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Hutchison's Clinical Methods: An Integrated Approach to Clinical Practice - 2852538314

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Hutchison's Clinical Methods: An Integrated Approach to Clinical Practice



Hutchison's Clinical Methods - 2852755296

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Hutchison's Clinical Methods Elsevier Health Sciences

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Hutchison's Clinical Methods, first published more than a century ago, is the classic textbook on clinical skills. It provides an outstanding source of learning and reference for undergraduate medical students and postgraduate doctors. It seeks to teach an integrated approach to clinical practice, so that new methods and investigations are grafted onto established patterns of clinical practice, rather than added on as something extra. The text is organised so that both system-related and problem-oriented chapters are included. Particular emphasis is placed on the importance of the doctor-patient relationship, the essential skills needed for clinical examination, and for planning the appropriate choice of investigations in diagnosis and management. Hutchison's Clinical Methods is an invaluable resource for all those learning and training in medicine and is an essential adjunct to a standard textbook of medicine, surgery or other specialty.


Statistical Methods in Healthcare - 2846347778

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Statistical Methods in Healthcare Wiley

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In recent years the number of innovative medicinal products and devices submitted and approved by regulatory bodies has declined dramatically. The medical product development process is no longer able to keep pace with increasing technologies, science and innovations and the goal is to develop new scientific and technical tools and to make product development processes more efficient and effective. Statistical Methods in Healthcare focuses on the application of statistical methodologies to evaluate promising alternatives and to optimize the performance and demonstrate the effectiveness of those that warrant pursuit is critical to success. Statistical methods used in planning, delivering and monitoring health care, as well as selected statistical aspects of the development and/or production of pharmaceuticals and medical devices are also addressed.§With a focus on finding solutions to these challenges, this book:§Provides a comprehensive, in-depth treatment of statistical methods in healthcare, along with a reference source for practitioners and specialists in health care and drug development.§Offers a broad coverage of standards and established methods through leading edge techniques.§Uses an integrated, case-study based approach, with focus on applications.§Looks at the use of analytical and monitoring schemes to evaluate therapeutic performance.§Features the application of modern quality management systems to clinical practice, and to pharmaceutical development and production processes.§Addresses the use of modern Statistical methods such as Adaptive Design, Seamless Design, Data Mining, Bayesian networks and Bootstrapping that can be applied to support the challenging new vision.§Practitioners in healthcare-related professions, ranging from clinical trials to care delivery to medical device design, as well as statistical researchers in the field, will benefit from this book.


Functional Analytic Psychotherapy - 2826655178

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Functional Analytic Psychotherapy Springer, Berlin

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Now in paperback, this classic book offers a powerful framework for clinicians seeking to rethink their approach to the therapeutic relationship. It begins with the theory behind Functional Analytic Psychotherapy (FAP), explaining why clients unique needs may extend beyond well-mapped routes to change. From there, the authors present the clinical principles of FAP and their uses in treating diffuse, resistant problems.As cognitive behavior therapy becomes increasingly integrated, Functional Analytic Psychotherapy (FAP) remains a rich therapeutic method. FAP synthesizes aspects of psychodynamic and object relations therapy with traditional CBT methods, and author/ practitioners Robert Kohlenberg and Mavis Tsai originally created this book to be more than a simple how-to manual. Rather it is a powerful framework for clinicians seeking to rethink their approach to the therapeutic relationship. Now in paperback, this classic work is more relevant than ever.§The book begins with the theory behind the therapy (including its roots in B. F. Skinner s behavior-analytic work in the 1970s), explaining why clients unique needs may extend beyond well-mapped routes to change. From there, the authors present the clinical principles of FAP and their uses in treating diffuse, resistant problems. Case illustrations model the therapeutic dyad, show FAP techniques in action, and offer crucial caveats.§The ground rules: how, and why, FAP works.§Recognizing clinically relevant verbal behaviors.§The role of the self in personality disorders.§New roles for cognitions and beliefs in therapy.§Memories and emotions: what they can and can t do to promote change.§How FAP fills the niche between psychodynamic and behavioral therapy.§Key issues in ethics, research, and supervision.§For the clinical psychologist interested in revitalizing practice, minimizing impasses, and treating clients on a deeper emotional level, Functional Analytic Psychotherapy brings fresh insights to the many worlds within and outside the clinical setting. Graduate students, especially, will find this text a valuable window onto traditional behavioral approaches to therapy.


Learning Cognitive-Behavior Therapy - 2853800177

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Learning Cognitive-Behavior Therapy American Psychiatric Publishin

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With its unique combination of Areading, seeing, and doingA through lavish use of video, tables and charts, learning exercises, troubleshooting examples, and practical tips for getting the most from treatment interventions, Learning Cognitive-Behavior Therapy: An Illustrated Guide is designed to help both students and practitioners master the core methods of this proven form of psychotherapy. This easy-to-use guidebook offers brief video vignettes (included on DVD) of master cognitive-behavior therapists who show how to implement the most important techniques of CBT, such as -The collaborative therapeutic relationship -Full descriptions and instructions on the most effective behavioral strategies; a program designed for achieving competency -An integrated cognitive-behavioral/biological/interpersonal model for treatment -Instructions on fully integrating CBT with psychopharmacological intervention and on formulation and treatment planning methods endorsed by the Academy of Cognitive Therapy Learning Cognitive-Behavior Therapy: An Illustrated Guide covers all of the key features of CBT, beginning with the origins of the CBT model and an overview of core theories and techniques that guide the work of effective cognitive-behavior therapists. Subsequent chapters cover -In-depth explanations and illustrations of the core methods and desired elements of the therapeutic relationship in CBT, including how to conceptualize a case with the CBT model and how to structure effective sessions -The critical functions of structure and psychoeducation -Pragmatic instructions on how to implement the most important CBT methods, including specific methods used to identify and change maladaptive cognitions and behavior in major psychiatric disorders, from depression and anxiety to bipolar disorder, psychoses, and eating and personality disorders -A unique troubleshooting guide to assist readers in overcoming common clinical problems in implementing CBT -Helpful learning exercises to enhance understanding and put CBT interventions to work -Guidelines and measures to assess progress toward achieving competency in CBT and continuing to build skills in this effective treatment approach This remarkable volume concludes with two appendices of practical worksheets, checklists, thought records, and other written exercises for clinical practice, and recommended web sites and other CBT learning resources. A DVD is also included. Written by expert cognitive-behavior therapists, Learning Cognitive-Behavior Therapy: An Illustrated Guide is the essential resource for students of medicine, psychiatry, psychology, social work, pastoral counseling, and nursing and for practitioners who wish to learn the invaluable techniques of CBT.


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