. Shoppin' Around 408. Big Boots 409. Didja' Ever 410. Blue Suede Shoes 411. Doin' The Best I Can 412. Blue Hawaii 413. Almost Always True 414. Aloha Oe 415. No More 416. Can't Help Falling In Love 417. Rock-a-hula Baby 418. Moonlight Swim 419. Ku-u-i-po 420. Ito Eats 421. Slicin' Sand 422. Hawaiian Sunset 423. Beach Boy Blues 424. Island Of Love 425. Hawaiian Wedding Song 501. Hound Dog 502. Loving You 503. All Shook Up 504. Heartbreak Hotel 505. Jailhouse Rock 506. Love Me 507. Too Much 508. Don't Be Cruel 509. That's When Your Heartaches Begin 510. (Let Me Be Your) Teddy Bear 511. Love Me Tender 512. Treat Me Nice 513. Anyway You Want Me 514. I Want You, I Need You, I Love You 515. I Need Your Love Tonight 516. Don't 517. Wear My Ring Around Your Neck 518. My Wish Came True 519. I Got Stung 520. One Night 521. A Big Hunk O' Love 522. I Beg Of You 523. (Now And Then There's) A Fool Such As I 524. Doncha' Think It's Time 601. There's Always Me 602. Give Me The Right 603. It's A Sin 604. Sentimental Me 605. Starting Today 606. Gently 607. I'm Comin' Home 608. In Your Arms 609. Put The Blame On Me 610. Judy 611. I Want You With Me 612. I Slipped, I Stumbled, I Fell 613. That's All Right 614. Lawdy, Miss Clawdy 615. Mystery Train 616. Playing For Keeps 617. Poor Boy 618. My Baby Left Me 619. I Was The One 620. Shake, Rattle And Roll 621. I'm Left, You're Right, She's Gone 622. You're A Heartbreaker 701. Kiss Me Quick 702. Just For Old Time Sake 703. Gonna Get Back Home Somehow 704. (Such An) Easy Question 705. Steppin' Out Of Line 706. I'm Yours 707. Something Blue 708. Suspicion 709. I Feel That I've Known You Forever 710. Night Rider 711. Fountain Of Love 712. That's Someone You Never Forget 713. Girls! Girls! Girls! 714. I Don't Wanna Be Tied 715. Where Do You Come From 716. I Don't Want To 717. We'll Be Together 718. A Boy Like Me, A Girl Like You 719. Earth Boy 720. Return To Sender 721. Because Of Love 722. Thanks To The Rolling Sea 723. Song Of The Shrimp 724. The Walls Have Ears 725. We're Comin' In Loaded


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