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Herman's Hermits / Both Sid - 2839672776

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Herman's Hermits / Both Sid BGO - Beat Goes On


1. Heartbeat 2. Travelin' Light 3. I'll Never Dance Again 4. Walkin' With My Angel 5. Dream On 6. I Wonder 7. For Your Love 8. Don't Try To Hurt Me 9. Tell Me Baby 10. I'm Henry The Eighth I Am 11. The End Of The World 12. Mrs. Brown You've Got A Lovely Daughter 13. Little Boy Sad 14. Story Of My Life 15. My Reservation's Been Confirmed 16. Bus Stop 17. For Love 18. Where Were You When I Needed You 19. All The Things I Do For You Baby 20. Leaning On A Lamp Post 21. Dial My Number 22. Oo-ee Baby 23. Je Suis Anglais 24. Listen People 101. There's A Kind Of Hush All Over The World 102. Saturday's Child 103. If You're Thinkin' What I'm Thinkin' 104. You Won't Be Leaving 105. Dandy 106. Jezebel 107. No Milk Today 108. Little Miss Sorrow, Child Of Tomorrow 109. Gaslite Street 110. Rattler 111. East West 112. It's Nice To Be Out In The Morning 113. Holiday Inn 114. Ooh, She's Done It Again 115. There's A Kind Of Hush All Over The World 116. Lemon And Lime 117. The Most Beautiful Thing In My Life 118. Daisy Chain (Part I) 119. Daisy Chain (Part Ii) 120. The World Is For The Young 121. Mrs. Brown, You've Got A Lovely Daughter


Cuts Both Ways / Into The L - 2839649550

28,99 zł

Cuts Both Ways / Into The L Epic


1. Ay, Ay, I 2. Here We Are 3. Say 4. Think About You Know 5. Nothin' New 6. Oye Mi Canto (Hear My Voice) 7. Don't Wanna Lose You 8. Get On You Feet 9. Your Love Is Bad For Me 10. Cuts Both Ways 11. Oye Mi Canto 12. Si Voy A Perderte 101. Coming Out Of The Dark 102. Seal Our Fate 103. What Goes Around 104. Nayib's Song (I Am Here For You) 105. Remember Me With Love 106. Heart With Your Name On It (Solo Musivideos) 107. Sex In The 90s 108. Close My Eyes 109. Language Of Love 110. Light Of Love 111. Can't Forget You 112. Live For Loving You 113. Mama Yo Can't Go 114. Desde La Oscuridad 115. Don't Wanna Lose You 116. Words Get In The Way


As Cool as I Am - 2835875967

98,73 zł


Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

As a teenager pretty much left to raise herself, Lucy Diamond is a narrator with a radiant yet guarded heart. As she races at breakneck pace toward womanhood, everything is at stake for her, producing an urgency and dread that she holds at bay with humor and grace. But while Lucy charges ahead, her mother's youth is fading. Simultaneously embracing and resisting their similarities, Fromm reveals both women's emotional vulnerabilities and their deep mutual need. Conveyed through dialogue that is both laugh-aloud-funny and true, Lucy stands out in contemporary literature for her large heart and inimitable grit.


Just as I am - 2843912335

70,36 zł

Just as I am Bantam Doubleday Dell Publishi

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

E. Lynn Harris's blend of rich, romantic storytelling and controversial contemporary issues like race and bisexuality have found an enthusiastic and diverse audience across America. Readers celebrate the arrival in paperback of his second novel, "Just As I Am, which picks up where "Invisible Life left off, introducing Harris's appealing and authentic characters to a new set of joys, conflicts, and choices. Raymond, a young black lawyer from the South, struggles to come to terms with his sexuality and with the grim reality of AIDS. Nicole, an aspiring singer/actress, experiences frustration in both her career and in her attempts to find a genuine love relationship. Both characters share an eclectic group of friends who challenge them, and the reader, to look at themselves and the world around thern through different eyes. By portraying Nicole's and Raymond's joys, as well as their pain, Harris never ceases to remind us that life, like love, is about self-acceptance. In this vivid portrait of contemporary black life, with all its pressures and the complications of bisexuality, AIDS, and racism, Harris confirms a faith in the power of love -- love of all kinds -- to thrill and to heal, which will warm the hearts of readers everywhere.


I am Malala - 2825877959

41,80 zł

I am Malala Orion Books

Pamiętniki. Wspomnienia. DziennikiHistoria i teoria pedagogiki, wychowania i oświaty. NauczycielePrawa człowiekaKobietaHistoria Azji

*Winner of the 2014 Nobel Peace Prize*In 2009 Malala Yousafzai began writing a blog on BBC Urdu about life in the Swat Valley as the Taliban gained control, at times banning girls from attending school. When her identity was discovered, Malala began to appear in both Pakistani and international media, advocating the freedom to pursue education for all. In October 2011, gunmen boarded Malala's school bus and shot her in the face, a bullet passing through her head and into her shoulder. Remarkably, Malala survived the shooting.At a very young age, Malala Yousafzai has become a worldwide symbol of courage and hope. Her shooting has sparked a wave of solidarity across Pakistan, not to mention globally, for the right to education, freedom from terror and female emancipation.


I Am That Child - 2834683858

97,93 zł

I Am That Child Morehouse Publishing

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Popular author on women and spirituality, evangelism, takes a narrative approach to reckoning with global poverty, gender and race relations. Especially attractive for Lenten devotional groups What happens when three American women put their faith into action in a developing nation? In I Am That Child, Episcopal priest Elizabeth Geitz proves that cross-cultural relationships among people of faith can change our person at a time. Geitz welcomes readers to join her pilgrimage to an orphanage in Cameroon, sharing both humorous and gut-wrenching wisdom from leaders and children who struggle against AIDS, global poverty and sexism. Along the way, Geitz and readers take a hard look at race and cultural privilege and find hope for reconciliation back home. The book concludes with study and resource guides to help readers engage global poverty efforts and build community across continents or across the street."


I Am in Fact a Hobbit: An Introduction to the Life and Works of J.R.R. Tolkien - 2844160264

120,37 zł

I Am in Fact a Hobbit: An Introduction to the Life and Works of J.R.R. Tolkien Mercer Univ Pr

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Whether you've been a fan for years or you've just recently been hooked by the blockbuster "Lord of the Rings movies, ""I Am in Fact a Hobbit" is an excellent starting point into the life and work of J. R. R. Tolkien. This indispensable and concise introduction to the career of J. R. R. Tolkien includes: - a biographical chapter about the man who was a brilliant Oxford professor and Catholic Christian, loving father and devoted husband, and close friend of C. S. Lewis- overviews and discussions of his best-selling popular works such as the "Hobbit and the "Lord of the Rings, his often overlooked academic works and his children's books such as "Roverandom and "Mr. Bliss- a detailed chronology of the important events and times of his life and career- an extensive listing of his works, both published and unpublished- a resource bibliography of the best works about him


So Am I - 2826805152

73,25 zł

So Am I Dog Ear Publishing

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

"Merle Morrow's new book, "So Am I," is both a corking good story and a heartfelt testimonial to the human spirit. She quotes Eleanor Roosevelt, "You must do the thing you think you cannot do" - and does it. She ventures into a maximum-security prison to teach "hard-core criminals" - and discovers rich and complex individuals. She tells their stories in a way that wrenches our heart - and makes us laugh - and re-think our stereotypes. It is not just she, but the men who "do the thing they think they cannot do." They write poetry, master math, secure degrees, turn their lives around. Their stories are inspiring, and they have found in Morrow the expert author to give them voice. For she is honest - about horrendous crimes committed, the men who succeed and those who do not, moments of triumph and despair. The book can be read on many levels. It is an intimate memoir, a peek behind the dark curtain, an expose of the shameful flaws in our criminal justice system. But the reader does not end angry and depressed. The book is a story of hope, humor, and hospitality, and leaves the spirit soaring." -Drew Leder, M.D., Ph.D. Professor of Philosophy, Loyola University Maryland, author of Sparks of the Divine: Finding Inspiration in Our Everyday World; The Soul Knows No Bars: Inmates Reflect on Life, Death and Hope; Games for the Soul: 40 Playful Ways to Find Fun and Fulfillment in a Stressful World; and others. "I served 39 years in prison for a crime I did not commit, seven of them where Merle Morrow taught. Prisoners say that people who have not served time cannot understand the prison experience. This author did. She allowed herself to become one with the men: to feel their anger, their pain, and their joy. So Am I is an accurate and compelling depiction of the prison and the men in it." -Walter Lomax Director of Maryland Restorative Justice Initiative, author of Mandala Conquers the Cut Merle Helen Morrow practiced law for 30 years. Ten years of her career included investigations in local jails and state prisons for the U. S. Department of Justice. After retirement, she taught a high school equivalency class in a men's maximum security prison for three years and in a pre-release unit for a year. She also has volunteered as an adult literacy tutor in a county jail and in two state prisons. Currently, she volunteers with the Maryland Restorative Justice Initiative, which awarded her its Volunteer of the Year Award for 2008. She and her husband live in Maryland, sharing their now-empty nest with a rescued American Pit Bull Terrier they named Lily.


Whatever You Say I am - 2826820463

53,21 zł

Whatever You Say I am Corgi Books

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Eminem is currently the world's biggest and most controversial music star. He has been blasted for what many of his critics regard as overtly homophobic and misogynistic lyrics, and resented both for his record-breaking commercial success and being a white man in a black genre. But Eminem's sheer talent has transcended such condemnation and established him as the most important figure to come out of popular music since Kurt Cobain. Whatever You Say I Am - based on exclusive interviews with members of Eminem's family, key figures in the music business, sociologists and reviewers and featuring previously unpublished photographs - is the first book to reveal the man behind the controversy. Most crucially, Anthony Bozza's unprecedented access to Eminem himself makes him uniquely qualified to answer the big question - why does Eminem matter? The answer is found in Eminem's unlikely life story, in his extraordinary ascent to super-stardom and in an analysis of his music and lyrics. Whatever You Say I Am will keep Eminem's legions of fans riveted, and will enlighten his critics.


I Am Radar - 2826920890

60,43 zł

I Am Radar Penguin US

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

"Big, beautiful, ambitious . . . It takes narrative magic to pull off such a loopy combination, and luckily, Reif Larsen has it to spare. His prose is addictive and enchanting." - Los Angeles Times §§The moment just before Radar Radmanovic is born, the hospital's electricity fails. The delivery takes place in total darkness. Lights back on, everyone present sees a healthy baby boy-with jet-black skin-born to the stunned white parents. No one understands the uncanny electrical event or the unexpected skin color. "A childbirth is an explosion," an ancient physician explains. "Some shrapnel is inevitable, isn't it?"§§A kaleidoscopic novel both heartbreaking and dazzling, Reif Larsen's I Am Radar rapidly explodes outward from Radar's strange birth. In World War II Norway, a cadre of imprisoned schoolteachers founds a radical secret society that will hover on the margins of history for decades to come, performing acts of radical art and experimental science in the midst of conflict zones from embattled Bosnia to Khmer Rouge Cambodia and the contemporary Congo. All of these stories are linked by Radar-now a gifted radio operator living in the New Jersey Meadowlands-who struggles with love, a set of hapless parents, and a terrible medical affliction that he has only just begun to comprehend.§§Drawing on the furthest reaches of quantum physics, forgotten history, and mind-bending art, Larsen's I Am Radar is a triumph of storytelling at its most primal, elegant, and epic: a breathtaking journey through humanity's darkest hours, yet one that arrives at a place of shocking wonder and redemption.§§Praise for I Am Radar :§"A deeply patterned narrative that darts easily from small-bore domestic dramas to sweeping historical catastrophes with just the right fillip of silliness and levity to keep the whole text eminently approachable." - The New York Times Book Review§


Am I Normal Yet? - 2826697822

41,99 zł

Am I Normal Yet? Usborne Publishing Ltd

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Evie, Amber and Lottie: three girls facing down tough issues with the combined powers of friendship, feminism and cheesy snacks. Both hilarious and heart-rending, this is Evie's no-holds-barred story of struggling to live a "normal" teen life in the grip of OCD, from the acclaimed author of The Manifesto on How to be Interesting.


I am Right-You are Wrong - 2841671654

53,21 zł

I am Right-You are Wrong Penguin

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

"I Am Right, You Are Wrong" is the classic work about choice in business and in life from world-renowned writer and philosopher Edward de Bono. Most of our everyday decision-making tends to be confrontational. Whether in large meetings, one-to-one or even in our own heads, opposite view points are pitted against each other. Ultimately, there must be a winner and a loser. In "I Am Right,You Are Wrong", lateral-thinking guru Edward de Bono challenges this 'rock logic' of rigid categories and point-scoring arguments which is both destructive and exhausting. Instead he reveals how we can all be winners. Clearer perception is the key to constructive thinking and more open-minded creativity. In overturning conventional wisdom, Edward de Bono will help you to become a better thinker and decision maker. "An inspiring man with brilliant ideas. De Bono never ceases to amaze with his clarity of thought". (Sir Richard Branson). Edward de Bono invented the concept of lateral thinking. A world-renowned writer and philosopher, he is the leading authority in the field of creative thinking and the direct teaching of thinking as a skill. Dr de Bono has written more than 60 books, in 40 languages, with people now teaching his methods worldwide. He has chaired a special summit of Nobel Prize laureates, and been hailed as one of the 250 people who have contributed most to mankind. Dr de Bono's titles include classic bestsellers such as "Six Thinking Hats", "Lateral Thinking", "I Am Right You Are Wrong", "Teach Yourself How To Think", "Teach Your Child How To Think", and "Simplicity".


I Am - Transformed in Him (Vol. 1 - Revised) - 2835643554

70,52 zł

I Am - Transformed in Him (Vol. 1 - Revised) Healthy Life Press

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

A DVD Bible study by women, for women. Throughout this six week study (Volume 1 of a 2 Volume set) you will begin to unearth the treasure trove of riches that are found within God's name, I AM WHO I AM. Have you wanted a closer walk with the Lord? Do you sometimes find yourself dragging through your days wondering where he is, who he is, and why he isn't helping you more? In your heart of hearts, have you been hoping, perhaps even imagining, that God would reveal himself to you more and more, that he would help you to build a trust that would ease your burdens and, blessing of blessing, refashion your life into a grace- and peace-filled walk with him? Who does God say he is, and how can he answer these questions? In this DVD Bible study you will discover the deep and abiding riches of God, whose name is I AM WHO I AM, as he told Moses in the Book of Exodus. You will discover the many meanings and implications of each I AM saying from both an Old and New Testament perspective. First and foremost, we want you to enjoy the Lord in all his aspects with all the incomparable and amazing meanings for life that come from the I AM sayings. Whether you are doing the laundry, or flying to Hawaii, or undertaking mission work to the underprivileged, or just fighting through bad times, we want you to know, "You have a friend, eternal, constant, moment by moment, who lives within you, the Almighty, I AM WHO I AM." For more information about the authors' ministry, visit their website:


I Am Rich Potosi Mountain That Eats Men - 2212827012

135,80 zł

I Am Rich Potosi Mountain That Eats Men Monacelli Press


Bolivia's Potosi mountain yielded more silver than any other mountain or region of the world. In the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries, this wealth flowed through Spain into Europe and played a major role in the beginnings of the Industrial Revolution and trade with Asia. Yet the grueling work of extracting the silver was left to indigenous Andeans, who were enslaved by the Spanish and died by the millions on the mountain. This unknown tragedy remains one of the darkest secrets of the colonial era. Today, Potosi maintains a unique culture based on its epic past. Approximately eighteen thousand Quechua miners still search for trace amounts of silver, tin, and zinc. On numerous trips to Bolivia, photographer Stephen Ferry ventured deep into the mountain and documented the life and culture of Potosi. His images show the work that still takes place in and around the mountain and the related traditions that have been developed and maintained since the time of the Spaniards; the major institutions of civic life; and the mountain's legacy of sickness, death, and sacrifice. A penetrating essay by eminent historian Eduardo Galeano describes both the immense riches of colonial Potosi and the equally monumental suffering of the indigenous population.


Hughes: I Am The Song - Choral Music By Bernard Hughes - 2840379062

56,99 zł

Hughes: I Am The Song - Choral Music By Bernard Hughes


Following In Signum's Series Of Composer-led Releases With The BBC Singers, This New Disc Represents The Culmination Of A Collaboration Between British Composer Bernard Hughes And The Choir That Began In 2002. Combining Modern Poetry By E. E. Cummings And Siegfried Sassoon Alongside Norse Poetry, Hughes Combines Both Ancient And Modern Elements Into His Compositions, Which Are Ably Performed By The BBC Singers Under Paul Brough. Bernard Hughes's Music Has Been Performed At Major Venues In Britain And Abroad And Received A Number Of Broadcasts On BBC Radio 3. He Was Runner-up At The 2009 British Composer Awards For The Choral Work The Death Of Balder (featured On This Recording).


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