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Wot a Way to Run a War! - 2826704944

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Wot a Way to Run a War! Casemate

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Ted Fahrenwald flew P-47s and P-51s with the famed 352nd Fighter Group out of Bodney, England, during the critical tipping-point period of the air war over Europe. A classic devil-may-care fighter pilot, he was also a distinctively talented writer and correspondent. After a typical day of aerial combat and strafing missions over Nazi-occupied Europe and of course, the requisite partying and creative mischief on base Ted sat in his Nissen hut at a borrowed typewriter and composed exquisitely humorous letter-essays detailing his exploits in the air and on the ground to his family back home. But they are not the mundane missives of a homesick young man who missed his mother s cooking. Educated as a journalist, this incurably comedic pilot detailed his aerial exploits in a hilarious and self-effacing style that combines the vernacular of the day with flights of joyful imagination rivaling St. Exupery. And he didn t sanitize his musings: Ted enthusiastically narrates the day-to-day rollercoaster ribaldry that was the natural M.O. of the young men who were tasked to kill Hitler s Luftwaffe. His descriptions of near-constant drinking, skirt-chasing, gunplay, gambling, and out-and-out tomfoolery put the lie to the notion of the Greatest Generation as an earnest band of do-gooders.These collected writings are more than literary entertainment: They are a boon to military and aviation historians and also to those who study period language and culture and the science of societies at war. The letters end dramatically when the ammunition truck that Ted was strafing exploded and knocked his Mustang The Joker out of the sky on June 8, 1944, two days after D-Day. The subsequent tale of his adventures with the Maquis (French Resistance) and his capture by the Germans and escape is recounted in a full-length book, Bailout Over Normandy: A Flyboy s Adventures with the French Resistance and Other Escapades in Occupied France. Written at age 24 and recently published by Casemate, Ted s book is a natural accompaniment to this collection of letters. The Maquis embraced this irreverent and whimsical American fighter pilot as one of their own, and you will too when you read Ted's chronicle of adventures in his letters. His stories leap off the page and provide a depth, richness, and sheer enjoyment that are rare in WWII literature.REVIEWS Exquisitely funny, these letters are also an historical treasure that give tremendous insight into the day-to-day life of a typical USAAF fighter group. Jay A. Stout, author of The Men Who Killed the Luftwaffe and Fighter Group: The 352nd Blue-Nosed Bastards in World War II."


English fashion designers - 2827055956

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English fashion designers Books on Demand

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Source: Wikipedia. Pages: 74. Chapters: Vivienne Westwood, Paul Smith, Trinny Woodall, Susannah Constantine, Alexander McQueen, Norman Hartnell, Giles Deacon, Stephen Jones, Lucy, Lady Duff-Gordon, Samata Angel, Ossie Clark, Sienna Miller, Stella McCartney, House of Flora, Jean Muir, Doug Hayward, Peter Golding, Charles Frederick Worth, Maxime de la Falaise, Gareth Pugh, Jasper Conran, Carri Mundane, Matthew Williamson, Prudence Millinery, Zandra Rhodes, Antony Price, Alice Temperley, Katharine Hamnett, Maria Grachvogel, Luella Bartley, Sara Berman, Claire Stansfield, Elspeth Gibson, Christopher Bailey, Georgina Chapman, Charlotte Ronson, Marit Allen, Barbara Hulanicki, Neil Barrett, Zezi Ifore, John Cavanagh, Ted Tinling, Celia Birtwell, Joseph Corré, Richard Cawley, Anya Hindmarch, Julia Clancey, Gladys Emma Peto, Jenny Packham, Kesh, John Hetherington, Andrew Groves, Bella Freud, Michael Fish, Stuart Vevers, Stuart Stockdale, Paul Compitus, Richard Jewels, Keren Craig, Henry Holland, Tim Soar, William Baker, Walé Adeyemi, Judy Bentinck, William Tempest, L. Nichols Buttons, Wayne Hemingway, Douglas Millings, John Richmond, Edina Ronay, Helen David, Justin.oH, Graham Smith, Janet Reger. Excerpt: Trinny Woodall (born Sarah-Jane Woodall 8 February 1964 in Marylebone, London) is an English fashion advisor and designer, television presenter and author. She was raised in a wealthy family and was privately educated. After ten years working in marketing - and battling alcoholism - Woodall met Susannah Constantine in 1994, whom she joined to write a weekly fashion column for The Daily Telegraph. This led to the launch of their own internet fashion-advice business and the release of their first fashion-advice book, both of which ventures ended in failure. They were then commissioned by the BBC to host What Not to Wear in 2001. The following year Woodall and Constantine released their second book, What Not to Wear, which gained them a British Book Award and sold over 670,000 copies. The pair co-wrote many fashion advice books, several of which became bestsellers in the United Kingdom and the United States, and have now sold over 2.5 million copies worldwide. After co-hosting What Not to Wear for five series and appearing on The Oprah Winfrey Show as style and make-over advisors, Woodall and Constantine moved to ITV to host Trinny & Susannah Undress... in 2006, and Undress the Nation. After becoming the faces of Littlewoods Direct, they released their own Littlewoods clothing range and latest fashion advice book, The Body Shape Bible, in 2007. Woodall is the youngest of six children, three from her father's first marriage. Woodall's father made his fortune as a banker in The City, and her brother is Mark Woodall, co-founder of climate change capital which is a merchant banking institution specialising in green energy resources. Woodall's maternal grandfather was Sir John Duncanson, controller of the British steel industry in the last two years of the war, who went on to become managing director of the British Iron and Steel Federation (BISF) in August 1945 and then managing director of Lithgows in 1949. When Woodall was five years old, she was sent home from school af


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