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How Big Is Too Small - 2860500157

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How Big Is Too Small

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How Big is Too Small? - 2851209751

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How Big is Too Small?



A Big Happy Life... and How You Can Have One Too! - 2862233924

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A Big Happy Life... and How You Can Have One Too! Jump Fry Creation

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna


The World Is Too Big For - 2839319494

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The World Is Too Big For DR2 Records


1. Figurine 2. Mercury 3. Storm 4. The World Is Too Big For One Lifetime 5. Hearts Are Hollow 6. Raven 7. Themis 8. How Vampires Kiss 9. If Wishes Were Bullets 10. What A Heart Is For 11. Sound In Colour


Big Data:Principles and best practices of scalable realtime - 2826634048

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Big Data:Principles and best practices of scalable realtime MANNING

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Services like social networks, web analytics, and intelligent e-commerce often need to manage data at a scale too big for a traditional database. As scale and demand increase, so does Complexity. Fortunately, scalability and simplicity are not mutually exclusive- rather than using some trendy technology, a different approach is needed. Big data systems use many machines working in parallel to store and process data, which introduces fundamental challenges unfamiliar to most developers. Big Data shows how to build these systems using an architecture that takes advantage of clustered hardware along with new tools designed specifically to capture and analyze web-scale data. It describes a scalable, easy to understand approach to big data systems that can be built and run by a small team. Following a realistic example, this book guides readers through the theory of big data systems, how to use them in practice, and how to deploy and operate them once they're built. AUDIENCE This book requires no previous exposure to large-scale data analysis or NoSQL tools. Familiarity with traditional databases is helpful. ABOUT THE TECHNOLOGY To tackle the challenges of Big Data, a new breed of technologies has emerged. Many of which have been grouped under the term "NoSQL." In some ways these new technologies can be more complex than traditional databases and in other ways, simpler. Using them effectively requires a fundamentally new set of techniques


A Big Hunk O' Elvis Presley - PLAY - 4CD - 2833190159

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A Big Hunk O' Elvis Presley - PLAY - 4CD


A Big Hunk O' Elvis Presley CD 1 1. i Got Lot O' Lovin' To Do 2. Hard Headed Woman 3. Wear my Ring Around Your Neck 4. i Got Stung 5. King Creole 6. One Night 7. Don't 8. I Beg Of You 9. Santa Bring My Baby Back ( To Me ) 10. Santa Claus Is Back In Town 11. Mean Woman Blues 12. Playing For Keeps 13. Blue Suede Shoes 14. Baby Let's Play House CD 2 1. Long Tall Sally 2. I Need Your Love Tonight 3. Don't ask Me Why 4. Doncha' Think It's Time 5. i Believe 6. You're So Square Baby I Don't Care 7. Have I Told You Lately 8. Lawdy, miss Clawdy 9. Young And Baetiful 10. Tutti Frutti 11. Blue Moon Of Kentucky 12. A Big Hunk O' Love 13. I Love You Because 14. Trouble CD 3 1. Hound Dog 2. Loving You 3. All Shrook Up 4. Heartbreak Hotel 5. Jailhouse Rock 6. Love Me 7. Too Much 8. Don't Be Cruel 9. That's When Your Heartaches Begin 10. ( Let Me Be Your ) Teddy Bear 11. Love Me Tender 12. Treat Me Nice 13. Anyway You Want Me (That's How I Will Be) 14. I Want You, I Need You, I Love You CD 4 1. Party 2. Tryin' To GetYou 3. My Wish Come True 4. New Orleans 5. Money Honey 6. Mystery Train 7. Old Shep 8. Rip It Up 9. Shake Rattle And Roll 10. Paralyzed 11. So Glad You're Mine 12. Fool Such As I 13. When My Blue Moon Turns To Gold 14. Hot Dog Wydawca: PLAY ...


Think Big - 2826694998

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Think Big Zondervan

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

This book is for you if your life is a series of shattered dreams. This book is for you if you have no dreams at all. It's for you if you've bought the lie that you'll never amount to anything. That's not true. Your life is BIG-far bigger than you've imagined. Inside these pages lie the keys to recognizing the full potential of your life. You won't necessarily become a millionaire (though you might), but you will attain a life that is rewarding, significant, and more fruitful than you ever thought possible. The author of this book knows about hardship. Ben Carson grew up in inner-city Detroit. His mother was illiterate. His father had left the family. His grade-school classmates considered Ben stupid. He struggled with a violent temper. In every respect, Ben's harsh circumstances seemed only to point to a harsher future and a bad end. But that's not what happened. By applying the principles in this book, Ben rose from his tough life to one of amazing accomplishments and international renown. He learned that he had potential, he learned how to unleash it, and he did. You can too. Put the principles in this book in motion. Things won't change overnight, but they will change. You can transform your life into one you'll love, bigger than you've ever dreamed.


Big Ten - 2862292090

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Big Ten Basic Books

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

A dramatic transformation of global power is under way, one only dimly recognized by most Americans. As economics and trade now loom larger than nuclear stockpiles or Cold War ideology, those countries with the fastest growing economies have begun to rewrite the rules of power and influence in the world. These nations are the Big Emerging Markets, and for too long we have failed to recognize their importance. We can no longer afford that luxury.The Big Ten is the essential guide to the ten most important Big Emerging Markets. Jeffrey E. Garten, the Dean of the Yale School of Management and the former Under Secretary of Commerce for International Trade, explains who they are, why they have burst onto the world scene, and how they will reshape the world in the twenty-first century. The ten countries to watch are spread across the globe: Mexico, Brazil, and Argentina in the Americas; China, India, Indonesia, and South Korea in Asia; Poland and Turkey in Europe; and in Africa, South Africa. The Big Ten are bigger than most people realize: they are home to half the world's population, and the United States exports more products to these countries than to Europe and Japan combined. They also wield immense political influence in many of the world's most critical regions. Moreover, American industrial firms, mutual funds, and pension plans have begun to invest heavily in these dynamic economies, making our own prosperity increasingly dependent on theirs.While the Big Ten offer new opportunities for the United States, Garten observes their potential political instability could create economic havoc around the world. In addition, they pose powerful ethical and strategic dilemmas. The BEMs do not share our values regarding human rights, child labor, corruption, or environmental degradation, and our growing contacts with these societies are sure to violate our notions of fairness and our moral sensibilities. And as the Big Ten grow and mature as regional powers, they will pose unprecedented challenges to American global leadership.Drawing on his first-hand experiences at the highest levels of government, finance, and academia, Garten advances a comprehensive plan for America to meet the challenges of this emerging new world. he addresses the critical questions facing American policy makers, business executives, educators, and concerned citizens, and he outlines the bold changes that will be necessary if we are to control our national destiny in the decades to come. The Big Ten will help readers understand the importance of NAFTA, the rise of China, the connection between trade and human rights, and the imperatives for American foreign policy, business, and higher education. Packed with powerful insights and real-life stories from the front lines of international commerce, The Big Ten will redefine the way we think about America's global role in the twenty-first century.


How Not to Worry - the Remarkable Truth of How a Small Change Can Help You Stress Less and Enjoy Life More - 2854281292

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How Not to Worry - the Remarkable Truth of How a Small Change Can Help You Stress Less and Enjoy Life More CAPSTONE

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How to defeat stress, worry, and anxiety to achieve more in business and life. From the international bestselling author of Self-Confidence. Are You A Worrier? Do you seem to worry more than most? Do you find that insignificant things stress you out? Do you sweat the small stuff and the big stuff too? Well, now's the time to stop worrying and start living. Worry, stress, anxiety -- whichever label you prefer to use -- can have consequences that impact not only our lives, but the lives of others around us. When we worry it's like the engine of our mind is constantly being revved up. It doesn't allow us time to switch off and rest. It tires you out. And when you're tired you're less likely to think straight. And when you're not thinking straight it's easy to make stupid mistakes and confuse priorities...But relax. There is a way forward. In How Not to Worry Paul McGee shows us that there is a way to tackle life's challenges in a calmer and more considered way. It is possible to use a certain degree of worry and anxiety to spur us on towards positive, constructive action, and then leave the rest behind. With down to earth, real life advice, How Not to Worry helps us understand why worrying is such a big deal and the reasons for it, exposing the behavioural traps we fall into when faced with challenges. It then helps us to move on with tools and ideas to deal with our worries in a more constructive way.


Spalona Żywcem Wyd. Kieszonkowe - Souad - 2854922647

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Spalona Żywcem Wyd. Kieszonkowe - Souad

Książki & Multimedia > Książki

Opis - Pierwsze na świecie świadectwo ofiary zbrodni honorowej. Miała siedemnaście lat i zakochała się: zhańbiła rodzinę. Więc rodzina wydała na nią wyrok śmierci... Pokochała go pierwszą miłością. Myślała, że się z nią ożeni. Ale ukochany zniknął, a ona odkryła, że jest w ciąży. A w jej świecie to najcięższa zbrodnia... W zapomnianej przez Boga wiosce w Cisjordanii kobiety są warte mniej niż zwierzęta domowe. Tu mężczyzna jest panem życia i śmierci żony, córki, siostry. Brat może bezkarnie zabić siostrę, matka - córkę, kolejną bezużyteczną dziewczynkę, jaka się urodzi. Tu kobiecie odbiera się godność, a nawet życie zgodnie z odwiecznym obyczajem i uświęconą tradycją. A śmierć jest karą dla dziewczyny, która zhańbi rodzinę. Tak jak Souad. Wyrok wydaje jej ojciec. Szwagier dokonuje egzekucji. Oblewa Souad benzyną i podpala... SOUAD przeżyła - cudem, ale rodzina usiłowała zabić ją nawet w szpitalu. Na zawsze jednak pozostanie straszliwie okaleczona - na ciele i duszy. I wciąż musi się ukrywać; dopóki żyje, jej rodzinę okrywa hańba. Spalona żywcem, opublikowana pod pseudonimem szokująca opowieść o piekle, jakim było jej dzieciństwo i młodość, stała się międzynarodowym bestsellerem. Wydana w 37 w krajach książka przerywa tabu milczenia wobec istniejącej nadal w krajach muzułmańskich barbarzyńskiej tradycji. Nieludzkiego obyczaju, prawa mężczyzn, na mocy którego co najmniej pięć tysięcy kobiet pada co roku ofiarą zbrodni honorowej. Nazwa - Spalona Żywcem Wyd. Kieszonkowe Autor - Souad Oprawa - Miękka Wydawca - Amber Kod ISBN - 9788324159406 Kod EAN - 9788324159406 Wydanie - 1 Rok wydania - 2016 Tłumacz - 31182,maria rostworowska; Format - 110 x 175 x 14 Ilość stron - 224 Podatek VAT - 5% Premiera - 2016-06-23


Goin' Mad Blues - 2839333224

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Goin' Mad Blues Documents


1. Walker, T-bone - I Got A Break Baby 2. Yancey, Jimmy - Rolling The Stone 3. Hooker, John Lee - Helpless Blues 4. Williams, Big Joe - Meet Me Around The Corner 5. Terry, Sonny / Fuller, Blind Boy - Mistreater, You 6. Johnson, Robert - Love In Vain 7. Davis, Blind John - My Own Boogie 8. Mctell, Blind Willie - It's Your Time To Worry 9. Hopkins, Lightnin' - Let Me Play With Your Poddle 10. Memphis Slim - Diggin' My Potatoes No. 2 11. Broonzy, Big Bill - Friendless Blues 12. Smith, Bessie - Nobody In Town Can Bake A Sweet Je 13. Turner, Big Joe - Doggin' The Blues 14. Estes, Sleepy John - Everybody Oughta Make A Chang 15. Ma Rainey - Shave 'Em Dry Blues 16. White, Bukka - Special Stream Line 17. Crudup, Arthur Big Boy - Rock Me Mama 18. Mcghee, Brownie - Not Guilty Blues 19. Page, Hot Lips - Rockin' At Ryans 20. Leadbelly - My Baby Quit Me 101. Turner, Big Joe - I Got My Discharge Papers 102. Mcghee, Brownie - Coal Miner Blues 103. Memphis Slim - Beer Drinking Woman 104. Leadbelly - Easy Rider 105. Ma Rainey - Rough & Tumble Blues 106. Arnold, Kokomo - Set Down Gal 107. Page, Hot Lips - My Fightin' Gal 108. Crudup, Arthur Big Boy - My Mama Don't Allow Me 109. Estes, Sleepy John - Easin' Back To Tennessee 110. Smith, Bessie - Yodling Blues 111. Walker, T-bone - T-bone Blues 112. Broonzy, Big Bill - Too Too Train Blues 113. Hopkins, Lightnin' - Fast Mail Rambler 114. Mctell, Blind Willie - Warm It Up To Me 115. Yancey, Jimmy - Steady Rock Blues 116. Johnson, Robert - Honeymoon Blues 117. Terry, Sonny / Fuller, Blind Boy - Stop Jivin' Me 118. Davis, Blind John - After Hours 119. Williams, Big Joe - Stepfather Blues 120. Hooker, John Lee - Goin' Mad Blues 201. Davis, Blind John - St. Louis Blues 202. Fuller, Blind Boy / Terry, Sonny - Pistol Slapper 203. Hopkins, Lightnin' - Woman Woman Change Your Ways 204. Broonzy, Big Bill - Big Billy Blues 205. Yancey, Jimmy - P.l.k. Special 206. Smith, Bessie - Bleeding Hearted Blues 207. Johnson, Robert - Little Queen Of Spades 208. Crudup, Arthur Big Boy - Cool Disposition 209. White, Bukka - Black Train Blues 210. Turner, Big Joe - Watch That Jive 211. Arnold, Kokomo - Big Ship Blues 212. Williams, Big Joe - Stack Of Dollars 213. Williamson, Sonny Boy - My Black Name Blues 214. Ma Rainey - Goodbye, Daddy Blues 215. James, Skip - Devil Got My Woman 216. Walker, T-bone - Mean Old World 217. Estes, Sleepy John - Clean Up At Home 218. Mcghee, Brownie - Step It Up & Go (Part 2) 219. Leadbelly - Four Day Worry Blues 220. Mctell, Blind Willie - You Was Born To Die 301. Page, Hot Lips - Pagin' Mr. Page 302. Johnson, Robert - Preaching Blues 303. Leadbelly - I'm Sorry Mama 304. Fuller, Blind Boy - Money Spending Woman 305. Williamson, Sonny Boy - Good Gravy 306. Ma Rainey - Louisiana Hoo Doo Blues 307. Johnson, Lonnie - Life Saver Blues 308. Mctell, Blind Willie - Don't You See How This Worl 309. Terry, Sonny / Fuller, Blind Boy - Blues & Worried 310. Arnold, Kokomo - Crying Blues 311. Davis, Blind John - Memphis Blues 312. Crudup, Arthur Big Boy - Keep Your Arms Around M 313. Estes, Sleepy John - Special Agent (Railroad Polic 314. Smith, Bessie - Mama's Got The Blues 315. Broonzy, Big Bill - Horny Frog 316. Hopkins, Lightnin' - You're Not Going To Worry My 317. Williams, Big Joe - I Won't Be In Hard Luck No Mor 318. Turner, Big Joe - Goin' To Chicago Blues 319. Yancey, Jimmy - South Side Stuff 320. Memphis Slim - Empty Room Blues 401. Williams, Big Joe - Highway 49 402. Turner, Big Joe - Howlin' Winds 403. Walker, T-bone - Come Back To Me Baby 404. Mctell, Blind Willie - It's A Good Little Thing 405. Hopkins, Lightnin' - Can't Get That Woman Off My M 406. Broonzy, Big Bill - W.p.a. Rag 407. Smith, Bessie - Tain't Nobody's Business If I Do 408. Crudup, Arthur Big Boy - That's Your Red Wagon 409. White, Bukka - Parchman Farm Blues 410. Ma Rainey - Booze & Blues 411. Arnold, Kokomo - Grandpa Got Drunk 412. Estes, Sleepy John - Drop Down (I Don't Feel Welco 413. Memphis Slim - Caught The Old Coon At Last 414. Williamson, Sonny Boy - Good Gal Blues 415. Fuller, Blind Boy / Terry, Sonny - Harmonica Blues 416. Carr, Leroy - When The Sun Goes Down 417. Mcghee, Brownie - Death Of Blind Boy Fuller 418. Leadbelly - Irene Goodnight 419. Johnson, Robert - Walking Blues 420. Page, Hot Lips - Thirsty Mama Blues 501. Yancey, Jimmy - Yancey's Getaway 502. Leadbelly - Rock Island Line 503. Fuller, Blind Boy - Got To Find My Little Woman 504. Memphis Slim - Me, Myself & I 505. Estes, Sleepy John - Jailhouse Blues 506. Thomas, Henry - Red River Blues 507. Memphis Minnie - I'm Not A Bad Girl 508. Newbern, Hambone Willie - Roll & Tumble Blues 509. Crudup, Arthur Big Boy - I'm In The Mood 510. Johnson, Robert - 32-20 Blues 511. Williamson, Sonny Boy - Love Me Baby 512. Arnold, Kokomo - Black Mattie 513. Turner, Big Joe - Johnson & Turner Blues 514. Smith, Bessie - Gulf Coast Blues 515. Broonzy, Big Bill - It's Your Time Now 516. Hopkins, Lightnin' - Thinkin' & Worryin' 517. Walker, T-bone - Evening 518. Mctell, Blind Willie - Savannah Mama 519. Fuller, Blind Boy / Terry, Sonny - Lonesome Train 520. Williams, Big Joe - I'm Getting Wild About Her 601. Johnson, Robert - Cross Road Blues 602. Williams, Big Joe - Please Don't Go 603. Mctell, Blind Willie - Lord Have Mercy If You Plea 604. Fuller, Blind Boy / Terry, Sonny - Precious Lord 605. Hopkins, Lightnin' - Picture On The Wall 606. Broonzy, Big Bill - Southern Flood Blues 607. Turner, Big Joe - I Got A Gal (For Every Day In Th 608. Smith, Bessie - Beale Street Mama 609. Walker, T-bone - Don't Leave Me Baby 610. Arnold, Kokomo - Neck Bone Blues 611. White, Bukka - Aberdeen Mississippi Blues 612. Memphis Minnie - Looking The World Over 613. Williamson, Sonny Boy - Black Panther Blues 614. Page, Hot Lips - Uncle Sam's Blues 615. Estes, Sleepy John - Time Is Drawing Near 616. Crudup, Arthur Big Boy - Boy Friend Blues 617. Fuller, Blind Boy - I'm A Black Woman's Man 618. Davis, Blind John - Rockin' Chair Boogie 619. Leadbelly - On Monday 620. Yancey, Jimmy - How Long Blues 701. Turner, Big Joe - Little Bitty Gal's Blues 702. Broonzy, Big Bill - Mountain Blues 703. Smith, Bessie - Frosty Morning Blues 704. Leadbelly - See See Rider 705. Crudup, Arthur Big Boy - No More Lovers 706. Davis, Blind John - C.c. Rider 707. Arnold, Kokomo - Buddie Brown Blues 708. Fuller, Blind John - Dealing With The Devil 709. Williamson, Sonny Boy - I Have Got To Go 710. Yancey, Jimmy - Yancey Stomp 711. Blackwell, Scrapper - Kokomo Blues 712. Estes, Sleepy John - Tell Me How About It (Mr. Tom 713. Mississippi Sheiks - Sitting On Top Of The World 714. Johnson, Robert - Come On In My Kitchen 715. Hurt, Mississippi John - Stack O'lee 716. Memphis Slim - This Life I'm Living 717. Williams, Big Joe - Crawling King Snake 718. Hopkins, Lightnin' - Someday Baby 719. Mctell, Blind Willie - My Baby's Gone 720. Terry, Sonny / Fuller, Blind Boy - You Got To Have 801. Hopkins, Lightnin' - Nightmare Blues 802. Walker, T-bone - She Is Going To Ruin Me 803. Yancey, Jimmy - State Street Special 804. Turner, Big Joe - Rocks In My Bed 805. Williams, Big Joe - His Spirit Lives On 806. Johnson, Robert - Last Fair Deal Gone Done 807. Memphis Slim - You Didn't Mean Me No Good 808. Temple, Johnny - Lead Pencil Blues 809. Estes, Sleepy John - Mailman Blues 810. Fuller, Blind Boy - Double Trouble 811. Williamson, Sonny Boy - Early In The Morning 812. Hurt, Mississippi John - Big Leg Blues 813. Terry, Sonny / Fuller, Blind Boy - Bus Rider Blues 814. Arnold, Kokomo - Head Cuttin' Blues 815. Crudup, Arthur Big Boy - She's Gone 816. Page, Hot Lips - You'd Be Frantic Too 817. Leadbelly - Alberta 818. Smith, Bessie - Mean Old Bedbug Blues 819. Broonzy, Big Bill - Oh Baby (Don't Do Me That Way) 820. Mctell, Blind Willie - Broke Down Engine 901. Memphis Slim - Blues At Midnight 902. Page, Hot Lips - Just Another Woman 903. Fuller, Blind Boy / Terry, Sonny - Blowing The Blu 904. Broonzy, Big Bill - Long Tall Mama 905. Smith, Bessie - Sweet Mistreater 906. Leadbelly - Eagle Rock Rag 907. Arnold, Kokomo - Broke Man Blues 908. Estes, Sleepy John - Mary Come On Home 909. Williamson, Sonny Boy - Decoration Blues 910. Mctell, Blind Willie - Love Makin' Mama 911. Patton, Charley - Revenue Man Blues 912. Hurt, Mississippi John - Frankie 913. Fuller, Blind Boy - Woman, I'm Done 914. Weldon, Casey Bill - Go Ahead, Buddy 915. Crudup, Arthur Big Boy - Dirt Road Blues 916. Hopkins, Lightnin' - You're Gonna Miss Me 917. Johnson, Robert - Kindhearted Woman Blues 918. Yancey, Jimmy - Five O'clock Blues 919. Williams, Big Joe - Little Leg Woman 920. Turner, Big Joe - Somebody's Got To Go


How Not To Shop - 2862258578

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How Not To Shop Corgi Books

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Her passion is fashion...but she's on a budget! Personal shopper Annie Valentine is about to hit the big time: presenting a glamorous TV makeover series! But too late, Annie discovers this is TV on a shoestring. They're paying her buttons and her budget is zip. Can she make do with Primark when all she wants is Prada?


Rock Around The Clock - 2839348046

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Rock Around The Clock Documents

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1. Haley, Bill - Rock Around The Clock 2. Buddy / Bob / Holly, Buddy - You & I Are Through 3. Little Richard - Tutti Frutti 4. Diddley, Bo - Bo Diddley 5. Platters, The - Love All Night 6. Drifters, The - Everyone's Laughing 7. Baker, Lavern - Jim Dandy 8. Vincent, Gene - Wedding Bells 9. Price, Lloyd - Rock 'N' Roll Dance 10. Presley, Elvis - You're A Heartbraker 11. Turner, Big Joe - Morning Glories 12. Harris, Wynonie - Mister Blues Is Coming To Town 13. Bartholomew, Dave - Country Boy 14. Holly, Buddy - Rip It Up 15. Brown, Ruth - Mam He Treats Your Daughter Mean 16. Ford, Tennessee Ernie - The Shot Gun Boogie 17. Willis, Chuck - If I Had A Million 18. Brown, Roy - Mighty Mighty Man 19. Big Mama Thornton - They Call Me Big Mama 20. Turner, Ike - Troubles & Heartaches 101. Platters, The - Only You 102. Presley, Elvis - Hound Dog 103. Otis, Johnny - Head Hunter 104. Haley, Bill - Razzle Dazzle 105. Turner, Big Joe - Flip, Flop & Fly 106. Domino, Fats - Blueberry Hill 107. Harris, Wynonie - Wynonie's Boogie 108. Bartholomew, Dave - Cat Music 109. Willis, Chuck - Caldonia 110. Brown, Ruth - The Tears Keep Tumbling Down 111. Ford, Tennessee Ernie - Country Junction 112. Holly, Buddy - Don't Come Back Knocking 113. Little Richard - Heeby Jeebies 114. Diddley, Bo - Pretty Thing 115. Drifters, The - Money Honey 116. Baker, Lavern - That's All I Need 117. Big Mama Thornton - Wilie Mae's Blues 118. Professor Longhair - Boogie Woogie 119. Brown, Roy - Rockin' At Midnight 120. Turner, Ike - Rocket 88 201. Holly, Buddy - Blue Suede Shoes 202. Little Richard - The Girl Can't Help It 203. Presley, Elvis - That's All Right 204. Diddley, Bo - Diddley Daddy 205. Price, Lloyd - Night & Day Blues 206. Brown, Roy - Cadillac Baby 207. Willis, Chuck - Lawdy Miss Mary 208. Otis, Johnny - Our Romance Is Gone 209. Big Mama Thornton - All Right Baby 210. Platters, The - I'll Cry When You're Gone 211. Ford, Tennessee Ernie - Sixteen Tons 212. Domino, Fats - My Blue Heaven 213. Drifters, The - Warm Your Heart 214. Haley, Bill - Rock-a-beatin' Boogie 215. Baker, Lavern - How Long 216. Presley, Elvis - Money Honey 217. Turner, Big Joe - Shake, Rattle & Roll 218. Bartholomew, Dave - My Ding A Ling 219. Turner, Ike - Charley's Boogie Woogie 220. Vincent, Gene - You Told A Fib 301. Presley, Elvis - Heartbreak Hotel 302. Little Richard - I Love My Baby 303. Turner, Big Joe - Cahins Of Love 304. Vincent, Gene - Be-bob-a- Lula 305. Drifters, The - Bip Bam 306. Diddley, Bo - I'm Looking For A Woman 307. Holly, Buddy - Rock-a-bye-rock 308. Otis, Johnny - Lover's Laine Boogie 309. Big Mama Thornton - Hound Dog 310. Haley, Bill - Mambo Rock 311. Bartholomew, Dave - Messy Bessy 312. Professor Longhair - Willi Mae 313. Ford, Tennessee Ernie - Tennessee Border 314. Baker, Lavern - Good Daddy 315. Little Richard - I'm Justa Lonely Guy 316. Harris, Wynonie - Bite Again, Bite Again 317. Domino, Fats - The Fat Man 318. Willis, Chuck - Ring Ding Doo 319. Brown, Ruth - Sentimental Journey 320. Price, Lloyd - Froglegs 401. Platters, The - You Made Me Cry 402. Drifters, The - If I Didn't Love You Like I Do 403. Haley, Bill - Ten Little Indians 404. Willis, Chuck - Keep A Knockin' 405. Holly, Buddy - Honky Tonk 406. Turner, Big Joe - Midnight Cannonball 407. Turner, Ike - Lookin' For My Baby 408. Price, Lloyd - Baby, Please Come Home 409. Otis, Johnny - Ain't Nothin' Shakin' 410. Domino, Fats - Rockin' Chair 411. Bartholomew, Dave - Another Mule 412. Harris, Wynonie - Feel That Old Age Coming On 413. Baker, Lavern - Lost Child 414. Brown, Ruth - Shine On Big Bright Moon 415. Professor Longhair - Longhair Stomp 416. Vincent, Gene - Race With The Devil 417. Presley, Elvis - Blue Suede Shoes 418. Brown, Roy - Laughing But Crying 419. Big Mama Thornton - Nightmare 420. Little Richard - Slippin' & Slidin' 501. Little Richard - All Around The World 502. Platters, The - Red Sails In The Sunset 503. Diddley, Bo - Cops & Robbers 504. Vincent, Gene - Jezebel 505. Willis, Chuck - I Can Tell 506. Price, Llyod - Carry Me Home 507. Brown, Ruth - To Many Men 508. Big Mama Thornton - No Jody For Me 509. Domino, Fats - Reeling & Rocking 510. Brown, Roy - Ain't No Rocking No More 511. Haley, Bill - Green Tree Boogie 512. Turner, Big Joe - Well All Right 513. Drifters, The - Lucille 514. Bartholomew, Dave - The Monkey 515. Harris, Wynonie - All She Wants To Do Is Rock 516. Little Richard - Long Tall Sally 517. Holly, Buddy - Shake, Rattle & Roll 518. Otis, Johnny - Boogie Guitar 519. Ford, Tennessee Ernie / Starr, Kay - I'll Never Be 520. Presley, Elvis - Milkcow Blues Boogie 601. Holly, Buddy - Keep A Knockin' 602. Drifters, The - Honey Love 603. Ford, Tennessee Ford / Carr, Joe Fingers - Tailo 604. Diddley, Bo - Diddy Wah Diddy 605. Presley, Elvis - Don't Be Cruel 606. Big Mama Thornton - Rockabye Baby 607. Domino, Fats - Rosemary 608. Platters, The - Sentimental Journey 609. Otis, Johnny / Little Esther / Robins, The - Doubl 610. Turner, Big Joe - Sweet Sixteen 611. Brown, Ruth - I Would If I Could 612. Little Richard - Ain't That Good News 613. Haley, Bill - Shake, Rattle & Roll 614. Bartholomew, Dave - The Ice Man 615. Vincent, Gene - Bop Street 616. Presley, Elvis - When My Blue Moon Turns To Gold A 617. Professor Longhair - Mardi Gras In New Orleans 618. Price, Lloyd - Lawdy Miss Clawdy 619. Willis, Chuck - Let's Jump Tonight 620. Harris, Wynonie - Confessin' The Blues 701. Diddley, Bo - You Don't Love Me 702. Presley, Elvis - Good Rockin' Tonight 703. Holly, Buddy - Rock Around With Ollie Vee 704. Vincent, Gene - Bluejean Bop 705. Platters, The - Shake It Up Mambo 706. Little Richard - Get Rich Quick 707. Big Mama Thornton - Cotton Picking Blues 708. Turner, Big Joe - Boogie Woogie Country Girl 709. Brown, Roy - Big Town 710. Willis, Chuck - I've Been Treated Wrong Too Long 711. Turner, Ike - You Know I Love You 712. Price, Lloyd - All Alone 713. Baker, Lavern - Bop-ting-a-ling 714. Brown, Ruth - Ever Since My Baby's Gone 715. Drifters, The - Ruby Baby 716. Professor Longhair - In The Night 717. Harris, Wynonie - Oh Babe 718. Otis, Johnny - New Orleans Shuffle 719. Haley, Bill - Abc Boogie 720. Presley, Elvis - Blue Moon 801. Haley, Bill - See You Later, Alligator 802. Platters, The - Maggie Doesn't Work Here Any More 803. Little Richard - Ready Teddy 804. Holly, Buddy - You Are My One Desire 805. Diddley, Bo - Down Home Special 806. Big Mama Thornton - Just Can't Help Myself 807. Turner, Big Joe - Low Down Dog 808. Willis, Chuck - I Feel So Bad 809. Price, Lloyd - I'm Glad, Glad 810. Brown, Ruth - I'll Wait For You 811. Turner, Ike - You're Driving Me Insane 812. Domino, Fats - Blue Monday 813. Harris, Wynonie - Good Rockin' Tonight 814. Drifters, The - There You Go 815. Baker, Lavern - I Want To Rock 816. Presley, Elvis - Blue Moon Of Kentucky 817. Vincent, Gene - Peg O' My Heart 818. Brown, Roy - Beautician Blues 819. Professor Longhair - Walk Your Blues Away 820. Turner, Ike / King, B. B. - Shake It Up & Go 901. Presley, Elvis - Love Me Tender 902. Little Richard - Little Richard's Boogie 903. Haley, Bill - R - O - C - K 904. Holly, Buddy - Love Me 905. Harris, Wynonie - Put It Back 906. Willis, Chuck - Going To The River 907. Brown, Ruth - 5 -10 -15 Hours 908. Price, Lloyd - Lord, Lord Amen 909. Vincent, Gene - Up A Lazy River 910. Platters, The - Beer Barrel Boogie 911. Big Mama Thornton - Hard Times 912. Ford, Tennessee Ernie / Dinning Sisters, The - Roc 913. Diddley, Bo - I'm A Man 914. Turner, Ike / Brenston, Jackie - My Real Gone Rock 915. Drifters, The - Such A Night 916. Brown, Roy - Money Can't Buy Love 917. Otis, Johnny / Robins, The - If I Didn't Love You 918. Baker, Lavern - Tweedlee Dee 919. Turner, Big Joe - Rock A While 920. Bartholomew, Dave - Night Train


Under the Duvet - 2212824601

36,60 zł

Under the Duvet Penguin

Powieści i opowiadania

'When people ask me what I do for a crust and I tell them that I'm a novelist, they immediately assume that my life is a non-stop carousel of limos, television appearances, hair-dos, devoted fans, stalkers and all the glitzy paraphernalia of being a public figure. It's time to set the record straight. I write alone, in a darkened bedroom, wearing my PJs, eating bananas, my laptop on a pillow in front of me ...' Her novels are adored by millions around the world


Country & Western Nuggets - 2845975641

97,49 zł

Country & Western Nuggets Documents


1. Your Lyin' Ways 2. Careless Love 3. Changed My Mind 4. Doorway To Heaven 5. He'll Let You Live A Little 6. You Let The Moon 7. Poor Man's Riches 8. Tupelo County Jail 9. I'll Have Another Cup Of Coffee 10. I Hear You Talking 11. You Are The Reason 12. Celebration 13. Pony Express 14. Heaven Only Knows 15. Fallin' In Love 16. Frisco's Tommy Tucker 17. Make The Waterwheel Roll 18. Hey Ma (Hide The Daughter) 19. Tell Her Lies And Feed Her Candy 20. Tell Me What To Do 101. Yes, I've Come Back 102. Nobody's Lonesome For Me 103. Mama Doll 104. Heaven's Plan 105. Times Like This 106. Country Music Holiday 107. I Can't Help Wondering 108. I Want Love, Not Sympathy 109. Little Lover 110. Wang Dang Doo 111. Farther Than My Eyes Can See 112. Framed 113. How Much 114. Love Of A Lifetime 115. Your Wicked Love 116. Cave In 117. No Love Tonight 118. You Jes Don't Steal From A Poor Man 119. Lightning Jones 120. Too Many Secrets 201. East Dallas Dugger 202. A Thousand Miles To Go 203. Wild Desire 204. It's So Easy 205. Hippy-ty-yo 206. I Wish I Never 207. Slop And Stroll Jolie Blonde 208. Give Me A Chance On Your Heart 209. So What! Let It Rain! 210. I've Been Known To Cry 211. Lookin' Around Downtown 212. Long Long Train 213. Road Walked By Fools 214. Backtrack 215. The State Of Happiness 216. I Don't Thrill You Anymore 217. A Hundred Hearts 218. I'll Walk With You 219. Firewater Luke 220. One Heart 301. Yo Yo 302. Whole Lotta Lookin' 303. Ten Years 304. Spellbound 305. Cheaters Never Win 306. You're So Easy To Love 307. Candy Hearts 308. Black Cat 309. I Thought I'd Never See The Day 310. Sitting Alone 311. John And Mary Doe 312. When I Found You 313. I'm Tired 314. My Dream Of A Lifetime 315. This Heart 316. Top Of Your List 317. Speakin' Of Angels 318. The Little Green Men 319. Poor Little Heart 320. You Don't Want To Hold Me 401. Royal Flush 402. Why Don't You Love Me 403. Come Back To Me 404. Make Room For The Blues 405. Jeopardy 406. My Baby's Not Here 407. One More Memory 408. Make Room For The Blues 409. Strangers Shake Hands With A Fool 410. Big Eyes 411. Waiting For You 412. Honey Stop 413. Walk With Me Baby 414. Heartbreakin' Mama 415. There's More Pretty Girls Than One 416. Tragic Highway 417. Mister Whizz 418. Hey Little Darlin' 419. Baby I Love You 420. Black Sheep 501. Alone With You 502. Rockin' In The Congo 503. I'm Gonna Slip You Offa My Mind 504. Reasons To Live 505. My Little Baby 506. Cheek To Cheek With The Blues 507. Red Hen Hop 508. See How You Stand 509. Stand Up, Sit Down, Shut Your Mouth 510. A Thinking Man's Woman 511. Wang Dang Doo 512. You Can't Hurt Me Anymore 513. For Old Times 514. My Gal Gertie 515. Walkin' 516. More Habit Than Desire 517. Miss Me, Miss Mary Ann 518. I Can't Dance 519. Sebbin' Come Elebbin' 520. Car Trouble 601. Hey Li Lee Li Lee 602. Shot Four Times And Dyin' 603. It's Doggone Tough On Me 604. Go 'Way Hound Dog 605. Leave Our Moon Alone 606. No More, No More, No More 607. Queen Of My Heartaches 608. High Wind 609. Baboon Boogie 610. I Love This Girl 611. Mean Mama Blues 612. Shakin' Hands With Heartaches 613. I'm Gonna Roll And Rock 614. Big Mamou 615. When My Baby Left Me 616. The Picture 617. Everybody's Rockin' But Me 618. Another Lonely Night 619. Heavenly Love 620. Sally Green 701. Running Bear 702. That's All You Ever Get From Me 703. The Woman I Need 704. After The Boy Gets The Girl 705. Lane Of Heartaches 706. Linda 707. Sixteen Tons Of Rock 'N' Roll 708. Deep Elm Dave 709. Tennessee Toddy 710. That's All I Need 711. Ugly And Slouchy 712. Dream Big 713. I Ain't A Studyin' You, Baby 714. King For A Day 715. Rockin' And Rollin' With Grandmaw 716. Froggy Went A Courtin' 717. That's The Way It Goes 718. Midnight Line 719. My Gal Dottie 720. You Made It Sound So Easy 801. My Love Is Real 802. What Makes The Grass Grow Greener 803. Grandpaw's A Cat 804. I'll Get Even With You 805. Country Cattin' 806. Love, Love, Love 807. My Square Dancin' Mama 808. Maybe My Baby 809. They Call Me A Hobo 810. Don't Let Love Get You Down 811. Richest Poor Boy 812. The Rockin' Guitar 813. What Did I Do 814. Mountain Guitar 815. Home Coming 816. I Ain't Gonna Waste My Time 817. All Around This Heart 818. Big Eli 819. Mule Boogie 820. Our Hearts Are Out Of Tune 901. Sixteen Fathoms 902. Tuggin' At My Heart Strings 903. Please Come Home 904. Rhythm Of Love 905. Blue Suede Shoes 906. Waitin' For My Baby 907. Fan It 908. Yellow Pages 909. Hep Cat Baby 910. Red Silk Stockings And Green Perfume 911. Hillbilly Blues 912. Move It On Over 913. Why Why 914. Music Makin' Mama From Memphis 915. Burn On Love Fire 916. Catty Town 917. Milkcow Blues 918. Big Big Love 919. Long Road To Nowhere 920. Another Heartache


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