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How to Be Your Doctor's Favorite Patient--And Get the Care You Deserve - 2845528152

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How to Be Your Doctor's Favorite Patient--And Get the Care You Deserve FastPencil

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In all the debate about health care, one thing that is often overlooked is the doctor-patient relationship. While you may have little influence over your legislator or your insurance company, you do have the power to improve your health care every time you visit your doctors. By using colorful vignettes inspired by his years in the field of family medicine, Dr. Brad Colegate will show you how becoming your doctor's "favorite patient" can get you the best possible health care--and maybe even save you money!


Doctor's Guide to Weight Loss Surgery - 2826983425

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Doctor's Guide to Weight Loss Surgery Random House USA Children's Books

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Obesity is now the most common disease in the U.S.A.--one in four adults is obese--accounting for nearly 300,000 preventable deaths annually. When diet and exercise programs fail, when drug treatments bring serious and unpleasant side effects, the ten million adults in this country who are classified as morbidly obese may choose to consider weight loss surgery for a long-term solution. Now all the information needed to make that personal, crucial decision can be found in this revised and expanded edition of the originally self-published book. Readers will learn: - Who is a candidate for surgery- What weight loss surgery is and all the available surgical approaches- How to get insurance to cover the surgeryTimely, practical, compassionate and unique, The Doctor's Guide To Weight Loss Surgery should be in every bookstore's health section.


Woman's Health Planner - 2826755677

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Woman's Health Planner Quality Medical Publishing

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A "must have" for every woman! We couldn't be more excited about this fabulous health planner designed especially for today's busy woman. Next to chocolate and diamonds, this planner will be among a woman's most cherished possessions-the ideal gift for loved ones, friends, and colleagues. Once a woman owns one, she will wonder how she ever survived without it. Don't be fooled by the artistic design and elegant packaging-this gem is unbelievably functional and crammed with crucial information. It is many planners in one, helping to create order out of chaos, and consolidate all health care information in one convenient place. In short, a woman will find everything she needs at her fingertips. When an emergency arises, she will have that elusive pediatrician's phone number, her insurance numbers, or the number of the pharmacist. For many women, life is so hectic that personal health concerns often get shunted to the background. Designed by women for women, this planner helps to keep health concerns in the forefront-where they belong. Benefits Become an active participant in your health care. As an informed patient, talk to your doctor with confidence. Know how to monitor your body for a wide range of problems, from yeast infections to breast cancer. Learn to relax without feeling guilty. Discover the best and easiest methods of good skin care, including a diet that helps fight skin cancer. Use the calendar to know which screening tests to take and when. See how to recognize and deal with menopause. Understand your heart rate and daily calorie needs. Know which vitamins and minerals you need, and in what quantities...And much more!


The Physician as Manager - 2841432850

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The Physician as Manager Springer, Berlin

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medical-legal affairs, automated systems, and THE PHYSICIAN AS MANAGER OFFERS public relations. PHYSICIANS AND OTHER HEALTH PRO In the past, physicians relied on their clini FESSIONALS A PRACTICAL GUIDE cal competence and professional reputation to BOOK TO UNDERSTAND THE ECO NOMIC AND MANAGEMENT CONCEPTS build and maintain their practices. Although RELEV ANT TO MEDICAL PRACTICE. these attributes are still necessary, other issues such as accessibility, quality assurance, cost The changing patterns of medical practice have containment, and health maintenance are grow brought with them the need for physicians to ing in importance. Although many traditional have a basic understanding of management ists in medicine resist the pressure to become principles and their applications to medical competitive, physicians and other health pro practice and the health care field. As insurance fessionals now have the opportunity to design companies, health maintenance organizations, an innovative health care system. Industry and government agencies, and industry become ma government want to join forces with the medi jor influences on the delivery and financing of cal field to resolve the problem of unprece medical care, the once exclusive doctor-patient dented rising health care costs. If physicians are relationship is being modified by contractual to function at an executive level, they will need agreements with third-party payers. Physicians to expand their professional competency to in are no 10l!ger the sole authority in their field.


Guide to Weight Loss Surgery - 2826759135

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Guide to Weight Loss Surgery Praeger Publishers Inc

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With obesity rising at alarming rates in the US, UK, and developed countries around the world - so much that the US Department of Health has officially classified obesity as an illness and the World Health Organization has dubbed it a pandemic - weight-loss surgery is also on the rise. Traditional weight-loss programs - diet, exercise, and pharmaceuticals - are only effective for significant and sustained weight loss for about 10 percent of all people who try. The results are even more dismal for the obese aiming to lose not just a few pounds, but 50, 75, or more. And their health lies in the balance, because obesity or morbid obesity (100 pounds or more overweight by medical standards) increases by 50 to 100 percent their risk of developing heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, and certain cancers. Weight-loss surgery, however, is effective in bringing 80 percent of obese people to or close to average weight for their height, explains Dr. Hamilton, an Instructor at Harvard Medical School. And most sustain that weight loss for at least 10 years. Hamilton doesn't perform such surgeries, but this Tufts-educated doctor has more than general medical insight. She had the surgery herself six years ago, reducing from the size 20 she was then to the size 8 she is now. Surgical weight loss is unequivocally more effective than any other method, she says. Certainly there are complexities, risks, and some grueling decisions involved. But life as an obese person can be more risky to health and more grueling to mental health, she adds. The National Institutes of Health apparently agree, as NIH has issued recommendations for morbidly obese people to have weight-loss surgery. In the United States alone weight-loss surgeries have risen from 12,700 in 1988 to more than 78,000 in 2005. Still, fewer than one percent of the patients who fit the requirements for weight-loss surgery are ever referred to such a specialist, says Hamilton. And in blacks, where the prevalence of obesity is even higher, the referral rates are even lower, she adds. Hamilton makes clear the rewards, and the risks, of surgery that reduces stomach size or removes a piece of the intestine so calories cannot be absorbed. This book includes interviews with previously obese males and females who've had the surgery, as well as descriptions of the procedures, recovery times, costs, and insurance issues.


Breast Reconstruction Guidebook - 2835875978

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Breast Reconstruction Guidebook JOHNS HOPKINS UNIVERSITY PRESS

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For a decade "The Breast Reconstruction Guidebook" has been the best resource on this topic for women who have had a mastectomy. Equal parts science and support, it is filled with stories that illustrate the emotional and physical components of breast reconstruction. Readers will find advice about choosing a doctor and a procedure, insurance and payment issues, how to prepare for surgery, and what to expect during recovery. Expert commentary by physicians and insights from patients inform this book, as does the exhaustive research by the author, a two-time breast cancer survivor who has twice had reconstructive surgery. New in this edition are discussions of: the pros and cons of saline and silicone implants, solutions for post-lumpectomy cosmetic problems, new immediate-delayed reconstruction when post-mastectomy radiation may be required, the benefits and limitations of nipple-sparing mastectomy, considerations for direct-to-implant reconstruction, newly developed tissue flap procedures, who can best apply nipple and areola tattoos and why tattoos may not last, enriching fat with stem cells so it stays in the breast, patient-controlled tissue expansion, and, how insurance and health care reform affect reconstruction.


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