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Self Belief: The Vision Virgin Books

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From the iBooks Number 1 bestselling ebook series. So you want to know how Jamal Edwards beat the system and made it big in business his own way? Self Belief: The Vision will show you how. At the age of 15, with only a hand-held camera and a Wi-Fi connection, Jamal started to build his media empire. The videos he made showcased undiscovered talent on the underground music scene. Jamal gave viewers access to the latest acts and new trends, and the buzz and the audience kept growing. By the age of 20 Jamal signed a deal with Sony RCA to become CEO of his own record label, Just Jam Records and was named one of Richard Branson's Virgin Media Pioneers 2012. And now, at 22, Jamal Edwards is CEO of SB.TV, the UK's most successful online youth broadcaster with over 150 million views. A mix of inspirational business book, memoir and game, Self Belief: The Vision shares Jamal's own story and some of the things he has learned, in order to inspire other young people to get some self-belief and turn their dreams and ideas into reality. The book features six levels, in which Jamal sets tasks and challenges to help the reader get to where they want to be. Along the way the reader will come across Decision Points where they will have to choose a path through their business journey. Each level features a foreword by one of Jamal's friends or mentors, including successful people in music, media and business such as Sir Richard Branson, Emeli Sande, JacksGap, Ed Sheeran, Jessie J and Idris Elba. Level 1 - Take Control is where you'll step outside your comfort zone and find out your strengths and weakness. Level 2 - The Knowledge is where you'll start researching your ideas. Level 3 - Building the Foundations is where you'll build your team and learn how to market and promote you and your idea. Level 4 - Launch Time will show you how best announce your idea to your audience. Level 5 - Going Large is where you'll learn how to grow and develop your idea. Level 6 - Keep It Fresh is about building the momentum, keeping your focus and looking to the future. Are you up for the challenge?


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