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Happily After All: How to Keep Your Relationship Going When You Are Tired of Trying - 2845581700

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Happily After All: How to Keep Your Relationship Going When You Are Tired of Trying



Love, Sex, and Relationship Dream Dictionary - 2842742196

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Love, Sex, and Relationship Dream Dictionary FAIR WINDS PRESS

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Dream big. Dream better. Grab your pillow and your notebook, Doctor Dream is going to help you figure out youself and your relationships better by explaining the true meaning behind what and how you dream. The Love, Sex, and Relationship Dream Dictionary identifies and defines more than 100 common symbols, themes, and images from your dreams. It also includes tools for interpretation and detailed explanations on the meaning behind each dream. "Doctor Dream" herself, Kelly Sullivan Walden, will take you on an exciting journey of your mind, helping you to discover the true meaning behind your dreams. Will you fall in love? Are you destined for greatness? What does a dream about falling mean? How do you inspire better dreams? Categorized from A to Z, you'll find everything and more within this informative guide.


How Your Horse Works - 2826820451

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How Your Horse Works DAVID & CHARLES

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

The ancestors of the modern horse were roaming the planet over half a million years before the first humans made an appearance, and yet we have attempted to modify their behaviour to suit our needs. Susan McBane is one of a growing number of equestrian experts who has seen that the way forward in horse care does not lie in curbing the horse's natural instincts, but in learning to use them to advantage, both for horse and owner, It combines a biological and psychological survey of the horse's body and mind with the latest thinking and information on how to keep your horse physically well and mentally content. How Your Horse Works features a fascinating exploration of the horse's role in history, mythology and religion, revealing how and why horses have bewitched mankind since earliest times. Fully illustrated with colour photographs and clear illustrations, this book is a practical guide to modifying the way we live and work with horses in order to produce a relationship, based on respect and trust, which can lead to truly rewarding horse ownership.


101+ Ways to Keep a Man - 2834156340

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101+ Ways to Keep a Man iUniverse

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

A how-to guide instructing women how MEN think and what MEN really want in a relationship. Real-life relationship advice in an easy to understand and execute manner. A book for women of all ages, sizes and color that has ever dreamed about finding a good man and keeping that man. Even if you already have a man, this book offers incite into the mentality of a man and how he views being in a relationship. This knowledge will further help you to keep your man satisfied at home and not out running the streets.


Nothing Can Keep Us Together - 2826808584

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Nothing Can Keep Us Together Bloomsbury

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Welcome back to New York City's glamorous Upper East Side, where the uptown girls get everything - and everyone - they want. Nabbing the latest Marc Jacobs bag or your best friend's boyfriend isn't always pretty, but it's always pretty cool ...§§It's almost graduation and the lives of New York's private high school elite are really heating up. Everyone's got into college and it's clearly time to party - not that they haven't been doing plenty of that already! Blair and Nate's relationship has moved on to a new level - but will the love affair continue? Or will Nate's love affair with his bong get in the way? Will Blair finally get into Yale? Or will Nate and Serena hook up in New Haven and leave Blair alone in the city?§§And as for the juiciest gossip of all, what's this rumour about Jenny leaving Constance Billard to go to boarding school? Only time will tell how everyone will end up, but one thing's for sure: love is in the air, and it smells a lot like Gucci envy.


Find a Good Man and Keep Him - 2826921809

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Find a Good Man and Keep Him BERTRAMS

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A lady once said that finding a good man is like looking for a needle in a haystack. This is not and should not be the case. True love is all around you if earnestly you desire it. The book suggests functional approaches to true love as an alternative to the hit-and-miss approach that almost always ends in divorce or heartbreak. The book is for the married or single woman. It is for the married woman who, perhaps, already has a good man and necessarily must keep him. It is for the single woman who now is in search of a good man for a lifetime of joyful romance and companionship. The book examines the good man's qualifying attributes, the meaning of romantic love, the concrete manifestations of love and, importantly, how you recognize and sustain true love when it comes your way. Find a Good Man and Keep Him is a practical guide that leads you through and away from the hurtful tumbles and stumbles of a failed relationship onto the path of manifest love with a good man.


Gossip Girl 8 Nothing Can Keep Us Together - 2212825891

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Gossip Girl 8 Nothing Can Keep Us Together Bloomsbury Publishing Plc

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Welcome back to New York City?s glamorous Upper East Side, where the uptown girls get everything -- and everyone -- they want. Nabbing the latest Marc Jacobs bag or your best friend?s boyfriend isn?t always pretty, but it?s always pretty cool... It?s almost graduation and the lives of New York?s private high school elite are really heating up. Everyone?s got into college and it?s clearly time to party -- not that they haven?t been doing plenty of that already! Blair and Nate?s relationship has moved on to a new level -- but will the love affair continue? Or will Nate?s love affair with his bong get in the way? Will Blair finally get into Yale? Or will Nate and Serena hook up in New Haven and leave Blair alone in the city? And as for the juiciest gossip of all, what?s this rumour about Jenny leaving Constance Billard to go to boarding school? Only time will tell how everyone will end up, but one thing?s for sure: love is in the air, and it smells a lot like Gucci envy.


How to Talk to Hot Women - 2842080630

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How to Talk to Hot Women Perseus Books Group

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You've seen those guys. The ones who have all the right lines and the kind of charm women flock to -- the guys who always seem to lead beautiful women out the door of the coffee shop or out of the club at the end of the night, time after time. The guys who know how to reel in women and keep them. Be one of those guys. You don't have to be young, attractive, or rich to get the woman of your dreams -- you just have to know how to talk to her. Mehow(R), legendary pickup artist and creator of Mehow, Inc., used to be that insecure schlub at the bar with no classic good looks or smooth moves to fall back on. Rejected repeatedly, Mehow always settled for the first woman who didn't turn him down. Sound familiar? Whether you're in need of major help or just need a little push, Mehow's lessons can improve any man's game. Trained in the seduction fundamentals by the infamous pickup artists Mystery (The Game and VH1's The Pickup Artist) and Lovedrop, Mehow surpassed the masters in the pickup game, and in How to Talk to Hot Women, he shows how you can too. Provocative and entertaining, it's the definitive system for rescuing your sex life, your relationship status, and your swagger. In these pages, Mehow distills charm into a simple, easy-to-use formula that renders "dating tips" obsolete. Learn the nine essential secrets to building immediate chemistry with attractive women, along with practical, field-tested techniques that leave you with the knowledge to transform your dating reality from nonexistent to nonstop. Mehow's one-of-a-kind system shows you exactly how to be yourself and succeed when you meet women, no matter how or where, or if you simply want the woman you already have to stay totally addicted to you. Packed with specific advice on what to do, examples of what to say, and tips on how to develop your own game, How to Talk to Hot Women will allow you to reach new levels of freedom and confidence to date the woman you really want -- whether she is the "perfect 10" for the next hour, the night, or the rest of your life.


52 Weekly Devotionals to Heal and Strengthen Your Christian Marriage (Marriage Miracle Series) - 2826931764

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52 Weekly Devotionals to Heal and Strengthen Your Christian Marriage (Marriage Miracle Series) Kathode Ray Enterprises, LLC

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Forgetting Something? It takes work and devotion to keep a marriage working. This we know. And we know it takes love, support, and understanding to maintain a lasting marriage. Still, one of the biggest relationship mistakes couples make is remembering that a marriage is not a relationship of two, but of three. God is walking with you in marriage. It is He who is there through the good times and bad. And He who will guide you toward the strong marriage you want. This 52-week devotional series will help you to make use of the wisdom and love only He can provide. These devotionals will strengthen your marriage. They will help you to build deeper connection to God while finding true fulfillment within yourself and your relationship. Put Your Faith in God and Reignite Your Marriage The secret to maintaining a lasting, happy marriage is through God. He can give you everything you need to fix any problems, mend broken hearts, and discover all the comfort and joy that marriage has to offer. This book will help you connect with Him each and every day. You will better understand His word and how to use it to build the loving, devoted relationship He wants you to have. Read these devotions with your spouse or by yourself. Some of them are serious and challenging, while others are light, written as reminders for you to relax and be happy. If you're ready to turn to Him and accept all that He is waiting to offer you and your marriage... get this book today.


Rewire Your Brain for Love - 2838786087

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Rewire Your Brain for Love HAY HOUSE PUBLISHING

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In "Rewire Your Brain for Love", neuropsychologist Marsha Lucas brings together neuroscience and mindfulness meditation in an exciting program to help readers create and sustain better, healthier, juicier romantic relationships. With a passion for neuroscience and the ability to relay it in a clear, unintimidating - and funny - manner, Lucas delves into how the human brain works in relationships, exploring the neurological connections that fuel our reactions. In an inviting and reassuring tone, she describes how we developed our current relationship wiring and how to modify it through mindfulness meditation. Focusing on nine high-voltage benefits, Lucas shows how a short daily meditation practice can change the way you interact with everyone around you...especially those closest to you. The benefits include things such as enhanced fear modulation, increased emotional resiliency, better response flexibility, greater insight/self-knowledge, more attuned communication, and enhanced empathy. Each chapter focuses on one of these benefits and includes an in-depth description of exactly what that benefit is and how it will improve the reader's life. She looks at the science and research associated with mindfulness meditation in relation to each benefit, and then provides readers with a specific meditation to help bring that benefit into their relationships. Imagine, instead of blowing up at an off-hand statement your partner makes, you are able to stop, breathe and respond in a thoughtful manner. And as the author says, 'You don't have to become a monk, or a vegetarian, or spend hours contemplating your navel'; you simply need to notice your mind's busyness and not get all tangled up in it. This simple process truly can change your life.


Target Your Fat Spots - 2843909624

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All of us have some part of our body that we would love to tone up. Many of us find it impossible to shift specific stubborn areas of excess fat that distort our body shape. We diet, we exercise really hard, and yet we still can't lose the bingo wings, protruding belly, heavy thighs, big bottom, love handles, or man boobs. In this book, Max Tomlinson reveals a radical and exciting new approach to weight loss. He explains how your body's hormones, when out of balance - due to your lifestyle, eating habits, or even your environment - promote the storage of unwanted fat in specific areas. He helps you to accurately pinpoint which type of hormonal imbalance you have by taking you through a short questionnaire and a simple home fat pinch test. He then shows you how to drop your old eating habits and embrace healthier foods and attitudes before guiding you through a straightforward, simple but effective two-step programme. First there is a week of detoxing to kick-start your healthy habits and re-energize you, followed by one of six innovative six-week fat-spot-busting programmes specifically designed to shift your fat spot. Each specific programme encourages you to eat the right foods, take the right supplements, and do the right exercise. And once you've lost the weight, Max reveals how you can keep it off for good. Easy to use and free from jargon, Target your Fat Spots is a dramatically different way of understanding weight gain in men and women to help you bust your fat spot and restore a healthy, balanced look to your body.


Teach Yourself Change Your Life With Emotional Intelligence - 2826731170

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Teach Yourself Change Your Life With Emotional Intelligence Teach Yourself Books

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Is this the right book for me? Boost emotional awareness in any part of your life Change Your Life with Emotional Intelligence takes Daniel Goleman's revolutionary psychological theory and transforms it into practical self-help for you to boost emotional awareness in any part of your life. It introduces you to the principles of EI, explaining why the qualities of assertiveness, perception, motivation etc really matter if you want to live a fulfilled and successful life. The book takes an applied approach, encouraging you first to understand your own emotional identity, then to develop life skills like developing a sense of responsibility, overcoming anger and being more assertive. It will help you to use these skills to transform relationships with those around you, either in the workplace or in personal relationships and will even offer insight into how to help your children develop emotional intelligence. It is full of interactive exercises, top tips and and motivational quotes and offers plenty of further resources. Change Your Life With Emotional Intelligence includes: Part one - Understanding emotional intelligence Chapter 1: Emotional intelligence: a first look Chapter 2: Why is emotional intelligence so important? Part two - Emotional intelligence and you: becoming personally competent Chapter 3: How do you see yourself Chapter 4: Thinking straight Chapter 5: Developing your personal core values Chapter 6: Emotional intelligence and resilience Chapter 7: Using emotional intelligence to defeat anger Part three - Emotional intelligence and others Chapter 8: Social responsibility Chapter 9: Developing communication skills Chapter 10: Emotional intelligence in the workplace Chapter 11: Emotional intelligence within an intimate relationship Chapter 12: Developing emotionally intelligent children Learn effortlessly with a new easy-to-read page design and interactive features: Not got much time? One, five and ten-minute introductions to key principles to get you started. Author insights Lots of instant help with common problems and quick tips for success, based on the author's many years of experience. Test yourself Tests in the book and online to keep track of your progress. Extend your knowledge Extra online articles to give you a richer understanding of the subject. Five things to remember Quick refreshers to help you remember the key facts. Try this Innovative exercises illustrate what you've learnt and how to use it.


Keeping Your Child in Mind - 2838785506

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Keeping Your Child in Mind Da Capo Press Inc

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Being understood by someone you love is one of the most powerful feelings, at all ages. For a young child, it is the most important of all experiences because it allows the child's mind and sense of self to grow. In the midst of the perennial concerns parents bring to Dr. Claudia Gold, she shows the magical effect of seeing a problem from their child's point of view. Most parenting books teach parents what to do to solve behavior problems, but Dr. Gold shows parents how to be with a child. Crises are defused when children feel truly heard and validated; this is how they learn to understand, and, eventually, control themselves. Dr. Gold's insightful guide uses new research in developmental psychology and vivid stories from her practice to show parents how to keep a child in mind and deepen this central relationship in their lives.


What Color is Your Dog? - 2846347742

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What Color is Your Dog? Interpet

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

This exciting dog training book is based on the original techniques of Hollywood dog trainer and Animal Planet's Good Dog U host, Joel Silverman. In What Color Is Your Dog? Silverman presents his groundbreaking color-coding technique, developed over his thirty-year career training dogs for film, television, and commercials as well as working with killer whales in Sea World. By determining what color is an owner's dog, he is able to recognize and then enhance his dog's behavior, following the techniques outlined in the book. Silverman's advice for new puppy owners is to develop a strong, trusting relationship with their puppies in their first thirty days. He shuns traditional concepts of beginning the puppy's lessons as soon as the puppy comes home; instead he proposes that new owners spend time having fun, building trust, and enjoying the first month of the relationship. By increasing the dog's trust and "like" of his owner, the dog becomes more willing and eager to please and work with his owner/trainer. The main gist of the book comes from Silverman's color system in which five basic canine personalities or temperaments are assigned colors. With the descriptions of the five colors in hand--Blue (a fearful, rather skittish type dog), Green (a more or less bashful pooch), Yellow (the ideal, easygoing companion dog), Orange (excitable, but relatively under control dog), and Red (the hyper, high-strung dog that bounces off the walks as soon as bark)--an owner is able to determine which color best matches his dog's temperament and approach the dog's lessons accordingly. The dog owner's goal then is to move his dog as close to the middle of the color spectrum (Yellow) as possible by using the training practices outlined in the book. Silverman devotes a full chapter to each of the five colors, explaining what makes each color type tick and how owners should best handle such a dog. The second half of the book focuses on training tools and techniques and teaching specific cues (sit/stay, stay, come, and no). There is also a chapter for the puppy owner giving helpful advice on special techniques to use for puppies.


Tell Your Dog You´re Pregnant - 2826701980

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Tell Your Dog You´re Pregnant BERTRAMS

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Do you have a much-loved dog? Your 'fur kid'? Are you expecting or trying for a baby? Does your dog know? Do you want to learn how to prepare your dog for the new addition? Tell Your Dog You're Pregnant offers a practical, intuitive approach for creating a loving bond between your dog and your new baby. Dr Kirkham has packed this book full of information, helpful tips and the latest behavioural knowledge. It is a must read for any dog owning family who is expecting a baby - your dog's and baby's future relationship may just depend on it. Learn how to: Prepare your dog for the baby; Accustom your dog to numerous baby sounds, including toy noises; Read and interpret your dog's body language; Adjust your routine and the household to keep your dog calm; Introduce your dog and baby for the first time; Recognise your dog's warning signs and; Know when you need professional assistance. A baby makes many different noises and your dog needs to be familiar with new sounds ranging from crying to giggling; sneezing to splashing in the bath; as well as all those noisy toys. Prepare your dog for these new sounds with this step-by-step guide and included free downloadable soundtracks.


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