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A Hope-Filled Journey Under His Sky - 2862090728

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A Hope-Filled Journey Under His Sky Resource Publications

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

This book is a very personal reflection on the life of Belinda (BJ) Allder, a young missionary whose life was cut short through cancer. Her father, Bruce, a Christian pastor and educator, explores the influences that shaped BJ into an effective missionary who impacted many people around the world. BJ's own reflections of her journey of life and faith through the battle with cancer are shared through excerpts from her own daily journal. While the emotions expressed are raw, there is a celebration of life and grace in the midst of tragedy. In this authentic and intellectually honest reflection, the focus is on serving in the midst of suffering. How does one make sense of unanticipated and devastating circumstances that came the way of BJ and her family? How does one ""lean into suffering"" and allow that response to make a significant impact? How does a pastoral family deal with the faith questions that inevitably come as a result of this journey of suffering? These are some of the questions explored through the retelling of specific events in the life of BJ Allder and her family. ""In sharing how his daughter Belinda dealt with terminal cancer, Bruce Allder writes about her choice to focus on living each day for God rather than her suffering. Flowing from a deep relationship with Christ formed in her earlier years, Belinda's passion to minister to people is a powerful witness to God's love, grace, and strength. If you want to be both inspired and encouraged to influence the lives of others, this is a must-read."" --David B. McEwan, Associate Professor of Theology and Pastoral Theology, Nazarene Theological College, Brisbane, Australia ""Allder's deeply human and faithful account of his beautiful daughter's missionary life, dying, and death is very aptly named. Allder's beautiful telling of BJ's story of faith, hope, and love, together with his profound theological reflection on meeting God in pain and grief, will surely touch his readers at the deepest levels of their humanity and life of faith."" --Neil Pembroke, author of Moving Toward Spiritual Maturity: Psychological, Contemplative, and Moral Challenges in Christian Living ""Allder's account of his journey with his beloved daughter, Belinda, and her two-and-a-half-year battle with cancer, will encourage, inspire, and be a great help to many. A Hope-Filled Journey 'Under His Sky' is a compelling read."" --James Condon, Commissioner, The Salvation Army Australia ""Allder's ruminations can lift those facing life's most challenging circumstances as well as those who are walking alongside. These hope-filled reflections will comfort and encourage any sojourner who listens in to a father's heart."" --John Moore, Field Strategy Coordinator, Australia/New Zealand; Regional Education/Clergy Development, Asia Pacific Bruce G. Allder is former Principal of Nazarene Theological College (NTC), Brisbane, Australia, for seventeen years (1999-2015). Bruce is currently Director of the Culturally and Linguistically Diverse (CALD) program at Nazarene Theological College in Brisbane. He teaches in the area of Pastoral Theology and Christian Practice.


Hugs Bible Reflections for Women - 2862626018

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Hugs Bible Reflections for Women Howard Books

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Study the Bible the "Jesus" WayJesus was a great storyteller. On most occasions when Jesus spoke, He taught through parables or stories because He knew His followers would be able to better grasp His message that way.For over ten years, the Hugs series has been known for its use of stories to teach godly principles. In "Hugs Bible Reflections for Women," author Mindy Ferguson uses real-life stories from women all over the world to prompt a closer look at God's word.You will discover, through the journey of these women, more about God's desire for your life. You'll gain wisdom and understanding as you hear other women pour out their hearts about topics ranging from the loss of a husband to destroyed financial dreams, from answered prayers for a mission team to tragic health issues. Each story will tug at your heart and prompt you to seek out God's words for comfort and hope.


Journey of Compassion - 2859247389

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Journey of Compassion Lightning Source UK Ltd

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

A Journey of Compassion grew out of the heart and passion of Bill Lane Doulos, who began his work with the street people of Pasadena in 1974. Over the following fifteen years, Bill served a diverse group of the poor through a ministry started by Sister Alice Callaghan and All Saints Episcopal Church. The ministry was called Union Station, and it brought to the doorstep of the church a multitude of people and their unique stories. In his ""Letters from a Street Minister,"" Bill captures the trauma of these lives with humor and pathos. These vignettes give us valuable insights into the hopes and dreams, the successes and the failures, of neighbors in need. Drawing upon a legion of volunteers, the support of the interfaith community, the participation of government and business, and thousands of individual donors, Union Station became a model of how a community can address the social-service needs of the poor. ""This book of letters--capturing my thoughts as a participant in ministry to the poorest of society's poor, reflecting my journey to Skid Row where I presently live, embodying my hope that the ingenuity and faithfulness of God's people can transform my own life, and life as it passes by my window--is offered to help you on our own faithful journey."" -- Bill Lane Doulos, from the Introduction Bill Lane Doulos retired from the Union Station ministry in 1990 (which still flourishes today under the leadership of Rabbi Marvin Gross). Bill continues to pioneer new avenues of compassion, serving parish neighborhoods as a deacon of the Church of Our Saviour, San Gabriel. For the past twelve years he has been the director of Jubilee Homes, a set of four facilities that offer supportive housing to adult men and women in recovery from addiction.


Bread for the Journey - 2862154747

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Bread for the Journey Resource Publications

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Preparing for ministry involves more than the acquisition of certain skills. The shape of a disciple's soul as he or she embarks on this journey is as important if not more so than learning how to exegete a text or engage in pastoral care. Ministry is not easy, and the preparation for this form of Christian discipleship is open to a variety of temptations, not least of which is a kind of despair over the paucity of one's own resources, or worse, the illusion that one is better off relying on one's own talents and virtues. What is needed is bread for this journey, not necessarily exhortations to work harder, but words of encouragement and grace that bear witness to the surprising reality that ministry is, in fact, a joyful gift. These notes from a dean, who sought to help his students discover that joy in their study and preparation, bear witness to the One, whose life provides bread for every journey, especially for the journey of pastoral ministry. ""In thinking about ministry, Currie combines honesty with hope, sound theology with practical advice, joy with lament. Though he offers his great insights as guidance and encouragement for new pastors, reading this book toward the end of my ministry can testify there is sustaining nourishment here for the seasoned (fatigued? despondent?) pastor too. Nobody does a better job encouraging us pastors in our vocation and giving us what we need for this demanding, joyful journey that is the pastoral ministry."" --Will Willimon, United Methodist bishop, retired, and Professor of the Practice of Christian Ministry, Duke Divinity School ""Bread for the Journey is a doxology sung in theological, pastoral, and ecclesiological language. Currie gives glimpses of Barth and Bonhoeffer, contemporary theologians and medieval poetry, Bible stories and living saints, all lifted up to help shape God's covenant people for service. This is indeed a nourishing book; each short reflection worthy of careful reading, and the whole a powerful testimony to Jesus Christ."" --Jill Duffield, editor, The Presbyterian Outlook ""This collection of Tom Currie's weekly reflections, addressed to one particular seminary community across his thirteen-year deanship there, is now offered as a primer in faithful living and thinking. Tom's scholarly mind and pastor's heart reach deeply throughout the accumulated memory of the Church to mine and make relevant the treasure of its wisdom in the face of the challenges of these days. Read it devotionally, or in community. It will bless and encourage you."" --Theodore J. Wardlaw, President, Austin Presbyterian Theological Seminary A Presbyterian minister, Tom Currie was called in 2001 to serve as the organizing dean of Union Presbyterian Seminary's campus in Charlotte, N. Carolina. During his thirteen years as dean, Currie wrote weekly notes to his students, many of which dealt with the joys and challenges of preparing for ministry. Included in this book is a selection of those notes that offer hope and inspiration to all who walk along this path.


Spirit Hovers - 2859268191

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Spirit Hovers Wipf & Stock Publishers

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Synopsis: This book is a collection of prayers based on the Old Testament texts--a good resource for worship leaders or generally for those interested in spirituality. The Spirit breathes life into us as we breathe and pray, thus granting us the hope that the Spirit can quicken and transform troubled waters into overflowing streams. This is an invitation to readers to breathe with God's Spirit despite the unformed abyss, lifeless chaos, and life's vicissitudes. It is often crisis or weakness that gets us to bend our knees. Through prayer, any dilemma or challenge can become fertile ground for growing in humanity as we journey with God, and consequently sojourn with one another and with creation. Endorsements: "K. K. Yeo brings to the voicing of prayer all the ingredients of faithfulness. He has an attentive ear for the biblical text, in order to notice where we may make poignant contact. He has a keen sensibility for the contemporaneity of ancient possibility. And he has courage for truth-telling right in the face of God. This deeply moving book will matter both to those who lead public prayer and to those who pray as adult believers and seek greater depth in their communion with God." -Walter Brueggemann Professor Emeritus of Old Testament Columbia Theological Seminary "A rich prayer life is vital to a healthy relationship with God. He speaks to us through his Word and we speak to him through prayer. However, often we struggle with prayer. K. K. Yeo guides us through the Scriptures to help us find the words to bring our praises and petitions to God. I highly recommend this excellent work to all who want to deepen their prayer life." -Tremper Longman III Robert H. Gundry Professor of Biblical Studies Westmont College "There are some books that we read to gain information. And then there are others that encourage us, touch us where we hurt, and offer hope and spiritual healing--The Spirit Hovers is this kind of book. In times of conflict when our human resources are diminished and our wisdom fails to guide, when we do not need more information but long for the presence of God, the poems in this book, drawn from the struggles of Old Testament saints, point us to the God who hears, and cares, and whose love upholds and sustains us. I highly recommend this book for public worship, private devotion, or simply daily reading. You will find comfort and encouragement as these poems guide you to the Source of genuine comfort, unfailing love, and the certainty of God's promises." -Donald L. Alexander Professor Emeritus of Biblical Studies Bethel University "At the intersection of the strains of life and the hope of the Bible, we pray. K. K. Yeo teaches each of us, and helps us together as a Christian community, to pray through the chaos of our stories as they are woven together with The Story. These are prayers of discovery for traveling down the road, not staying in the monastery, with Scripture open to map the way." -Gene L. Green Professor of New Testament Wheaton College Author Biography: K. K. Yeo is Harry R. Kendall Professor of New Testament Interpretation at Garrett-Evangelical Theological Seminary, Visiting Professor at Peking University (China), and Academic Director of the International Leadership Group. He has lectured not only in Asia but also in Israel, Greece, Turkey, and Australia. Yeo is the author of Musing with Confucius and Paul (Cascade Books, 2008) and a collection of prayers based on New Testament texts, The Spirit Intercedes (Cascade Books, 2009). He lives in Chicago with his wife and children.


If Anyone Thirsts - 2862174173

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If Anyone Thirsts Wipf & Stock Publishers

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

All through scripture, the people of God have found true freedom in a journey through the desert. It is a simple trajectory - the exodus, the exile, the forty days, the cross. This book aims to lead you down the lost seam of gold that is desert spirituality in the Bible. The desert makes a powerful spiritual impact on those who go there. It encourages us to realize that we know who we really are only when we have nothing. Nothing is when we sense God's presence in the awesome stars and skies. Nothing is the stunning silence of the sand dunes as it welcomes the dawning in our mind that God is real and God is good. Nothing is what we have in fierce places and dry times. But looking around the wealthy churches of the western world, we hang on to what we've got for fear that God has no more to give. We seek rational controls over the Spirit of God. Faith has become more about words than love. No wonder we are thirsty. We desperately need to recover a dimension of our faith that has been left out. If you are tired of the dogmatic pathways of religion, or if you have departed the church for fear of shriveling, this book will steer you back to the best of biblical spirituality. That is what was in mind when Moses spoke Deuteronomy in the desert, the same place where Jesus caught wind of it. This spirituality grounds us. Jesus, our role model and source, our presence and promise, is making us an offer. If we grasp this, it could open up a resource of strength and simplicity in this challenging twenty-first century. Given the number of biblical heroes whose faith and dependence on God were honed in the white heat of the desert, to those who have ears to hear, this book offers an eloquent challenge deliberately to seek deeper spiritual transformation in dry places - and not always be satisfied with a focus on verdant pastures and flowing streams, whether in our churches or elsewhere. Dr Andrew D. Clarke, Senior Lecturer in New Testament, University of Aberdeen, Scotland For many years I have been journeying with Ian in the deserts of Australia. His reflections have provided me with a fresh language and joy in exploring the landscape of my soul. As Ian says ""the desert is the spiritual director"" however his biblical knowledge of desert spirituality has deepened my experience and the richness of the blessings I have received out there. Susan Kaldor, Counsellor, Leadership Consultant, Spiritual Director, Fellow traveller I commend readers to Ian Robinson's book, and hope that many who experience the spiritual aridity of urban existence can find the water of life in the desert places of the heart. David Tacey, Professor of Humanities, La Trobe University, Melbourne Ian Robinson was the first to cross all of Australia's deserts in one journey. It was deeply transforming for all involved. Since then, he has led hundreds on desert retreats called 'Spirit Journeys' and has researched, written and spoken in many church and community settings. Ian is the Uniting Church Chaplain at the University of Western Australia, is married to Margaret with three adult children. He has an MA from Oxford University and a PhD from Charles Sturt University.


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