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BitFenix Prodigy M - biała - 1990967123

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BitFenix Prodigy M - biała Bitfenix

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Reimagined with micro ATX compatibility, Prodigy M enables users to install multiple expansion cards while maintaining the same compact dimensions and sleek look of the original Prodigy. Suspended with two FyberFlex Composite handles for shock absorption, Prodigy M can be easily transported to the next room or to the next LAN party. The inside is incredibly flexible, offering space for SLI or Crossfire dual graphics technology, up to four 3.5" hard drives or five 2.5" SSDs, and even space for slim 240mm radiators. A magnetic heat shield is also included should you decide to fill the bottom with hard drives rather than fans. With BitFenix SofTouch Surface Treatment, a massive CPU cooler cutout, and rolled-edge cable pass-throughs, the small case that does it all returns with a vengeance. Features   Full MATX Compatibility You asked, we delivered. Prodigy M now features full compatibility with micro-ATX motherboards, all while maintaining the same compact dimensions as the original award-winning Prodigy. Featuring an all-new layout, Prodigy M is truly flexibility reimagined.  Sleek and Compact One thing that hasn't changed is the sleek and clean look of the original Prodigy. Sporting two exquisitely crafted handles that suspend the body, Prodigy M has the same modern yet elegant styling that made the original the small form factor case of choice for PC enthusiasts the world over.  Tremendous Flexibility Of course, Prodigy M couldn't carry the Prodigy name without the flexibility to match. Aside from both micro ATX and mini-ITX compatibility, Prodigy M can be configured with up to four 3.5" HDDs or five 2.5" SSDs for excellent storage potential. Adding in a micro ATX motherboard gives you up to four expansion slots, perfect for additional expansion cards, or even SLI and Crossfire dual graphics capability.  Multiple Cooling Options To keep things running frosty, Prodigy M can be outfitted with up to five fans for maximum cooling. Bolt a thin 240mm radiator on top, or perhaps a 120mm radiator on the rear. With the roomy interior, even tower CPU coolers up to 160mm will fit with ease. No matter how you prefer to cool your system, Prodigy M has you covered.  FyberFlex


Domain Hardcore Vol.6 - 2840100105

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Domain Hardcore Vol.6

Muzyka>Rock>Heavy / Hard>Hardcore

1. Art Of Fighters - Keep On Rocking No.tih 2. Kasparov / Re-style / Diesel - Explicit 3. Neophyte / Alee - No Fucking Game No.tih 4. Viper, The - Heat Blaster No.tih 5. Kasparov - Parallel Worlds 6. Korsakoff - 37,5% 7. Art Of Fighters / Alien T - My Drug: The Competiti 8. Advanced Dealer / Mc Axys - Showtime 9. Catscan - 50 Seconds Of Fame (Placid K Remix) 10. Art Of Fighters / Synthax / Xcite - Creatures Of T 11. Fear Factor - One Man Army 12. Dazzler / Personal Rival - Take Your Mind Back 13. Masters Of Ceremony - Rocking With The Best (Prank 14. System Shock / Predator / Peavey, Stevie - Sound O 15. Playah, Tha / Frequencerz - Envy 16. Evil Activities - Live Ammunition 17. 2 Brothers On The 4th Floor - Come Take My Hand (T 18. Synthax / Brigit - Ultimatum 19. Mr. Sinister - On A Mission 20. Tieum - Fuck Ur Own Face 101. Synthax - Ignition 102. Toneshifterz - Wild Wild Weekend (Kasparov Remix) 103. Dj Paul Elstak - Still Luv You More 104. System Shock - Revelation No.tih 105. Hard Creation - Creators Of The Core (Nevaro Remix 106. Dj Mad Dog - Rewind No.tih 107. Dazzler / Personal Rival - Pump Ya Fist 108. Dione - Locked & Loaded 109. Mr. Sinister / D-ceptor - Psychopathic Evil 110. Beatkrusher, The - Gravestone 111. Nosferatu / E-life - Manslaughter 112. Nevaro / Restrained - The Storm 113. Evil Activities - Dead Man Walking No.tih 114. Neophyte Records All Stars - Door Het Dak! 115. Neophyte / Lenny Dee - The Future Priests Of Now ( 116. Tieum / Axl - Spider 117. Fear Factor - Insane 118. Tieum / Icha - Bleed & Suffer 119. Playah, The - Driven By Hate 120. Riot Squad - Rage With Pride


Chromosome 11 gene Introduction - 2836518040

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Chromosome 11 gene Introduction Books LLC, Reference Series

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Source: Wikipedia. Pages: 103. Chapters: RELA, Cyclin D1, BIRC2, PPP1CA, TCIRG1, RAD9A, PAK1, MRE11A, Flap structure-specific endonuclease 1, RICS, TSG101, SIRT3, GTF2H1, HTATIP, MTA2, Arrestin beta 1, STX5, APBB1, Baculoviral IAP repeat-containing protein 3, WT1, NUP98, GAB2, INPPL1, MAPK8IP1, ARHGEF12, SF3B2, TAF10, MED17, Cathepsin C, LMO2, ARHGAP1, Integrin-linked kinase, YAP1, Syntaxin 3, CD20, INCENP, PPP2R1B, EED, TPH1, CUL5, Liprin-alpha-1, Bestrophin 1, SHANK2, Vascular endothelial growth factor B, MAP3K11, FANCF, Cyclin-dependent kinase inhibitor 1C, SPI1, FADS2, TOLLIP, HSPB2, LMO1, TEAD1, APLP2, C11orf1, APOA4, SF1, UCP3, PPP2R5B, RAB6A, AH receptor-interacting protein, Uteroglobin, Cofilin 1, CLNS1A, EIF4G2, Cathepsin D, Liver X receptor alpha, FTH1, SCYL1, DLG2, POU2AF1, Matrix metallopeptidase 12, DRAP1, Nuclear mitotic apparatus protein 1, PSMC3, MEN1, Hemopexin, DDB2, USH1C, POLR2G, GANAB, TRIM22, MARK2, PTPRJ, E3 binding protein, PSMD13, TRIM29, FEZ1, MMP8, Radixin, TRIM21, Estrogen-related receptor alpha, SLC22A8, MMP26, Myosin binding protein C, cardiac, SYTL2, JAM3, HYOU1, RARRES3, EIF3F, PHOX2A, Apolipoprotein C3, ST14, Apelin receptor, Structure specific recognition protein 1, Heat shock protein 47, MADD, NEU3, PIK3C2A, PCSK7, IRF7, CAPN1, RPLP2, RPS6KB2, FOSL1, Wee1-like protein kinase, CCS, PLCB3, DGKZ, POLR2L, DKK3, PRDX5, EXT2, RRM1, CST6, LRP5, RIN1, MMP3, TMEM126B, NXF1, Folate receptor 1, AP2A2, RAPSN, Matrix metallopeptidase 13, KLC2, RRAS2, APOA5, Mammaglobin-A, PICALM, FGF4, Barrier to autointegration factor 1, SOX6, TAGLN, MS4A2, EHD1, SART1, FXYD2, SYVN1, NOX4, PHLDA2, LDHA, HTATIP2, LSP1, FSHB, ZW10, RIC8A, ACAT1, RTN3, RAB1B, FERMT3, Cell adhesion molecule 1, PRPF19, Tripeptidyl peptidase I, Sphingomyelin phosphodiesterase 1, RPS3, PNPLA2, MMP10, DDX6, PACS1, Proteasome (prosome, macropain) subunit, alpha 1, MUS81, IL18BP, RBM14, AHNAK, FBXL11, TECTA, UBE2L6, SAA2, ARFIP2, GLYAT, CKAP5, FKBP2, ST3GAL4, Sarcolipin, Serum amyloid A1, PITPNM1, FDX1, FGF19, IPO7, PTS, CHKA, MUC6, MTMR2, SPTBN2, MTCH2, POLD3, RhoD, TNNI2, BRMS1, CSRP3, RPS25, EFEMP2, PKP3, BET1L, MIZF, FOLR2, RNH1, PHF21A, NPAT, ACP2, PEX16, Gamma-butyrobetaine dioxygenase, CHEK1, TAF6L, IGHMBP2, CSTF3, LIN7C, PDGFD, MRVI1, LYVE1, NDUFS3, Sterol-C5-desaturase-like, PGA5, SPA17, FGF3, RPS6KA4, Autophagy-related protein 13, COPB1, OPCML, OTUB1, NNMT, AMPD3, ROM1, DPAGT1, MAP4K2, CLCF1, TNKS1BP1, NDUFV1, SYT9, LRDD, NRXN2, ASCL2, FAU, POLA2, Cathepsin F, CRYAB, TSPAN4, REXO2, NDUFS8, TNNT3, NELL1, LTBP3, ALG9, ATP5L, ACRV1, CHST1, DCPS, ELF5, STS-1, TMEM123, DYNC2H1, SNF1LK2, PAFAH1B2, EHF, OSBP, CCDC85B, B3GAT3, CDC42EP2, VPS11, DDX10, PARVA, C11orf30, NUP160, SLC30A1, NAT10, NUCB2, ST5, OSBPL5, TRIM68, UVRAG, PRSS23, GNG3, RSF1, LPXN, HIPK3, ZNF143, MRPL11, PRCP, CAPN5, UPK2, HPS5, SWAP70, SBF2, Cathepsin W, GSTP1, Spondin 1, RBM7, PACSIN3, ALG8, TRIM3, CYP2R1, CDON, THRSP, FIBP, FAM76B, PAAF1, SCGB1D2, MS4A3, DPF2, TIMM10, ALX4, NAP1L4, Mammaglobin-B, DAK, HRASLS3, MUPCDH, WNT11, MAML2, SYT7, ROBO4, ANO1, CDCA5, ZNF202, SUV420H1, HSD17B12, GAL3ST3, KIF18A, Low density lipoprotein receptor-related protein 4, MS4A7, MMP20, RASGRP2, TSPAN32, MRPL17, YIF1A, USP2, ZFP91, USP47, UBE4A, C11orf56, GAS2, HBB, CAPRIN1, MRPL23, ZNF259, EIF3M, CEP164, TMEM126A, FCHSD2, RELT, CORO1B, APIP, SIGIRR, MAP6, Caspase 12, AMOTL1, BRSK2, SSH3, EI24, SYT13, ALDH3B1, HNT, API5, CEP57, RCE1, STIM1, FXC1, ESAM, FLJ12529, THYN1, NDUFC2, ETS1, CWC15, ROBO3, POU2F3,...


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