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How to be a Railway Signalman IAN ALLAN

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The heritage railways around Britain today operate hundreds of miles of track. The role of signalling on these railways is vital in enabling them to operate their services safely. This is the first guide to be published aimed specifically at those who wish to learn how the signalling operates on the heritage railways. The reader is given a background history of the development of railway signalling since its beginnings in the 19th century but the book also gives the reader practical advice on the operation of the signalling. Although the practices vary from railway to railway according to the different traditions and the variations in the equipment, the principles are followed by all. This book will give examples of the range of signalling to be found on the heritage railways in the UK as well as explaining the rules of signalling that are established on all railways. This book will be an indispensible manual for all those wishing to take up railway signalling on one of the main heritage railways in Britain as well as being of interest to all those with a more general interest in the operation of railway signalling.


How To Be A Railway Signalman - 2853916369

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How To Be A Railway Signalman

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