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How to Build a Hot Rod Model A Ford - 2845102069

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How to Build a Hot Rod Model A Ford Motorbooks International

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How to Be a Bad Bitch - 2826693543

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How to Be a Bad Bitch Simon & Schuster US

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An edgy yet accessible "bad bitch" guide to life, love, and success from Amber Rose, renowned model, entrepreneur, and pop culture personality.§§Bad Bitch (n.): A self respecting, strong female who has everything together. This consists of body, mind, finances, and swagger; a woman who gets her way by any means necessary.§§Amber Rose didn't let the tough streets of South Philly slow her down when working to achieve her star-studded goals. From the pages of high fashion magazines to the sets of music videos, to runways in Paris, London, and New York, to life at home with her beautiful son, Amber doesn't hesitate to command her personal stage with confidence, edge, attitude, and her own form of grace.§§For the first time, this renowned Ford Agency model, actress, socialite, pop culture maven, and self-proclaimed "bad bitch" is sharing her secrets on how to lead a powerful life. Filled with helpful advice and personal anecdotes, How to Be a Bad Bitch covers finances, career, love, beauty, and fashion while emphasizing confidence and positive self-acceptance. Above all, Amber delivers a message to all women in this fiercely fearless guide: work hard, love yourself, embrace your femininity and sexuality, and most importantly, chase the best vision of you possible.


Henry Ford. The Development Of His Company And The Automotive Crisis of 2007 - 2826838433

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Henry Ford. The Development Of His Company And The Automotive Crisis of 2007 GRIN Verlag

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Facharbeit (Schule) aus dem Jahr 2010 im Fachbereich BWL - Unternehmensforschung, Operations Research, Note: 1,3, , Sprache: Deutsch, Anmerkungen: Bitte unter Pseudonym Dennis Schmidt veröffentlichen!, Abstract: When you ask people in the street what they associate with the term "Ford", the majority will immediately say that it is a famous car brand. Nearly everybody has already heard about "Ford" in many different contexts. We all know the "Ford Mustang"- probably today's most established Ford product - or the "Model T", the first mass-produced car of all times and the most sold car at the beginning of the history of the world's automobile industry.§However, even for successful automakers times are not always glorious. At the moment the international car industry is seriously suffering from the worldwide economic crisis triggered by the collapse of the US banking system in 2009. Car companies are desperately searching for solutions to overcome the depression. It is highly interesting to see how Ford - in comparison to other leading carmakers - is reacting to the problem.§§In the following research paper I will elaborate a detailed discussion of Ford's personal background and career, including the development of his own car company.§Additionally, I will illustrate the effects of the current economic recession on the automotive sector and show - by comparing it to General Motors - how Ford Motor Company is fighting for survival.


Cruiser PRO2 HASP ORYGINAŁ - 2833102716

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Cruiser PRO2 HASP ORYGINAŁ GSM-Support, Kraków

1. Boxy serwisowe > SonyEricsson

CRUISER PRO2 jest pierwszym niezależnym programem umożliwiającym zdjęcie simlocka, zmianę języków, zmianę kustomizacji oraz naprawę nowych modeli Sony Ericsson takich jak: K700i, K700c, K500i, K500c, K506c, K508i, K508c, F500i, S700i, S700c, S710a, Z1010i, Z1010c, V800, V802SE. Kupując oryginalny produkt otrzymujesz bazpłatny dostęp do aktualizacji! Nie potrzebujesz połączenia z internetem czy też kupowania logów. Obsługiwane modele: NOWE MODELE : Sharp V703SH, Sharp V801SH, Sharp V802SH, Sharp V902SH, Sharp V903SH, D750i, F500i, J210i, J210c, J300i, J300c, K300i, K300c, K500i, K500c, K506c, K508i, K508c, K600i, K600c, K608i, K700i, K700c, K750i, K750c, K758c, S700i, S700c, S710a, V600i, V800, V802SE, W550i, W550c, W600a, W800i, W800c, Z500a, Z500i, Z500c, Z520i, Z520c, Z800i, Z800c, Z1010i, Z1010c, LG U8110, LG U8120, LG U8130, LG U8138, LG U8180, LG U8330, LG U8380, including (R)-marked LG phones, and all older SE GSM phones. Supported are these CIDs: 16, 17, 19, 24, 27, 29, 36, 37, 41, 42 and 49 STARE MODELE : T630, T628, T610, T616, T618, Z600, Z608, P800, P802, P900, P908, T600 T602, T226, T226s, T230, T238, T66, T66c, T100, T100c, T102, T105, T106, A3618s, A3618sc R600s, R600sc, T310, T310c, T300, T302, T200, T202, T68i, T68ie, T68m, T68mc, T65s, T65sc T39m, T39mc, T687 Funkcje: pierwsze na świecie oprogramowania do zdejmowania blokady simlock w modelach Sharp V801SH, Sharp V802SH i V902SH pierwsze na świecie oprogramowanie potrafiące odblokowac CID36 nie potrzebujesz połączenia z internetem nie potrzebujesz wykupowania logów odczyt kodów odblokowujących (również o długości 16 znaków) odczyt kodów zabezpieczających zmiana oprogramowania zmiana pakietów językowych od kustomizacji naprawa telefonów uszkodzonych poprzez nieumiejętne serwisowanie, również "mrugające" lub z komunikatem "contact operator" wyłączenie dźwięku kamery zapis kopii bezpieczeństwa wgranie kopii bezpieczeństwa reset wszystkich liczników reset licznika dżojsticka włączenie/wyłączenie informacji o sieci, info o stanie baterii itp. UWAGA : Program działa tylko pod systemem Windows XP Remove RSA protection D750i, J300i, J300c, K300i, K300c, K500i, K500c, K506c, K508i, K508c, K700i, K700c, K750i, K750c, S700i, S700c, S710a, Z500a, Z500i, Z500c, Z1010i, Z1010c, V800, V802SE, W800i, W800c, Z800i, Z800c, T226, T226s, T237, T290i, T290c, T610Â?, T616, T618, T628, T630, Z600, Z608, P910i, P910c, P910a Flash AVR A1018s, A1018sc, A1028s, A1028sc, A2218z, A2228z, A2618s, A2618sc, A2628s, A2628sc, A2638sc, A2668sc, GM518, GM618, GM718, P800, P802, P900, P907, P908, P910i, P910a, P910c, R310s, R310sc, R320 TITAN, R320s CO-WAP, R320s, R320sc, R380 WORLD, R380e, R380s, R380sc, R520m, R520mc, T10s, T10sc, T18s, T18sc, T200, T202, T20e, T20ec, T20s, T20sc, T226, T226s, T230, T237, T238, T28 WORLD, T28s, T28sc, T28z, T290i, T290c, T290a, T29s, T29sc, T300, T302, T306, T310, T312, T316, T39m, T39mc, T610Â?, T616, T618, T628, T62u, T630, T637, T65s, T65sc, T68i, T68ie, T68m, T68mc, Z600, Z608 Flash ARM LG U8110, LG U8120, LG U8130, LG U8138, LG U8180, LG U8330, LG U8380, K500i, K500c, K506c, K508i, K508c, K700i, K700c, S700i, S700c, S710a, Z500a, Z500i, Z500c, Z1010i, Z1010c, V800, V802SE, Z800i, Z800c, A3618s, A3618sc, I888 WORLD, J200i, J200c, R320 CO-WAP, R320 TITAN, R320s, R320sc, R520m, R520mc, R600s, R600sc, SH888, T100, T102, T105, T106, T39m, T39mc, T610Â?, T616, T618, T628, T637, T630, T65s, T65sc, T68i, T68ie, T68m, T68mc, Z200, Z208, Z600, Z608 Flash PDA P800, P802, P900, P907, P908, P910i, P910a, P910c, R380 WORLD, R380e, R380s, R380sc Flash Bluetooth P800, P802, P900, P907, P908 Flash CR T600, T602, T66 Flash Z80 CA638, GA318, GA388, GA628, GF388, GF768, GF788, GF788c, GF788e, GH388, GH398, GH688, GH768c, I888 WORLD, PA388, PF768, PH388, R190 Satellite, R250s PRO, R290 Satellite, Sharp TQ-G400, Sharp TQ-G450, TH688 Direct Unlock LG U8110, LG U8120, K500i, K500c, K506c, K508i, K508c, K700i, K700c, S700i, S700c, S710a, Z500a, Z500i, Z500c, Z1010i, Z1010c, V800, V802SE, Z800i, Z800c, A3618, P800, P802, P900, P907, P908, P910a, P910c, P910i, R520m, R520mc, T100, T102, T105, T106, T200, T202, T226, T226s, T230, T237, T238, T290i, T290c, T290a, T300, T302, T306, T310, T312, T316, T39m, T39mc, T610Â?, T616, T618, T62u, T628, T630, T637, T65s, T65sc, T68i, T68ie, T68m, T68mc, Z200, Z208, Z600, Z608 Unlock via Codes LG U8110, LG U8120, LG U8130, LG U8138, K500i, K500c, K506c, K508i, K508c, K700i, K700c, S700i, S700c, S710a, Z500a, Z500i, Z500c, Z1010i, Z1010c, V800, V802SE, Z800i, Z800c, A3618s, A3618sc, P800, P802, P900, P907, P908, R520m, R520mc, R600s, R600sc, T100, T102, T105, T106, T200, T202, T226, T226s, T230, T238, T300, T302, T306, T310, T312, T316, T39m, T39mc, T600, T602, T610Â?, T616, T618, T628, T62u, T630, T637, T65s, T65sc, T66, T68i, T68ie, T68m, T68mc, Z600, Z608 Make Full GDFS Backup P800, P802, P900, P907, P908, P910a, P910c, P910i, R520m, R520mc, T200, T202, T226, T226s, T230, T237, T238, T290i, T290c, T290a, T300, T302, T306, T310, T312, T316, T39m, T39mc, T610Â?, T616, T618, T628, T62u, T630, T637, T65s, T65sc, T68i, T68ie, T68m, T68mc, Z600, Z608 Empty-board Programming J300i, J300c, K300i, K300c, K750i, K750c, W800i, W800c, K500i, K500c, K506c, K508i, K508c, K700i, K700c, S700i, S700c, S710a, Z500a, Z500i, Z500c, Z1010i, Z1010c, V800, V802SE, Z800i, Z800c, P800, P802, P900, P907, P908, P910a, P910c, P910i, R520m, R520mc, T200, T202, T226, T230, T237, T238, T290i, T290c, T290a, T300, T302, T306, T310, T312, T316, T39m, T39mc, T610Â?, T616, T618, T628, T630, T637, T65s, T65sc, T68i, T68ie, T68m, T68mc, Z600, Z608 Changing Network-Lock Codes P800, P802, P900, P907, P908, P910a, P910c, P910i, R520m, R520mc, T200, T202, T226, T230, T237, T238, T290i, T290c, T290a, T300, T302, T306, T310, T312, T316, T39m, T39mc, T62u, T610Â?, T616, T618, T628, T630, T637, T65s, T65sc, T68i, T68ie, T68m, T68mc, Z600, Z608 Repair damaged by Terminator/Cooler R520m, R520mc, T200, T202, T300, T302, T306, T310, T312, T316, T39m, T39mc, T65s, T65sc, T68i, T68ie, T68m, T68mc, and theoretically all other types... Repair phones with damaged customization/SPA A3618, T100, T102, T105, T106, Z200, Z208, J200i, J200c Remove Operator Customizations K500i, K500c, K506c, K508i, K508c, K700i, K700c, S700i, S700c, S710a, Z500a, Z500i, Z500c, Z1010i, Z1010c, V800, V802SE, Z800i, Z800c, T230, T237, T238, T68m, T68mc, T68i, T68ie, T62u, T610Â?, T618, Z600, Z608, P800, P802, P900, P908, P910i, P910c, P910a, J200i, J200c, Z200, Z208, T630, T628, T100, T102, T105, A3618s Ostatnie aktualizacje: Version 9.63 (13th May 2006): We have decided to release separate Firmware Restoral installer. Added Firmware restore button to the Security page . It automatically looks for proper firmware restoral file and flashes it to the phone. Help file updated. Version 9.61 (12th May 2006): Added support for K510 phones. Version 9.60 (11th May 2006): Added support for reading unlock/relock codes from Z300. Added support for reading flash from Z300. Updated TAC list for Z530i. Updated built-in customizations. Version 9.54 (8th May 2006): Fixed applet selection problem. Should fix the Sending applet problem. Version 9.53 (8th May 2006): Updated TAC list for T230i, T290i, T630, T637, V800, W800i, W810i, Z520i and LG U8138C. Fixed non-English language strings. Version 9.52 (8th May 2006): Full support for downloading files from W810 and Z530 phones. Help file slightly updated - more to come soon. Version 9.51 (8th May 2006): Some operations made faster. Increased flasher verbosity. Fixed minor W900-related bug. Version 9.50 (7th May 2006): Added functionality for non-TP flashing red CID49 phones (including W810 and Z530) with locked-down EROM area. Added functionality for non-TP unlocking/relocking red CID49 phones (including W810 and Z530) with locked-down EROM area. Added non-TP FS functionality for red CID49 phones (including W810 and Z530) with locked-down EROM area. Added support for non-TP IMEI change in red CID49 phones with locked-down EROM area. Added support for converting red CID49 K750, W800 and Z520 phones with unlocked EROM area to brown CID49. Implemented Unlock RSA function for red CID49 phones. The Repair certificate function is now disabled for red CID49 phones by default. There is a way to enable it, though its use is deprecated. Added support for automatic firmware identification in red CID49 phones. Some patchers were analyzing FOTA area by a mistake (i.e. not ignoring it) and therefore not functioning properly for some phone models. Several applets updated. Some built-in customizations were updated. Version 9.23 (5th March 2006): Installer updated. Updated TAC list for T290a, K300a, K750i, LG U8120 and Sharp V703SHF. Swedish language strings updated again. Version 9.22 (1st March 2006): Installer updated. Debug Log functionality updated. Minor changes to boot code. Slightly increased flasher verbosity. Swedish language strings updated. Slovak language strings updated. Version 9.21 (26th February 2006): Installer updated. EROM and FOTA files moved out from the help file. From now on, the Format GDFS function will be unavailable. It was abused too often. From now on, the Flash ARM function will be unavailable in certificate recovery mode. Help file updated. User manual in PDF file format released. Version 9.20 (25th February 2006): Minor changes to EROM area flashing code. Updated K750/W550/W800/W900/Z520 built-in customizations. Version 9.19 (24th February 2006): Fixed a bug regarding Create file package option. Minor changes to booting code. Open/save dialog code updated. Version 9.18 (24th February 2006): Restored the ability to change IMEI on Sharp 3G phones. It was dependent on the Unlock RSA function which was removed for these phones recently. Increased verbosity for operator's mistakes. Changes in TP-handling code. Version 9.17 (23rd February 2006): Updated langpack description for W900. Fixed bug in GDFS access code for phones with baseband IDs 0x8000 and 0x8040. Reduced importance of Unlock RSA function. It should not be needed for brown and blue phones anymore. Version 9.16 (22nd February 2006): Minor changes in RSA phone booting and shutdown code. Updated TAC list for J210i. Redundancy decreased again. Other minor bugfixes. Note: It is recommended to fill all SE emptyboards regardless of their phone type by brown CID49 certificate via CID49 recovery boot and certificate repair. Version 9.15 (22nd February 2006): Added support for unlocking several new U8180 firmwares. Updated ARM 2004/2005 FAQ help-file section. Added FAQ help-file section for Sharp 3G phones. Updated LG U8110/U8120 unlock procedure descriptions. Thanks to Aamir_Zia and DonaldDuck69. Updated LG U813x/U8180/U83x0 unlock procedure descriptions. Fixed bug in langpack description for K700. Version 9.14 (19th February 2006): Added support for unlocking several new U8330 firmwares. Updated TAC list for Siemens C62. Fixed minor T610 bug manifesting itself on some Windows versions. Updated LG U8550 block list combo-box for flash reading. Version 9.13 (19th February 2006): Fixed AVR flashing bug from version 9.10. Updated TAC list for J300i and K300i. New firmware patcher engine implemented. (Applied to LG for now, Sharp and SE later.) Added support for patching newer LG 3G firmwares. Version 9.12 (16th February 2006): Fixed minor RSA unlock bug. Version 9.11 (16th February 2006): Flasher modules updated again. Version 9.10 (16th February 2006): It is possible to open more flash files at once. Note: Just hold the Ctrl key while selecting files. It is possible to customize filesystem automatically right after flashing raw FS. All flasher modules were updated. Minor changes in CID54 configuration analysis code. Modified default state of Extended config options. Phone Firmware Backup (.pfb) files created in this version are not backwards compatible (i.e. should not be used with previous versions). The Lock to network option should not be enabled for red CID41/42 phones. Fixed minor FS customization issue. Fixed minor GDFS/FS bug from version 9.00. W550 (new HW) testpoint picture updated. Updated TAC list for T290a, K300i and K700i. Communication code updated. Startup code modified. A few memory leaks removed. Version 9.03 (9th February 2006): Added special flashing options for new ARM phones. Fixed RSA AVR booting bug from version 9.00. Fixed minor security zone creation bug. Updated V/K60x testpoint pictures. Version 9.02 (8th February 2006): Fixed GDFS and FS access bug from version 9.00. Fixed brown/blue CID37 booting bug from version 9.00. Version 9.01 (8th February 2006): Fixed Sharp 3G flashing bug from version 9.00. Version 9.00 (7th February 2006): Implemented LG U8550 red CID54 unlocking without using testpoint. World's first again! Fixed a bug in flashing raw FS files via EPI USB. Fixed slow-flashing bug for ST Microelectronics chips. Fixed occassional Sharp 3G flashing bug. Changes in Sharp 3G functionality. Changes in LG 3G functionality. Enabled flash reading from new ARM phones for all users. Added full support for Blue CID49 phones with baseband chip ID 0x7100. Some operations on Blue and Brown phones were made faster. Added support for TMS cable autodetection. Fixed bug in Disable/Enable OTP IMEI check function for new ARM phones. The previous code was excessively optimized Fixed minor J300 file selection issue. Updated TAC list for Z300i, Z300a and K750i. Redundancy decreased again. Version 8.11 (30th January 2006): Released flash file for unlocking LG U8550. In this version it has to be flashed via TP. To repair phones damaged by other tools tick Overwrite flash certificate option. It should be no more necessary to unlock RSA before unlocking new Sharp phones via patching. Installer updated. Fixed a bug regarding P910a phones. Updated TAC list for T630i and Sharp V703SH. Several prototype-related updates. Built-in customizations updated. Version 8.10 (22nd January 2006): Ongoing software architectural changes. Redundancy decreased. Added support for programming W810/Cleo/Mulan empty-boards. Downloading files from K750/W800/Z520 enabled for all users. Downloading files from W550/W600 enabled for all users. Downloading files from W900 enabled for all users. Updated TAC list for T230i and J200i. The 'USB interference occurred' message should appear less frequently when using nonconforming cables. Added support for TMS cable. Thrown away the old, sporadically working, help engine. Updated many texts in Cruiser help file. Thanks to Muppet. Help file completely reorganized. Now it seems to be more topologically correct. Help file screenshots updated, descriptions updated too. Help file EROM-files updated. W900i testpoint picture included to the help file. The LangPack info button should be reliable now. The F1 key should reliably invoke the relevant help topic. It works in the Settings window too. Added support for CID19 EROM recovery. Debug Log functionality modified so that it can be used with Windows Notepad. Security I renamed to Security AVR . Built-in customizations updated. Version 8.00 (14th January) Implemented red CID49 unlocking and flashing without using a testpoint. The real standalone way, no EMMA smartcard usage, world's first! Supported phones are W550i/c, W600i, K600i/c, K608i and V600i. More models coming shortly. Loaders updated. Version 7.16 (13th January) Installer updated. New cable driver version (2176) included. Built-in customizations updated. Experimental FOTA support added. Some GDFS-related changes. Changes in unlock functionality. Slightly changed functionality of the phone type filter. Added support for two new flash IDs. RSA configuration analysis code updated again. Loaders were updated. Minor architectural changes. Allowed to change language to Chinese/Malay for non-Chinese and non-Malay card users. Version 7.15 (1st January 2006): Several communication scripts updated. Updated TAC list for W900i, W800c, W550i, Z520i, Z520c, Z520a, K600i, K608i, J210i, T230i and T290a. LG U8380 testpoint included to the help file. Added an option to write replacement unit customization. Btw, happy new year! Version 7.14 (31st December 2005): Another K608i testpoint picture included to the help file. J210 World Generic decustomization has been released. J210 repair file has been released. Remember to recalculate CRCs (the phone should be attached as J200). Repair EROM functionality updated to reflect W900 phones. Brown CID49 phones are supported now. Brown CID49 FOTA (Flash-Over-The-Air) repair files for W550, W600, S600 and W900 have been added to the help file. Some loaders were updated. Note: If your phone freezes right after powering on, try direct unlocking it. Version 7.13 (29th December 2005): Cruiser is now available in English, Chinese, Czech, Greek, Indonesian, Malay, Polish, Russian, Slovak and Swedish languages. Many thanks to 9Volto for preparing Greek translation. Added Language page to the Settings window. This page is not shown for Chinese, Malay and Indonesian cards. Updated TAC list for T290i, K750i, Z520a, W600i, LG U8360, Siemens C62. GDFS configuration bug fixed for Z520a. No need to attach them as Z520i/c anymore. Implemented several FS-related functions for brown CID49 W550/W600 phones. Updated W600i built-in customizations. Updated W900i built-in customizations. New brown CID49 to red CID49 conversion EROM file for W550/W600 phones has been included to the help file. Some prototype-related updates. Version 7.12 (22nd December 2005): Fixed EROM repair issue for brown CID49 K608. Updated W900i langpack info. Some changes to applet upload strategies. Version 7.11 (3rd December 2005): Added support for flashing CID54 phones (LG U8550) without using testpoint. RSA configuration analysis code slightly updated to reflect CID54-related changes. Increased robustness of RSA configuration analysis code to prevent potential crashes on invalid flash content. Added alternate method of replacing RSA certificates. Fixed one bug in low-level communication code. Fixed small bug in Repair certificate function. Fixed one previously introduced bug in GDFS access for P910. Updated K750i built-in customizations. Updated W800i built-in customizations. Updated TAC list for K300i, K700i, T290i, LG U8330 and Sharp V903SH. Version 7.10 (22nd November 2005): From now on it is possible to download files from FS to special archive files in .cfp (Cruiser File Package) format. From now on it is possible to upload .cfp package content to phone FS. An LG U8550 testpoint picture added to the help file. Updated W600i built-in customizations. Updated K608i built-in customizations. Updated K700i built-in customizations. Fixed '5E0W' customization bug from version 7.00. It is now possible to enable GSM/3G selection menu in SE 3G phones (K600, K608,...). Fixed some bugs in Polish translation. The Customize FS button was moved to Flash ARM page. Fixed occassional K600/K608/W900 booting bug. Updated W550i/W550c/W600i langpack info. Updated TAC list for K700i. Version 7.00 (17th November 2005): Added support for fast direct unlock of Sharp V703SH/V903SH/SX313/SX833 phones. Anyway, this is the fastest way of unlocking these phones available on the market. The direct OTP/GDFS check enable/disable function should be much more generic - now it handles Sharp V703SH/V903SH/SX313/SX833 firmwares too. Support for unlocking any-CID ARM phones with baseband chip IDs 0x7000, 0x7100, 0x8000 and 0x8040. Even W900 phones. Support for flashing any-CID ARM phones with baseband chip IDs 0x7000, 0x7100, 0x8000 and 0x8040 without changing primary certificate. New K600/K608 testpoint picture added to the help file. A W550 testpoint picture added to the help file. A W600 testpoint picture added to the help file. The fast LG 3G unlocking functionality via firmware patching was extended to support some LG U8550 firmwares. Added support for locking OTP area in LG 3G and Sharp 3G empty-boards. Added an option to write new Bluetooth MAC address to RSA-protected ARM-based SE phones. It is available among Modify GDFS options. RSA boot options have been modified. Certificate recovery function updated. Repair EROM functionality updated to reflect W550 and W600 phones. Both brown CID49 and red CID49 phones are supported now. Fixed minor bug in RSA configuration analysis code. Updated Customize FS function. Updated TAC list for W600i, J300a and K750i. Some changes in Chinese translation. Version 6.10 (5th November 2005): Added support for unlocking J210 phones. The Recalc DCRCs button was enabled for J210 by a mistake. Notice: Please prefer using reading codes to direct unlocking when possible. Version 6.05 (28th October 2005): W550 built-in customizations list updated. Fixed an issue with unlocking some Siemens C62 phones. Fixed a bug in direct OTP/GDFS check disable/enable function regarding LG 3G phones with old firmwares. Version 6.04 (26th October 2005): Added support for GDFS identity changing for CID17 LG 3G phones. (Not available in Legal Edition) Added support for GDFS identity changing for CID41 and CID42 LG 3G phones via testpoint. (Not available in Legal Edition) Added support for GDFS identity changing for CID24 Sharp 3G phones. (Not available in Legal Edition) Added fast direct OTP/GDFS check disable/enable function for CID17, CID41 and CID42 LG 3G phones and for CID24 Sharp 3G phones. (Not available in Legal Edition) Note: For LG U8360 and LG U8380 it is necessary to unlock phone via patching. Added support for explicit restoring of GDFS identity. Fixed a flashing bug that caused U8380 v10A firmwares to be unlocked incorrectly. Another change to RSA protection unlocking code. Slightly increased verbosity of GDFS access initialization error handling code. Version 6.03 (26th October 2005): K600/K608 testpoint pictures updated. Minor change related to unlocking RSA protection of OTP CID29 phones with baseband chip IDs 0x8000 and 0x8040. Updated direct OTP/GDFS check removal code to support older firmware versions. Slightly increased verbosity of applet error handling code. Added function for fast restoring firmware OTP/GDFS check. Added support for flashing .pfb (Partial Firmware Backup) files that are created before every partial ARM firmware modification (direct LG unlocking or OTP/GDFS check disabling/enabling). Fixed a bug in Polish translation. Version 6.02 (24th October 2005): Fixed an issue with Sharp V703SH phone type autodetection. Fixed a bug regarding flashing Sharp V903SH phones by certain flash files. Another minor updates. Installer updated. Version 6.01 (24th October 2005): Fixed an issue with Siemens C62. Version 6.00 (24th October 2005): Added boot support for Siemens C62 (CID27). Added support for flashing original SSW files into AVR-based phones (e.g. Siemens C62). Added support for direct unlocking Siemens C62 v25, v26, v27 and v28. Added support for relocking Siemens C62 v25, v26, v27 and v28. Z520 built-in customizations list updated. Other changes in built-in customizations. Added GDFS identity changing for ARM phones with baseband chip IDs 0x7000, 0x7100, 0x8000 and 0x8040. (Not available in Legal Edition) Added fast direct OTP/GDFS check removal function for new ARM SE phones. (Not available in Legal Edition) Minor change in file download functionality. It should copy empty directories too. Updated TAC list for W550i, Z520i, W800i, K300i, K700i, Sharp V703SH and V903SH. Removed possibility to change CID41 and CID42 phones to brown color due to a safety reason. Added boot support for J210. Added support for flashing J210. T9 dictionaries removal has been separated from language files removal function. Added displaying of flash certificate name while booting new ARM phones. Internal FW database extended. The Write to OTP function now allows ordinary users to choose from more CIDs. Released Sharp V902SH to SX813 conversion flash file. Released Sharp V903SH to SX833 conversion flash file. Released Sharp V903SH testmode flash files. Added boot support for CID49 phones with baseband chip IDs 0x7000 and 0x7100 (K608, etc). Added Direct unlock for Brown CID49 phones. Added Lock to network for Brown CID49 phones. Added Reading codes from Brown CID49 phones. Added Save security for Brown CID49 phones. Added Restore security for Brown CID49 phones. Added support for booting CID49 phones (red and blue via TP for now). Added support for flashing Brown CID49 phones. Added support for flashing Red/Blue CID49 phones via TP. Added support for changing RSA certificate color of CID49 phones (by using TP for now). A brown CID49 to red CID49 conversion file for K608 has been included to help. It is not necessary to reflash phone firmware after using this file. Added fast LG 3G unlocking functionality via firmware patching. Automatically saves a firmware backup file to the Data/ARM flash backups folder. Supported are these models: U8130, U8138, U8180, U8330, U8360 and U8380. Possibility to upgrade LG U8138 to U8180. Possibility to upgrade LG U8130 to U8330. Czech language strings updated. Polish language strings updated. Help file updated - added Siemens C62 pinout, some LG 3G secret codes, etc. Version 5.02 (1st September 2005): Important notice: Do not attempt to convert OTP CID37 phones to any other CID! Otherwise you will not be able to boot the phone anymore. Cruiser does not allow you to do that, but other software may. Cruiser is now available in English, Chinese, Czech, Indonesian, Malay, Polish, Russian, Slovak and Swedish languages. Fixed one chicken-and-egg situation with Unlock RSA . Fixed one FS-access bug regarding K750/W800 phones that was introduced with version 5.00. From now on the Format GDFS option is protected by a password "KILL THE PHONE". Version 5.01 (31st August 2005): Updated TAC list for W800i and J210i. Fixed an OTP IMEI (non-)insertion bug in the Security I page. RSA unlocking functionality slightly modified. Version 5.00 (30th August 2005): Added function for easier replacing of flash certificates. A list of compatible certificates is displayed in the combo box located below the Replace certificate button. Note: Latest EROMs require you to restore the flash certificate back to its original state to allow the phone to be turned on. Updated TAC list for K750i, W800c, V600i, K608i, K600c, J300i, J300c, T290i and T290c. W800 built-in customizations list updated. Minor CID17-related changes. Write bandlock functionality slightly modified. Added theoretical support for old S988 prototypes. Added support for flashing LG U8360. Added support for flashing Sharp V903SH. The user interface has been modified. Flash BT function has been separated from Flash ARM . Added reading codes for CID37 phones. Recover Certificate function now supports CID37 phones. Note: An attempt to start a CID37 phone containing working firmware in a recovery mode will fail. Implemented Unlock RSA function for CID37 phones. The Unlock RSA button should not be enabled in recovery mode. Flasher functionality modified for CID36 and CID37. Added Customize FS function for CID37. Added Turn camera sound on/off function for CID37. Added Modify GDFS functionality for CID37. Added Write to GDFS functionality for CID37. Added Save security for CID37. Added Restore security for CID37. Added Direct unlock for CID37. Added Lock to network for CID37. Added Read GDFS zones for CID37. Added Upload files to FS for CID37. Added Language operations for CID37. Added Write to security zone for CID37. Lock OTP area now supports CID37. Added Repair EROM function for CID37 phones. Note: Reflash the main firmware when using this function for brown CID37. Added Format GDFS function. Added Remove RSA unlock traces function. It is located among Modify GDFS options. Unused code removed. Help file slightly updated. Version 4.30 (14th July 2005): K600/V600 built-in customizations list updated. K600/V600 flash file handling improved. Help file updated - K600/V600 language pack info added. Added support for direct handling of blue CID36 phones (recovery mode not required anymore). Minor changes in code accessing the FS of brown CID36 phones. Increased verbosity of GDFS error handling code. Conversion to brown CID36 for baseband chip IDs 0x8000 and 0x8040 has been optimized. Conversion to brown CID36 for baseband chip IDs 0x7000 and 0x7100 has been optimized. Introduced detection of data bus interferences for LG phones. About-box information slightly updated. Now 170 phone types are supported. Help file CID information updated. Added Special Files topic to the Additional Info section of the help file. Open-flash-file dialog boxes accept .erom1 and .erom2 file types where appropriate. The Force RSA recovery combo-box now displays manufacturer names too. Minor changes in UI. Version 4.24 (10th July 2005): Allowed direct flashing of normal flashes in recovery mode for CID41 and CID42. Conversion to brown CID36 requires phone analysis performed. Otherwise it displays an error message. Minor changes in K600/V600 functionality. Added support for S600i/S600c/W600a. Some applets updated. Booting code modified. Flashing code modified. Flash file open dialog code updated. File-system functionality for brown CID36 phones reenabled. Fixed some issues with prototype CID36 phones. Fixed a bug in reset life-timer functionality. Updated TAC list for LG U8380. The Turn off phone button should be enabled for unidentified new ARM phones. The Repair certificate button was disabled in some cases. Camera focus sound is now affected by the Camera sound on/off function too. Added support for flashing brown CID19 phones (EMP). Added phone type filter. Version 4.20 (29th June 2005): Added support for converting K750 phones to W800. Added support for Z520i/Z520c. Increased safety when converting red CID36 phones to brown CID36. Sharp 3G flashing speed via Fighter/Cruiser cable slightly improved. The main executable and help file are now stored outside the installer. Version 4.15 (24th June 2005): Fixed one bug introduced in the previous version. Version 4.14 (23rd June 2005): Installer updated. It is possible to use Z800 files for V800/V802SE phones directly. Reading phone certificate caused problems while flashing composite flash files via EPI USB. Version 4.13 (21st June 2005): Added support for cross-CID flashing of CID41 and CID42 phones without testpoint. Minor change in UI. Version 4.12 (20th June 2005): Minor change in Upload files to FS function. K750i/D750i language pack info updated again. New brown CID36 to red CID36 conversion file for K750/D750/W800 has been included to help. It is not necessary to reflash phone firmware after using this file. Flash file format modified. Version 4.11 (18th June 2005): K750i/D750i built-in customizations list updated. K750i/D750i language pack info updated. Built-in EROM recovery function for K750/D750/W800 phones improved. It should be possible to flash more phones at once via EPI USB too. Chinese language strings updated. Help file extended by a description of CID36 phone operations. Brown CID36 to red CID36 conversion file for K750/D750/W800 has been included to help. It is not necessary to reflash phone firmware after using this file. Version 4.10 (13th June 2005, beta version): Added support for red CID36 to brown conversion (without testpoint, of course). K750/D750/W800 red CID36 phones are now fully supported. Added Unlock RSA function for red CID36 and CID24 phones. Added Upload SFA function for red CID36 phones. Added Write raw FS function for red CID36 phones. Added Customize FS function for red CID36 phones. Added Language operations function for red CID36 phones. Added Upload files to FS function for red CID36 phones. Added Camera sound on/off function for red CID36 phones. Added Save security function for red CID36 phones. Added Restore security function for red CID36 phones. Added Read GDFS zones function for red CID36 phones. Added Modify GDFS function for red CID36 phones. Added Write to GDFS from file function for red CID36 phones. Added support for backup of battery calibration zone of new ARM phones. Added support for backup of display calibration zone of new ARM phones. Added support for backup of audio calibration zone of new ARM phones. Added support for backup of radio calibration zone of new ARM phones. Built-in customizations list updated and extended by J300i data. Installer updated. EPI USB driver included to allow faster flashing of LG 3G, Sharp 3G and V800/Z800/Z1010 phones. Added an option to flash faster via EPI USB. Added support for EROM recovery in red/brown CID36 K750/D750/W800. Version 4.02 (8th June 2005): A Sharp V801SH GDFS related issue fixed. Updated TAC list for LG U8330. Version 4.01 (8th June 2005, beta version): Added experimental support for Sharp V801SH. Updated applet for Sharp 3G phones. Added support for flash ID 0x890F. Added support for flash ID 0x8910. Fixed a bug causing some buttons to be disabled for LG phones under certain circumstances. Sharp connector picture updated. Version 4.00 (7th June 2005): Released pinout for Sharp V802SH and V902SH phones. It is in the help file. Added Direct unlock support for Sharp 3G CID24 phones. Added Lock to net support for Sharp 3G CID24 phones. Added Save security and Restore security support for Sharp 3G CID24 phones. Force RSA recovery options now include CID24, CID41 and CID42. Added displaying of flash manufacturer when booting new ARM phones Version 3.94 (5th June 2005, beta version): Added reading codes from CID41 (LG U8180) and CID42 phones via testpoint. Cross-CID flashing extended to CID17/CID41/CID42. Cruiser automatically patches flash files by replacing their RSA certificate. Usage: it is possible to flash U8180 by U8138 firmware. Fixed an issue with flashing R600. Added support for EROM recovery in very rare brown CID16 V800/Z800. Updated TAC list for T610, F500i, K506c, K700i, Z800i, K750i, K750c and D750i. Help file updated. Version 3.93 (3rd June 2005): V800/Z800 CID testpoint released. EMMA smartcard mutex is now released correctly. Flash file open dialog code updated. Due to many requests, Direct unlock and Read codes work now much faster on new ARM phones. Cruiser closing issue fixed. Updated TAC list for Z200, Z600, Z608 and LG U8100, Version 3.92 (1st June, gamma version): K300 CID testpoint released. Built-in customizations list expanded. Fixed an issue with handling Z800 red CID36. Fixed a bug in EROM repair for red CID29 V800/Z800. Fixed a bug causing the Direct unlock to be disabled for J200/Z200/T100/A3618 phones. Repair EROM shall not be enabled in certain situations. LG unlocking functionality was disabled by a mistake. A baudrate-related modification regarding LG phones. Version 3.91 (1st June 2005): Reworked unlocking/relocking of red CID36 phones via testpoint. Added a button for conversion from red CID36 to brown CID36 (via testpoint). Version 3.90 (31st May 2005): Added support for full security zone rebuild of R520/T39/T65 phones (i.e. phones with baseband chip ID 5C05 and 5C06). Throughout last 4 years nobody else was able to manage it. It appeared to be almost impossible. But henceforth you can repair 4 locks closed or any other software-related problem. The Redirect SCRC check to zone II checkbox has been removed. The Security II page was removed as it has been made superfluous by extending the Security I page functionality to R520/T39/T65 phones. Updated TAC list for LG U8180, K500i, K300i, V802SH and V902SH. Installer updated. It enables displaying hidden/nonpresent devices in Device Manager under Windows 2000/XP. Once again, some baudrate-related modifications. Malay and Slovak language strings updated. Direct unlock button was enabled for all LG 3G phones by a mistake. Use read codes instead. Debug Log feature released to public. Help file updated - added info on how to boot unbootable P900 smartphones. An error message is now shown when trying to boot an incorrectly upgraded P900 to a P910. Such phone has to be booted using a testpoint connected to GND. Boot code modified. A few changes in configuration analysis code. Minor modifications to the Settings window, mostly EMMA smartcard related. Be sure to enter correct PIN for your EMMA smartcard. Added a possibility to boot AVR based phones starting from R520m by means of an EMMA smartcard. Added support for changing phone languages in red CID36 phones (J300/K300/Z800/K750/W800/K600/V600/new K700/new V800) by means of an EMMA II smartcard. Added full support for brown CID36 phones (J300/K300/Z800/K750/W800/K600/V600/new K700/new V800). Now it is possible to specify which recovery applet (for which CID) to use when booting the phone. This feature is intended to allow RSA unlocking via testpoint. Added function to repair \"no network\" problem on new T630 phones that have been damaged by downgrading firmware. A few memory leaks removed. Emptyboard programming of new ARM phones (including J300/K300/Z800/K750/W800/K600/V600) released for all users. Added function Repair certificate to simplify phone revival on flash failure. Added function Repair EROM to simplify EROM area repair in red and brown phones of CID29 and CID36. Added detection of CID42 LG 3G phones. Added support for flashing red LG U8xxx with CID42. Fixed an issue causing R380 PDA-part boot problem. Added experimental support for booting, flashing and cloning Hedvig prototypes. The button-enabling system has been modified to reflect smartcard presence and various CID options. Corrected one progressbar update related issue. Some obsolete flashing options removed. Version 3.82 (14th April 2005): Booting baudrate limited to 230400Bd for older phones. Previously the limit was set to 115200Bd, but the version 3.80 removed the boot baudrate constraint, causing occassional boot problems. Removed File System tab bug from version 3.81. Version 3.81 (14th April 2005): Fixed two issues related to built-in customizations. Version 3.80 (13th April 2005): Cruiser is now available in English, Chinese, Indonesian, Malay, Polish, Russian, Slovak and Swedish languages. Now it is possible to put red flashes into brown and blue phones of CID16, CID17 and CID29 without converting them to red. The phone certificate is not affected. Added full support for cross-CID flashing. It is possible to flash CID16, CID17 and CID29 phones by any-CID flashes. The phone CID and color are not affected. Added support for flashing red and blue LG U81xx of CID17 via simple serial cable too. Added support for flashing red LG U81xx of CID41. Baudrate subsystem completely refactored. Baudrate page from the Settings window was replaced by the Limit baudrate combobox in the Primary page of Control window. Baudrates used for flashing PDA part of P80x/P910 are limited to 460800Bd when using USB cables that are not enhanced by adding two resistors. This is not related to DSS-20 nor DSS-25. Installer updated - minor Windows 98 issue fixed. An error message might have been displayed when no error occurred. Customize FS functionality slightly modified. CS applet communication made more verbose. Available free space is now displayed before writing user files to the phone. Help file updated. Zapowiedzi: naprawa telefonów uszkodzych również w przypadku braku kopii bezpieczeństwa programowanie czystych płyt (IMEI, RSA, OPT..) odczyt/zapis plików GDFS pełny odczyt/zapis pamięci telefonu Pakiet zawiera: klucz sprzętowy dostęp do supportu producenta gwarancja Dla Cruisera występują dwie opcje kluczy - w zależności od danej dostawy klient otrzyma jeden z dwóch przedstawionych poniżej kluczy


Cyclone Key - 2833103776

229,00 zł

Cyclone Key GSM-Support, Kraków

1. Boxy serwisowe > Nokia

Cyclone Key Reloaded jest nowym kluczem serwisowym do telefonów Nokia. Cyclone Key umożliwia flashowanie, odblokowywanie i naprawy telefonów Nokia BB5, SL3, DCT-L, DCT4, DCT4+ - aktualnie jako jedyny obsługuje unlock dla nowych DCT4+ (New secuirty) jak np. RH-116 7070p v6.82 itp. Obsługuje ponadto najnowsze modele serii Xgold jak np. Asha 308, Asha 309 itp. Teraz nie potrzebujesz już kredytów, ani nawet adaptera TX2 - wersja Key reloaded nie wymaga go do pracy. Cyclone Key w wersji Reloaded jest lżejszy, szybszy, tańszy (wyeliminowana została karta smart-card). Mimo to pod względem funkcjonalności cyclone reloaded nie różni się od wersji classic (Nokia, iPhone, Backberry). Wersja Reloaded nie wymaga do pracy żadnych aktywacji ani kredytów WSZYSTKIE OPERACJE SĄ BEZPŁATNE! NOWOŚĆ Jako pierwszy Cyclone dodał możliwość rootowania po usb telefonów RM-801 LUMIA 800 oraz RM-802 LUMIA 800C Zalety Cyclone Key Reloaded: Cyclone w wersji Reloaded to też bardzo prosta instalacja, aktualizacja, rejestracja - wszystko za pomocą jednego przycisku i box jest gotowy do pracy! Wygodny interaktywny pasek postępu w Windows 7. W przypadku zminimalizowania okna informacja o aktualnym statusie pracy: zielony kolor - pracuje, czerwony kolor- błąd, żółty kolor- pauza. Unikalne hardware, zaprojektowane w roku 2008, dzisiaj po serii poprawek jest jednym z najstabilniejszych, najbardziej dopracowanych oraz najszybszych urządzeń do serwisowania Nokii. Nie potrzebuje całkowicie dostępu do internetu (jedyna funkcja wymagająca połączenia z serwerem to Rejestracja oraz Aktywacja urządzenia, oraz periodyczne przedłużenie życia karty zabezpieczającej (co 2-3 miesiące). Jako jedyne urządzenie na rynku potrafi odczytać dane LBF dla SL3 całkowicie za darmo oraz bez dostępu do Internetu. Kompatybilny z USB 1.0, 1.1, 2.0 i 3.0 System operacyjny: All NT based Windows OS (włącznie x86 i x64 - sterowniki dostosowane do pracy z 64bit) - kompatybilny z Windows NT, Windows Xp, Windows Vista, Windows 7 pinout kompatybilny z kablami UFS/JAF itp. bardzo niskie obciążenie portu USB, w bezczynności tylko 55mA obsługuje zarówno tryby FBUS jak i USB Opis modułu LG Tool - MODUŁ LG TOOL CHWILOWO NIEAKTYWNY !!!: Uruchamiając moduł "server tools" mamy możliwość generowania kodów odblkowujących (SIM unlock, Network unlock, etc). do każdego modelu LG na podstawie nr-u IMEI. Limit 5 telefonów dziennie! Opis modułu Blackberry Tool: Generacja kodu MEP2 do odblokowania blokady SIMLock Generacja kodu MEP4 Generacja kodów MEP1,MEP3,MEP5 Aktualnie kalkulator Blackberry jest całkowicie niezależny - nie potrzebny dostęp do Internetu Obsługiwane wszystkie MEPy Opis modułu Iphone Tool - MODUŁ IPHONE TOOL CHWILOWO NIEAKTYWNY !!!: Darmowy odczyt Informacji o sieci, statusie blokady, okresie gwarancji Przykładowy odczyt: IMEI: 013043007194959 model: iPhone 4S 16GB Black version: 5.1 serial: DNRH1SWSDTC0 mac: FC:25:3F:6B:C4:16 warranty coverage: Limited Warranty warranty period: 2012-01-31 / 2013-01-30 purchase country: France activated: yes carrier: Orange France SIM locked: yes Opis modułu Nokia Tool - część wspólna: Odczyt pamięci Permanent Memory Zapis pamięci Permanent Memory Odczyt Product Profile Zapis Product Profile Selftesty Naprawa Bluetooth Naprawa/analiza Dynamic Camera Configuration (Camera on standby) Reset telefonu do ustawień fabrycznych Zapis/odczyt danych produkcyjnych: kod produktu, PSN, HWID Opis modułu Nokia Tool - część DCT4/DCT4+/Infineon XGold: Naprawa usterek programowych poprzez flashowanie Aktualizacja oprogramowania Zmiana pakietów językowych Naprawa IMEI (poprzez kalkulację ASK->RPL) Odczyt IMEI z UEMa Odblokowanie / założenie blokady SIMLOCK - modele oparte o DCT4 RSA: 1110i, 1112b, 1200, 1202, 1208, 1208b, 1209, 1600b, 1661, 1662, 1650, 1680 Classic, 1680 Classic-2b, 2220 Slide, 2310, 2320 Classic, 2320 Classic-2b, 2323 CLassic, 2330 Classic, 2600, 2600a, 2610, 2610b, 2626, 2630, 2630b, 2660, 2660b, 2680 Slide, 2720 Fold, 2760, 2760b, 2760h, 5000, 5030 XM, 6030b, 7070 Prism, 7100 Supernova,... Odblokowanie blokady Simlock z telefonów opartych o platformę Infineon XGOLD 1xx poprzez LBF - Nokia 1616, 1800, C1-01, 1280, 1202, ... Możliwość odczytu zaszyfrowanego kodu zabezpieczającego z telefonów opartych o DCT4+ oraz XGold całkowicie bez utraty danych użytkownika - jako pierwsze i jedyne urządzenie na świecie. Backup obszaru IMEI dla telefonów XGOLD - jako pierwsze i jedyne urządzenie na świecie Restore obszaru IMEI dla telefonów XGOLD - jako pierwsze i jedyne urządzenie na świecie Backup pełnego RPL (IMEI, SIMLOCK) dla telefonów XGOLD - jako pierwsze i jedyne urządzenie na świecie Reset licznika błędnie wprowadzonych kodów dla modeli XGOLD - jako pierwsze i jedyne urządzenie na świecie Binarny dump pamięci PMM z telefonów XGold Format obszaru użytkownika w telefonach WD2 Odczyt kodu zabezpieczającego Reset kodu zabezpieczającego bez utraty danych Reset licznika błędnie wprowadzonych kodów Kopia zapasowa obszaru RPL (DCT4) Zapis RPL Opis modułu WP7/WP8 (Windows Phone 7 i Windows Phone8) (DODANY W GRUDNIU 2012): Odblokowanie nowych modeli jak np. Lumia 820, Lumia 920 poprzez prosty darmowy odczyt kodów (wsytarczy kliknac Read SP Codes) Opis modułu Nokia Tool - część BB5/XGold2: Obsługa najnowszych procesorów XGold223 (Asha 308, Asha309) Naprawa usterek programowych poprzez flashowanie Aktualizacja oprogramowania Zmiana pakietów językowych Naprawa IMEI (poprzez kalkulację ASK->RPL) Flashowanie telefonów BB5 możliwe przez interfejs FBUS bądź USB (ostatnia implementacja protokołu FUR praktycznie nie odbiega możliwościami od FBUSa) Pełna kopia zapasowa RPLa z telefonów BB5 - jako jedyne urządzenie na świecie potrafi zgrać pełnego RPLa wraz z Superdonglem z telefonów RAPIDO oraz RAPU z nowym rodzajem szyfrowania. Telefon po zrobieniu kopii zapasowej może zostać bez problemu zaniżony, wyczyszczony, itd... Dodatkowo po przywróceniu RPL telefon wciąż będzie się autoryzować z oryginalną kartą SX4 Nokii. Naprawa downgrade (niektóre modele ; BB5) Autoryzacja SX-4 poprzez serwer (w celu naprawy ST_SECURITY_TEST failed) Autoryzacja SX-4 bez użycia Internetu - box emuluje oryginalną kartę SX4 Nokii oraz jako jedyny w momencie autoryzacji nie uszkadza kluczy Superdongle Naprawa kluczy superdongle (np. po pełnym wykasowaniu telefonu) Odczyt certyfikatów (NPC,CCC,HWC,...) Zapis certyfikatów Analiza bezpieczeństwa telefonu (w celu ustalenia przyczyny Contact Service) Zapis RPL Pełne odblokowanie telefonów opartych o SL1/SL2 (łącznie z najnowszych modeli opartych o hash 479cc....) poprzez kalkulacje kodów odblokowywujących. W celu wyliczenia kodów potrzebny jest jednak odczyt obszaru bezpieczeństwa - poprzez interfejs FBUS. Pełne odblokowanie telefonów opartych o SL1/SL2 poprzez interfejs USB (Modele oparte o procesor RAPIDO, np. E51, 6120c, 6220c,). Odblokowanie / relock telefonów opartych o SL1/SL2 poprzez kalkulację RPL - poprzez FBUS, lub USB (RAPIDO). Naprawa uszkodzonego obszaru simlocka w telefonach SL1/SL2 - porzez FBUS, lub USB (RAPIDO). Ręczne wprowadzanie kodu odblokowującego poprzez interfejs FBUS/USB Odczyt kodu zabezpieczającego Reset kodu zabezpieczającego Odblokowanie najnowszych telefonów SL3 poprzez LBF. Logger działa praktycznie na wszystkich procesorach (RAP3,RAPIDO,RAPU,RAP4) poprzez interfejs FBUS. W ostatniej aktualizacji dołożyliśmy możliwość odczytu danych do LBF poprzez interfejs USB! (Obsługiwane RAPIDO oraz RAPU, RAP4/RAP3 w kolejnych aktualizacjach). Box przed odczytem LBF rozpoznaje profile bits. Jeśli telefon pochodzi z sieci takiej, jak Telcel Mexico oraz posiada zablokowaną możliwość wprowadzenia kodów przez kabel lub klawiaturę użytkownik otrzyma stosowny komunikat Box przed odczytem LBF sprawdza czy telefon posiada 15 cyfrowy kod (możliwy LBF) czy 20 cyfrowy (LBF nie możliwy w związku ze zbyt dużą złożonością czasową - 10^20) Do odblokowania/odczytu LBF obsługiwane są wszystkie hashe, czyli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pis narzędzia COM Emulator: Urządzenie może pracować w trybie emulatora COM. Po emulacji box będzie widniał w systemie jako Port COM. Bardzo przydatna funkcja - możemy podpiąć jakikolwiek kabel serwisowy zgodny z pinoutem UFSa pod port Service. Korzystając z darmowych/płatnych programów możemy w ten sposób również serwisować inne telefony (np. Siemens, LG, Sony Ericsson, Samsung, ...) Opis dodatku Cyclone Calculator: Odblokowanie poprzez kalkulację kodów NCK następujących modeli: B331 BlueBelt C700 C701 C707 C717 C820 C825 E101FLIP EL03 I650 MANDARINA DUCK MISS SIXTY OT103 OT203 OT203A OT203E OT280 OT303 OT360 OT363 OT383 OT600 OT660 OT708 OT800 PLAYBOY S215 S218 S319 S320 S321 S520 S621 S853 V570 V670 V770 VM621I Opis narzędzia Cyclone LOG2COD: Unikalne oprogramowanie służące do przeliczania zgranych plików LOG (LBF) do COD. Wymagana karta graficzna zgodna z ATI CAL (HD5xxx,HD6xxx) Obsługiwane modele przez Cyclone Key Box: Rap3Gv3 phones: (SL1) 3109c (RM-274) 3110c (RM-237) 3250 (RM-38) 3500c (RM-272) 3500cb (RM-273) 5200 (RM-174) 5200b (RM-181) 5300 (RM-146) 5300b (RM-147) 5500 (RM-86) 5700 (RM-230) 5700 (RM-302) 6085 (RM-198) 6086 (RM-188) 6086b (RM-260) 6125 (RM-178) 6126/6133 (RM-126) 6131 (RM-115) 6131 NFC (RM-216) 6136 (RM-199) 6151 (RM-200) 6233 (RM-145) 6234 (RM-123) 6280/6288 (RM-78) 6290 (RM-176) 6300 (RM-217) 6300b (RM-222) 7370 (RM-70) 7373 (RM-209) 7390 (RM-140) 8600 (RM-164) E50 (RM-170) E50 (RM-171) E50 (RM-172) E61 (RM-89) E61i (RM-227) E62 (RM-88) E65 (RM-208) N73-1 (RM-133) N73-5 (RM-132) N75 (RM-128) N76 (RM-135) N76 (RM-149) N77 (RM-194) N80-1 (RM-92) N80-3 (RM-91) N92 (RM-100) BB5+ (SL2) 3120C 3555 3555b 5310 5310b 5610 5610d 6263 6267 6300i 6301 6500S 6500C 6555 7500 7900 8800e Arte Rapido (SL2) - (BB5+ RAPIDO - możliwy unlock przez USB!) 5320 5800 6110 6120c 6121c N705i N706i 6124c 6210 6220c 6290 6600 6650 E51 E63 E66 E71 E75 N78 N79 N81 N81 8gb N82 N85 N95 8gb N96 E75 RAPS_V3.03-PA_SL2 CPU 3600 slide 5220 XpressMusic 7210 Supernova 7310 Supernova 7610 Supernova 7510a 5130C RAP3GS_V3.02-PA_SL2 CPU 36600 fold 6600 slide ASIC 3168 RH-86 2610 v07.04a RH-87 2610b v07.04a RM-258 2760 v06.82 RM-258 2760 v07.60 RM-259 2760b v06.82 RM-259 2760b v07.60 RM-298 2630 v07.60 RM-298 2630 v57.20 RM-299 2630b v07.60 RM-299 2630b v57.20 RM-340 2600c v06.82 RM-340 2600c v07.60 RM-341 2600c-b v06.82 RM-341 2600c-b v07.60 RM-391 2760h v05.45 RM-392 2680s v06.17 RM-392 2680s v56.17 RM-393 2680s-b v06.17 RM-393 2680s-b v56.17 RM-394 1680c v06.82 RM-394 1680c v07.60 RM-395 1680c-b v06.82 RM-395 1680c-b v07.60 RM-438 7100s v05.22 RM-438 7100s v05.41 RM-438 7100s v06.31 RM-438 7100s v06.32 RM-439 7100s-b v05.22 RM-439 7100s-b v05.41 RM-439 7100s-b v06.31 RM-439 7100s-b v06.32 RM-512 2330c v06.46 RM-512 2330c v06.75 RM-512 2330c v08.20 RM-513 2330c-b v06.46 RM-513 2330c-b v06.75 RM-513 2330c-b v08.20 RM-514 2320c v06.75 RM-514 2320c v08.20 RM-515 2320c-b v06.75 RM-515 2320c-b v08.20 RM-519 2720f v08.20 RM-520 2720f-b v08.20 RM-543 2323c v06.75 RM-543 2323c v08.20 RM-544 2323c-b v06.75 RM-544 2323c-b v08.20 Modele SL3 - unlock poprzez LBF (log2cod - bruteforce). Możliwość odczytu danych zarówno po interfejsie FBUS jak i USB! 2690 - RM-635 2700c, 2700c-2 - RM-561 2730c-1, 2730c - RM-578 2730c-1b - RM-579 3600s - RM-352 3720c - RM-518 3720c-2 - RM-518 5130, 5130c-2 - RM-495 5130c-2 - RM-496 5228, 5230, 5232, 5233 - RM-588/593/594/625/629 5310 Xpress Music - RM-303 5530 - RM-504 5630 Xpress Music - RM-431 5630d-1 - RM-431 5730s-1 Xpress Music - RM-465 5800d - RM-356/428 6120c - RM-243 6300 - RM-217 6303c - RM-443 6500c - RM-265 6500s-1 - RM-240 6700c-1, 6700c - RM-470 6700s - RM-576 6710s navigator - RM-491 6720c - RM-424 6730c-1 - RM-547 6750 Mural - RM-381 6760s - RM-573 6790s - RM-492/599 7210c, 7212c - RM-436 C3-01 - RM-640 C5-00 - RM-645 C5-03 - RM-697 C6-00 - RM-612/624 C6-01 - RM-601/718 C7-00 - RM-675 E5-00 - RM-632 E52-1 - RM-469 E55-1 - RM-482 E63 - RM-437/450 E66 - RM-343/345/420/494 E71 - RM-346/347/357/407/493 E72-1 - RM-530 E72-2 - RM-529 E73 - RM-658 N8-00 - RM-596 N86 - RM-484/485/486 N97 - RM-505/506/507 N97-4 mini - RM-555 N97-5 - RM-553 X3-02 - RM-639 X5-01 - RM-627 X6-00 - RM-551/559 X7 RM-707 Nokia 500 Nokia 600 Nokia 700 Nokia 701 ASHA 200 RM-761 ASHA 200 RM-762 C1-01 RM-607 C1-01 RM-608 C1-02 RM-643 C1-02 RM-644 C2-00 RM-704 C2-02 RM-692 C2-02 RM-693 C2-05 RM-724 C2-05 RM-725 C2-03 RM-702 C2-06 RM-702 C2-07 RM-692 C2-08 RM-702 X2-02 RM-694 X2-05 RM-772 X1-00 X1-01 Nokia 100 Nokia 101 Nokia 102 WP7/WP8 (Windows Phone 7 i WindowsPhone8)Odczyt kodów NCK jednym kliknięciem !!! 36600 fold 6600 slide Wygląd Boxa Cyclone Key i programu: Cyclone Key Video z działania programu Cyclone Box: Lista wszystkich aktualizacji do 9.11.2012 włącznie: ===================== Installer v1.22 09.11.2012 ===================== - New CPU support added, XGold223 (Asha 308, Asha309) - Supported operations: Write Flash, Read/Write Certificates, Read RPL, Write RPL, etc... - Firmware v02.11 Released - Lumia SmartTP(R) introduced, for testers only (can detect short-circuits between Lumia eMMC Points (MISO,MOSI,CLK,CS), GND, or VCC, it shows also link quality). Use on _POWERED OFF_ PCB! When connecting power, it can show FALSE status! Very helpful during soldering time. - New BB5 Loaders Added - Lumia USB Flashing improved - Latest Blackberry MEPs added - Improved flashing speed and NPC certs reading time - Improved CBUS protocol handling (sometimes it wents out of synchronization) - Fixed BSI spurious glitch problem with ~2.x firmware - Fixed DCT4 booting problems - Improved FBUS Local Mode entry - XGold213xx certificates Backup Added (NPC,HWC,CCC,...) - XGold213xx Full Flash chip dump to BIN added - XGold213xx Low-level PMM dump added (can dump PM from dead mobile) - XGold213xx Low-Level FILESYSTEM dump from dead mobiles added. This dumps full FAT16 user data partition to BIN file for further actions (analysis, recovery, forensics, ...) - Minor changes and bugfixes Notes about XGold 223 flashing: Switching to RAW mode is not supported (i.e. flashing from local/test mode, ROM will respons with empty public id (000000...) - very same story as with rapido). Battery reset needed, software will prompt you, but not always. Keep it noticed. Notes about XGold 223 RPL: Readen RPL is not full RPL backup (missing crypted PM308 data). This phone is very TexasInstruments-Nokia like, but not really. Once loaders with assymetric key hack is not ready, you SHOULDN'T full erase your phone any way. ===================== Installer v1.21 25.06.2012 ===================== - New BB5 FBUs/USB Loaders v12.08.00 Added - Qualcomm Based Products support added (Lumia 800, 610, etc) - Normal mode Flashing is supported - Dead-mode flashing is supported - Downgrade is supported - Support for Multi-CNT Qulacomm Configurations - Support secure-erase USER Area - this takes about 15-25 minutes - Basic read info including battery information etc for Lumia products - Automatic Variant selection for Lumia products - Cross-flash is supported, if Public Key hash matches - After connecting product in Normal mode, Zune drivers must be installed. Take them from C:\Program Files\Cyclone Box\Drivers\ZuneDrivers - Flashing drivers will be installed automatically, however on some problems just install them manually from C:\Program Files\Cyclone Box\Drivers\LumiaFlashing - Abort Button improved - SX4 Default Database updated, added 30 new models - Nokia Connectivity cables drivers updated to v7.1.78.0 - Minor changes and bugfixes ===================== Installer v1.20 30.04.2012 ===================== - New Loaders v11.50.00 added - MEP-40488-004 added - Xgold113 (Dual-sim) RPL write support added - New Product - Cyclone Box Reloaded support added - Project completly refactorized from scratch. Compiler changed from obsolete Delphi7 to Delphi2007. Just because of this, lots of stability and speed improvment gained. - "News" added in main window - No need anymore to tick "Old USB flashing method" manually, it's detected automatically - "New Downgrade" BB5 method added (tick in before-flash tasks) - When Windows 7 is detected, software is not hidden to tray - Added Windows 7 interactive progressbar when minimized to tray. When software is minimized, you will notice status of current job: green progressbar - working, red progressbar - error, yellow-paused, etc - Boot recovery added for all boxes during box wizard - Bootloader reverted to v2.13 (temporary solution, v3.01 will get back soon) - Automatic smartcard refill when empty addded - Added COD->NCK verification upon data generation - After COD->NCK calculation, NCK codes are automatically stored inside COD file - New Paths is now addded to default Flash Path Search table (C:\Users\xxxx\AppData... etc) - Windows7 Permission issues fixed (needed "Run as admin" to work properly with autoupdate) - Software is redesigned now. To gain full funcionality YOU DON'T NEED run as "Admin". This means you can be ensured about our software quality and security - no hidden trojans (as happened before with other products). - Box wizard Added; this is all-in-one tool which will: repair, upgrade, activate, register, bootloader recovery, smartcard refill, bootloader upgrade, etc your box. Just one click. - Box Registration module removed - Box Maintenance module removed - Card Maintenance module removed - The paths is now updated on each sw startup - Fixed Windows7 Save Paths/Settings problem - BB5 loader problems when skin enbled (ROM refused...etc) - Access violation on exit fixed - Splash updated - CBUS Lost Handle Fixed - Only one copy of Cyclone Box application can be launched now, this improves stability - NCK Code Sending fixed for SIMLOC30 phones (0x01 error) - Fixed tray issues - Autoupdate code is now checking for installed installer, if obsolete then asks for download latest version - Improved RPL backup in USB mode (Custom Loader didn't reset phone to FlashMode, and some backups did containt Superdongle/Simlock data only) - XGold/Blackberry Service "Credits" renamed to "Counter" (because it is a counter, not real fee-credits), as it puts too much confussion - "Join us on Facebook" added at main software - "cyclonebox.dll not found" message when no drivers installed changed to suitable messagebox asking to connect your box first time and install drivers - "security problem #1" solved on those who copied cyclonebox.dll before - Fixed interrupted auto-update problems (after restart - this is not valid Win32 application) - FastMM v4.99 Introduced - Skin Stack Updated to v7.62 - libeay/ssleay libraries updated to latest one, much more fast and stable - Minor changes and bugfixes ===================== Installer v1.17 20.12.2011 ===================== - BB5 FBUS/USB Loaders v11.40.00 Introduced - Realtime SE Xperia Unlocker account Creator in 'Credits' tool added. 10 Cyclone credits = 1 Xperia phone unlocked - SE Xperia Unlocked introduced into installer, this is 3rd party addon - Introduced previous updates (standalone and free Broadcom unlocking, RAPUv21, etc) - PM Protection is now unticked by default - PM Protection is automatically unticked during SX4 operations - Full Erase for New Protocol APE phones fixed (wrong CMT Flash Device Index selected) - Minor changes and Bugfixes ===================== Installer v1.16b Hotfixed Black Edition 22.09.2011 ===================== - New BB5 FBUS/USB Loaders v11.24.00 Introduced - Fixed problems with handling RAPIDO > v11.16.00 loaders over FBUS (FUR control Add Problem) - Added Dead USB Flashing for RAPIDO and other FUR-over-USB operations (DO NOT USE FOR CERTIFICATE READ/WRITE!), still "old method" avaiable in connection tab. - Certificates operations for Rapido FBUS-OVER-USB disabled, because is not supported by loaders ( it will fail without any attempt ) - Rapido Alive FUR-over-USB flashing not supported, flash those phones by Dead variant instead (Switch to RAW mode problem in this models..), or "Old USB Flashing Method" - "Use OLD USB FLASHING METHOD" moved to BB5/Flashing tab - "Settings" tab renamed to Connection - TX2 settings removed from BB5 Flashing Tab - RAPU Flashing/Booting Improved - C2-02 XGold2 Flashing "Added" - Cyclone has flashing compatibilty for this model, but MassMemory file couldn't be handled becasue too big. Fixed. - BB5 Mass Memory Flashing Tested - Cyclone SW has this posibility from long time ago... - Added "Read Unique Data" button. Use to boot phone by Flashbus directly, and dump Unique Data (for Simlock,SD,...) when phone doesn't have correct BSI resistors value. Dumped unique data might be lately used for USB operations if still FBUS operations fails. - Old DCT4 Asic 2,5,6,7 Direct Unlock/Relock/Autolock Introduced, finally - Fixed invalid Calculation of Mastercode - Standalone DCT4 RPL Calculation Introduced, supported Asics: 2,5,6,7,11 - Added support for DCT4 (7250i, 6610i, 2125i, 2865i, 6275i) Product Data RPL Entity Writing for fixing CS - Added support for generating extended DCT4 RPL with Product Data for above models (CS problems) - Alcatel Calculator added to gui - PMM Protection Checkbox added upon PM write. Use to protect PM security fields. - Diagnostic Module Added - Selftests moved to new "Diagnostic" module - Vibra Tests Added - Backlight Tests Added - "Autodetect" added for DCT4 Unlocking. Unique method - non ASIC dependand (i.e. avoids RM-189 2310 problems avaiable on all boxes right now). If there is problems with autodetection - user still can select unlocking method manually. - Fixed spurious XGold2 product to be displayed in XGold1/DCT4 tab - Fixed product mismatch on XG1/XG2 autodetection - Removed DCT4 ASK-RPL From Credits Manager - Removed SuperDCT4 Activation from Credits Manager - StatusBar messages are more accurate now - Added "Auto-Rebuild IMEI" checkbox for "Read UEM IMEI" function. Used to automatically generate FLASH IMEI DATA and programm it - one-click REPAIR ??????????????4. - CacheV2 Introduced - XGold1/2 Flashing Routines rewritten to be more memory effective - Dead-erased XGold2 flashing improved, plus added some messages regarding to reviving dead XG2 - USB Connection Type is now selected automatically when XGold2 platform found - Check flashing Bus for WD2 fixed - Read UEM Imei for WD2 Fixed - Read ASK for WD2 Fixed - Write RPL for WD2 Fixed - Fixed lots of Access Violatios after closing up Nokia Tool - Fixed bug with disappearing Tray icon after Minimize to Tray - Afterwards DCT4 Erase All chips, the Permanent Data aren't restored anymore - Fixed DCT4 RPL Write problem when only DATA2 exists in RPL file - The supported MEP List are now acquired from box once Blackberry Tool launch - Moved UEM stuff to new "ASK/RPL Tool" - XGold2 MassMemory flashing added - Remaining XGold Credits are now shown upon launching of Nokia Tool (Those one used for XGold1 LBF, Blackberry Codes Service, etc) - Default Security Area XGold Service count increased from 50 to 100 (100 phones limit between SA updates for Blackerry,XGold1,...) - XGold/Blackberry service is now also checked upon Blackberry tool startup, also after each Code calculation remaining Calculation Limit is displayed - Relock files updated for DCT4 - AutoUpdater Introduced - USB Flashing Solved due to wrongly installed Flashing Cable Drivers on some configurations (i.e. Virgin PC) - 6230 Flashing Fixed (Given Image not maches with readen UPP Id or Image problem). If problem still exists - select all flashing files _MANUALLY_ don't use INI based (because there exists two HW versions E and M - autoselection is HWID based and may fails anytime). - Database Unlock Introduced - RPL Write revised - Fixed bug with Broadcom Read Info - PARTNERC certificate support added for Certificate Read - PARTNERC certificate support added for Certificate Write - PARTNERC certificate support addef for RPL Operations - OMAP Loaders Fixed - PM Write bugs fixed (Access Violation) - Bruteforce between NCK Fixed - Erase files support added - DCC configuration for NIMMIIIIRRFF06150000 added - DCC configuration for NIMMIIIIRRFF095A1F05 added - DCC configuration for NIMMIIIIRRFF095A1F04 added - DCC configuration for NI00IIIIRR0306150018 added - DCC configuration for NIMMIIIIRRFF095B1F05 added - DCC configuration for NIMMIIIIRRFF0102F201 added - DCC configuration for ISL2TI0200000103B840 added - DCC configuration for 8600030001040A021001 added - DCC configuration for 860003000104094B2F01 added - DCC configuration for 86000300010401035424 added - DCC configuration for NI00BC000003095B1F00 added - DCC configuration for NI00BC0000030102F203 added - DCC configuration for NI00BC0000030102F202 added - DCC configuration for NI00BC000003095B1F05 added - DCC configuration for NI00BC000003095B1F01 added - DCC configuration for NI00IIIIRR030C213402 added - DCC configuration for NI00IIIIRR030C213401 added - DCC configuration for NI00IIIIRR030C20C605 added - DCC configuration for NI00IIIIRR03094B2F01 added - DCC configuration for NI00IIIIRR0301022E05 added - DCC configuration for NI00IIIIRR0301022E01 added - DCC configuration for NIMMIIIIRRFF0C206C02 added - DCC configuration for NI00IIIIRR0301035602 added - DCC configuration for NI00CS0000040C213402 added - DCC configuration for NI00CS00000401022E05 added - DCC configuration for NI00BC0000040F03F802 added - DCC configuration for NI00BC0000040A4E2000 added - DCC configuration for NI00BC000004095B1F01 added - DCC configuration for NI00BC000004095B1F00 added - DCC configuration for NI00BC0000040103B904 added - DCC configuration for NI00BC0000040102F201 added - DCC configuration for NI00BC00000401022C00 added - DCC configuration for 0A4E2007 added - DCC configuration for 0103B904 added - SX4 Virgin PMs database updated, added RM-256, RM-497, RM-528V, RM-584, RM-586, RM-609, RM-612, RM-626, RM-638, RM-707, RM-712 - HWC/CCC Templates added for products RM-469, RM-540, RM-566, RM-528V, RM-596, RM-609, RM-614, RM-645 - Models.ini refreshed - Skin Stack Updated - Previous updates included - Nokia Connectivity Cable Drivers updated to v7.1.42.0 - Fixed some wrong FBUS implementation when Packet size mod 0x78 == 0 - Box Firmware v01.73 Released - Hotfixes: - Create RPL function fixed - Filter Group Erase Data fixed - Failed to read WMDRM PD Data fixed - Minor changes and bugfixes ===================== Installer v1.15 18.06.2011 ===================== - Added READING DCT4+/XGold1 Encrypted Security Code from DCT4+ Based phone (previously shown as Crypted DCT4+) - of course WITHOUT data loss - seems 1st in the world - Added RESET (to 12345) DCT4+/XGold1 Encrypted Security Code from DCT4+ Based phone - of course WITHOUT data loss - seems 1st in the world - Added Reading Full RPL (NPC,CCC,HWC,SIMLOCK,SD,...) from Dead/Downgraded/Security Wrong BB5 Units - seems 1st in world. If phone doesn't power on (Stuck on Nokia logo, or completly dead), you can now dump full RPL file in order to Full Erase your phone and revive it. Softwar before dumping RPL in Recovery mode, will ask user of doing so. So in any case of reviving downgraded phone is: 1. Create RPL from Dead Phone 2. Full Erase 3. Write any SW version 4. Write previously backed-up RPL file 5. Authorize with SuperDongle 6. Write virgin PM - Added (fixed) NCK Counter Reset for XGold2 based phones - SecurityBlock is now backed-up before NCK Counters Reset, just in case - XGold1 Dead units booting fixed - Separate button for Receiving L7 Code for LBF added - Fixed DCT4 Security Counter Attempts Reset for some DCT4 variants - PMM Managment Tab added to BB5 Security Tab - Auto-Imei RESTORE added. Used if you have corrupted your imei, but having valid NPC file. Will scan StoredFiles for CRT file matching with CMT Public ID and automaticlly write it. - Added DCC camera Hardware Fault alert on DCC repair - some units is hardware fault and repair is not possible (DCC file not found) - XGold1 PMM parsing fixed (While reading LBF, Simlock table not found for some operators/phones) - XGold2 Flashing problems fixed (Invalid pointer) - USB transactions module rewritten - Full Erase button added for BB5 mobiles. No need to know FlashChip mapping and size - it's scanned automaticlly. It will erase CMT flash completly. Make sure RPL and PM is readed before erase!!! - Added "Just NPC" option used with "Erase Certificates". Used to delete only NPC certificate (corrupt IMEI and switch phone-on to make necessary job ... with IMEI corrupted phone will switch on even without valid security area). You can use this function to dump PM from non-working phone. Don't forget to CREATE RPL FROM PHONE first! Else you will get corrupted IMEI. - "Force Use Server" added for SX4 Authorization. - Fixed AutoSelecting bug - Fixed problem with parsing DCT4 variants when no DCT4 products installed - Fixed problem with parsing BB5 variants when no BB5 products installed - Index out of bound (0) fixed - Plain RPL is checked now by default - Removed "Bootloader upgrade problem" message, as caused too much confusion - Security Problem #1 and #2 Fixed (anti-idiot-fix) - Added additional Security Problem #5 message for Reinstall Drivers - Minor changes and bugfixes ===================== Installer v1.14 07.06.2011 ===================== - New BB5 FBUS/USB Loaders v11.16.0 Introduced - Unique Data Reading for RAPIDO based phones by USB added - Unique Data Reading for RAPU based phones by USB added - SL2 Unlock for Old Hash (E51..,..) and New Hash (6120c,6760) just by USB cable - SL3 Unlock by reading LBF data for all SL3 RAPIDO/RAPU Phones - Standalone Superdongle Auth - without SD key corruption - SD Keys Repair - Security Analyze - RPL Backup - All this using just usb cable... - Our loaders automatically set phone to LocalMode after reading LogData - tested with N97, seems 1st in world ;) - RAPIDO phones before reading USB LogFile, needs to be manually set into FlashMode. Apporiate messagebox will be displayed with instructions (replug battery, cable, etc..). If your phone is RAPU or RAP4 based, you don't need to reject battery or do nothing - just click OK and it will switch to RAW mode directly. - We also added support for FUR-like flashing for RAPIDO phones. That means it's possible to flash these phones FBUS-like (completly erased, etc - FBUS protocol emulation). However, because of many problems we've disabled it in current release. You can test it manually by placing "v11.16.0" RAPIDO loaders into \Loaders\BB5\FPIF32BIT. * Known problems with RAPIDO 11.16.0 loaders: * FBUS support is broken * Readed Certificates via USB is broken (Control transactions support up to ~0x90 bytes of upcoming data) * Probably not working with Axxxx ROMS (E51) * Lot of other issues observed - The FUR-like flashing (not ADL though) will be probably enabled in next version after closer investigation - Fixed oclHashCat COD File bugs (occurs when last digit of imei is 0) - Box Firmware v01.62 Released - Minor changes and bugfixes ===================== Installer v1.13 24.05.2011 ===================== - New BB5 FBUS/USB Loaders v11.14.0 introduced - Added 20 digits NCK recognization. Software will now give alert upon reading LBF data, when 20 digits NCK data will be found. This saves server time! - The Profile Bits are also analyzed now during Reading LBF Data. If phone is i.e. from Telcel Mexico - LBF data will not be readen (because it will not accepted calculated NCK code). This saves server time! - BB5/XGold LBF is creating now additional "BCL" format file - BB5/XGold LBF is creating now additional "SHA" format file - BB5/XGold LBF is creating now additional oclHashCat ATI based 64-bit BAT File - BB5/XGold LBF is creating now additional oclHashCat ATI based 32-bit BAT File - BB5/XGold LBF is creating now additional oclHashCat NVIDIA based 64-bit BAT File - BB5/XGold LBF is creating now additional oclHashCat NVIDIA based 32-bit BAT File - SIMLOC30 RPL Write Fixed (C7-00,C2-01,...) - The generated "BAT" file could be used by oclHashCat-lite. It's 3rd party software, avaiable here: . Unpack it somewhere, and place in same dir readen "BAT" files. oclHashCat is 15% faster (can reach 6Billions hashes/sec on 2xhd5970) than log2cod, plus it supports latest ATI GPUS (HD6970,HD6990,HD6xxx). It supports calculation resume, etc. - You don't need now log2cod to generate LBF Data. Just use generated BAT file for fast oclHashCat calculation. Generated COD file you can send directly to our server via "Send COD File to server" button to receive valid Level 7 code. - Added oclHashCat COD file format support (now you can use oclHashCat generated COD/TXT files to submit to server and calculate Level 7 code) - Added MxCrap COD file format support (now you can use oclHashCat generated COD/TXT files to submit to server and calculate Level 7 code) - Added warning message when TX2 transmission error occurs during 2ND Loader Initialization - Upgraded RAPIDO Custom loader to v1.05. Fixed Reading Unique Data issues on old Public Rom (A8C1D671) based phones (N95,N78,...). - BlackBerry MEP-4 calculation added - Merged previous updates (RAPIDO/RAPU/RAP4 all latest hashes support for reading LBF data, etc...) - Fixed Security Code Reset Issues on DCT4/BB5 Platform - Firmware v1.61 Released - Minor changes and bugfixes ===================== Installer v1.12 09.03.2011 ===================== - Firmware v1.55 introduced - RAP4 CMT Booting (Wrong first char) fixed - Added SP unlock via server / log2cod reading - Added standalone SX4 auth - Added standalone Superdongle Keys Repair - Supported phones: - RAPU Based: 5630, 6260s, 6700c, 6700s, 6710n, 6720c, 6730, 6750, E52, E55, E72 - RAP4 Based: 3710, 5330, 7230, 6303i, X3 - Minor changes and bugfixes ===================== Installer v1.11 07.03.2011 ===================== - New BB5 FBUS/USB Loaders v10.48.1 introduced - DCT4/BB5 Product/Variant caching added. Saves lot of time when selecting correct Datapackage. This is done automaticcly. During Deletion or Installing some of DP, cache is rebuilt automatically on user demand. - XGold2 USB Flashing Introduced (C1-01,C1-02,C2-00,...) - Added XGold2 RPL Backup (including CCC,HWC,NPC,Simlock) - FIRST in the world. The backup is created automatically during flash. - Added XGold2 RPL Write (CCC,HWC,NPC and Simlock) seems FIRST in the world. In order to write RPL file, you need flash your phone and add RPL file as secondary flashing Image (Add XGold2 RPL button). - XGold2 RPL Contains FULL phone security, possible to Full restore after Flash Chip change - Added XGold1 Unlocking by Reading LOG2COD Log file - Added XGold1 Low-Level PM Dumping (both Secured and Nonsecured areas), seems 1st in world - Added XGold1 Low-Level RPL Backup, seems 1st in world - XGold1 Backed-up RPL file might be used to completly Re-Initialize phone security, i.e. after flash-chip change (RPL Contains IMEI and Simlock Block), seems 1st in world... - Both XGold1 Low Level dumps support dead phones (phone might be dead, Cyclone will binary dump PM from flash chip directly) - Added XGold1 Low-Level Deleted PM Keys dumping (extra option-don't write back readen PM file with deleted keys, they are ASCII marked as deleted ones). Support deleted messages, contacts, ..., seems 1st in world - Added XGold1 FBUS/Keyboard SL Bad Entries Counter reset, seems 1st in world - Reading XGOLD1 LOG2COD is fully standalone, seems 1st in world - XGold1 Unlock/RPL supported mobiles: 1616, 1280, 1208, 1209, 1800, C1-00, and others... - Added "Mapped At" FlashChip information during XGold Flashing, when possible - Added "Sector Size" FlashChip information during XGold Flashing, when possible - No reboot flashing for XGold added - APE block flashing fixed for various RAPIDO mobiles - Fixed Old Protocol (Dead) USB Flashing (RAPIDO phones: N86,etc) - Fixed Blackberry Module - upon reading MEP via USB it was placing it on wrong window - Assigned COD files are now verified before sending to server, the auxiliary verification also takes place at Server Side - Fixed OpenDialog filter when adding DCT4/BB5 flash file - log2cod: v1.1 Released - log2cod: GPU Selftests added (some GPU find bad code, or didn't find anything at all) - log2cod: Added Ivan Golubev EULA - log2cod: Added Queue managment - log2cod: Code Verification added after successfull calculation - log2cod: Console is cleared after some salts processed in order to avoid overflow - log2cod: PeekNamedPipe() problem fixed - log2cod: Added queue processing in loop mode (you can add new jobs during calculation) - The transaction bar have been a bit resized - Cyclone Box HW Rev B11x, C11x added - Models.ini updated - Box USB Drivers updated to v1.0.0.6 - they are digitally signed now, no more problems on Win7 / Win Vista x64 - COM Emulation Service Driver updated to v1.0.0.1 - it is digitally signed now, no more problems on Win7 / Win Vista x64 - Main Software is now Digitally Signed (Authenthicode) - log2cod is now Digitally Signed (Auhtenthicode) - Cyclone Calculator is now Digitally Signed (Authenthicode) - Installer is now Digitally Signed (Auhtnethicode) - New phones added to Virgin SX4 Database - New phones added to Security Database (Virgin RPL) - Box Firmware v1.53 Released - Some minor and major changes and bugfixes - Versions snap Installer v1.11 Main x86 Application v1.0.0.11003 x86 Memory Manager v4.76.0.179 Native USB Drivers v1.0.0.6 USB-COM Stack Drivers v1.0.0.1 Onboard Secure Bootloader v2.13 Onboard Main Nokia Application v1.53 Onboard COM Emulation Code v1.00 Onboard Security Card Revision v1.10 Nokia Connectivity Cable Drivers BB5 USB/FPIF Single Line/FPIF DualLine v20110301 DCT4 FPIF Single Line/USB v20100410 DCT4 Unlock Patches DEPRECATED Communication Stack SSLv3-keys-06092008 Skin Stack v7.21 ===================== Installer v1.10 Merry X-Mas ! 05.12.2010 ===================== - First in the world - Infineon XGold IMEI Backup/Restore added - New BB5 FBUS/USB Loaders v10.34.1 introduced - BB5 USB Flashing module rewritten, supports new Flashing Type: FUR USB - using FBUS loaders on USB. Is possible now to do also RPL write, Cert's read/write/erase, using just USB cable. Full FBUS protocol emulation over USB supported! - FBUS2USB RAPU Support - FBUS2USB RAP4 Support - FBUS2USB Broadcomm Support - Broadcomm platform flashing added (Nokia X2,....) - 6700,E52 and other RAPunistore Booting fixed (Wrong First Char Received) - SL3 Simlock RPL Write Introduced - DCT4/BB5 Flash TurboCache added, increasing flashing speed a bit - The Profile Bits is now analyzed before SL3 Unlock (it will not submit job if phone have blocked NCK unlocking - i.e. Telcel Mexico units) - New NCK unlocking method for SL2 phones introduced (with latest MCU SW versions) - Added Autologging (operation logs are stored in StoredFiles) - Added USB Full RPL Backup (NPC,CCC,HWC,Simlock,WMDRM,etc) - Added StatusBar in Nokia Tool, displaying current Task/Mobile attached - DCC Camera Repair added for module NI00BC0000030102F201 - DCC Camera Repair added for module ISL3TI0200000C000002 - DCC Camera Repair added for module IS00TI0200000C208A03 - DCC Camera Repair added for module IS00TI02000001022B04 - DCC Camera Repair added for module 86000300010401022B04 - DCC Camera Repair added for module 8600030001040C208A03 - DCC Camera Repair added for module 86L10300010406260004 - DCC Camera Repair added for module 86L10300010406260000 - DCC Camera Repair added for module 86L103000104094C1003 - Refactorized GUI thread problems - Improved stability of Blackberry calculator - Improved flashing speed with Skins Enabled - Added detailed Action Statusbar - Added CBUS StatusBar, indicates "---->" on USB Transmit, " 100. - Supported are ALL PA_SL2 Phones, both RAPv3 and RAPIDO, with following hashes: 9A28E119033B91D14D22838C86D0D53C 9DDBFCFE6E73CED7D8C6268C8EB85723 38F312750F686F9FC9B1B3778774A195 BAF3A9C3DBFA8454937DB77F2B8852B1 CAEEBB65D3C48E6DC73B49DC5063A2EE F2D76DFAFD66C7F195F278417DF05888 F682624FFB08F6D955DBE7D9C0485084 FCB5C510AF7F09F313D9BDE85A707CC0 - Before unlock software will ask you (when possible) if you want RPL calculation. If you don't need unlocking by RPL, simply click NO and old free unlocking methods will be used (PM308+120 recalc, Secure RAM dump and NCK calc on RAPIDO PA_SL2 phones, etc). However there are some phones which might be unlocked only using new method (9DDB - 3600,5220,7310, or new 5800 >v.30, new N96, etc) - After unlock, requested RPL file will be saved to STORED FILES dir, it might be used later after phone chip erase, etc - as a generic backup - To Autolock/Relock use "Import SL5" function and point to SL5 array file in "UnlockData" dir, with SW comes few generated files - If you need SL5 file for your network, use "Create SL5" button and enter MCC-MNC, SL5 file will be generated for you and your phone might be relocked - SL Area might be repaired using UNLOCK button for SL2 phones - RPL Write bugs fixed ("simlock not accepted" after few tries) - Path "/" problem fixed - Memory manager updated to v4.94 - New skin manager introduced (6.53) - removed flash files selection bugs - GUI redesigned a bit - Nokia Connectivity Cable Driver updated to v7.1.22 - 2760h RM-391 v06.83 Unlock / Relock added - 2330c RM-512 v09.55 Unlock / Relock added - 2330c-b RM-513 v09.55 Unlock / Relock added - 2720f RM-519 v08.42 Unlock / Relock added - 2720f-b RM-519 v08.42 Unlock / Relock added - 2720f RM-519 v09.55 Unlock / Relock added - 2720f-b RM-519 v09.55 Unlock / Relock added - SX4 Bypass during BB5 Unlock removed, is no needed anymore - Fixed USB stack hanging up on some Windows configuration due to invalid hexcodes in BoardCode Revision USB Field - After Super DCT4 Activation in Credits tab box Security Page is automaticlly upgraded, no need doing it manually - New firmware v01.15 introduced - box can switch itself from MAIN mode to BOOT mode (no USB reconnect needed anymore) - 6220c,3600s booting fixed in new firmware - New Secure bootloader v02.10 introduced - New bootloader supports more types of smartcards (autobaud, PTS protocol negotiation, etc) - Secure BootAgent v1.00 introduced in new firmware - Firmware RTOS Code Updated to v6.0.1 - Slightly code optimizations and stability improvments in new firmware - Secure Bootloader upgrade introduced after box maintenance - Added support for Cyclone box HW REV A116, A117, A118, A119, A11A, A11B, A11C ===================== Bulk Updates 10.08.2009 13.08.2009 ===================== - Introduced support for FBUS Flashing RAPU YAMA phones (5630, 6700, 6303) - GUI Stability improved ; updated Skins Stack - Fixed Algoboot for BB5 phones in some configurations - SingleLine BB5 Flashing Speed improved (upgraded to 5.5mbits from 4mbits) - BB5 Multi-CRT Write bug fixed (mismatched certs when writing more than 1 certs at one time) - Improved Phone LOCAL/TEST Mode Entry algorithms during unlock and FBUS operatinos - Access Violation in some configurations, when changing BB5 Vpl / Dct4 Vpl Variant/Product - fixed - "Set factory defaults - BB5" are now default unticked after flash (useless in case of BB5 phones) - Repower on boot inverted ; accoring to firmware v1.0.5 , BB5 Phones are now default re-powered on boot - By default - USE DEFAULT PROFILE while unlocking DCT4Plus is unticked - DCT4Plus unlock routines rewritten - patch file is now applied before unlocking - Fixed problems upon unlocking some units of DCT4(plus) phones, when Initial SP Area is corrupted - When SIMLOCK IS NOT ACCEPTED during BB5 RPL Write, software trying to write FBUS part again after FLASHBUS part, so if NPC is corrupted, the SL will be restored anyway - Please don't use "Erase Security" function when writing BB5 PA_SL2 RPL, because SIMLOCK will not be accepted in such case! In order of simlock rebuild, NPC MUST BE CORRECT! - Improved BB5 RPL Write, when HWC can't be written (N96 - example), other certs being written and whole procedure is not being skipped - After sending Simlock and Superdongle data, delay added, so PA_SL can recalculate SP and Recreate 308 if needed (previously it wasn't working all times) - During BB5 Configuration Parse (flash chips, status), now RAM chip is displayed instead of UNKNOWN - DCT4Plus Security Status is now being displayed upon unlock - either TAMPERED or NOT TAMPERED - When DCT4Plus Security is NOT TAMPERED, Cyclone automatically makes Security Backup - DCT4 Loaders v7.9.49.0 added, support for new flash chips - BB5 Loaders added, support for new flash chips - New Nokia Loaders 0.9.xxxx have GREAT speed improvment in phones with slow Samsung flash chip - 0x00EC2208 (3500c, 5200, 5310). Flashin of These phones without VPP usually taking approx 15-20 minutes, with this new loaders we have tested 5200 and flashing speed was exactly 76 seconds (agains ~550). - DCT4 UEM Loaders Revised, added support for ASIC11 UEM IMEI Read - Path Manager added. Used to specify paths where original Nokia flashes are stored. By default it looks in Program Files/Nokia/Phoenix and Program Files/Common Files... User can specify many other paths (i.e. mapped network disk, or custom directory) where software will look for VPL files. Avaiable in Settings -> Paths. - BB5 Product/Variant VPL Parser added - DCT4 Product/Variant VPL Parser added - NCK Dumper for BB5 PA_SL2 added (RAP3G, RAPIDO), used to extract entered NCK codes in phone so it can be saved - in example during RPL SL Recreation, and then use for unlocking. The codes is being automaticlly dumped upon SP Data Read. - When user trying to unlock phone which have protected PM308 Security Block against modification, and there is message "Failed to write Security Block" software is now automaticlly writing back NPC backup - IMEI - IMEI 1234567890?, and "?" is not valid integer bug fixed - 1112 RH-93 v6.46 Unlock / Relock added - 2680 RM-393 v06.17 Unlock / Relock added - 2680b RM-393 v06.17 Unlock / Relock added - 5000d RM-362 v06.31 Unlock / Relock added - 5000d-b RM-363 v06.31 Unlock / Relock added - 2630 V57.20 unlock / relock partial was removed due to lack of signal - Erase Security while writing RPL is now by default disabled - SX4 Bypass during PA_SL2 unlock is now by default disabled - GUI Is now redesigned from scratch - Support for 1024x768 resolution - fixed problems - Cyclone Box HW Rev A113 support added - Cyclone Box HW Rev A114 support added - Cyclone Box HW Rev A115 support added - Cyclone Firmware v1.04 support added (DCT4 Booting improved) - Cyclone Firmware v1.05 support added (BB5 Booting improved) ===================== Installer v1.02 30.04.2009 ===================== - RAP3Gv2 PA_SL - SP Initialization added (unlock, SP Rebuild) - RAP3Gv3 PA_SL - SP Initialization added (unlock, SP Rebuild) - RAP3Gv3 PA_SL2 - SP Initialization added (unlock, SP Rebuild) - RAPIDO PA_SL - SP Initialization added (unlock, SP Rebuild) - RAPIDO PA_SL2 - SP Initialization added (unlock, SP Rebuild) - SX4 Bypass added after PA_SL2 Unlock, if needed - "Create RPL from phone" added. This is used to backup possible security data from phone in original NMP RPL format (plain one) this includes WMDRM Backup, All low-level certs (Nokia Public Certificate, Common Configuration Certificate, Hardware Certificate, VARIANT Cert), and Original SIMLOCK (only on PA_SL2 Phones !! ), which can be used to simlock restore / counter reset / PM 308 recreate - if needed - this data is sent directly to SIMLOCK SERVER directly so SL recreate is 100% "legal" - Added Codes Counter Reset for PA_SL2 phones. Used to reset Keyboard/FBUS Code Counter. - Added BB5 NCK Code FBUS Send (#pw+xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx+y), use especially when Keyboard counter is locked. - Added BB5 NCK COde KEYBOARD Send (#pw+xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx+y), use especially when FBUS counter is locked. - BB5 SL Export added. This exporting phone configuration key + simlock blocks to "SL5" file - BB5 SL Import added. Used to import previously exported "SL5" structure to phone upon BB5 SP Initialization. - BB5 PM -> Simlock RPL added, if PA_SL2 phone - use if simlock has been corrupted, and you have only PM backup. If PM have needed fields, it will create plain RPL file which can recreate simlock for you without headache. - SL5 Creator support for Creating Relocked SL5 for desired MCC+MNC / Profile Bits - Added "BB5_Autolock_IMSI.sl5" in UnlockData. Use with IMPORT SL5 in order to AUTOLOCK BB5 phone to IMSI (one sim card). - Added "BB5_Autolock_MCCMNC.sl5" in UnlockData. Use with IMPORT SL5 in order to AUTOLOCK BB5 phone to MCC-MNC (operator). - BB5 Plain RPL Write added. - Added "UB Backup" option while writing BB5 Plain RPL (SIMLOCK AREA), since they aren't adding SHA-1 before SIMLOCK_DATA in RPL file - it needs be skipped in case. - Added "Erase Security" option before RPL write. This is used when phone have problem with PM 308 blocks (downgrade, for example) and can't boot to accept superdongle / simlock data - in case, no need to full erase in case. Keep note that after RPL write YOU NEED SX4 Authorization with server and writing PM Fields 1 and 309. Otherwise your phone will fail to pass ST_SECURITY_TEST, and in effect will not boot. - Skin stack updated to v6.30, this is more stable and fast - Product code send added - HWID send added - PSN send added - DCT4 Nand MASS MEMORY Partitioning added before write. May be skipped ticking apporiative Skip MM Part button. - When no patch file found, SW will generate unlock codes for DCT4 unlock (asics 2,5,6,7) - Security Code Mastercode is now being generated upon read info - Added "Skip Patching" Option. Use for DCT4plus phones which are patched already, and all you need is to Initialize SP locks again (relock, etc) - DCT4 NCK Key / FBUS Count is now being readed correctly - DCT4 UEM OTP Imei Read added - DCT4 SP Locks are being parsed upon read - Added full support for Vista OS - Added support for 64bit CPUs - tested on X64 XP Professional, should work on NT6 too - BB5 Simlock backup before flash write no more asking user for directory, it's automaticlly saving to StoredFiles - BB5 Simlock backup automatically saving backup in RPL format if possible (PA_SL2 phone detected), otherwise it will save it in PM format - BB5 Booting routines totally refactorized - After DCT4 Page erase, the last-error-status is now queried from phone - Data checksum is now being checked again upon BB5 Flash Write - When NPC Certificate are being backed up during SX4 Bypass, it is now stored as "PUBLIC_ID.Sx4Bypass.NPC.CMT.CRT", not "DowngradeRepair" as before - When Writing BB5 Cert, it's now default pointing to StoredFiles - User is now being warned before "Erase all certificates" - BB5 (avoid mistakes) - For now, Erase All Certs erasing APE certificates too, if APE unit found - DCT4 Plus 2680 v6.82 unlock partial fixed - 2630 v57.20 Unlock added - 2630b v57.20 Unlock added - 2630b v06.82 Unlock added - 2760b v06.82 Unlock added - 2600c-b v06.82 Unlock added - 1680c v06.82 Unlock added - 1680c-b v06.82 Unlock added - 5000db v 05.27 Unlock added - 5000db v 05.45 Unlock added - Included old "new security" unlock partials for 2630, 1680, 5000, 2680 - v6.82 - FastMM problem after exiting Main Application fixed - Some DCT4Plus unlock bugs fixed (like This is Invalid Integer...) - Added WD2 CBUS BT Phones support (bluetooth flashing problems) - Check Flashing Bus (BB5) now booting phone completly, not only fetching 1st Boot Data - Fixed problem when sometime wrong CMT / APE bootloader are being selected upon Certificate Operations - Increased FBUS Timeout to repair FBUS transactions problems on some environments - Netmonitor activation on DCT4/WD2 added - WD2 Format User Area added - "Initial SP corrupted" fixed on DCT4plus phones - After finished flashing the sound now being played;) - Cyclone HW Revision A112 support added - Progressbar issue fixed while BT Flash - SX4 Server Transaction fixed - Bigger delay added after SX4 Bypass in order to handle PM write correctly - More debug messages is now being shown upon BB5 booting - Refactorized DCT4 ADSP Flashing routines - DCT4 / BB5 Factory defaults after flashing fixed in some cases - Minor changes and bugfixes - Improved BB5 Local/Test mode changes - Support : Fixed "Connection closed gracefully" in some cases - Fixed problems when invalid IMEI are being readed out from phone (in case of phone wasn't initialized and FBUS problems occured) - PM Write routines rewritten - Security card is now being resetted before phone flashing, this have effect on authenthication speed when flashing many phones one by one - Selftests routines improved (dynamic timeout) - Multiple files can be now choosen upon Writing Certificates saved as "CRT" (Cyclone binary format) - BB5 SP Locks now being parsed upon read out (blocks count, block content, etc) - DCT4Plus partials with version 6.82 have now removed from supported UPP list ASIC ID "3168" which is not unlockable (for now) with rom 0600 to avoid destroyed phones (no signal), in case you will got message "Not supported UPP ID", but your phone SL area will be untouched and after flash it will still work. - Blue screen of death fixed on some configurations - After PM Write, Statistics added, so user can easily see how many PM Record written OK / NOT OK - IMEI in "Credits" upon calculation is now checked for validity (last digit) - Updated Message before using DCT4 RPL Credits - ASIC 11 takes 2 credits and rest 1 credit - Main Nokia Firmware v1.03 avaiable, this changes: -- TX2 Output pin is now constant (Service Pin 3) due to many mistakes on user side. -- Flash write speed optimized, should be around 10% - 30% faster, especially on NAND-ONENAND phones. More optimizations to come. -- Erase status is now signalized by USB (red) led. -- Added support for WD2 CBUS BT Flashing -- BB5 Booting Improved on some environments -- RTOS Code Updated to 5.2.0 -- Microcode USB Stack is now Vista compatible -- Removed blue screen of death problem on some XP configurations -- Minor bugs, fixes, and improvments - Versions snap Installer v1.02 Main x86 Application v1.0.0.7396 x86 Memory Manager v4.92R2 Native USB Drivers v1.0.0.4 USB-COM Stack Drivers v1.0.0.0 Onboard Secure Bootloader v2.08 Onboard Main Nokia Application v1.03 Onboard Security Card Revision v1.09 Nokia Connectivity Cable Drivers v7.1.8.0 BB5 USB/FPIF Single Line/FPIF DualLine v20090315 (Mixed) DCT4 FPIF Single Line/USB v20090315 (v7.4.77.0) DCT4 Unlock Patches v20090502 Communication Stack SSLv3-keys-06092008 Skin Stack v6.30 ===================== Installer v1.01 30.03.2009 ===================== - One click downgrade repair for BB5 added. Works on phones which after downgrade failing to boot (hang up on NOKIA screen) - this includes phones which dont had patched 308 before flashing or newer MCUs too. No need to full erase, etc. Just one click and 20 seconds, fast, and safe. - SX4 Bypass added. If phone can't be authorized due to corrupted superdongle key or server problems, you can use this to write protected PM Records (1, 309). No need to full erase, etc. Fast and safe. - DCT4 "SIMLOCK SERVER" Relock fixed (5000, 2630). Thx to wgmmmx for bugreport. - Check Flashing Bus for BB5 Added - Fixed registration process, when blank arguments are used - Fixed registration process, when invalid input data are used (i.e. special Russian chars) - Fixed invalid date/time problem while box maintenance (upgrade) on some timezones - Added in "Settings/General" option to skip box selftests (use when box selftest subsystem is damaged) - Resellers list during registration is now displayed in ascending order - Skin Stack updated to v6.21 - Added DCT4plus new security unlock patches RH-116 7070p v6.82 - new security RM-258 2760 v6.82 - new security RM-298 2630 v6.82 - new security RM-340 2600c v6.82 - new security RM-362 5000d v5.27 - new security RM-362 5000d v5.45 - new security RM-392 2680s v6.82 - new security RM-394 1680c v6.82 - new security - USB Drivers updated to, this no more conflicting MicroBox - Versions snap Installer v1.01 Main x86 Application v1.0.0.6634 x86 Memory Manager v4.92 Native USB Drivers v1.0.0.3 USB-COM Stack Drivers v1.0.0.0 Onboard Secure Bootloader v2.08 Onboard Main Nokia Application v1.00 Onboard Security Card Revision v1.09 Nokia Connectivity Cable Drivers v7.1.8.0 BB5 USB/FPIF Single Line/FPIF DualLine v20090315 (Mixed) DCT4 FPIF Single Line/USB v20090315 (v7.4.77.0) DCT4 Unlock Patches v20090326 Communication Stack SSLv3-keys-06092008 Skin Stack v6.21 ===================== Installer v1.00 20.03.2009 ===================== - Initial public release - Versions snap Installer v1.0 Main x86 Application v1.0.0.6581 x86 Memory Manager v4.92 Native USB Drivers v1.0.0.2 USB-COM Stack Drivers v1.0.0.0 Onboard Secure Bootloader v2.08 Onboard Main Nokia Application v1.00 Onboard Security Card Revision v1.09 Nokia Connectivity Cable Drivers v7.1.8.0 BB5 USB/FPIF Single Line/FPIF DualLine v20090315 (Mixed) DCT4 FPIF Single Line/USB v20090315 (v7.4.77.0) DCT4 Unlock Patches v20090309 Communication Stack SSLv3-keys-06092008 Skin Stack v6.20 Instrukcja rejestracji i uruchomienia oprogramowania na: i na


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Fast N' Loud Harper Collins

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The breakout star of Discovery's hit automotive restoration show Fast N' Loud takes readers on an entertaining ride through his wild life and behind the scenes of his hit show in this memoir and automotive handbook, revving with outrageous details and jaw-dropping stories, and injected with the quick-witted, foul-mouthed charm viewers love."If we're gonna have fun, it better have a motor!"In Fast N' Loud, Richard Rawlings pushes into high gear, sharing the story of his rise to success, his show, and the automotive know-how that has made him famous. He begins with his own story--how he went from flat broke to a seat at the table with some of history's most iconic car guys. His road to the top is full of dangerous twists and hilarious turns, with a few precipitous cliffs in between, including getting shot defending his beloved 1965 Mustang fastback from carjackers, blowing out of town Fear-and-Loathing style, and picking up chicks and vagrants along the way.Rawlings then takes readers behind the scenes of Fast N' Loud, the series, sharing details on everything from the toughest car to restore to the easiest, his favorite restorations, travel and war anecdotes, and the best and worst cars to make it to the small screen. He finishes with a handy guide for classic and antique car enthusiasts that includes insider tricks of the trade. Want to know how to find a Model-T in mint condition? Need a carburetor for your '73 Ford Mustang? Want to meet other '60s Porsche owners? The answers are all here.


Feasibility and Infeasibility in Optimization: - 2841665511

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Feasibility and Infeasibility in Optimization: Springer, Berlin

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Constrained optimization models are core tools in business, science, government, and the military with applications including airline scheduling, control of petroleum refining operations, investment decisions, and many others. Constrained optimization models have grown immensely in scale and complexity in recent years as inexpensive computing power has become widely available. Models now frequently have many complicated interacting constraints, giving rise to a host of issues related to feasibility and infeasibility. For example, it is sometimes difficult to find any feasible point at all for a large model, or even to accurately determine if one exists, e.g. for nonlinear models. If the model is feasible, how quickly can a solution be found? If the model is infeasible, how can the cause be isolated and diagnosed? Can a repair to restore feasibility be carried out automatically? Researchers have developed numerous algorithms and computational methods in recent years to address such issues, with a number of surprising spin-off applications in fields such as artificial intelligence and computational biology. Over the same time period, related approaches and techniques relating to feasibility and infeasibility of constrained problems have arisen in the constraint programming community.§Feasibility and Infeasibility in Optimization is a timely expository book that summarizes the state of the art in both classical and recent algorithms related to feasibility and infeasibility in optimization, with a focus on practical methods. All model forms are covered, including linear, nonlinear, and mixed-integer programs. Connections to related work in constraint programming are shown. Part I of the book addresses algorithms for seeking feasibility quickly, including new methods for the difficult cases of nonlinear and mixed-integer programs. Part II provides algorithms for analyzing infeasibility by isolating minimal infeasible (or maximum feasible) subsets of constraints, or by finding the best repair for the infeasibility. Infeasibility analysis algorithms have arisen primarily over the last two decades, and the book covers these in depth and detail. Part III describes applications in numerous areas outside of direct infeasibility analysis such as finding decision trees for data classification, analyzing protein folding, radiation treatment planning, automated test assembly, etc. §A main goal of the book is to impart an understanding of the methods so that practitioners can make immediate use of existing algorithms and software, and so that researchers can extend the state of the art and find new applications. The book is of interest to researchers, students, and practitioners across the applied sciences who are working on optimization problems.Written by a world leader in the field and aimed at researchers in applied and engineering sciences, this brilliant text has as its main goal imparting an understanding of the methods so that practitioners can make immediate use of existing algorithms and software, and so that researchers can extend the state of the art and find new applications. It includes algorithms on seeking feasibility and analyzing infeasibility, as well as describing new and surprising applications.


Mr Playboy - 2837117854

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Mr Playboy Wiley

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Praise for Steven Watts's The People's Tycoon: Henry Ford and the American Century "Intelligent, thorough, and engaging. . . . The implicit claim of Watts's admirable book is almost inarguable-that it's impossible to understand twentieth-century America without knowing the story of Henry Ford."-The New York Times Book Review "Ford has had many biographers. . . . None, however, comes close to Steven Watts. . . . He brilliantly reveals the nature of Ford's genius."-Chicago Tribune "An energetic and altogether fascinating look at an eccentric genius who helped make modern America."-Los Angeles Times "Watts's judicious exploration of the feats and foibles of Henry Ford provides a timely and compelling model of how to cut through the hype and tell the real story."-The Washington Post Praise for Steven Watts's The Magic Kingdom: Walt Disney and the American Way of Life "Gives us a vivid portrait of the man behind Mickey Mouse, while at the same time situating his anomalous achievement within a social and aesthetic context. . . . A terrifically readable and illuminating book."-The New York Times "A treasure trove of information on the Disney enterprise. . . . An invaluable mine of material on how the American century became the Disney century."-Los Angeles Times "An excellent book. . . . A subtle, generous-minded account of Walt Disney's legacy."-The Economist (London)


Leica Camera Repair Handbook - 2826817598

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With great detail this book outlines all of the techniques needed to repair and restore Leica cameras, lenses, and accessories including light meters, winders/motors, viewfinders, and flash units. Each model of equipment is discussed individually with step-by-step illustrated instructions. Readers will not only learn how to disassemble and repair equipment, but also how to troubleshoot and make cosmetic restorations. A glossary of technical terms and an abstract containing the fundamentals of camera repair are included.


Amulet Księga pierwsza Strażniczka - Kazu Kibuishi - 2845029861

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Amulet Księga pierwsza Strażniczka - Kazu Kibuishi

Książki & Multimedia > Książki

Opis - Coś dziwnego kryje się za drzwiami do piwnicy Emily, Navin i ich mama chcą zacząć wszystko od nowa. Przeprowadzają się do tajemniczej, rodzinnej posiadłości. Już pierwszej nocy coś przerażającego wślizguje się do ich nowego domu. Mama zostaje porwana nie żartuję... przez mackowatego potwora nie z tego świata! Są teraz tak daleko a zarazem tak blisko! Tylko od Emily i jej brata zależy, czy zdołają sprowadzić ją z powrotem. Co czeka na nich za zapomnianymi drzwiami? Coś dziwnego i pięknego, coś, co odmieni ich całe życie. Nazwa - Amulet Księga pierwsza Strażniczka Autor - Kazu Kibuishi Oprawa - Miękka Wydawca - Planeta Komiksów Kod ISBN - 9788394347369 Kod EAN - 9788394347369 Rok wydania - 2016 Język - polski Format - 15x23 cm Ilość stron - 188 Podatek VAT - 5% Premiera - 2017-03-21


Advantage of Distributed Capacity in Service Continuity Planning - 2835643396

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Advantage of Distributed Capacity in Service Continuity Planning Outskirts Press

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Maintaining service continuity from critical infrastructures is an increasingly important task for governments. The economic and national security consequences of disruption or catastrophic failures of critical systems dictate increased emphasis on service continuity. This study considers the value of a fundamental rethinking of how a service can be structured to reduce reliance on traditional models to protect, recover and restore services after a disruption. Rather it seeks to consider a distributed capacity model to reduce the consequences of disruption in the first place. By accepting the premise that disruptions will occur and creating infrastructures that are better able to absorb them, governments can reduce both the cost of service disruption and the costs associated with prevention and restoration.


Cisco Unified Contact Center Enterprise (UCCE) - 2826628480

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Cisco Unified Contact Center Enterprise (UCCE) CISCO

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Cisco Unified Contact Center Enterprise (UCCE) The complete guide to managing UCCE environments: tips, tricks, best practices, and lessons learned Gary Ford Cisco Unified Contact Center Enterprise (UCCE) integrates multiple components and can serve a wide spectrum of business requirements. In this book, Gary Ford, an experienced Cisco UCCE consultant brings together all the guidance you need to optimally configure and manage UCCE in any environment. The author shares in-depth insights covering both the enterprise and hosted versions of UCCE. He presents an administrator's view of how to perform key UCCE tasks and why they work as they do. He thoroughly addresses application configuration, agents, scripting, IVR, dial plans, UCM, error handling, reporting, metrics, and many other key topics. You'll find proven, standardized configuration examples that help eliminate errors and reduce downtime, step-by-step walkthroughs of several actual configurations, and thorough coverage of monitoring and troubleshooting UCCE systems. Cisco Unified Contact Center Enterprise (UCCE) is an indispensable resource to help you deploy and operate UCCE systems reliably and efficiently. Gary Ford has spent more than 13 years designing, deploying, and maintaining Cisco telephony and contact center solutions together with several of the world's largest systems integration companies, Cisco ATPs, and customers. He was first introduced to contact centers in 1997 while working for British Telecom (BT) as a test engineer tasked with integrating the GeoTel ICR platform into BT's core telephony network. After Cisco acquired GeoTel, Ford's role evolved to include broader Cisco contact center and unified communications consulting. He holds a bachelor's of engineering degree in computer systems engineering, the status of Chartered Engineer, and several Cisco, Microsoft, and business-related professional qualifications. * Understand the Cisco Unified Contact Center product portfolio and platform architecture * Choose the right single-site, multi-site, or clustered deployment model for your environment * Take a lifecycle services approach to UCCE deployment and application configuration--including preparation, planning, design, and implementation * Implement traditional, current-generation, and next-generation call routing * Master the latest best practices for call flow scripting * Understand UCCE's nodes and distributed processes and build a clean system startup sequence * Design, implement, and deliver unified CM/IP IVR solutions * Set up and efficiently manage UCCE databases * Make the most of UCCE's reporting tools * Create advanced applications with Data-Driven Routing * Effectively maintain any UCCE deployment, including older versions * Use a best-practice methodology for troubleshooting, and master valuable, little-known Cisco diagnostic tools This IP communications book is part of the Cisco Press(R) Networking Technology Series. IP communications titles from Cisco Press help networking professionals understand voice and IP telephony technologies, plan and design converged networks, and implement network solutions for increased productivity.


On-Site Occupational Health and Rehabilitation - 2212826504

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On-Site Occupational Health and Rehabilitation Marcel Dekker

Zdrowie, medycyna

On-Site Occupational Health and Rehabilitation: A Model for the Manufacturing and Service Industries describes how to establish an on-site occupational health program, from a sample of a request for proposal response, cost-savings reports, and clinical protocols, evaluations, and treatments to corporate awareness of workers' compensation, lost work-time situations, and applications for cost-effective solutions.Contains procedures and guidelines developed by the author for prestigious firms such as Ford Motor Co., General Motors Co., Bank One Corp., The Detroit Newspapers, J&L Specialty Steel Inc., Henry Ford Health System, and PepsiCo, Inc.!Exploring diagnostic mix, clinic size, on-site industrial rehabilitation program benefits, prevention medicine, and wellness and fitness strategies, On-Site Occupational Health and Rehabilitation: A Model for the Manufacturing and Service Industriesillustrates how individual corporate environments can adapt to form a patient-centered, high-trust, cooperative, and informed workplace discusses the interrelationship between clinical evaluation and treatment, ADA compliance, work-site ergonomics, on-site job analysis, and placement coordination highlights crucial factors that will determine the success of an on-site medical rehabilitation program offers a prescription for a healthy, safe work environment and more!


Street Smart - 2826757547

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Street Smart PublicAffairs,U.S.

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

With wit and sharp insight, former Traffic Commissioner of New York City, Sam Schwartz a.k.a. "Gridlock Sam," one of the most respected transportation engineers in the world and consummate insider in NYC political circles, uncovers how American cities became so beholden to cars and why the current shift away from that trend will forever alter America's urban landscapes, marking nothing short of a revolution in how we get from place to place. When Sam Schwartz was growing up in Bensonhurst, Brooklyn--his block belonged to his community: the kids who played punchball and stickball & their parents, who'd regularly walk to the local businesses at which they also worked. He didn't realize it then, but Bensonhurst was already more like a museum of a long-forgotten way-of-life than a picture of America's future. Public transit traveled over and under city streets--New York's first subway line opened in 1904--but the streets themselves had been conquered by the internal combustion engine. America's dependency on the automobile began with the 1908 introduction of Henry Ford's car-for-everyone, the Model T. The "battle for right-of-way" in the 1920s saw the demise of streetcars and transformed America's streets from a multiuse resource for socializing, commerce, and public mobility into exclusive arteries for private automobiles. The subsequent destruction of urban transit systems and post WWII suburbanization of America enabled by the Interstate Highway System and the GI Bill forever changed the way Americans commuted. But today, for the first time in history, and after a hundred years of steady increase, automobile driving is in decline. Younger Americans increasingly prefer active transportation choices like walking or cycling and taking public transit, ride-shares or taxis. This isn't a consequence of higher gas prices, or even the economic downturn, but rather a collective decision to be a lot less dependent on cars--and if American cities want to keep their younger populations, they need to plan accordingly. In "Street Smart," Sam Schwartz explains how. In this clear and erudite presentation of the principles of smart transportation and sustainable urban planning--from the simplest cobblestoned street to the brave new world of driverless cars and trains--Sam Schwartz combines rigorous historical scholarship with the personal and entertaining recollections of a man who has spent more than forty years working on planning intelligent transit networks in New York City. "Street Smart" is a book for everyone who wants to know more about the who, what, when, where, and why of human mobility.


Auto Mania - 2826764676

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The twentieth-century American experience with the automobile has much to tell us about the relationship between consumer capitalism and the environment, Tom McCarthy contends. In "Auto Mania" he presents the first environmental history of the automobile that shows how consumer desire (and manufacturer decisions) created impacts across the product lifecycle, from raw material extraction to manufacturing to consumer use to disposal. From the provocative public antics of young millionaires who owned the first cars early in the twentieth century to the SUV craze of the 1990s, "Auto Mania" explores developments that touched the environment. Along the way McCarthy examines how Henry Ford's fetish for waste reduction tempered the environmental impacts of Model T mass production; how Elvis Presley's widely-shared postwar desire for Cadillacs made matters worse; how the 1970s energy crisis hurt small cars; and why Baby Boomers ignored worries about global warming. McCarthy shows that problems were recognized early. The difficulty was addressing them, a matter less of doing scientific research and educating the public than implementing solutions through America's market economy and democratic government. Consumer and producer interests have rarely aligned, and automakers and consumers have made powerful opponents of regulation. The result has been a mixed record of environmental reform with troubling prospects for the future.


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