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How To Produce Children's Plays (Classic Reprint) - 2852872533

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How To Produce Children's Plays (Classic Reprint)

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Shakespeare Kids - 2854328103

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Shakespeare Kids Libraries Unlimited Inc

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Shakespeare Kids: Performing his Plays, Speaking his Words opens the world of the Bard to children, providing a wonderful learning experience along the way. Designed as a comprehensive, practical guide to engaging students with the playwright's timeless stories, Shakespeare Kids covers every aspect of production and performance, with step-by-step guidelines on how to choose, cast, rehearse, produce, and perform a play. It even shows you how to condense a play without changing Shakespeare's language. The book's inclusive approach is based on the author's experience performing these plays with hundreds of students in the classroom and in recreational programs. Each of the ten recommended plays is summarized, with special attractions for performing it with students noted. The rationale for teaching language arts and reading by performing Shakespeare is based on national standards and recent reading research and explains how to differentiate this approach for English learners and students with disabilities. A ready-to-use, condensed script for Macbeth gets you started. Grades 3-8


History and Power of Writing - 2854355383

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History and Power of Writing University of Chicago Press

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This study is the story of writing from its very beginnings to its recent transformations through technology. Traversing four millennia, Martin offers a chronicle of writing as a cultural system, a means of communication and a history of technologies. He shows how the written word originated, how it spread and how it figured in the evolution of civilization. Using as his centre the role of printing in making the written way of thinking dominant, Martin examines the interactions of individuals and cultures to produce new forms of "writing" in the many senses of authorship, language rendition and script. Martin looks at how much the development of writing owed to practical necessity, and how much to religious and social systems of symbols. He describes the precursors to writing and reveals their place in early civilization as devices in service of the spoken word. The tenacity of the oral tradition plays an important part in this story as, even as late as the 18th century, educated individuals were trained in classical rhetoric and preferred to rely on the arts of memory. Finally, Martin discusses the changes to writing wrought by the electronic revolution, offering insights into the influence these new technologies have had on children born into the computer age.


Sewing Women - 2854495464

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Sewing Women Columbia University Press

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Many Latino and Chinese women who immigrated to New York City over the past two decades found work in the garment industry-an industry well known for both hiring immigrants and its harsh working conditions. Today the garment industry is one of the largest immigrant employers in New York City and workers in Chinese- and Korean-owned factories produce 70 percent of all manufactured clothing in New York City. Based on extensive interviews with workers and employers, Margaret M. Chin, offers a detailed and complex portrait of the work lives of Chinese and Latino garment workers. Chin, whose mother and aunts worked in Chinatown's garment industry, also explores how immigration status, family circumstances, ethnic relations, and gender affect the garment industry workplace. In turn, she analyzes how these factors affect whom employers hire and what wages and benefits are given to the employees. Chin's study contrasts the working conditions and hiring practices of Korean- and Chinese-owned factories. Her comparison of the two practices illuminates how ethnic ties both improve and hinder opportunities for immigrants. While both sectors take advantage of workers and are characterized by low wages and lax enforcement of safety regulations-there are crucial differences. In the Chinese sector, owners encourage employees, almost entirely female, to recruit new workers, especially friends and family. Though Chinese workers tend to be documented and unionized, this work arrangement allows owners to maintain a more paternalistic relationship with their employees. Gender also plays a major role in channeling women into the garment industry, as Chinese immigrants, particularly those with children, tend to maintain traditional gender roles in the workplace. Korean-owned shops, however, hire mostly undocumented Mexican and Ecuadorian workers, both male and female. These workers tend not to have children and are thus less tied to traditional gender roles. Unlike their Chinese counterparts, Korean employers hire workers on their own terms and would rather not allow current employees to influence their decisions. Chin's work also provides an overview of the history of the garment industry, examines immigration strategies, and concludes with a discussion of changes in the industry in the aftermath of 9/11.


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