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Heat And Mass Transfer During Condensation - 2857256684

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Heat And Mass Transfer During Condensation

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Convective Heat and Mass Transfer - 2854300743

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Convective Heat and Mass Transfer Cambridge University Press

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

This book was developed during Professor Ghiaasiaan's ten years of teaching a graduate-level course on convection heat and mass transfer and is further enhanced by his twenty years of teaching experience. Ideal for a graduate course dealing with the theory and practice of convection heat and mass transfer, it treats well-established theory and practice, but is also enriched by its coverage of modern areas such as flow in microchannels and computational fluid dynamics-based design and analysis methods. Convection heat transfer is the main focus, and essentials of mass transfer are also covered. The mass transfer material and problems are presented such that they can be easily skipped. The book is richly enhanced by examples and end-of-chapter exercises with solutions available for qualified instructors. It includes 18 appendices providing compilations of most essential property and mathematical information for analysis of convective heat and mass transfer processes.


Bubble Systems - 2854447178

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Bubble Systems Springer, Berlin

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This monograph presents a systematic analysis of§bubble system mathematics, using the mechanics of two-phase systems in§non-equilibrium as the scope of analysis. The author introduces the§thermodynamic foundations of bubble systems, ranging from the fundamental§starting points to current research challenges. This book addresses a range of§topics, including description methods of multi-phase systems, boundary and§initial conditions as well as coupling requirements at the phase boundary.§Moreover, it presents a detailed study of the basic problems of bubble dynamics§in a liquid mass: growth (dynamically and thermally controlled), collapse,§bubble pulsations, bubble rise and breakup. Special emphasis is placed on§bubble dynamics in turbulent flows. The analysis results are used to write§integral equations governing the rate of vapor generation (condensation) in§non-equilibrium flows, thus creating a basis for solving a number of practical§problems. This book is the first to present a comprehensive theory of boiling§shock with applications to problems of critical discharge and flashing under§the fast decompression conditions. Reynolds' analogy was§the key to solving a number of problems in subcooled forced-flow boiling, the§theoretical results of which led to easy-to-use design formulas. This book is§primarily aimed at graduate and post-graduate students specializing in hydrodynamics§or heat and mass transfer, as well as research experts focused on two-phase§flow. It will also serve as a comprehensive reference book for designers§working in the field of power and aerospace technology.§


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