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Source: Wikipedia. Commentary (music and lyrics not included). Pages: 27. Chapters: Amerika (song), Asche zu Asche, Benzin, Bück dich, Das Model, Du hast, Du riechst so gut, Engel (song), Feuer frei!, Haifisch, Ich tu dir weh, Ich will, Keine Lust, Links 2-3-4, Mann gegen Mann, Mein Land, Mein Teil, Mutter (song), Ohne dich, Pussy (song), Rammstein (song), Rammstein demos, Rosenrot (song), Seemann, Sonne (Rammstein song), Stripped (song), Weißes Fleisch, Wiener Blut (song). Excerpt: "Das Model" (spelling on album: "Das Modell"; English version title: "The Model") is a song recorded by the electro-pop group Kraftwerk in 1978; written by musicians Ralf Hütter and Karl Bartos, with artist Emil Schult collaborating on the lyrics. It is featured on the album, Die Mensch-Maschine; English version title: The Man-Machine. First released as a 7" single in Germany (B-side: "Neonlicht"), under its English translation the song was eventually included on the B-side of the "Computer Love" single released in July 1981, which reached no36 in the UK charts. When radio DJs started playing the B-side, EMI re-issued the single in December 1981 apparently against the band's wishes with "The Model" as the A-side. It reached no1 in February 1982 and spent a total of 21 weeks in the top 75 of the UK singles charts. German tanz metal band Rammstein covered the German version of "Das Model" in 1997 as "Das Modell". It was released as a non-album single. "Das Modell" is introduced by a French phrase spoken by film editor Mathilde Bonnefoy: "Mesdames et messieurs, nous avons l'honneur ce soir, de vous présenter la nouvelle collection de Rammstein" which translates to "Ladies and Gentlemen, tonight we have the honor to present you with the new collection of Rammstein" something that one would expect to hear about a clothing collection. The beginning sounds like a fashion catwalk. Someone belches then a bump and a scream is heard, followed by laughter and cameras clicking, apparently to sound as if the model stumbled and fell. The single contains three non-album tracks taken from the Sehnsucht recording sessions. In the special version of "Alter Mann", Bobo (Christiane Hebold) sings alongside Till Lindemann in the chorus. Also included is the computer game "Asche zu Asche" for Microsoft Windows. Despite being a single, "Das Modell" has only been played live once, on 23 October 1998 in St. Louis, MO, USA, during the Family Values Tour.


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