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How to Get an Equity Research Analyst Job - 2845911207

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How to Get an Equity Research Analyst Job Panoma Press Limited

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Get an Insider's Edge to Starting Your Career as an Equity Research Analyst. Do you want to get a job in the asset management industry, analyzing stocks or managing portfolios? It is a highly competitive process, with hundreds of university graduates, MBA students, and others trying to get into the industry every year, but not many available positions. How do you go about convincing a company to give you a job? What will the interviews by like and how should you prepare? Should you apply for sell-side research roles as well as buy-side ones? What are the real differences between the buy and sell side? This book, written by an experienced equity research analyst, will answer these questions and more. It will guide you every step along the way, from choosing which companies to target, to mastering the specialized interview process, so that you can stand out from the pack. It includes: An overview of the asset management industry, also known as the "buy side". Description of the role of the equity research analyst, including a comparison of the buy side and sell side jobs. It offers tips on preparing a great resume and cover letter. It details about all the most common interview types you are likely to encounter, and how best to prepare for them. It offers advice on how to be successful once you start your career as an equity research analyst.


Land the Tech Job You Love - 2826784643

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Land the Tech Job You Love The Pragmatic Programmers

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As a techie, you're a special breed, with special challenges facing you in the job search. Your competition is smart, tech-savvy, and highly resourceful. Expectations among employers are higher. Your competition will run you over if you're not up to the challenge. "Job Hunting in the Tech World" gives you the background, the skills, and the hard-won wisdom to bypass the mistakes of those who don't prepare. You might not think you need this book. Conventional Wisdom has it that finding a job is simple: send some resumes, go on some interviews, and take the offer that sounds best. But that's only the start. You've got the background and skills to work the Web and other resources that the general job seeker doesn't. This book shows you how to take advantage of those skills or be left behind by competing techies who do. It all starts with an examination of you, your strengths, and where you want your career to take you. Without a roadmap, you'll wind up in any old job.Life's too short to spend in a job that you don't love. From there, you'll see how to find the job you want that fits you and the employer, using your technical and web savvy to find the hidden jobs that never make it into the classifieds or Monster. 'Marketing' is not a dirty word, and you'll learn how to present yourself, your skills, and your background in the way that shows the hiring company that you're the right person for the job. Create a resume that tosses out conventional wisdom, write cover letters that sell your background, and assemble a portfolio of work that will wow the interviewer. Social networking has been the darling of the Web in the past few years, but it's no substitute for the sort of personal interaction that makes relationships that help in future careers.As one manager said, 'One recommendation is worth a million resumes'. This book shows you how to make and maintain the connections that will drive your future career moves. "Job Hunting in the Tech World" pulls no punches and lays out the details for what gets you an interview, and gets you hired in a job in the technical world that makes you happy.


CVs, Resumes, Cover Letters and LinkedIn, 1 - 2826986085

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CVs, Resumes, Cover Letters and LinkedIn, 1 Springer, Berlin

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Are you a graduate, postgraduate or PhD student? Are you simply looking for a new job in the private or public sector, in research or industry? If your aim is to produce a professional CV or resume, then this book is for you. Based on interviews with recruiters and HR managers, and an analysis of hundreds of CVs from around 40 different countries, the book is structured as a series of FAQs. §Topics covered include:§how recruiters and HR people analyse a CV §whether using a template is a good idea §the difference between a CV and a resume §how to present your personal details and whether to include a photo §how to write an Executive Summary §what to write in each section (Education, Work Experience, Skills, Personal Interests) §how to write dates §how to highlight your language, communication and team skills §how to get and write references §You will also learn some hints and strategies for writing a:§cover letter §LinkedIn profile §reference letter §bio §The last chapter of the book contains a simple template to help you get the job of your dreams!§


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