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Jak Obrabować Bank (How To Rob The Bank) - 1059551399

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Jak Obrabować Bank (How To Rob The Bank) Vision Film Distribution

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Znakomita komedia sensacyjna o tym do czego jesteśmy zdolni, gdy los niespodziewanie postawi nas w ekstremalnej sytuacji.Jinx jest dość samolubnym i leniwym młodym człowiekiem, któremu wydaje się, że życie to wieczna balanga. Jessica to poważna, dobrze zorganizowana pracownica banku, której jednak zaczyna się nudzić w monotonnej pracy.Gdy w jej banku dochodzi do napadu, Jinx właśnie stoi przy jej okienku. Na skutek zbiegu okoliczności Jessica i Jinx chowają się w bankowym skarbcu. Tak zaczyna się zabawna gra między uwięzionymi, gangsterami i policją. Jessica i Jinx stają się mimowolnymi negocjatorami pośrednicząc między bandytami, a stróżami prawa.


When to rob a bank - 2857736826

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When to rob a bank Allen Press


Why don't flight attendants get tipped? If you were a terrorist, how would you attack? And why does KFC always run out of fried chicken?Over the past decade, Steven D. Levitt and Stephen J. Dubner have published more than 8,000 blog posts on Now the very best of this writing has been carefully curated into one volume, the perfect solution for the millions of readers who love all things Freakonomics.Discover why taller people tend to make more money; why it's so hard to predict the Kentucky Derby winner; and why it might be time for a sex tax (if not a fat tax). You'll also learn a great deal about Levitt and Dubner's own quirks and passions. Surprising and erudite, eloquent and witty, Freaks and Friends demonstrates the brilliance that has made their books an international sensation.


Why Current Affairs Needs Social Theory - 2854328887

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Why Current Affairs Needs Social Theory Bloomsbury Academic

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Television news is frequently disparaged by thoughtful commentators for its preoccupation with drama and spectacle at the expense of serious, in-depth, engagement with the critical issues it covers. Whilst insisting these charges possess more than a small dose of truth, Rob Stones argues for more emphasis to be placed on strengthening the capacities of audiences. Drawing from major traditions in social thought, and on academic media analysis, Stones provides the conceptual tools for audiences to bring greater sophistication to their interpretations, developing their capacity to think across items and genres.A detailed account of an episode of the Danish political drama, "Borgen," reveals the extent to which its viewers already deploy similar concepts and skills in order to follow its storylines. Stones shows how audiences can refine these skills further and demonstrates their value with respect to a wide range of current affairs texts, including: Israeli settlers on the West Bank; the Rwandan genocide; the Egyptian 'revolution'; the Obama administration's immigration reform bill; the bases of Germany's economic success; the conflict between 'red shirts' and 'yellow shirts' in Thailand; China's diplomatic relations with Burma; and scandals of mistreatment within the UK and Swedish healthcare systems.The book shows that everyone's understanding of current affairs can be significantly enhanced by social theory. It will also be relevant to students at all levels.


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