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How to Write and Publish Your Book for Free - 2837988955

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How to Write and Publish Your Book for Free



How to Publish Your Own Book - 1217807026

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How to Publish Your Own Book LexisNexis

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How to Self-Publish: Your Book - 2838532060

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How to Self-Publish: Your Book



How to Write Your First Book and Publish It Using Createspace: You Won't Believe You Can Do It Until You Begin! - 2840664044

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How to Write Your First Book and Publish It Using Createspace: You Won't Believe You Can Do It Until You Begin!



100 Ways to Publish and Sell Your Own e-book - 2826972747

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100 Ways to Publish and Sell Your Own e-book HOW TO BOOKS

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If you've published an e-book, or are planning to do so, you'll need this essential guide. It provides expert advice on every step of the process, from production through to all-important promotion. To ensure your e-book reaches its intended audience, at the very least you have to: - design and format the cover a certain way - know your options in terms of publishing platforms and choose the right one for your book - price and promote it appropriately - know which social networking, bookmarking and cataloguing sites are best suited to showcase it. This book will give your e-book its best chance of becoming a best seller.


How to Design Your Book Cover Free: Make Your Kindle, Createspace, and Acx Covers in Minutes - 2837625145

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How to Design Your Book Cover Free: Make Your Kindle, Createspace, and Acx Covers in Minutes



About Writing and How to Publish - 2826737480

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About Writing and How to Publish Harper Collins

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Drawing on years of experience, and thousands of readers comments and reviews of her writing, Cathy Glass provides a clear and concise, practical guide on writing and the best ways to get published. Bestselling author Cathy Glass has written and published 18 books, sold over 1.5 million copies worldwide, and had no 1 bestsellers in both the UK and the US. In that time she has received thousands of emails from readers asking for her help and advice on writing and being published. This book details how to achieve both. Divided into four sections, Cathy guides you through the entire process, from composing your first paragraph to seeing your book in print. Topics include: * Making the time to write * Planning, revising and editing your writing * Different types of writing and genres * Finding an agent and publisher * How to self-publish * Promoting your work so it is a success Clear, concise and packed full of practical tips, About Writing is an invaluable guide for all aspiring writers.


How To Acquire $1 - Million In Income Real Estate In One Year Using Borrowed Money In Your Free Time - 2840041187

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How To Acquire $1 - Million In Income Real Estate In One Year Using Borrowed Money In Your Free Time

Książki Obcojęzyczne>Angielskie>Economics, finance, business & management>Finance & accounting>Finance>Property & real estateKsiążki Ob...

This Book Shows Beginning And Experienced Real Estate Investors How, And Where, To Acquire One Million Dollars In Real Estate In One Year Using Borrowed Money.


So You Want To Publish A Magazine? - 2840425968

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So You Want To Publish A Magazine?

Książki Obcojęzyczne>Angielskie>Economics, finance, business & management>Industry & industrial studies>Media, information & communication...

Do You Want To Publish A Magazine? This Guide Shows You How To Take Your Concept From Idea To Proper Publication, Step By Step. It Covers All The Nuts And Bolts Of Indie Magazine Publishing, From Budgeting And Distribution To Design And Print. It Also Gives You The Behind-the-scenes Information You Need To Take Your Idea All The Way To Print.


100 Best Gluten-free Recipes for Your Vegan Kitchen - 2826908171

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100 Best Gluten-free Recipes for Your Vegan Kitchen Ulysses Press

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

DELICIOUSLY ANIMAL-FREE GLUTEN-FREE Being vegan is a culinary challenge, especially when you are avoiding gluten. This book shows how to address both restrictions without sacrificing flavor or adding hours in the kitchen. These mouth-watering recipes draw on the best natural animal and wheat substitutes to create savory and sweet favorites, including: *Banana Walnut Pancakes * Blueberry Cornbread Muffins * Maple-Glazed Oatmeal Scones * Blueberry Protein Smoothie * Lotus Chips with Hummus * Cheddar Cheese Nut Sauce * Pad Thai Salad * Cream of Butternut Squash Soup * Hot Tamale Pie * Chick Coconut Curry * Lentil Loaf * Manicotti in Marinara * Cashew Alfredo Sauce * Polenta Pizza * Lemon Chiffon Pie * Chunky Peanut Butter Cookies * Chocolate Carob Brownies * Red Velvet Cupcakes In addition to 100 tasty treats, you'll find advice on stocking your kitchen with gluten-free vegan basics, tricks for quicker and easier preparation, and tips on how to save money when buying vegan and organic ingredients.


Candle Making Genius - How to Make Candles That Look Beautiful & Amaze Your Friends - 2826890763

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Candle Making Genius - How to Make Candles That Look Beautiful & Amaze Your Friends World Ideas Ltd

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Everything you need to know about candle making and more. Guaranteed to answer all your questions, this book is a must have for anybody passionate about making candles that look amazing. You'll amaze your family and friends. It covers everything you need to know from selecting the correct wick, different waxes through to the finishing touches that will make them look like they were made by an experienced candle maker. It includes easy an follow step by step formula to produce a number of different types of candle including - Gel, Soy, Wax, Container, Pillar, Sand, Dipped, Floating, Iced, Tea lights and many more.... Also should you have any problems there is a quick and easy problem solving section. The book is written in an easy to read and understandable style. Perfect for anyone wanting to start making beautiful candles. There is also a free club that readers can join online so they can connect with other candle makers to exchange ideas and tips. They can also receive book updates and other benefits. It's written in a straight forward no nonsense fashion from someone who has loved making candles for years. Beth Shaw covers all aspects and the book is full of sound advice.


Simply Gluten-free and Dairy-free - 2826642458

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Simply Gluten-free and Dairy-free DUNCAN BAIRD PUBLISHERS

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Free-from cookery and products are now a staple of every magazine and supermarket, and Grace Cheetham has developed a reputation as one of the country's leading personalities in this area. For many, the prospect of making gluten-free and dairy-free food seems incredibly daunting, so they will either buy ready-made produce (which is usually low in nutritional value and high in price) or sometimes not bother at all. But Grace Cheetham reveals just how easy it can by to make wonderful gluten-free and dairy-free food. Whether you're suffering from allergy-related IBS, eczema, asthma, migraines or chronic fatigue, or if you are coeliac, this book will show you how to use substitute ingredients and simple cooking techniques to make mouth-watering meals. With power-packed breakfasts such as Brioche with Caramelized Peaches, sustaining lunches such as Artichoke, Parma Ham & Olive Pizza and delicious dinners such as Salmon en Croute or Lasagne, as well as sweet treats such as Raspberry & Rosewater Cupcakes and heavenly desserts such as Chocolate Fondant, here are tried and tested recipes for you to cook for yourself, your family and your friends - and all stress-free!


How Your Car Works - 2839976864

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How Your Car Works

Książki Obcojęzyczne>Angielskie>Lifestyle, sport & leisure>Transport: general interest>Road & motor vehicles: general interest>Motor ca...

Do You Know How Your Car Works? This Book Dissects And Explains One Of The Finest Inventions Ever Made. Written In A Simple, Jargon-free Language And Packed With Illustrations And Cutaways, It Will Suit Everyone Wishing To Know More About What Makes Their


How to Design, Build & Equip Your Automotive Workshop on a Budget - 2826689123

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How to Design, Build & Equip Your Automotive Workshop on a Budget CarTech

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Existing books on garage and workshop space are either oriented towards the lightest-duty automotive enthusiast or assume an effectively unlimited budget. The vast majority of enthusiasts want to spend their money on tools and parts yet need heavier-duty capabilities from their garage. This book does not address garden rake storage, but describes in detail how to set up an organized and functional garage or workshop for professional-level work at the lowest possible price. How to Design, Build and Equip Your Automotive Workshop on a Budget provides the necessary information as the hobbyist considers various tools, designs, installations, and products available for their automotive workspace. Many of the ideas presented for workbenches and storage can be implemented at low cost, or even for free if you're extra resourceful. There are step-by-step instructions for the most essential and practical procedures, including basic electrical wiring sufficient to connect up bank of lights, a compressor, a welder circuit as well as a procedure for routing power from your household electrical service panel and plumbing basic shop fixtures. Most enthusiasts have a limited amount of car space and an even more limited budget, so they must make good use of the space and money available. This book is designed to help the practical hobbyist mechanic make the most of any available space, balancing looks and functionality, while staying within almost any budget.


How Your Motorcycle Works - 2827054539

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How Your Motorcycle Works VELOCE PUBLISHING

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

No longer the simple machines they used to be, the modern motorcycle is as complex and diverse as the modern car. In an ever more competitive market, manufacturers are looking for new solutions to old problems - what's the most efficient transmission? How can emissions and fuel consumption be cut without affecting power? And how can new models be differentiated from one another? This book explains how the modern motorcycle works, in a straightforward style that's jargon-free and easy to read. It assumes no prior mechanical knowledge, simply an interest in a motorcycle's workings, and an open mind. The text is accompanied by superb cutaway illustrations from the major motorcycle manufacturers, clearly showing how individual components and systems function. It covers the latest innovations, including traction control and pushbutton gear change, as well as long-established technologies, such as fuel injection and ABS. How your motorcycle works will not transform you into a motorcycle engineer or expert mechanic, but in explaining precisely how everything works, it will increase your understanding, and thus enjoyment, of the machine.


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