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His Last Log - 2841145209

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His Last Log



Train Songs - 200 Great. . - 2839347690

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Train Songs - 200 Great. . Documents


1. Williams, Hank - Pan American 2. Day, Doris - Choo Choo Train 3. Ken Colyer Skiffle Group - Streamline Train 4. Laine, Frankie - Mule Train 5. Snow, Hank - Doggone That Train 6. Johnny Burnette Rock & Roll Trio - Lonesome Train 7. Everly Brothers - Lightnin' Express 8. Cash, Johnny - Hey Porter 9. Miller, Glen - Chattanooga Choo Choo 10. Robbins, Marty - Big Iron 11. Lomax, Alan / Ramblers, The - Railroad Man 12. Horton, Johnny - The Golden Rocket 13. Stonewall Jackson - Smoke Along The Track 14. Gibson, Don - I'm Movin' On 15. Lonnie Donegan Skiffle Group - Rock Island Line 16. Williams, Hank - The Log Train 17. Nelson, Ricky - Glory Train 18. Dale, Jimmy - Tennessee Ghost Train 19. Darin, Bobby - Oo Ee Train 20. Duncan, Johnny & His Blue Grass Boys - This Train 101. Reeves, Jim - Yonder Comes A Sucker 102. Champs, The - Train To Nowhere 103. Haley, Bill & Comets, The - Choo Choo Ch' Boogie 104. George, Lloyd - Come On Train 105. Acuff, Roy - Wabash Cannonball 106. Snow, Hank - Big Wheels 107. Lou, Bonnie - Train Whistle Blues 108. Williams, Hank - I Heard That Lonesome Whistle 109. Draper, Rusty - Freight Train 110. Arnold, Clyde - Black Smoke & Blue Tears 111. Foley, Red - Freight Train Boogie 112. Justis, Bill - Bop Train 113. Thompson, Hank - This Train 114. Griffin, Buck - Watchin' The 7:10 Roll By 115. Arthur Baird's Skiffle Group - Union Train 116. Brewer, Teresa - If I Were A Train 117. Lee, Curly - They Call Me A Hobo 118. Burnette, Johnny - Midnight Train 119. Horton, Johnny - Big Wheels Rollin' 120. Boni, Johnny - Train Rock 201. Lonnie Donegan Skiffle Group - John Henry 202. London, Laurie - The Gospel Train 203. Cash, Johnny - Folsom Prison Blues 204. Mcgee, Sam - Railroad Blues 205. Reeves, Jim - Waiting For A Train 206. Haley, Bill & Comets, The - Chattanooga Choo Choo 207. Lonnie Donegan Skiffle Group - Worried Man Blues 208. Louvin Brothers - Put Me On The Train To Carolina 209. Bell, Freddie & The Bell Boys - Take The First Tra 210. Snow, Hank - The Last Ride 211. Jordan, Louis - Choo Choo Ch' Boogie 212. Horton, Johnny - The First Train Headin' South 213. Snow, Hank - I'm Movin' On 214. Duncan, Johnny & His Blue Grass Boys - Last Train 215. Four Lovers, The - Night Train 216. Ford, Tennessee Ernie - Streamlined Cannonball 217. Emerson, Lee - Catch That Train 218. Horton, Johnny - Coal Smoke, Valve Oil & Steam 219. Talley, Johnny - Lonesome Train 220. Sedaka, Neil - One Way Ticket 301. Vaughn, Billy & His Orchestra - Sentimental Journe 302. Bo, Phil - Mister Train 303. Draper, Rusty - The Train With The Rhumba Beat 304. Roberts, Kenny - Choo Choo Ch' Boogie 305. Johnny Burnette Rock & Roll Trio - The Train Kept 306. Snow, Hank - The Golden Rocket 307. Haley, Bill & Comets, The - Jukebox Cannonball 308. Foley, Red - Hobo Boogie 309. Lonnie Donegan Skiffle Group - Lost John 310. Free, Carroll - The Wreck Of Old No. 9 311. Nelson, Tommy - Hobo Bop 312. Hawkins, Hawkshaw - Pan American 313. Patrick, Ken - Night Train 314. Newman, Bob - Chic-a-choo Freight 315. Rodgers, Jimmie - Hobo Bill's Last Ride 316. Ken Colyer Skiffle Group - Casey Jones 317. Bradley Boys, The - Evil Train 318. Little Junior Parker / Blue Flames, The - Mystery 319. Miller, Sonny - Richmond, Chicago, Mexico & Home 320. Brown, Roy - Train Time Blues 401. Cash, Johnny - Train Of Love 402. Ayres, Bob & Secret Agent Men, The - Denver 403. Valentines, The - The Woo Woo Train 404. Horton, Johnny - The Train With The Rhumba Beat 405. Bradshaw, Tiny - The Train Kept A-rollin' 406. Jimmy Jackson's Rockin' Skiffle - Midnight Train 407. Snow, Hank - One More Ride 408. Stewart, Franklin - That Long Black Train 409. O'neal, Jimmie - Streamliner Boogie 410. Presley, Elvis - Mystery Train 411. Mack, Bill - Long Long Train 412. Rodgers, Jimmie - Train Whistle Blues 413. Martin, Benny - Hobo 414. Dale, Jimmie - Tennessee Ghost Train 415. Pruitt, Ralph - Hey Mister Porter 416. Cooley, Spade - All Aboard For Oklahoma 417. Pitts, Jerry - Keep Old Central Rolling 418. Milburn, Amos - Train Time Blues 419. Starr, Jimmy - Gonna Take An Express Train 420. Fulson, Lowell - The Train Is Leavin' 501. Law, Art - Big Train 502. Foley, Red - Night Train To Memphis 503. Mcgill, Rollee - There Goes That Train 504. Shepherd, Cliff - Railroad Crossing 505. Flagg, Bill - I'm So Lonely 506. Penny, Hank - Lonesome Train Blues 507. Walker, Lanie - Side Track Daddy 508. Harvey, Larry - Rolling Home 509. Anderson, Sonny - Lonely Lonely Train 510. Snow, Hank - Hobo Bill's Last Ride 511. Ken Colyer Skiffle Group - Down Bound Train 512. Foley, Jim & Big Beats, The - Goodbye Train 513. Cousin Joe Maphis - Lonesome Train Boogie 514. Faile, Tommy - Big Train 515. Rodgers, Jimmie - Waiting For A Train 516. Sullivan, Norman - Folsom Prison 517. Jacobs, Freddy - Lonesome Train 518. Sears, Al - Now Ride The D Train 519. Champs, The - Tough Train 520. Little Esther - Mainliner 601. Taylor, Vernon - Mystery Train 602. Horton, Johnny - Big Wheels Rollin' 603. Tucker, Billy Joe - Mail Train 604. Thacker, Rudy - Black Train 605. Martin, Marty - Boxcar Willie 606. Cash, Johnny - Rock Island Line 607. Parson, Gene - Wreck Of The Ol' Number Nine 608. Wills, Bob - Take The A Train 609. Plew, Eddie & Juniors, The - Midnight Train 610. Norman, Gene / Rocking Rockets, The - Long Gone Ni 611. Miller, Arlie - Big Black Train 612. Snow, Hank - The Wreck Of The Old '97 613. Scott, Ray - The Train's Done Gone 614. Strange, Billy & His Orchestra - Hell Train 615. Riley, Bob - The Midnight Line 616. Manning, Chuck & Rhythm Ranch Boys, The - Let's Go 617. Hunter, Ivory Joe - Stop Rockin' That Train 618. Gene & Jerry - Freight Train Blues 619. Scott, Mabel - Boogie Woogie Choo Choo Train 620. Murray, Ronnie - Train Train 701. Chas Mcdevitt Skiffle Group - Freight Train 702. Snow, Hank - Ben Dewberry's Final Run 703. Davis, Hank - One Way Track 704. Clemons, Homer Zeke - Dallas Limited 705. Lonnie Donegan Skiffle Group - Wabash Cannonball 706. Busbice, Wayne - Going Back To Dixie 707. Cash, Johnny - One More Ride 708. Spurling, Hank - Box Car Blues 709. Lewis, Joe - Train Whistle Nightmare 710. North, Jimmy - Leavin' Town 711. Lonnie Donegan Skiffle Group - Railroad Bill 712. Willie Tremain's Thunderbirds - Midnight Express 713. Fletcher, Floyd - Move On Down 714. Pruitt, Grover - Mean Train 715. Don Lang Skiffle Group - The Cattle Train 716. James, Leon - Ride That Train 717. Cletro, Eddie - Lonesome Train Boogie 718. Bostic, Earl - Steam Whistle Jump 719. Maddox Brothers & Rose - Old Black Choo Choo 720. Harrison, Wilbert - Florida Special 801. Snow, Hank - The Mystery Of No. 5 802. Johnson, Stanley - Big Black Train 803. Berry, Stanley - Down Bound Train 804. Chuck-a-lucks, The - The Devil's Train 805. Jades, The - Lost Train 806. Acuff, Roy - Fireball Mail 807. Newman, Wayne - Midnight Train 808. Lonnie Donegan Skiffle Group - Wreck Of The Old '9 809. Zen Fuller - Memory Train 810. Glosson, Lonnie - Pan American Boogie 811. Morris, Rod - The Ghost Of Casey Jones 812. Stewart, Sonny & His Skiffle Kings - The Northern 813. Pendarvis, Tracy - South Bound Line 814. Dean, Charles - Train Whistle Boogie 815. Don Lang Skiffle Group - 6.5. Special 816. York Brothers, The - Gravy Train 817. Reverend Ballenger - This Train 818. Moten, Bus - On The Gravy Train 819. Foutch, Cecil - Big Wheel 820. Mcneely, Big Jay - Night Right 901. Jimmy Jackson's Rockin' Skiffle - California Zephy 902. Cash, Johnny - Wreck Of The Old '97 903. Miller Brothers, The - Loco Choo Choo 904. Reynolds, Jody - Long Black Train 905. Ford, Tennessee Ernie - Mule Train 906. Davis, Hank - Woman Train 907. Cagle, Wade - Groovy Train 908. Tyler, Johnny - Freight Train Boogie 909. Simmons, Gene - Going Back To Memphis 910. Corby, Doug - Heartbreak Train 911. Nelms, Johnny - Mister Freight Train 912. Sena, Tommy - Choo Choo Train 913. Lewis, Joe - Railroad Engineer 914. Carter, Eddie - Railroad Stomp 915. Snow, Hank - The Engineer's Child 916. Bob Cort's Skiffle Group - Eight More Miles To Lou 917. Kingston, Jack - Freight Train Blues 918. Louis & Frosty - Train Time 919. Clifton, Bill - I'm Rollin' On 920. Tennessee - Intercity


Oxygen Forensic Detective (zawiera 12 m-cy aktualizacji) - 2833104000

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Oxygen Forensic Detective (zawiera 12 m-cy aktualizacji) GSM-Support, Kraków

Oprogramowanie użytkowe > Oxygen > Programy dla śledczych

Oxygen Forensic Detective (zawiera 12 m-cy aktualizacji) - to oprogramowanie dla komputerów klasy PC służące do wydobycia maksymalnej ilości informacji z telefonów komórkowych i smartfonów, w celach dochodzeniowo-śledczych. Program ten odegrał znaczącą rolę w śledztwach w postępowaniach kryminalnych i innych w ponad 20 krajach na całym świecie. Jednym z głównych zastosowań tego oprogramowania jest odzyskiwanie informacji, które mogą służyć jako dowód w postępowaniu sądowym. Firma GSM-SUPPORT posiada bezpośrednią autoryzację od producenta na sprzedaż oprogramowania firmy Oxygen Software. Supports live data acquisition from 11,000+ mobile devices running on iOS, Android, Windows 8, Windows Mobile 5/6, RIM(Blackberry), Symbian, Bada, Chinese MTK chipset, and feature phones. Offers advanced Oxygen Forensic


Move It On Over - 2845976470

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Move It On Over Documents


1. Move It On Over 2. Six More Miles (To The Graveyard) 3. I Saw The Light 4. Calling You 5. Honky Tonkin' 6. Pan American 7. Fly Trouble 8. On The Banks Of The Old Pointchartrain 9. I Don't Care (If Tomorrow Never Comes) 10. My Love For You (Has Turned To Hate) 11. Honky Tonkin' 12. Pan American 13. Fly Trouble 14. On The Banks Of The Old Pointchartrain 15. I'm A Long Gone Daddy 16. The Blues Come Around 17. I Can't Get You Out Of My Mind 18. The Angel Of Death 101. Mansion On The Hill 102. Mind Your Own Business 103. Lovesick Blues 104. Lost Highway 105. You're Gonna Change (Or I'm Gonna Leave) 106. I Just Don't Like This Kind Of Livin' 107. Wedding Bells 108. Lost On The River 109. Dear Brother 110. I Heard My Mother Praying For Me 111. Jesus Remember Me 112. Lost Highway 113. You're Gonna Change (Or I'm Gonna Leave) 114. I Just Don't Like This Kind Of Livin' 115. May You Never Be Alone 116. Wedding Bells 117. I've Just Told Mama Goodbye 118. How Can You Refuse Him Now 201. My Bucket's Got A Hole In It 202. Why Should We Try Anymore 203. Why Don't You Love Me 204. Long Gone Lonesome Blues 205. My Son Calls Another Man Daddy 206. Moanin' The Blues 207. They'll Never Take Her Love From Me 208. Moanin' The Blues 209. Nobody's Lonesome For Me 210. Dear John 211. Cold, Cold Heart 212. Howlin' At The Moon 213. I Can't Help It (If I'm Still In Love With You) 214. Hey, Good Lookin' 215. My Heart Would Know 216. Crazy Heart 217. (I Heard That) Lonesome Whistle 218. Thank God 301. Baby We're Really In Love 302. Honky Tonk Blues 303. Half As Much 304. Jambalaya 305. Settin' The Woods On Fire 306. I'll Never Get Outta This World Alive 307. Your Cheatin' Heart 308. The Pale Horse And His Rider 309. A Home In Heaven 310. Window Shopping 311. Jambalaya 312. Settin' The Woods On Fire 313. I'll Never Get Outta This World Alive 314. I Could Never Be Ashamed Of You 315. You Win Again 316. I Won't Be Home No More 317. Your Cheatin' Heart 401. I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry 402. Kaw-liga 403. Take These Chains From My Heart 404. Weary Blues From Waitin' 405. I'm Satisfied With You 406. Ten Little Numbers 407. Ready To Go Home 408. Kaw-liga 409. We're Getting Closer To The Grave Each Day 410. Ready To Go Home 411. Jambalaya 412. Fool About You 413. Message To My Mother 414. I Ain't Got Nothin' But Time 415. Last Night I Dreamed Of Heaven 416. Thy Burdens Are Greater Than Mine 417. Low Down Blues 501. California Zephyr 502. Your Cheatin' Heart 503. You Better Keep It On Your Mind 504. How Can You Refuse Him Now 505. The Old Country Church 506. Baby, We're Really In Love 507. Hey, Good Lookin' 508. Dear John 509. Nobody's Lonesome For Me 510. Moanin' The Blues 511. Why Don't You Love Me 512. Long Gone Lonesome Blues 513. They'll Never Take Her Love From Me 514. I Just Don't Like This Kind Of Livin' 515. You're Gonna Change (Or I'm Gonna Leave) 516. Lovesick Blues 517. Move It On Over 601. Wedding Bells 602. Lovesick Blues 603. I'll Have A New Body 604. Lost Highway 605. Where The Soul Of Man Never Dies 606. I'm A Long Gone Daddy 607. When God Comes And Gathers His Jewels 608. When God Comes And Gathers His Jewels 609. The Blues Comes Around 610. You're Gonna Change (Or I'm Gonna Leave) 611. Settin' The Woods On Fire 612. There's A Bluebird On Your Windowsill 613. The Tramp On The Street 614. I Want To Live And Love Always 615. The Prodigal Son 616. Ocean Of Love 617. They're Begging Me To Stay 701. Let Me Sit Alone And Think 702. Parakeet Polka 703. No, Not Now 704. Singing Waterfall 705. 'Neath A Cold Gray Tomb Of Stone 706. When You're Tired Of Breaking Others' Hearts 707. A House Of Gold 708. Lost On The River 709. Alone And Forsaken 710. The Old Home 711. The Devil's Train 712. Sundown And Sorrow 713. Thank God 714. No One Will Ever Know 715. Rock My Cradle Once Again 716. With Tears In My Eyes 717. The Battle Of Armageddon 801. Pan American 802. Honky Tonk Blues 803. Wealth Won't Save Your Soul 804. Why Should I Cry 805. Mother Is Gone 806. Please Don't Let Me Love You 807. The Waltz Of The Wind 808. Leave Me Alone With The Blues 809. Blue Love (In My Heart) 810. It Just Don't Matter Now 811. There's No Room In My Heart For The Blues 812. Someday You'll Call My Name 813. I'm Free At Last 814. Little Paper Boy 815. At The First Fall Of Snow 816. I Wish I Had A Nickel 817. Faded Love And Winter Roses 901. Please Don't Let Me Love You 902. Message To My Mother 903. The Log Train 904. No, No Joe 905. Help Me Understand 906. Everything's Okay 907. Too Many Parties And Too Many Pals 908. Beyond The Sunset 909. The Funeral 910. Just Waitin' 911. Men With Broken Hearts 912. Ramblin' Man 913. Pictures From Life's Other Side 914. I Dreamed About Mama Last Night 915. I've Been Down That Road Before 916. Be Careful Of Stones That You Throw 917. Why Don't You Make Up Your Mind


Captain Roy Brown - 2845098889

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Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

The decades-old question surrounding the death of the Red Baron has been embroiled in controversy. In this book, the author has uncovered new information and insights, shedding new light on the events of that day. This is a true story of young men who fought and died for their country. It puts the reader behind the stick of a Sopwith Camel from the pilot's point of view. This is the first of two volumes. Part One of this comprehensive study covers the life of Captain Arthur Roy Brown, who is well-known as an ace fighter pilot. The basic story is told in Brown's own words, via his previously unpublished letters home and the entries in his Pilot's Flying Log Book. His surviving Combat Reports are also included. The letters and the Combat Reports are unedited, and are used to tell the story within a military, historical and geographical context. They are accompanied by over 500 photographs, most of them never before published, plus diagrams and maps. Part Two of the book covers Captain Brown's encounter with Manfred von Richthofen, the Red Baron, in detail. The story is told on the basis of recently released official documents of the time, together with recently offered letters written by some of the participants and witnesses. The new information corrects several well-established beliefs, and is able to provide the true story together with the necessary confirmation. In 1995 Alan Bennett toured the site in France where Captain Brown had attacked the Red Baron on 21 April, 1918. As an experienced pilot of similar aircraft, he had grave doubts as to the truth of some parts of the story. The eventual result was a book written in conjunction with Norman Franks: "The Red Baron's Last Flight." After plentiful information from readers, Captain Roy Brown's family and Wop May's son, plus further research in France, a considerably different picture of the entire event and of Roy Brown's life emerged. The new book, Captain Roy Brown, tells the complete definitive story. Margaret Harmon is Captain Roy Brown's daughter. She lives in Arizona, and provided most of her father's letters. Denny May is Wilfrid "Wop" May's son. He lives in Alberta and is very active in keeping his father's legacy alive. Alan Bennett finished compiling his book on Captain Roy Brown around Christmas of 2006. He was always striving for perfection to make sure his manuscript would be as complete as possible. He received correspondence from around the world to help him in this endeavour. Though not in great health towards the end, he nevertheless continued his research with passion and zeal. Alan Bennett passed away in January 2007.


The Return Of The Stuff T - 2839428511

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The Return Of The Stuff T Shanachie


1. Hood, Alex & His Railroad Boys - L & N Rag 2. Newbern, Willie Hambone - Roll & Tumble Blues 3. Appalachia Vagabond - Hard For To Love 4. White, Washington (Bukka) - The Panama Limited 5. Johnson, Earl & His Dixie Entertainers - John Henr 6. Wiley, Geeshie - Last Kind Words Blues 7. Carter Brothers & Son - Old Jaw Bone 8. Shelton, B.f. - Oh Molly Dear 9. Patton, Charley - High Water Everywhere, Part 1 10. Stoneman, Ernest & Brewer, Kahle - Lonesome Road B 11. Bracey, Ishman - Woman Woman Blues 12. Fiddlin Powers & Family - Old Molly Hair 13. Ashley's Melody Men - Bath House Blues 14. Mcgee, Dennis & Courville, Sady - Mon Chere Bebe 15. Walker, Willie - Dupree Blues 16. Dolan, Packie & His Boys - Irish Girl/blue Breeche 17. Cartwright Brothers - Texas Ranger 18. Birkhead, L.o. & Ward, A.e. - Robinson County 19. Wilkins, Robert - That's No Way To Get Along 20. Lewis Brothers - Bull At The Wagon 21. Stocha, Karola & Bachleda, S. - Koscieliska 22. Fruit Jar Guzzlers - Stack-o-lee 23. Macon, Uncle Dave & His Fruit Jar Drinkers - Sail 101. Mississippi Possum Hunters - The Last Shot Got Him 102. George Edgin's Corn Dodgers - My Ozark Mountain Ho 103. Thomas, Henry - Charmin Betsey 104. Poole, Charlie & The North Carolina Ramblers - Mil 105. Robertson, Eck & Family - Texas Wagoner 106. Evans, Joe & Mcclain, Arthur - Two White Horses 107. Soileau, Leo & Lafleur, Mayuse - Basile Waltz 108. Kimbrough, Lottie - Rolling Log Blues 109. Hignight, Luke - Fort Smith Breakdown 110. Carver Boys - Tim Brook 111. Johnson, Blind Willie - Jesus Make Up My Dying Bed 112. Lewis, Furry - Billy Lyons & Stack O'lee 113. Nester, J.p. & Edmonds, Norman - Train On The Isl 114. Johnson, Tommy - Lonesome Home Blues 115. Majkuta, Orkiestra - Wsciekla Polka 116. Jackson, Lulu - Little Rosewood Casket 117. Mullaney, E. & Stack, P. - Maid In A Cherry Tree 118. Harris, Elder Golden P. - I'll Lead A Christian Li 119. Long, Fiddling Sam - Seneca Square Dance 120. Blind Blake - Sun To Sun Blues 121. Blue Ridge Mountain Singers - The Letter That Neve 122. Patton, Charley - Some These Days I'll Be Gone 123. Allison's Sacred Harp Singers - I'm A Long Time Tr


Complete History Of.. - 2840357371

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Complete History Of..


1. Fiddlin' John Carson - The Old Log Cabin In The 2. Uncle Dave Macon - Keep My Skillet Good And Grea 3. Frank Hutchison - Worried Blues 4. Allen Brothers - Chattanooga Blues 5. Kelly Harrell - My Name Is John Johannah 6. Buell Kazee - The Butcher's Boy 7. Carter Family - Wildwood Flower 8. Darby & Tarlton - Gamblin' Jim 9. Grayson & Whitter - Omie Wise 10. Jimmie Rodgers - Blue Yodel (T For Texas) 11. Joseph Falcon - Lafayette 12. Carolina Tar Heels - Rude And Rambling Man 13. Leake County Revelers - Mississippi Breakdown 14. Prince Albert Hunt's Texas Ramblers - Wake Up Ja 15. Amadie Breaux - Ma Blonde Est Partie (Jolie Blon 16. Clarence Ashley - House Carpenter 17. Gid Tanner & His Skillet Lickers - Hawkins Rag 18. Patsy Montana & Prairie Ramblers - I Want To Be 19. Milton Brown & His Musical Brownies - Down By Th 20. Bill Boyd & His Cowboy Ramblers - Barn Dance Rag 21. Roy Acuff - Great Speckle Bird 22. Hackberry Ramblers - Jolie Fille 23. Light Crust Doughboys - Pussy Pussy Pussy 101. Cliff Bruner & His Boys - Truck Driver's Blues 102. Gene Autry - Back In The Saddle Again 103. The Rouse Brothers - Orange Blossom Special 104. Ernest Tubb - Walking The Floor Over You 105. Al Dexter & His Troopers - Pistol Packin' Mama 106. Johnny Bond - Divorce Me C.o.d. 107. Merle Travis - Sixteen Tons 108. Bill Monroe - Blue Moon Of Kentucky 109. Red Foley - Tennessee Saturday Night 110. Sons Of The Pioneers - Cigareets And Whuskey And 111. Tex Ritter - Cattle Call 112. Jimmy Wakely - I Love You So Much It Hurts Me 113. Delmore Brothers - Blues Stay Away From Me 114. Flatt & Scruggs - Foggy Mountain Breakdown 115. Hank Williams - I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry 116. Maddox Bros & Rose - Sally Let Your Bangs Hang D 117. Tennessee Ernie Ford - Mule Train 118. Bob Wills & His Texas Playboys - Faded Love 119. Hank Snow - I'm Movin' On 120. Lefty Frizzell - If You've Got The Money I've Go 121. Hank Thompson - The Wild Side Of Life 122. Webb Pierce - Wondering 123. Carl Smith - When You Feel Like You're In Love ( 124. Kitty Wells - It Wasn't God Who Made Honky Tonk 125. Skeets Mcdonald - Don't Let The Stars Get In You 201. The Stanley Brothers - I Am A Man Of Constant So 202. Hank Locklin - Let Me Be The One 203. Chet Atkins - Mister Sandman 204. Faron Young - Live Fast, Live Hard, Die Young 205. Johnny Cash - Fulsom Prison Blues 206. The Louvin Brothers - Knoxville Girl 207. Eddy Arnold - You Don't Know Me 208. Patsy Cline - Walkin' After Midnight 209. Sonny James - Young Love 210. Bobby Helms - Fraulein 211. Ferlin Husky - Gone 212. Jim Reeves - Four Walls 213. Jimmy C. Newman - A Fallen Star 214. Kitty Wells & Webb Pierce - Oh So Many Years 215. Marvin Rainwater - Gonna Find Me A Bluebird 216. Charlie Walker - Pick Me Up On Your Way Down 217. Don Gibson - Oh Lonesome Me 218. The Browns - Three Bells 219. Buck Owens - Under Your Spell Again 220. George Jones - White Lightning 221. Johnny Horton - When It's Springtime In Alaska ( 222. Ray Price - Heartaches By The Number 223. Stonewall Jackson - Waterloo 224. Marty Robbins - El Paso 225. Bill Anderson - The Tips Of My Fingers 301. Brenda Lee - I'm Sorry 302. Floyd Cramer - Last Date 303. Skeeter Davis - Am I That Easy To Forget 304. Loretta Lynn - I'm A Honky Tonk Girl 305. Marion Worth - I Think I Know 306. Bob Moore - Mexico 307. Connie Hall - I'm As Lonely As Anyone Can Be 308. Hawkshaw Hawkins - I Can't Seem To Say Goodbye 309. Jimmy Dean - Big Bad John 310. Leroy Van Dyke - Walk On By 311. Porter Wagoner - Misery Loves Company 312. Roy Drusky - Another (Just Like Me) 313. Slim Whitman - The Old Spinning Wheel 314. Willie Nelson & Shirley Collie - Willingly 315. Billy Walker - Charlie's Shoes 316. Burl Ives - A Little Bitty Tear 317. Carl & Pearl Butler - Don't Let Me Cross Over 318. Carl Belew - Hello Out There 319. Claude King - Wolverton Mountain 320. Dolly Parton - The Love You Gave 321. Ernest Ashworth - Everybody But Me 322. Glen Campbell - Long Black Limousine 323. Johnny Tillotson - It Keeps Right On A-hurtin' 324. Skeeter Davis & Porter Wagoner - There's Always 325. Willie Nelson - Touch Me


Natural History of North American Trees - 2837118418

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Natural History of North American Trees Trinity University Press,U.S.

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

"A volume for a lifetime" is how The New Yorker described the first of Donald Culross Peatie's two books about American trees published in the 1950s. In this one-volume edition, modern readers are introduced to one of the best nature writers of the last century. As we read Peattie's eloquent and entertaining accounts of American trees, we catch glimpses of our country's history and past daily life that no textbook could ever illuminate so vividly. Here you'll learn about everything from how a species was discovered to the part it played in our country's history. Pioneers often stabled an animal in the hollow heart of an old sycamore, and the whole family might live there until they could build a log cabin. The tuliptree, the tallest native hardwood, is easier to work than most softwood trees; Daniel Boone carved a sixty-foot canoe from one tree to carry his family from Kentucky into Spanish territory. In the days before the Revolution, the British and the colonists waged an undeclared war over New England's white pines, which made the best tall masts for fighting ships. It's fascinating to learn about the commercial uses of various woods -- for paper, fine furniture, fence posts, matchsticks, house framing, airplane wings, and dozens of other preplastic uses. But we cannot read this book without the occasional lump in our throats. The American elm was still alive when Peattie wrote, but as we read his account today we can see what caused its demise. Audubon's portrait of a pair of loving passenger pigeons in an American beech is considered by many to be his greatest painting. It certainly touched the poet in Donald Culross Peattie as he depicted the extinction of the passenger pigeon when the beech forest was destroyed. A Natural History of North American Trees gives us a picture of life in America from its earliest days to the middle of the last century. The information is always interesting, though often heartbreaking. While Peattie looks for the better side of man's nature, he reports sorrowfully on the greed and waste that have doomed so much of America's virgin forest.


Fatal Voyage - 2836341629

69,20 zł

Fatal Voyage I B TAURIS

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Cook was the greatest explorer of his age and his voyages of discovery are the stuff of legend. During two long journeys, he circumnavigated the globe twice, charted the east coast of Australia, the whole of New Zealand and many islands in the Pacific. "The Fatal Voyage" is the story of Cook's final journey when he led his most dangerous and fabled expedition to search for the elusive Pacific entrance to the North West Passage. He set sail from England in July 1776 and along the way discovered the Hawaiian archipelago before mapping and charting the formidable north west coast of America, from Vancouver Island to the frozen northern coastline of Alaska. He sailed through the Bering Straits and although his ships reached the entrance to the North West Passage they were defeated by a sheer wall of ice blocking their way. Cook returned to Hawaii to rest, but a series of misjudgments between his men and the islanders sparked a violent clash in which Cook was killed at Kealakekua Bay. Peter Aughton has here used letters, log records and the diaries of those involved in the voyage to tell an enthralling account of James Cook's last days at sea and reveal the extraordinary legacy he left behind.


Driving Home for Christmas - 2826846601

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Driving Home for Christmas HEADLINE

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

The perfect festive read for fans of Maeve Binchy, Cathy Kelly and Patricia Scanlan Christmas at Huntersbrook House has always been a family tradition - log fires, long walks through the snowy fields and evenings spent in the local pub. And this year the three grown-up Craig children are looking forward to the holidays more than ever. Pippa to escape her partying lifestyle and mounting debts in Dublin; Joey the demands of his gorgeous girlfriend who seems intent on coming between him and his family; and Lainey to forget about her controlling ex and his recent engagement to another woman. But with the family livery yard in financial trouble, this Christmas could be the Craig family's last at Huntersbrook as they face the prospect of selling the ancestral house. As the holiday season gets underway, the family need to come up with a way to save their home, and face the problems they've been running away from in Dublin. And what better place to figure things out than around the fire at Huntersbrook House?


Science fiction horror films (Film Guide) - 2835283862

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Science fiction horror films (Film Guide) Books LLC, Reference Series

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Source: Wikipedia. Commentary (films not included). Pages: 141. Chapters: 28 Days Later, I Am Legend, Inseminoid, The Fly, Resident Evil: Extinction, The Quatermass Xperiment, Resident Evil: Apocalypse, The Host, 28 Weeks Later, Dawn of the Dead, Eden Log, Village of the Damned, Planet of the Vampires, Scanners, Videodrome, Splice, Lifeforce, Frankenstein Conquers the World, Virus, Goke, Body Snatcher from Hell, It Came from Outer Space, Let Sleeping Corpses Lie, EXistenZ, The War of the Gargantuas, Alraune, Event Horizon, Tokyo Gore Police, Galaxy of Terror, The Green Slime, Return of the Living Dead: Necropolis, Wicked City, Dracula 3000, Tetsuo II: Body Hammer, It Came from Beneath the Sea, First Man into Space, Scanners II: The New Order, Cube Zero, Watchers, Contamination, The Eye Creatures, Deadly Friend, The Manster, The Monolith Monsters, Dead Space: Downfall, The Swarm, The Thaw, X the Unknown, Parasite Eve, Chemical Wedding, Island of Terror, Death Machine, The Brood, Uzumaki, Scar, Flu Bird Horror, Fiend Without a Face, Frankenstein Unbound, Meatball Machine, Ataque de Pánico!, Night of the Big Heat, The Day of the Triffids, Shivers, Evolver, The Mad Ghoul, Island of the Fishmen, Monster A Go-Go, Wyvern, Frankenstein Must Be Destroyed, Eel Girl, The Son of Dr. Jekyll, The Blood Beast Terror, Supernova, S.N.U.B!, Pterodactyl, Lady Frankenstein, Decoys, Epidemic, Rabid, Dr. Jekyll and Sister Hyde, Xtro, Raging Sharks, Undead, Behemoth, the Sea Monster, Vampire Girl vs. Frankenstein Girl, Mutants, Man Made Monster, Moon Child, Bloodsuckers, Endangered Species, The Man Who Changed His Mind, Arcade, Lawnmower Man 2: Beyond Cyberspace, Queen of Blood, Komodo, The Ape Man, The Pit, Murder World, Thirst, God Told Me To, The Astro-Zombies, They Wait, Scared to Death, Empire of the Ants, The Incredible 2-Headed Transplant, Syngenor, The Terror Within, House of the Living Dead, Altered, Shyness Machine Girl, The Invisible Man's Revenge, Underworld, Les Saignantes, The Deadly Spawn, Blackbirds at Bangpleng, The Astounding She-Monster, Snakehead Terror, The Robot vs. The Aztec Mummy, Xtro 3: Watch the Skies, Scanners III: The Takeover, Embryo, Samurai Princess, Pulse, Joey, Alraune, die Henkerstochter, genannt die rote Hanne, Creepozoids, Rottweiler, The Brain, Star Crystal, The Hidden II, Xtro II: The Second Encounter, Kiss Me Quick!, Land of the Minotaur, It! The Terror from Beyond Space, The Lady and the Monster, 2019, After the Fall of New York, Plague, Giant from the Unknown, Monster from the Ocean Floor, Invasion from Inner Earth, Altered Species, The Cat, Carny, The Alien Within. Excerpt: I Am Legend is a 2007 post-apocalyptic science fiction film directed by Francis Lawrence and starring Will Smith. It is the third feature film adaptation of Richard Matheson's 1954 novel of the same name, following 1964's The Last Man on Earth and 1971's The Omega Man. Smith plays virologist Robert Neville, who is immune to a vicious man-made virus originally created to cure cancer. He works to create a remedy while living in Manhattan in 2012, a city inhabited by violent victims of the virus. The film's plot is an example of a "Last Man on Earth" story. Warner Bros. began developing I Am Legend in 1994, and various actors and directors were attached to the project, though production was delayed due to budgetary concerns related to the script. Production began in 2006 in New York City, filming mainly on location in the city, including a $5 million...


Classic Bluegrass From - 2839434525

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Muzyka>Muzyka świata>Folk / Ludowa / Etno

1. Taylor, Earl & The Stoney Mountain Boys - White Ho 2. Johnson Mountain Boys, The - Our Last Goodbye 3. Monroe, Bill & His Blue Grass Boys - When He Reach 4. Dickens, Hazel / Gerrard, Alice - Tiny Broken Hear 5. Allen, Red / Wakefield, Frank / Kentuckians, Th - 6. Harley Allen - Mike Lilly Band - Suzanne 7. Nashville Grass, The - I Heard My Mother Call My N 8. Friendly City Playboys, The - Teardrops In My Eyes 9. Jenkins, Snuffy - Cumberland Gap 10. Allen, Red / Kentuckians, The - Live & Let Live 11. Sprung, Roger / Watson, Doc - The World Is Waiting 12. Moore, Hugh - Hello City Limits 13. Country Gentlemen, The - (Legend Of The) Brown Mou 14. Stoneman, Roni - Lonesome Road Blues 15. Watson, Doc - The Train That Carried My Girl From 16. New Lost City Ramblers, The - The Little Girl & Th 17. Stanley Brothers, The - Little Birdie 18. Stanley Brothers, The - Rabbit In A Log 19. Johnson, David / Johnson, Billy Ray - Grey Eagle 20. Gaylean, Cullen & The Virginia Mountain Boys - Way 21. Lonesome Strangers, The - Billy In The Lowground 22. Dickens, Hazel - The Rebel Girl 23. Hobbs, Smiley - Train 24. Lilly Brothers, The / Stover, Don - 'Neath That Co 25. Monroe, Bill & His Blue Grass Boys - Get Up John


Move It On Over - 2839344687

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Move It On Over Golden Stars


1. Lovesick Blues 00245 2. A Mansion On The Hill 00235 3. I'm A Long Gone Daddy 00251 4. Fly Trouble 00244 5. On The Banks Of The Old Pontchartrain 6. Rootie Tootie 00247 7. I'm Satisfied With You 00235 8. I Can't Get You Off Of My Mind 9. My Sweet Love Ain't Around 0024 10. The Blues Come Around 00243 11. I'll Be A Bachelor 'Til I Die 0 12. There'ii Be No Teardrops Tonight 101. Lost On The River 00236 102. I Heard My Mother Praying For Me 103. Crazy Heart 00225 104. Dear John 00123 105. My Main Trial Is Yet To Come 00 106. The Log Train 00216 107. Fool About You 00120 108. I Can't Escape From You 00239 109. The Wild Side Of Life 00242 110. You Better Keep It On Your Mind 111. No, Not Now 00204 201. Move It On Over 00246 202. I Saw The Light 00245 203. Honky Tonkin' 00248 204. Calling You 00254 205. Wealth Won't Save Your Soul 002 206. Never Again (Will I Know On Your Door) 207. I Don't Care (If Tomorrow Never Comes) 208. When God Comes & Gathers His Jewels 209. Pan American 00249 210. My Love For You (Has Turned To Hate) 211. (Last Night) I Heard You Crying In Your Sleep 212. Six More Miles (To The Graveyard)


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