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Cover Letter: How to Write a Cover Letter That Will Get You Hired!: (Stand Out, Career Planning, How to Write a Cover Letter) - 2838851485

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Cover Letter: How to Write a Cover Letter That Will Get You Hired!: (Stand Out, Career Planning, How to Write a Cover Letter)



Cover Letter Book How to Write a Winning Cover Letter That Really Gets Noticed - 2837652829

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Cover Letter Book How to Write a Winning Cover Letter That Really Gets Noticed



When You Write a Letter; Some Suggestions as to Why, When, and How It Should Be Done - 2838899479

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When You Write a Letter; Some Suggestions as to Why, When, and How It Should Be Done



How to Write an Impressive CV and Cover Letter - 2826638898

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How to Write an Impressive CV and Cover Letter HOW TO BOOKS

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

A step-by-step guide to achieving a competitive advantage, with practical examples of successful CVs and letters, and a free CD containing templates and full transcripts of real-life interviews.


How To Write Like Tolstoy - 2840432603

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How To Write Like Tolstoy

Książki Obcojęzyczne>Angielskie>Lifestyle, sport & leisure>Miscellaneous items>Gift booksKsiążki Obcojęzyczne>Angielskie>Biography &...

A Charming, Eloquent Love Letter To The Stories We Adore


How To Write: Successful Cvs And Job Applications - 2839863961

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How To Write: Successful Cvs And Job Applications

Książki Obcojęzyczne>Angielskie>Language>Reference & general>Writing & editing guidesKsiążki Obcojęzyczne>Angielskie>Health & person...

This Book Will Reassure And Help Anyone Applying For Jobs By Giving Practical, Clear, And Trusted Advice For Each Stage Of The Process, From Researching Jobs, To Preparing A Strong Cover Letter And Successful CV, Through To Interview Advice And FAQs.


Writing a Love Letter - 2827091688

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Writing a Love Letter GRIN Verlag

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Seminar paper from the year 2010 in the subject English - Pedagogy, Didactics, Literature Studies, printed single-sided, grade: 15, Justus-Liebig-University Giessen (Anglistik), course: Seminar: Writing in the English Foreign Language Classroom, language: English, abstract: Every once in a while people fall in love. Unfortunately, there are many cases in which they do not admit their feelings to the woman or man they lost their heart to. People often are inhibited and cautious when it comes to express affection to the woman or man of choice. Sometimes they even let their chance slip, because they are afraid of embarrassment and negative feedback from the one they adore. An adequate alternative to a face-to-face confession is the love letter. Writing a love letter is a meaningful art and it offers a great possibility to reveal one s affection for the receiver without evoking shameful situations and awkward moments that may hurt one s own feelings. By writing creatively, using the right selection of words and good argumentation, a love letter can be more than just a declaration of love. They often relinquish a moment of mystery, excitement and surprise and many people keep them lifelong as their secret treasures. In fact, writing good love letters is a demanding task even for advanced students. It might take hours of practice, drafting and rewriting to create an emotional and inspirational love letter.This paper will be about teaching intermediate students in the English foreign language (EFL) classroom, how to write a love letter. It functions as a guide for teachers to help them structuring and planning their lessons on this topic. Furthermore, it provides adequate teaching methods and innovative ideas to effectively instruct students on their way to become successful love-letter writers.The paper will commence by introducing several pre-writing activities, which serve to prepare students before they get started with the major task. In addition, the stylistic devices and structural guidelines love-letter writing requires will be introduced. In the second step, the paper concentrates on love-letter writing itself. It explores the direct preparation necessary and offers useful hints concerning the teacher s role in the writing phase. Finally, this paper illustrates a number of useful post-writing activities and evaluations methods in detail.


Ultimate Sales Letter - 2826737864

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Ultimate Sales Letter Adams Media Corporation

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Write Well to Sell Big!In the age of e-mail and instant communication, great sales copy is indispensable to closing a deal. But too many sales letters end up in the junk file or the wastebasket. In this new edition of his top-selling book, author Dan Kennedy explains why some sales letters work and most don't. And he shows how to write copy that any business can use.Among other things, he provides:Completely updated text and examplesGreat headline formulasNew exercises to spark creativityThe best way to use graphicsKennedy is the most successful, highly paid direct-response copywriter in the country. In this book, he shares his step-by-step formula so everyone can write letters that will nail the sale.


Ultimate Sales Letter - 2826746255

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Ultimate Sales Letter Adams Media Corporation

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

A powerful sales letter is the ultimate marketing tool. Yet, most sales letters end up getting thrown in the junk mail pile. This book shows readers how to write letters that get read, generate leads, and make money. It teaches readers a step-by-step system for writing sales letters for various businesses.


A Russian Gentleman - 2826896565

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A Russian Gentleman Books on Demand

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Excerpt: ...himself on paper, she asked to see the letter before it was sent. When she read it, she was horrified! Alexyéi Stepanitch, who had heard a great deal of M. Anitchkoff as a wit, took it into his head to adopt an elaborate style. Therefore he had recourse to some novel of the day, and filled two sides with phrases which, under other circumstances, would have made Sofya Nikolayevna laugh outright; as it was, the blood rushed to her face, and then the tears poured from her eyes. When she grew calmer, she wondered how she was to get out of such an awkward situation. She did not wonder long, however. She wrote a rough draft of a letter herself, and then said to her betrothed, that, not being in the habit of writing to strangers, he had written in a way that might not please Anitchkoff; and therefore she had written a rough draft, which she asked him to copy out and send off. She felt shame and pain, and was hurt on his account; her voice shook, and she nearly broke down. But he welcomed her suggestion with enthusiasm; when she read him the letter, he was charmed with it, praised her wonderful skill, and covered her hands with kisses. This was the first step in disrespect for her future husband, the first step towards realising her dream of complete domination over him; and she did not find it easy to take. Knowing that his parents had little money and were forced to be chary in spending any, Alexyéi Stepanitch wrote to ask for a very moderate sum; and, to strengthen his request, he asked Mme. Alakayeff to write to his father, to assure him that the request was reasonable and that some expense was inevitable in view of the marriage. He asked only 800 roubles, but Mme. Alakayeff stated the necessary sum at 1500. The old people replied that they had not got such a sum; they sent him all they had - 300 roubles, and suggested that, if the other 500 were necessary, he should borrow them; but they promised to send him a team of four horses...


Blood Doctor - 2212839586

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Blood Doctor Penguin

Powieści i opowiadania

Blood. That


Developing Writing Skills. A Manual for EFL Students (2 edition updated) - 2829802514

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Developing Writing Skills. A Manual for EFL Students (2 edition updated) Wyd. Uniwersytetu Opolskiego

Anglia / Podręczniki językowe

Podręcznik do nauki pisania w języku angielskim zawiera: - usystematyzowany materiał, - dużą liczbę ćwiczeń praktycznych, - autentyczne prace studentów jako ilustracje do zadań, - elementy pisania tekstów akademickich technicznych oraz biznesowych, - wskazówki jak pisać pracę dyplomową w języku angielskim na różnych kierunkach oraz jak dokumentować źródła. W podręczniku cytowana jest najnowsza literatura. Podręcznik adresowany jest do studentów i nauczycieli studiów anglistycznych i amerykanistycznych oraz dla wszystkich zainteresowanych poprawnym pisaniem tekstów różnego typu w języku angielskim. The manual for teaching writing in English contains not only a systematic presentation of the material but also a large number of practical activities, together with a selection of authentic texts of Polish students of English as illustrations to tasks. Moreover, the manual may be of help to those students who want to study the basic elements of academic, technical and business writing. Additionally, the manual gives suggestions how to write a diploma paper in English in various fields of study as well as how to document sources. The manual refers to the updated academic writing literature. The book is directed primarily to students who need support in writing academic and other texts in English; it may be also successfully used by academic writing teachers or general, business or technical English teachers who teach writing different types of texts in English. CONTENS Acknowledgements Preface Introduction: process vs. product approaches 1. Writing process 1. 1.1. Purpose 1. 1.2. Audience 1. 1.3. Prewriting 1. 1.4. Introduction 1. 1.5. Body 1. 1.6. Conclusion 1. 1.7. Rewriting 1. 1.8. Peer feedback 1. 1.9. Style 2. Writing product 2. 2.1. Descriptive essay 2. 2.2. Narrative essay 2. 2.3. Process essay 2. 2.4. Illustration essay 2. 2.5. Definition essay 2. 2.6. Comparison/contrast essay 2. 2.7. Persuasive/argumentative essay 2. 2.8. Elements of business writing 2. 2.9. Elements of technical writing 3. Academic writing 3. 3.1. Bibliography 3. 3.2. Summary 3. 3.3. Paraphrase 3. 3.4. Quotation 3. 3.5. Synthesis 3. 3.6. Critique 3. 3.7. Research paper Appendices Appendix 1 - Suggestions for tasks within the product approach Appendix 2 - Suggestions for tasks within the process approach Appendix 3 - Peer feedback Appendix 4 - Sentence variety Appendix 5 - Transition check Appendix 6 - Punctuation in narration Appendix 7 - European Curriculum Vitae Format Appendix 8 - Exemplary CV, cover letter and thank you letter Appendix 9 - Exemplary research report Appendix 10 -Verbs and expressions (technical report) Appendix 11 - Verbs and expressions Appendix 12 - Abbreviations for US states and territories Appendix 13 - Przykładowa strona tytułowa prac licencjackich/ magisterskich/ inżynierskich Politechniki Opolskiej Appendix 14 - Przykładowa strona tytułowa prac licencjackich/magisterskich Uniwersytetu Opolskiego Keys Key to Introduction Key to Chapter 1 Key to Chapter 2 Key to Chapter 3 References

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Edith and Little Bear Lend a Hand - 2841429905

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Edith and Little Bear Lend a Hand Dare Wright Media, LLC

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Mr. Bear thinks that he needs to take Edith ("The Lonely Doll") and Little Bear away from their beloved New York City to escape the dirty air and streets. But Edith and Little Bear don't want to move to the country, so they take up the cause of cleaning up the city. They carry signs protesting the city's dirty condition as they march in front of City Hall. Later, they find themselves on the evening television news, much to the shagrin of Mr. Bear. But even with their publicity, the protest does not seem to draw the attention of the city's Mayor. So Edith and Little Bear write a letter and send it directly to the Mayor. And the Mayor sends a letter back, urging Edith and Little Bear to do a little bit every day to clean up the city themselves, and to keep watch for any polluters. Edith and Little Bear follow the Mayor's advice, and they begin to clean up their neighborhood themselves. They even report a nearby building's very dirty plume of smoke rising from a chimney. Mr. Bear, seeing how much Edith and Little Bear care for their home and their streets, happily decides they can remain in their home in the city.


One Hell Of A Ride - 2839330476

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One Hell Of A Ride Columbia


1. When I've Sang My Last Hillbilly Song 2. No Place For Me 3. Man With The Blues 4. Nite Life 5. Hello Walls - Album Version 6. Funny How Time Slips Away - Album Version 7. Crazy - Album Version 8. Half A Man 9. Mr. Record Man 10. One In A Row 11. The Party's Over 12. Texas In My Soul 13. Good Times - Album Version 14. Sweet Memories 15. Little Things 16. Any Old Arms Won't Do 17. Everybody's Talkin' - Album Version 18. Pins & Needles - In My Heart 19. Once More With Feeling 20. I Gotta Get Drunk 21. Laying My Burdens Down 22. What Can You Do To Me Now? 23. Kneel At The Feet Of Jesus 24. I'm A Memory 25. Family Bible 26. Summer Of Roses - Album Version 27. Yesterday's Wine 28. Me & Paul 29. The Words Don't Fit The Picture 101. Good Hearted Woman 102. You Left A Long, Long Time Ago 103. She's Not For You 104. You Ought To Hear Me Cry 105. It Should Be Easier Now 106. Mammas Don't Let Your Babies Grow Up To Be Cowboys 107. If You Can Touch Her At All 108. I Can Get Off On You - Remastered For Buddha - Oct 109. Blackjack County Chain 110. Johnny One Time 111. Bring Me Sunshine - Previously Unreleased In The U 112. I Just Can't Let You Say Goodbye 113. Shotgun Willie 114. Sad Songs & Waltzes 115. Troublemaker - Album Version 116. Uncloudy Day - Album Version 117. Bloody Mary Morning 118. I Still Can't Believe You're Gone 119. Blue Eyes Crying In The Rain - Album Version 120. I'd Have To Be Crazy - Album Version 121. If You've Got The Money I've Got The Time - Album 122. Always Late (With Your Kisses) - Album Version 123. She's Gone Gone Gone - Album Version 124. I Never Go Around Mirrors - Album Version 125. Stardust - Album Version 126. Georgia On My Mind - Album Version 127. A Song For You - Album Version 201. Whiskey River - Album Version 202. Till I Gain Control Again 203. Stay A Little Longer - Album Version 204. Heartbreak Hotel - Album Version 205. One For My Baby & One For The Road - Album Versi 206. Help Me Make It Through The Night - Album Version 207. Midnight Rider - Album Version 208. My Heroes Have Always Been Cowboys - Album Version 209. Crazy Arms - Album Version 210. On The Road Again - Album Version 211. Angel Flying Too Close To The Ground - Album Versi 212. Mona Lisa - Album Version 213. I'm Gonna Sit Right Down & Write Myself A Letter 214. Always On My Mind - Album Version 215. Old Friends 216. Pancho & Lefty - Album Version 217. Reasons To Quit 218. In The Jailhouse Now - Album Version 219. Why Do I Have To Choose - Album Version 220. City Of New Orleans - Album Version 221. To All The Girls I've Loved Before (With Julio Igl 222. Three Days 223. Touch Me 301. Write Your Own Songs 302. Heart Of Gold 303. I'm Movin' On 304. Seven Spanish Angels - With Ray Charles 305. Highwayman - Album Version 306. Living In The Promiseland - Album Version 307. What A Wonderful World - Album Version 308. Country Willie 309. Graceland - Album Version 310. Valentine - Album Version 311. What Was It You Wanted - Album Version 312. Still Is Still Moving To Me - Album Version 313. Too Sick To Pray 314. Everywhere I Go - With Emmylou Harris 315. My Own Peculiar Way 316. Nuages 317. Rainbow Connection 318. Mendocino County Line 319. The Harder They Come 320. Bubbles In My Beer 321. When I've Sung My Last Hillbilly Song


Sinatra - birth of a legend - 2833190172

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Sinatra - birth of a legend EMI

Ballada / Poezja śpiewana

Sinatrabirth of a legend 3-płytowy box, to podsumowanie najbardziej płodnego okresu w karierze Franka


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