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Focus on Writing 5 SB - 2841423986

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Focus on Writing 5 SB Pearson Education (US)

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Focus on Writing is an academic writing program that provides students with essential tools to master not only the key steps in the writing process, but also the grammatical structures, lexical knowledge, and rhetorical modes essential for academic writing. This five-level series progresses with students as they grow in confidence and ability from sentence level (Book 1) through paragraphs (Books 1-3) and essays (Books 3-5). Each unit leads writers step-by-step through the process of prewriting, writing a first draft, revising, and editing before producing a final draft. Not only do students write an entire paragraph or essay in each unit, they are also given plenty of practice at the sentence and word levels. Features: * Each unit teaches students how to use one or more common organizational structures: narrative, description, opinion, persuasion, compare-contrast, problem-solution, and cause-effect. * High-interest readings and a choice of writing assignments provide a springboard for students' writing. * Grammar presentation and practice correlated to Focus on Grammar make the connection between grammar and writing clear. * Building Word Knowledge mini-lessons and exercises teach students' how to use word forms, collocations, idioms, compounds, descriptive details, phrasal verbs and other types of vocabulary in their writing. * Revision and Editing checklists for each writing assignment help students rewrite and polish their first drafts. *Online Teacher's Manuals contain model lesson plans, unit overviews, timed writing assignments, authentic student models, and answer keys.


Poets Under Glass - 2826795004

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Poets Under Glass Dog Ear Publishing

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Learn how to organize poetry writing workshops and give easy lessons for all age groups in this step-by-step method that accesses all the senses to write poetry. Supplementary information is included for advanced writers, with a glossary of terms to stimulate imagination and develop new skills. Chapters are divided into easy to read steps leading up to holding a poetry-reading recital and/or producing an anthology of the work of the students. We are first introduced to what poetry is and then given specific instructions in five easy lessons that will get your students interested in writing poetry. These lessons can be used for any group or grade level. I have used these lessons for elementary students, for learning disabled students (with a short attention span), with high school students and with college students, adapting the lessons to the age group involved. I've also used these lessons in classrooms where English is a second language, and taught adults using this foolproof method of teaching poetry, using all five senses. Marion Palm is a Scandinavian-American poet in the NYC readings circuit. She is a member of the Academy of American Poets and the Poetry Society of America. She is listed in the national directory of Poets and Writers, included in the BAC/Brooklyn Arts Council, on Linked-In and Face Book. She has been interviewed for Poet to Poet, appeared on "Poetry In The Morning" for WNYE for Teachers and Writers Collaborative, and has an interview archived in the National Museum of Immigration and Naturalization on Ellis Island. Her poetry is published worldwide and she is included in "Who's Who In International Poetry". She is the author of six chapbooks of poetry and has edited several anthologies, newsletters and magazines. Her bio and samples of her poetry are on the official website of the Borough President of Brooklyn. Her second book, Sunrise on Sunset Park is available on, as her first digital book. The book includes a Patriotic Tour of the Ba le of Brooklyn, listing sites from our Revolutionary War of Independence. A third book, Alice's American Dream is archived in the Metro New York Synod Archive maintained at Wagner College in the Sutter Memorial Collection.


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