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Mother-Daughter Duet - 2869549358

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Mother-Daughter Duet Multnomah Press

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Praise for Mother-Daughter Duet;The special bond between mothers and daughters doesn't have to vanish as our daughters leave the nest. Written with honesty, insight, and love, Cheri Fuller and Ali Plum take turns giving inspiring advice and practical tips on how mothers and daughters can forge an alliance that offers meaningful gifts to each other. This sweet book will be a wonderful bridge between mothers and their adult daughters.; -SHARON HERSH, author of The Last Addiction and Bravehearts;Got conflict? Cheri Fuller and Ali Plum have a book that will help you understand the challenges and transitions of the mother-daughter relationship. With meticulous research, personal vulnerability, and;right-on' wisdom, they reveal tools that bring resolution, understanding, and transformation to complicated relationships. Don't be surprised if you recognize a version of your own story in this not-to-be-missed book. You'll find answers that produce positive results.; -CAROL KENT, speaker and author of When I Lay My Isaac Down;Mother-Daughter Duet is a wonderful book, a story told from the heart, full of ideas on how to connect in loving, healthy ways with our daughters and even our daughters-in-law.; -JENNIFER ROTHSCHILD, speaker and author of Lessons I Learned in the Dark;We shared Mother-Daughter Duet around our office, and we all gained help and hope for relationships with daughters, daughters-in-law, and our own mothers! Thanks for a very honest practical read.; -PAM FARREL, relationship specialist, international speaker, and author of more than thirty books;Disarmingly honest and inspiring, this amazing book will become your trusted guide through the mysterious waters in your own motherdaughter relationship. If you've ever been tempted to drive four hundred miles to take your sad daughter to lunch, or felt the need to escape your mom's presence abruptly, or hide dark emotions from an overly concerned mom, you'll love the honest insights in the section,;A Daughter's Perspective.' This book will bring hope for now and help for the uncharted relational territory to come.; -LESLIE PARROTT, founder of and author of You Matter More Than You Think;Mother-Daughter Duet is a helpful and wise resource for those struggling with mother-daughter relationship issues. I gleaned some great tips that will help me be a better friend to my adult daughter.; -LESLIE VERNICK, licensed counselor, speaker, and author of Lord, I Just Want to be Happy and The Emotionally Destructive Relationship


Spalona Żywcem Wyd. Kieszonkowe - Souad - 2854922647

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Spalona Żywcem Wyd. Kieszonkowe - Souad

Książki & Multimedia > Książki

Opis - Pierwsze na świecie świadectwo ofiary zbrodni honorowej. Miała siedemnaście lat i zakochała się: zhańbiła rodzinę. Więc rodzina wydała na nią wyrok śmierci... Pokochała go pierwszą miłością. Myślała, że się z nią ożeni. Ale ukochany zniknął, a ona odkryła, że jest w ciąży. A w jej świecie to najcięższa zbrodnia... W zapomnianej przez Boga wiosce w Cisjordanii kobiety są warte mniej niż zwierzęta domowe. Tu mężczyzna jest panem życia i śmierci żony, córki, siostry. Brat może bezkarnie zabić siostrę, matka - córkę, kolejną bezużyteczną dziewczynkę, jaka się urodzi. Tu kobiecie odbiera się godność, a nawet życie zgodnie z odwiecznym obyczajem i uświęconą tradycją. A śmierć jest karą dla dziewczyny, która zhańbi rodzinę. Tak jak Souad. Wyrok wydaje jej ojciec. Szwagier dokonuje egzekucji. Oblewa Souad benzyną i podpala... SOUAD przeżyła - cudem, ale rodzina usiłowała zabić ją nawet w szpitalu. Na zawsze jednak pozostanie straszliwie okaleczona - na ciele i duszy. I wciąż musi się ukrywać; dopóki żyje, jej rodzinę okrywa hańba. Spalona żywcem, opublikowana pod pseudonimem szokująca opowieść o piekle, jakim było jej dzieciństwo i młodość, stała się międzynarodowym bestsellerem. Wydana w 37 w krajach książka przerywa tabu milczenia wobec istniejącej nadal w krajach muzułmańskich barbarzyńskiej tradycji. Nieludzkiego obyczaju, prawa mężczyzn, na mocy którego co najmniej pięć tysięcy kobiet pada co roku ofiarą zbrodni honorowej. Nazwa - Spalona Żywcem Wyd. Kieszonkowe Autor - Souad Oprawa - Miękka Wydawca - Amber Kod ISBN - 9788324159406 Kod EAN - 9788324159406 Wydanie - 1 Rok wydania - 2016 Tłumacz - 31182,maria rostworowska; Format - 110 x 175 x 14 Ilość stron - 224 Podatek VAT - 5% Premiera - 2016-06-23


What!! You're Pregnant Again!! Bite Me!! - 2862407080

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What!! You're Pregnant Again!! Bite Me!! AuthorHouse

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

What! Your Pregnant Again! Bite me! Just by the title alone you can most certainly get the feel of my intentions of this book. If you have had a miscarriage or have experienced infertility you know it is not an easy subject to discuss. This book pretty much says it all, even the feelings that are kept under wraps so to speak. You know the frustration, the jealousy, the rage, all these emotions that are all too often overlooked. You need to express them, and if you can't then read this book. You will realize you are not alone, not only that but after reading this book and finding out how the dealt with these issues I can almost guarantee your going to feel good about yourself, however you may be quite hungry too. Okay you have to read the book to know what I'm talking about, so buy it, read it, and know there is hope, and if that doesn't help then go shopping. (works for me)


My Life Begins Next Monday... - 2873370857

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My Life Begins Next Monday... Strong Organization, LLC

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Life has been hard. I've faced a lot of challenges over my lifetime. I had my first baby at 19 and two more by the time I was 21. Two failed marriages. Both ex-husbands had addictions of some kind. I've been broke and spent a night in jail. I've been in a car accident that almost ruined me. I've been dangerously close to ending my own life. And that's not even the half of it. But I'm a survivor. And while the person I am today doesn't much resemble the girl I was so many decades ago, her story helped shape me. It's a part of me and always will be. God has used my struggles to prepare me for the purpose he had in mind for my life all along. And part of that purpose is sharing my story in a way that powerfully impacts those who hear it. This book has been swirling in my head and heart since I was 21 years old. I had the title in mind and everything. In fact, this book was the one hope I clung to for many days, weeks, months, and years of struggle. I used it to get myself through so many hard things. At the other end of a dark tunnel, I could see that book up ahead, calling my name. But I wasn't ready to write it yet. I tried a few years ago, but the words I wrote left me feeling depressed when I read them. Not quite the effect I was going for. Looking back, I realize I couldn't write my book because my story wasn't finished (it still isn't!). Specifically, I hadn't made it through all seven stages of overcoming life's obstacles: Survival, Denial, Acceptance, Motivation, Confidence, Connection, Grace. Now I have. And my story is ready to be shared with the world. Am I saying you have to experience all seven before you live your purpose or dream? No. Not at all! You can be encouraged in knowing we all struggle with finding our purpose. Whether it's our purpose in our jobs, our relationships, or a small project. Here is what I can tell you: "I'm not there yet either, friends, but I know where I'm going, and you can too." My Life Begins Next Monday... Knowing your destination makes all the difference. And that's what I hope to show you in this book. I want to give you a goal, an end point. And when you do reach "the end" (which, pardon the cliché, is really just the beginning), your life will have more meaning; your career will have direction; and you will make a greater impact on the people you meet. Your life has a purpose. That's a fact. Maybe your story is not as dramatic as mine (or maybe it's much more so!), but it's all yours. And God has a plan for that story even now. So many people, who have known me for years, have told me, "Shari, you've always known what you were going to do. I just don't have that." Just because you don't know your purpose doesn't mean you don't have one. My hope is to help you identify it, own it, and share it with others. If that scares you to death, never fear! I'm going to walk you through each step of the way by sharing my own story to inspire you. We'll do this together. We'll move from Survival to Denial to Acceptance to Motivation to Confidence to Connection to Grace, and we'll be better people for the journey. Come along with me as we find purpose in our pain and blessings in our trials. We'll learn how to own our struggles and use them to influence those in our cir


Righting My Wrong - 2870978549

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Righting My Wrong

Książki Obcojęzyczne>Angielskie>Humanities>Religion & beliefs>Christianity

'[A] Harrowing [portrait] Of Life Behind Bars . . . Gritty, Visceral . . . Senghor Writes About The Process Of Atonement And The Possibility Of Redemption, And Talks Of His Efforts To Work For Prison Reforms That Might Turn A System Designed To Warehouse Into One Aimed At Rehabilitation.-Michiko Kakutani, The New York Times My First Glance At The Person On The Book's Cover-a Dreadlocked, Tattooed, Heavyset Black Male-left Me Skeptical. Full Of Judgment. Why Should I Be Interested In The Story Of A Murderer? But As [Senghor's] Words Unfolded, So Did My Understanding-of What It Means To Fall Short, To Go Astray, To Lose Your Way . . . His Story Touched My Soul. -O: The Oprah Magazine [A] Powerful Memoir. -The Washingtonian No One Has Forced Us To Look At The Core Questions About Humanity And Our Broken Criminal Justice System With More Authenticity And Clarity Than Senghor . . . If Senghor's Tale Is Any Indication, Redemption, Mercy And Grace Aren't Just Emotional Ideals Or Spiritual Buzzwords. They Are The Sharp, Effective Tools That Can Be Used To Rebuild Lives And Communities, One Person At A Time.-Erica Williams Simon, TIME.comProbably The Most Important Book I've Read In The Past Few Years . . . Few People, Sadly, Come Out On The End Of Two Decades Of Hard Time And Find Their Way Back To The Life Shaka Is Now Leading. Here, He Tells Us Why That Is, And Why It Doesn't Have To Stay That Way.-Shaun King, New York Daily News Senghor's Story, Laid Bare, Forces Us To Ask: Is This Not Our Fellow Human Being? Does He Not Deserve A Second Chance? If He Failed Himself In The Most Profound Way, How Did The Rest Of Us Fail Him Too? - The Guardian Extraordinary . . . You Will Reconsider Everything You've Ever Thought About Poverty, The Prison Industrial Complex And The Connection Between The Two. - Essence [An] Inspiring Book That Gives Hope For Those Who Believe In The Redemption Of The Incarcerated . . . Not The Usual Ghetto Tale. - Publishers Weekly An Extraordinary, Unforgettable Book. Writing My Wrongs Is A Necessary Reminder Of The Deep Humanity, Vulnerability And Potential That Lies Within Each One Of Us, Including Those We View As 'thugs' Or 'criminals'. Shaka's Story Illustrates That If We Muster The Courage To Love Those Who Do Not Yet Love Themselves, A New World Is Possible.-Michelle Alexander, Professor Of Law, Ohio State University, Bestselling Author Of The New Jim Crow Shaka Senghor's Terrific And Inspiring Book Affirms That We Are All More Than The Worst Thing We've Ever Done. This Beautiful And Compelling Story Of Recovery And Redemption Offers All Of Us Powerful Truths And Precious Insights As We Seek Recovery From Decades Of Over-incarceration And Excessive Punishment.-Bryan Stevenson, Founder Of The Equal Justice Initiative, Bestselling Author Of Just Mercy A Profound Story Of Neglect, Violence, Discovery, Redemption And Inspiration. Consistently Touching And Surprising, Writing My Wrongs Is, Ultimately, Deeply Hopeful. Prepare To Have Your Preconceptions Shattered.- J.J. Abrams, Director, Writer, ProducerShaka Senghor Is A Once-in-a-generation Leader, Championing A Cause That Will Define A Generation: Mass Incarceration. Behind Prison Walls, Writing My Wrongs Is Already Taking Its Place Alongside The Memoirs Of Malcolm X And George Jackson As Must-read Literature. In The Broader Society, Its Publication Will Propel Him Into The Ranks Of Ta-Nehisi Coates And Michelle Alexander-powerful Visionaries Whose Words Are Shaking The Foundations Of Our Nation's Understanding Of Itself.-Van Jones, CNN Contributor, Bestselling Author Of Rebuild The Dream And The Green Collar Economy I Basically Read This Book In One Sitting And Wouldn't Shut Up About It For Months. People Would Say To Me, 'Good Morning. How Are You Today?' And I'd Just Start Talking About Atonement And


Under the Duvet - 2212824601

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Under the Duvet Penguin

Powieści i opowiadania

'When people ask me what I do for a crust and I tell them that I'm a novelist, they immediately assume that my life is a non-stop carousel of limos, television appearances, hair-dos, devoted fans, stalkers and all the glitzy paraphernalia of being a public figure. It's time to set the record straight. I write alone, in a darkened bedroom, wearing my PJs, eating bananas, my laptop on a pillow in front of me ...' Her novels are adored by millions around the world


Blood Doctor - 2212839586

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Blood Doctor Penguin

Powieści i opowiadania

Blood. That


Keep My Skillet Good & Gr - 2870141753

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Keep My Skillet Good & Gr Bear Family Records


1. Keep My Skillet Good & Greasy 2. Hill Billie Blues 3. Old Maid's Last Hope (A Burglar Song) 4. All I've Got's Gone 5. The Fox Chase 6. Papa's Billie Goat 7. The Little Old Log Cabin In The Lane 8. (She Was Always) Chewing Gum 9. Jonah & The Whale 10. I'm Going Away To Leave You, Love 11. Love Somebody 12. Soldier's Joy 13. Bile Them Cabbage Down 14. Down By The River 15. Run, Nigger, Run 16. Old Dan Tucker 17. Station Will Be Changed After A While 18. Rooster Crow Medley 19. Going Across The Sea 20. Just From Tennessee 21. Watermelon Smilin' On The Vine 22. All-go-hungry Hash House 23. From Jerusalem To Jericho 24. I Tickled Nancy 25. Arkansas Travelers 26. The Girl I Left Behind Me 101. Muskrat Medley 102. Old Ship Of Zion 103. Down In Arkansaw 104. Down By The Old Mill Stream 105. I Don't Reckon It'll Happen Again 106. Save My Mother's Picture From The Sale 107. Rise When The Rooster Crows 108. Way Down The Old Plank Road 109. The Bible's True 110. He Won The Heart Of My Sarah Jane 111. Late Last Night When My Willie Came Home 112. I've Got The Mouning Blues 113. Death Of John Henry (Steel Driving Man) 114. On The Dixie Bee Line (In That Henry Ford Of 115. Mine) 116. Buck Dancer's Choice 117. The Franklin Blues 118. Whoop' Em Up Cindy 119. Only As Far As The Gate, Dear Ma 120. Just Tell Them That You Saw Me 121. Poor Sinners, Fare You Well 122. Old Ties 123. Knoxville Blues 124. We Are Up Against It Now 125. Uncle Dave's Beloved Solo 126. The Old Man's Drunk Again 127. I Ain't Got Long To Stay 201. Ain't It A Shame To Keep Your Honey Out In 202. The Rain 203. Stop That Knocking At My Door 204. Sassy Sam 205. Shout, Mourner, You Shall Be Free 206. I Don't Care If I Never Wake Up 207. In The Good Old Summer Time 208. Something's Always Sure To Tickle Me 209. Sourwood Mountain Medley 210. Deliverance Will Come 211. Wouldn't Give Me Sugar In My Coffee 212. Kissin' On The Sly 213. Hold On The Sleigh 214. In The Good Old Days Of Long Ago 215. My Girl's A High Born Lady 216. The Cross Eyed Butcher & The Cackling Hen 217. In The Old Carolina State (Where The Sweet 218. Magnolias Bloom) 219. Never Make Love No More 220. Arcade Blues 221. Them Two Gals Of Mine 222. Diamond In The Rough 223. Tossing The Baby So High 224. Sho' Fly, Don't Bother Me 225. Uncle Ned 226. Braying Mule 227. Bake That Chicken Pie 228. Rock About My Sara Jane 301. Tell Her To Come Back Home 302. Hold That Wood-pile Down 303. Carve That Possum 304. Hop High Ladies, The Cake's All Dough 305. Sail Away Ladies 306. I'm A-goin' Away In The Morn 307. Sleepy Lou 308. The Gray Cat On The Tennessee Farm 309. Walk, Tom Wilson, Walk 310. I's Gwine Back To Dixie 311. Take Me Home, Poor Julia 312. Go Along Mule 313. Tom & Jerry 314. Rabbit In The Pea Patch 315. Jordan Is A Hard Road To Travel 316. Pickaninny Lullaby Song 317. Are You Washed In The Blood Of The Lamb 318. The Maple On The Hill 319. Poor Old Dad 320. Walking In The Sunlight 321. Bear Me Away On Your Snowy Wings 322. The Mockingbird Song Medley 323. Shall We Gather At The River 324. In The Sweet Bye & Bye 325. In The Shade Of The Old Apple Tree 401. Molly Married A Travelling Man 402. When Reubin Comes To Town 403. Got No Silver No Gold Blues 404. Heartaching Blues 405. Roe Rire Poor Gal 406. You've Been A Friend To Me 407. Backwater Blues 408. More Like Your Dad Every Day 409. I'll Never Go There Any More (The Bowery) 410. Jesus, Lover Of My Soul 411. From Earth To Heaven 412. The Coon That Had The Razor 413. Buddy Won't You Roll Down The Line 414. Worthy Of Estimation 415. I'm The Child To Fight 416. Over The Road I'm Bound To Go 417. The New Ford Car 418. The Gal That Got Stuck On Everything She Said 419. Comin' Round The Mountain 420. Governor Al Smith 421. Darling Zelma Lee 422. Put Me In My Little Bed 423. Life & Death Of Jesse James 424. Man That Rode The Mule Around The World 425. Tennessee Jubilee 426. New Coon In Town 501. For Goodness Sakes Don't Say I Told You 502. We Need A Change In Business All Around 503. Susie Lee 504. Mister Johnson 505. Farm Relief 506. Uncle Dave's Travels, Part 3 (In & Around 507. Since Baby's Learned To Talk 508. Uncle Dave's Travels, Part 4 (Visit At The 509. Over The Mountain 510. Hush Little Baby Don't You Cry 511. Uncle Dave's Travels, Part 1 (Misery In 512. Uncle Dave's Travels, Part 2 (Around 513. Tennessee Red Fox Chase 514. The Wreck Of The Tennessee Gravy Train 515. Oh Baby, You Done Me Wrong 516. She's Got The Money Too 517. Oh Lovin' Babe 518. Mysteries Of The World 519. Come On Buddie, Don't You Want To Go 520. 20. 521. Go On, Nora Lee 522. Was You There When They Took My Lord Away 523. Thank God For Everything 524. When The Train Comes Along 525. Tennessee Tornado 526. Don't Get Weary Children 527. He's Up With The Angels Now 601. Over The Mountain 602. When The Harvest Days Are Over 603. One More River To Cross 604. Just One Way To The Pearly Gates 605. I'll Tickle Nancy 606. I'll Keep My Skillet Good & Greasy 607. All In Down & Out Blues 608. Honest Confession Is Good For The Soul 609. Fame Apart From God's Approval 610. The Bum Hotel 611. From Jerusalem To Jericho 612. Two-in-one Chewing Gum 613. Travelin' Down The Road 614. Country Ham & Red Gravy 615. Summertime On The Beeno Line 616. He Won The Heart Of Sarah Jane 617. Peek-a-boo 618. Working For My Lord 619. She's Got The Money Too 620. Wait Till The Clouds Roll By 621. Things I Don't Like To See 622. They're After Me 623. My Daughter Wished To Marry 624. Beautiful Love 625. Give Me Back My Five Dollars 626. Railroadin' & Gamblin' 627. Cumberland Mountain Deer Race 701. Johnny Grey 702. The Gayest Old Dude That's Out 703. Come Dearest The Daylight Is Gone / 704. Nobody's Darling But Mine 705. Don't Look For Trouble 706. I'm Free, I've Broken The Chains 707. Laugh Your Blues Away 708. Travellin' On My Mind 709. I'm Drifting Farther From You 710. The Gray Cat On The Tennessee Farm 711. Over The Mountain 712. Eleven Cent Cotton 713. Death Of John Henry (Steel Driving Man) 714. From Jerusalem To Jericho 715. How Beautiful Heaven Must Be 716. (She Was Always) Chewin' Gum 717. Cumberland Mountain Deer Race 718. Rabbit In The Pea Patch 719. Bully Of The Town 720. Mountain Dew 721. Old Maid's Love Song 722. Rock Of Ages 723. Keep My Skillet Good & Greasy 724. Death Of John Henry (Steel Driving Man) 725. That's Where My Money Goes 726. Long John Green 727. Lady In The Car 728. Cotton-eyed Joe 729. Something's Always Sure To Tickle Me 730. (She Was Always) Chewing Gum 731. All In Down & Out Blues 732. All Go Hungry Hash House 733. Whoa Mule 734. No One To Welcome Me Home 735. Banjo Solo 736. Jenny Put The Kettle On 737. Kissin' On The Sly 801. Cannon County Hills 802. Nobody's Darling But Mine 803. Way Out On The Mountain 804. Keep My Skillet Good & Greasy 805. Brother Johnson 806. Take Me Back To My Old Carolina Home 807. (She Was Always) Chewing Gum 808. Kissin' On The Sly 809. Turkey In The Straw 810. I Intend To Make Heaven My Home 811. Honest Confession Is Good For The Soul 812. Come Dearest The Daylight Is Gone 813. I've Got A Mule To Ride 814. Late Last Night When My Willie Came Home 815. Keep My Skillet Good & Greasy 816. Shucking The Corn 817. How Beautiful Heaven Must Be 818. Peek-a-boo 819. He Won The Heart Of My Sarah Jane 820. Over The Mountain 821. I'm Going Away To Leave You, Love 822. Late Last Night When My Willie Came Home 823. All Go Hungry Hash House 824. Turkey In The Straw 825. Something's Always Sure To Tickle Me 826. Hand Me Down My Walking Cane 827. New Dude In Town 828. From Jerusalem To Jericho 829. Old Dan Tucker 830. All Go Hungry Hash House 901. Red River Valley 902. Swing Your Partner (& Smoky Mountain Boys 903. Down In Union County (& Smoky Mountain Boys 904. Wabash Cannonball (& Smoky Mountain Boys With 905. (Take Me Back To) That Old Carolina Home 906. Just Tell Them That You Saw Me 907. The Great Speckled Bird (& Smoky Mountain 908. Down Home In Union (Reprise)


Handel The Great Oratorios - 2870941603

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Handel The Great Oratorios Universal Music


1. La Resurrezione 1708, Hwv 47 (Original Version) 2. Handel, George Frideric - Sonate (Parte Prima) 3. Handel, George Frideric - Aria: Disserratevi, O P 4. Handel, George Frideric - Recitativo Accompagnato: 5. Handel, George Frideric - Recitativo Accompagnato: 6. Handel, George Frideric - Aria: D'amor Fu Consigl 7. Handel, George Frideric - Aria: O Voi, Dell'erebo 8. Handel, George Frideric - Recitativo Accompagnato: 9. Handel, George Frideric - Aria: Piangete, Si, Pia 10. Handel, George Frideric - Aria: Dolci Chiodi, Ama 11. Handel, George Frideric - Aria: Quando E Parto De 12. Handel, George Frideric - Aria: Naufragando Va Pe 13. Handel, George Frideric - Aria: Cosi La Tortorell 14. Handel, George Frideric - Aria: Ho Un Non So Che 15. Handel, George Frideric - Coro: Il Nume Vincitor 101. La Resurrezione 1708, Hwv 47 (Original Version) 102. Handel, George Frideric - Introduction (Parte Seco 103. Handel, George Frideric - Aria: Ecco Il Sol, Ch'e 104. Handel, George Frideric - Aria: Risorga Il Mondo 105. Handel, George Frideric - Recitativo Accompagnato: 106. Handel, George Frideric - Aria: Per Celare Il Nuo 107. Handel, George Frideric - Aria: Impedirlo Io Sapr 108. Handel, George Frideric - Aria: Per Me Gia Di Mor 109. Handel, George Frideric - Aria: Vedo Il Ciel Che 110. Handel, George Frideric - Aria: Se Per Colpa Di D 111. Handel, George Frideric - Aria: Del Ciglio Dolent 112. Handel, George Frideric - Aria: Augelletti, Rusce 113. Handel, George Frideric - Aria: Caro Figlio! S. 114. Handel, George Frideric - Aria: Se Impassibile, I 115. Handel, George Frideric - Coro: Diasi Lode In Cie 201. Acis & Galatea, Hwv 49 202. English Baroque Soloists - Sinfonia (First Version 203. Burrowes, Norma - Oh, The Pleasure Of The Plains ( 204. Burrowes, Norma - Ye Verdant Plains (First Version 205. Burrowes, Norma - Hush, Ye Pretty Warbling Quire ( 206. Rolfe Johnson, Anthony - Where Shall I Seek The Ch 207. Hill, Martyn - Stay, Shepherd, Stay (First Version 208. Hill, Martyn - Shepherd, What Art Thou Pursuing (F 209. Rolfe Johnson, Anthony - Lo! Here My Love (First V 210. Rolfe Johnson, Anthony - Love In Her Eyes Sits Pla 211. Burrowes, Norma - Oh! Didst Thou Know (First Versi 212. Burrowes, Norma - As When The Dove Laments Her Lov 213. Burrowes, Norma - Happy We (First Version) 301. Acis & Galatea, Hwv 49 302. Burrowes, Norma - Wretched Lovers (First Version) 303. White, Willard - I Rage, I Melt, I Burn (First Ver 304. White, Willard - O Ruddier Than The Cherry (First 305. White, Willard - Whither, Fairest, Art Thou Runnin 306. White, Willard - Cease To Beauty To Be Suing (Firs 307. Hill, Martyn - Would You Gain The Tender Creature 308. Rolfe Johnson, Anthony - His Hideous Love (First V 309. Rolfe Johnson, Anthony - Love Sounds Th'alarm (Fir 310. Hill, Martyn - Consider, Fond Shepherd (First Vers 311. Burrowes, Norma - Cease, O Cease (First Version) 312. Burrowes, Norma - The Flocks Shall Leave The Mount 313. Rolfe Johnson, Anthony - Help, Galatea (First Vers 314. Burrowes, Norma - Mourn, All Ye Muses (First Versi 315. Burrowes, Norma - Must I My Acis Still Bemoan (Fir 316. Burrowes, Norma - 'Tis Done (First Version) 317. Burrowes, Norma - Heart, The Seat Of Soft Delight 318. Burrowes, Norma - Galatea, Dry Thy Tears (First Ve 401. Esther (Original Version) 402. Handel, George Frideric - Ouverture...recit Tis G 403. Handel, George Frideric - Pluck Root & Branch Fro 404. Handel, George Frideric - Shall We The God Of Isr 405. Handel, George Frideric - Tune Your Harps To Chee 406. Handel, George Frideric - Shall We Of Servitude C 407. Handel, George Frideric - Praise The Lord With Ch 408. Handel, George Frideric - Sing Songs Of Praise, B 409. Handel, George Frideric - Ye Sons Of Israel Mourn 410. Handel, George Frideric - O Jordan, Jordan, Sacre 411. Handel, George Frideric - Dread Not, Righteous Qu 412. Handel, George Frideric - Tears Assist Me, Pity M 413. Handel, George Frideric - Save Us, O Lord (Scene 501. Esther (Original Version) 502. Handel, George Frideric - Who Dares Intrude Into 503. Handel, George Frideric - Who Calls My Parting So 504. Handel, George Frideric - O Beauteous 505. Handel, George Frideric - How Can I Stay When Lov 506. Handel, George Frideric - Virtue, Truth & Innocen 507. Handel, George Frideric - Jehovah, Crown'd With G 508. Handel, George Frideric - Turn Not, O Queen, Thy 509. Handel, George Frideric - Flatt'ring Tongue, No M 510. Handel, George Frideric - How Art Thou Fall'n Fro 511. Handel, George Frideric - The Lord Our Enemy Has 601. Athalia (Original Version) 602. Handel, George Frideric - Sinfonia (Act 1) 603. Handel, George Frideric - Blooming Virgins, Spotl 604. Handel, George Frideric - The Rising World Jehova 605. Handel, George Frideric - Tyrants Would In Impiou 606. Handel, George Frideric - When He Is In His Wrath 607. Handel, George Frideric - Your Sacred Songs Awhil 608. Handel, George Frideric - What Scenes Of Horror R 609. Handel, George Frideric - The Gods, Who Chosen Bl 610. Handel, George Frideric - Cheer Her, O Baal (Act 611. Handel, George Frideric - Gentle Airs, Melodious 612. Handel, George Frideric - Softest Sounds No More 613. Handel, George Frideric - The Traitor If You Ther 614. Handel, George Frideric - Faithful Cares In Vain 615. Handel, George Frideric - Gloomy Tyrants, We Dis 701. Athalia (Original Version) 702. Handel, George Frideric - The Mighty Pow'r (Act 703. Handel, George Frideric - Through The Land So Lov 704. Handel, George Frideric - Ah, Canst Thou But Prov 705. Handel, George Frideric - Will God, Whose Mercies 706. Handel, George Frideric - My Vengeance Awakes Me 707. Handel, George Frideric - My Spirits Fail, I Fain 708. Handel, George Frideric - Cease Thy Anguish, Smil 709. Handel, George Frideric - The Clouded Scene Begin 710. Handel, George Frideric - What Sacred Horrors Sha 711. Handel, George Frideric - Unfold, Great Seer, Wha 712. Handel, George Frideric - Let Harmony Breathe Sof 713. Handel, George Frideric - With Firm United Hearts 714. Handel, George Frideric - Soothing Tyrant, Falsel 715. Handel, George Frideric - Around Let Acclamations 716. Handel, George Frideric - Oppression, No Longer I 717. Handel, George Frideric - Hark! His Thunders Roun 718. Handel, George Frideric - To Darkness Eternal (A 719. Handel, George Frideric - Now, Josabeth, Thy Fear 720. Handel, George Frideric - Give Glory To His Awful 801. Alexander's Feast (Original Version) 802. Handel, George Frideric - Overture (Part 1) 803. Handel, George Frideric - T'was At The Royal Feas 804. Handel, George Frideric - Happy, Happy, Happy Pai 805. Handel, George Frideric - Timotheus Placed On Hig 806. Handel, George Frideric - The Song Began From Jov 807. Handel, George Frideric - The Listening Crowd Adm 808. Handel, George Frideric - With Ravish'd Ears (Pa 809. Handel, George Frideric - The Praise Of Bacchus T 810. Handel, George Frideric - Bacchus, Ever Fair & Yo 811. Handel, George Frideric - Soothed With The Sound, 812. Handel, George Frideric - He Chose A Mournful Mus 813. Handel, George Frideric - He Sung Darius, Great & 814. Handel, George Frideric - With Downcast Looks The 815. Handel, George Frideric - Behold Darius Great & G 816. Handel, George Frideric - The Mighty Master Smile 817. Handel, George Frideric - Softly Sweet In Lydian 818. Handel, George Frideric - War, He Sung, Is Toil & 819. Handel, George Frideric - The Many Rend The Skies 820. Handel, George Frideric - The Prince, Unable To C 821. Handel, George Frideric - The Many Rend The Skies 901. Concerto Grosso In C, Hwv 318 Alexander's Feast 902. Handel, George Frideric - 1. Allegro (Original Ver 903. Handel, George Frideric - 2. Largo - Adagio (Origi 904. Handel, George Frideric - 3. Allegro - Adagio (Ori 905. Handel, George Frideric - 4. Andante Non Presto (O 906. Alexander's Feast (Original Version) 907. Handel, George Frideric - Now Strike The Golden L 908. Handel, George Frideric - Revenge, Revenge, Timot 909. Handel, George Frideric - Give The Vengeance Due 910. Handel, George Frideric - The Princes Applaud Wit 911. Handel, George Frideric - Thais Led The Way - T 912. Handel, George Frideric - Thus, Long Ago (Part 2 913. Handel, George Frideric - At Last Divine Cecilia 914. Handel, George Frideric - Your Voices Tune, & Rai 915. Handel, George Frideric - Let's Imitate Her Notes 916. Handel, George Frideric - Let Old Timotheus Yield 917. Handel, George Frideric - Let Old Timotheus Yield 1001. Saul, Hwv 53 (Revised By John Eliot Gardiner & Ant 1002. Jennens, Charles - Allegro (Symphony) 1003. Jennens, Charles - Larghetto (Symphony) 1004. Jennens, Charles - Allegro (Symphony) 1005. Jennens, Charles - Andante Larghetto (Symphony) 1006. Jennens, Charles - How Excellent Thy Name, O Lord 1007. Jennens, Charles - An Infant Rais'd By Thy Comman 1008. Jennens, Charles - The Youth Inspir'd By Thee, O 1009. Jennens, Charles - How Excellent Thy Name, O Lord 1010. Jennens, Charles - He Comes... O Godlike Youth! 1011. Jennens, Charles - Behold, O King, The Brave Vict 1012. Jennens, Charles - O King, Your Favours With Deli 1013. Jennens, Charles - What Abject Thoughts A Prince 1014. Jennens, Charles - Birth & Fortune I Despise! (A 1015. Jennens, Charles - Go On, Illustrious Pair!...whi 1016. Jennens, Charles - Thou, Merab, First In Birth... 1017. Jennens, Charles - Symphony...already See...welcom 1018. Jennens, Charles - What Do I Hear?...david His Te 1019. Jennens, Charles - With Rage I Shall Burst His Pr 1020. Jennens, Charles - Imprudent Women! (Act 1) 1021. Jennens, Charles - 28. Air: Fell Rage & Black Desp 1022. Jennens, Charles - 29. Recitative: This But The Sm 1023. Jennens, Charles - 31. Recitative: Rack'd With Inf 1024. Jennens, Charles - 32. Air: O Lord, Whose Mercies 1025. Jennens, Charles - 34: Recitative: 'Tis All In Vai 1026. Jennens, Charles - 37. Air: Capricious Man (Act 1) 1027. Jennens, Charles - 38. Accompagnato: O Filial Piet 1028. Jennens, Charles - 39. Air: No, No Cruel Father, N 1029. Jennens, Charles - 40. Air: O Lord, Whose Providen 1030. Jennens, Charles - 41. Chorus: Preserve Him For Th 1031. Not Applicable - Saul, Hwv 53 1032. Jennens, Charles - Act 1 (Revised By John Eliot Ga 1101. Saul, Hwv 53 (Revised By John Eliot Gardiner & Ant 1102. Jennens, Charles - 42. Chorus: Envy! Eldestborn Of 1103. Jennens, Charles - 43. Recitative: Ah! Dearest Fri 1104. Jennens, Charles - 44. Air: But Sooner Jordan's St 1105. Jennens, Charles - 45. Recitative: O Strange Vicis 1106. Jennens, Charles - 46. Air: Such Haughty Beauties 1107. Jennens, Charles - 47. Recitative: My Father Comes 1108. Jennens, Charles - 49. Air: Sin Not, O King, Again 1109. Jennens, Charles - 50. Air: As Great Jehovah Lives 1110. Jennens, Charles - 51. Air: From Cities Storm'd, & 1111. Jennens, Charles - 52. Recitative: Appear, My Frie 1112. Jennens, Charles - 53. Air: Your Words, O King - 5 1113. Jennens, Charles - 55. Recitative: A Father's Will 1114. Jennens, Charles - 56. Duet: O Fairest Of Ten Thou 1115. Jennens, Charles - 58. Symphony (Act 2) 1116. Jennens, Charles - 59. Recitative: Thy Father Is A 1117. Jennens, Charles - 60. Duet: At Persecution I Can 1118. Jennens, Charles - 61. Recitative: Whom Dost Thou 1119. Jennens, Charles - 62. Air: No, No, Let The Guilty 1120. Jennens, Charles - 63. Recitative: Mean As He Was 1121. Jennens, Charles - 64. Air: Author Of Peace (Act 2 1122. Jennens, Charles - 65. Symphony (Act 2) 1123. Jennens, Charles - 66. Accompagnato: The Time At L 1124. Jennens, Charles - 68. Chorus: O Fatal Consequence 1201. Saul, Hwv 53 (Revised By John Eliot Gardiner & Ant 1202. Jennens, Charles - 69. Accompagnato: Wretch That I 1203. Jennens, Charles - 72. Air: Infernal Spirits (Act 1204. Jennens, Charles - 73. Accompagnato: Why Hast Thou 1205. Jennens, Charles - 74. Symphony (Act 3) 1206. Jennens, Charles - 75. Recitative: Whence Comest T 1207. Jennens, Charles - 77. March (Act 3) 1208. Jennens, Charles - 78. Chorus: Mourn Israel (Act 3 1209. Jennens, Charles - 79. Air: O Let It Not In Gath B 1210. Jennens, Charles - 80. Air: From This Unhappy Day 1211. Jennens, Charles - 81. Air: Brave Jonathan His Bow 1212. Jennens, Charles - 82. Chorus: Eagles Were Not So 1213. Jennens, Charles - 83. Air: In Sweetest Harmony (A 1214. Jennens, Charles - 84. Solo & Chorus: O Fatal Day 1215. Jennens, Charles - 85. Recitative: Ye Men Of Judah 1216. Jennens, Charles - 86. Chorus: Gird On Thy Sword ( 1217. Not Applicable - Saul, Hwv 53 1218. Jennens, Charles - Act 3 (Revised By John Eliot Ga 1301. Israel In Egypt, Hwv 54 1302. Handel, George Frideric - Overture (Original Versi 1303. Israel In Egypt, Hwv 54 (Original Version) 1304. Handel, George Frideric - Rec.:now There Arose A 1305. Handel, George Frideric - Rec.:then Sent He Moses 1306. Handel, George Frideric - No.5 Air: Their Land Br 1307. Handel, George Frideric - No.6 Chorus: He Spake T 1308. Handel, George Frideric - No.7 Chorus: He Gave Th 1309. Handel, George Frideric - No.8 Chorus: He Sent A 1310. Handel, George Frideric - No.9 Chorus: He Smote A 1311. Handel, George Frideric - No.10 Chorus: But As Fo 1312. Handel, George Frideric - No.11 Chorus: Egypt Was 1313. Handel, George Frideric - No.12 Chorus: He Rebuke 1314. Handel, George Frideric - No.13 Chorus: And Israe 1401. Israel In Egypt, Hwv 54 (Original Version) 1402. Handel, George Frideric - No.14 Introitus Chorus: 1403. Handel, George Frideric - No.15 Duet: The Lord Is 1404. Handel, George Frideric - No.16 Chorus: He Is My 1405. Handel, George Frideric - No.17 Duet: The Lord Is 1406. Handel, George Frideric - No.18 Chorus: The Depth 1407. Handel, George Frideric - No.19 Chorus: Thy Right 1408. Handel, George Frideric - No.20 Chorus: And With 1409. Handel, George Frideric - No.21 Air: The Enemy Sa 1410. Handel, George Frideric - No.22 Air: Thou Didst B 1411. Handel, George Frideric - No.23 Chorus: Who Is Li 1412. Handel, George Frideric - No.24 Duet: Thou In Thy 1413. Handel, George Frideric - No.25 Chorus: The People 1414. Handel, George Frideric - No.26 Air: Thou Shalt B 1415. Handel, George Frideric - Chorus:the Lord Shall R 1416. Zadok The Priest Coronation Anthem No.1, Hwv 258 1417. Anonymous - Original Version 1418. The King Shall Rejoice Coronation Anthem No.3, Hwv 1419. Handel, George Frideric - Original Version 1501. Messiah, Hwv 56 (Original Version) 1502. The English Concert - Symphony (Pt. 1) 1503. Crook, Howard - Comfort Ye, My People (Pt. 1) 1504. Crook, Howard - Ev'ry Valley Shall Be Exalted (P 1505. The English Concert - And The Glory Of The Lord 1506. The English Concert - Thus Saith The Lord (Pt. 1 1507. Chance, Michael - But Who May Abide The Day Of Hi 1508. The English Concert - And He Shall Purify The Son 1509. The English Concert - Behold, A Virgin Shall Conc 1510. The English Concert - O Thou That Tellest Good Ti 1511. Tomlinson, John - For Behold, Darkness Shall Cove 1512. Tomlinson, John - The People That Walked In Darkn 1513. The English Concert - For Unto Us A Child Is Born 1514. The English Concert - Pifa Pastoral Symphony (Pt. 1515. Auger, Arleen - There Were Shepherds ...and Sudde 1516. The English Concert - Glory To God In The Highest 1517. Auger, Arleen - Rejoice Greatly, O Daughter Of Zi 1518. The English Concert - Then Shall The Eyes Of The 1519. Auger, Arleen - He Shall Feed His Flock (Pt. 1) 1520. The English Concert - His Yoke Is Easy (Pt. 1) 1521. The English Concert - Behold The Lamb Of God (Pt 1522. The English Concert - He Was Despised (Pt. 2) 1601. Messiah, Hwv 56 (Original Version) 1602. The English Concert - Surely He Hath Borne Our Gr 1603. The English Concert - And With His Stripes We Are 1604. The English Concert - All We Like Sheep Have Gone 1605. Crook, Howard - All They That See Him (Pt. 2) 1606. The English Concert - He Trusted In God (Pt. 2) 1607. Crook, Howard - Thy Rebuke Hath Broken His Heart 1608. Crook, Howard - Behold & See (Pt. 2) 1609. Auger, Arleen - He Was Cut Off (Pt. 2) 1610. Auger, Arleen - But Thou Didst Not Leave His Soul 1611. The English Concert - Lift Up Your Heads (Pt. 2) 1612. Pinnock, Trevor - Unto Which Of The Angels (Pt. 1613. The English Concert - Let All The Angels Of God 1614. Chance, Michael - Thou Art Gone Up On High (Pt. 1615. The English Concert - The Lord Gave The Word (Pt 1616. Auger, Arleen - How Beautiful Are The Feet (Pt. 1617. The English Concert - Their Sound Is Gone Out (P 1618. Tomlinson, John - Why Do The Nations So Furiously 1619. The English Concert - Let Us Break Their Bonds As 1620. Crook, Howard - He That Dwelleth In Heaven (Pt. 1621. Crook, Howard - Thou Shalt Break Them (Pt. 2) 1622. The English Concert - Hallelujah (Pt. 2) 1623. Auger, Arleen - I Know That My Redeemer Liveth ( 1624. The English Concert - Since By Man Came Death (P 1625. Tomlinson, John - Behold, I Tell You A Mystery ( 1626. Tomlinson, John - The Trumpet Shall Sound (Pt. 3 1627. Chance, Michael - Then Shall Be Brought To Pass 1628. Chance, Michael - O Death Where Is Thy Sting? (P 1629. The English Concert - But Thanks Be To God (Pt. 1630. The English Concert - If God Be For Us (Pt. 3) 1631. The English Concert - Worthy Is The Lamb... Amen 1701. Act 1 1702. The Symphony Of Harmony & Invention - Overture 1703. Randle, Thomas - This Day, A Solemn Feast To Dago 1704. The Symphony Of Harmony & Invention - Awake The T 1705. Dawson, Lynne - Ye Men Of Gaza 1706. The Symphony Of Harmony & Invention - Awake The T 1707. Padmore, Mark - Loud As The Thunder's Aweful Voic 1708. Dawson, Lynne - Then Free From Sorrow 1709. The Symphony Of Harmony & Invention - Philistines 1710. Randle, Thomas - Why By An Angel 1711. Randle, Thomas - Torments Alas! 1712. Wyn Rogers, Catherine - O Change Beyond Report 1713. Wyn Rogers, Catherine - O Mirror Of Our Fickle St 1714. Randle, Thomas - Whom Have I To Complain 1715. Randle, Thomas - Total Eclipse! 1716. Wyn Rogers, Catherine - Since Light So Necessary 1717. The Symphony Of Harmony & Invention - Oh First Cr 1718. Randle, Thomas - Ye See, My Friends 1719. George, Michael - Brethren & Men Of Dan 1720. George, Michael - O Miserable Change 1721. Padmore, Mark - O Ever Failing Trust 1722. Padmore, Mark - God Of Our Fathers 1723. George, Michael - The Good We Wish For 1724. George, Michael - Thy Glorious Deeds 1725. Randle, Thomas - Justly These Evils 1726. Randle, Thomas - My Griefs For This 1727. Randle, Thomas - Why Does The God Of Israel Sleep 1728. Wyn Rogers, Catherine - There Lies Our Hope! 1729. The Symphony Of Harmony & Invention - Then Shall 1730. George, Michael - For Thee, My Dearest Son 1731. Wyn Rogers, Catherine - Then Long Eternity 1732. The Symphony Of Harmony & Invention - Then Round 1801. Act 2 1802. George, Michael - Despair Not Thus! 1803. George, Michael - Just Are The Ways Of God To Man 1804. Randle, Thomas - My Evils Hopeless Are! 1805. Wyn Rogers, Catherine - Return, Oh God Of Hosts! 1806. Wyn Rogers, Catherine - But Who Is This 1807. Russell, Lynda - With Plaintive Notes 1808. Russell, Lynda - Alas! Th'event Was Worse Than I 1809. Randle, Thomas - Your Charms To Ruin Led The Way 1810. Russell, Lynda - Forgive What's Done 1811. Russell, Lynda - My Faith & Truth 1812. Russell, Lynda - To Fleeting Pleasures Make Your 1813. Randle, Thomas - Ne'er Think Of That! 1814. Russell, Lynda - Traitor To Love! 1815. Wyn Rogers, Catherine - It Is Not Virtue, Valour, 1816. Randle, Thomas - Favour'd Of Heaven Is He 1817. The Symphony Of Harmony & Invention - To Man God' 1818. Wyn Rogers, Catherine - No Words Of Peace 1819. Best, Jonathan - Honour & Arms Scorn Such A Foe 1820. Randle, Thomas - Put On Your Arms 1821. Randle, Thomas - My Strength Is From The Living G 1822. Best, Jonathan - With Thee! 1823. Randle, Thomas - Go, Baffled Coward, Go 1824. Wyn Rogers, Catherine - Here Lie The Proof 1825. The Symphony Of Harmony & Invention - Hear, Jacob 1826. Best, Jonathan - Dagon, Arise! 1827. Padmore, Mark - To Song & Dance We Give The Day 1828. The Symphony Of Harmony & Invention - To Song & D 1829. Act 3 1830. Russell, Lynda - Fix'd In His Everlasting Seat 1901. Act 3 1902. Wyn Rogers, Catherine - More Trouble Is Behind 1903. Best, Jonathan - Presuming Slave, To Move Their W 1904. Wyn Rogers, Catherine - Reflect Then, Samson 1905. The Symphony Of Harmony & Invention - With Thunde 1906. Randle, Thomas - Be Of Good Courage 1907. Randle, Thomas - Thus When The Sun 1908. Wyn Rogers, Catherine - With Might Endued Above T 1909. Wyn Rogers, Catherine - The Holy One Of Israel 1910. Wyn Rogers, Catherine - Old Manoa, With Youthful 1911. Padmore, Mark - Great Dagon Has Subdued Our Foe 1912. George, Michael - What Noise Of Joy Was That? 1913. George, Michael - How Willing My Paternal Love 1914. Wyn Rogers, Catherine - Your Hopes Of His Deliv'r 1915. Wyn Rogers, Catherine - Noise Call You This? 1916. Vine, Matthew - Where Shall I Run 1917. Wyn Rogers, Catherine - Ye Sons Of Israel 1918. George, Michael - Proceed We Hence To Find His Bo 1919. The Symphony Of Harmony & Invention - Dead March 1920. Wyn Rogers, Catherine - The Body Comes 1921. Dawson, Lynne - Glorious Hero, May Thy Grave 1922. George, Michael - Come, Come! No Time For Lamenta 1923. Dawson, Lynne - Let The Bright Seraphim 2001. Semele Hwv 58 (Original Version) 2002. Handel, George Frideric - Overture (Act 1) 2003. Handel, George Frideric - Behold! Auspicious Flash 2004. Handel, George Frideric - Lucky Omens Bless Our Ri 2005. Handel, George Frideric - Daughter, Obey (Act 1) 2006. Handel, George Frideric - Ah! Me! - O Jove! (Act 1 2007. Handel, George Frideric - The Morning Lark To Mine 2008. Handel, George Frideric - See She Blushing Turns H 2009. Handel, George Frideric - Hymen, Haste, Thy Torch 2010. Handel, George Frideric - Alas! She Yields, & Has 2011. Handel, George Frideric - Why Dost Thou Thus Untim 2012. Handel, George Frideric - Avert These Omens (Act 1 2013. Handel, George Frideric - Again Auspicious Flashes 2014. Handel, George Frideric - Thy Aid, Pronubial Juno, 2015. Handel, George Frideric - Cease Your Vows (Act 1) 2016. Handel, George Frideric - O Athamas, What Toture H 2017. Handel, George Frideric - Turn, Hopeless Lover, Tu 2018. Handel, George Frideric - She Weeps! (Act 1) 2019. Handel, George Frideric - Your Tuneful Voice My Ta 2020. Handel, George Frideric - Too Well I See, Thou Wil 2021. Handel, George Frideric - You've Undone Me / With 2022. Handel, George Frideric - Ah, Wretched Prince / Wi 2023. Handel, George Frideric - Hail Cadmus! (Act 1) 2024. Handel, George Frideric - Endless Pleasure... (Act 2101. Semele Hwv 58 (Original Version) 2102. Handel, George Frideric - Overture (Act 2) 2103. Handel, George Frideric - Iris, Impatient Of Thy S 2104. Handel, George Frideric - There From Mortal Cares 2105. Handel, George Frideric - No More - I'll Hear No M 2106. Handel, George Frideric - Hence, Iris, Hence Away 2107. Handel, George Frideric - Oh Sleep, Why Dost Thou 2108. Handel, George Frideric - Let Me Not Another Momen 2109. Handel, George Frideric - Lay Your Doubts & Fears 2110. Handel, George Frideric - You Are Mortal & Require 2111. Handel, George Frideric - With Fond Desiring (Act 2112. Handel, George Frideric - How Engaging, How Endear 2113. Handel, George Frideric - Ah Me! Why Sighs My Seme 2114. Handel, George Frideric - I Must With Speed Amuse 2115. Handel, George Frideric - Now Love That Everlastin 2116. Handel, George Frideric - By My Command (Act 2) 2117. Handel, George Frideric - Where'er You Walk (Act 2 2118. Handel, George Frideric - Dear Sister (Act 2) 2119. Handel, George Frideric - But Hark! The Heavenly S 2120. Handel, George Frideric - Prepare Then, Ye Immorta 2121. Handel, George Frideric - Bless The Glad Earth (Ac 2201. Semele Hwv 58 (Original Version) 2202. Handel, George Frideric - Overture (Act 3) 2203. Handel, George Frideric - Somnus, Awake (Act 3) 2204. Handel, George Frideric - Leave Me, Loathsome Ligh 2205. Handel, George Frideric - Dull God (Act 3) 2206. Handel, George Frideric - More Sweet Is That Name 2207. Handel, George Frideric - My Will Obey (Act 3) 2208. Handel, George Frideric - Obey My Will / All I Mus 2209. Handel, George Frideric - My Racking Thoughts By N 2210. Handel, George Frideric - Thus Shap'd Like Ino (Ac 2211. Handel, George Frideric - Behold This Mirror (Act 2212. Handel, George Frideric - O Ecstasy Of Happiness ( 2213. Handel, George Frideric - Myself I Shall Adore (Ac 2214. Handel, George Frideric - Be Wise, As You Are Beau 2215. Handel, George Frideric - Conjure Him By His Oath 2216. Handel, George Frideric - Thus Let My Thanks Be Pa 2217. Handel, George Frideric - Rich Odours Fill The Fra 2218. Handel, George Frideric - Come To My Arms (Act 3) 2219. Handel, George Frideric - O Semele! Why Art Thou.. 2220. Handel, George Frideric - Speak What You Desire (A 2221. Handel, George Frideric - By That Tremendous Flood 2222. Handel, George Frideric - You'll Grant What I Requ 2223. Handel, George Frideric - Ah, Take Heed (Act 3) 2224. Handel, George Frideric - No, No, I'll Take No Les 2225. Handel, George Frideric - Ah, Whither Is She Gone? 2226. Handel, George Frideric - Above Measure Is The Ple 2227. Handel, George Frideric - Ah Me, Too Late I Now Re 2228. Handel, George Frideric - Of My Ill-boding Dream ( 2229. Handel, George Frideric - Oh, Terror & Astonishmen 2230. Handel, George Frideric - How I Was Hence Remov'd 2231. Handel, George Frideric - Despair No More Shall Wo 2232. Handel, George Frideric - See From Above The Belli 2233. Handel, George Frideric - Sinfonia: Apollo Come (A 2234. Handel, George Frideric - Apollo Comes, To Relieve 2235. Handel, George Frideric - Happy Shall We Be (Act 3 2301. Hercules 2302. Handel, George Frideric - Overture (Original Versi 2303. Handel, George Frideric - Menuetto (Original Versi 2304. Hercules (Original Version) 2305. Handel, George Frideric - Recit. Acc. See With Wh 2306. Handel, George Frideric - Aria: No Longer, Fate, 2307. Handel, George Frideric - Recit. Acc.: O Hercules 2308. Handel, George Frideric - Aria: The World, When D 2309. Handel, George Frideric - Recit: Princess! Be Com 2310. Handel, George Frideric - Aria: I Feel, I Feel Th 2311. Handel, George Frideric - Recit.: He Said, The Sa 2312. Handel, George Frideric - Aria: There In Myrtle S 2313. Handel, George Frideric - Recit.: Despair Not; Bu 2314. Handel, George Frideric - Aria: Where Congealed T 2315. Handel, George Frideric - Chorus: O Filial Piety! 2316. Handel, George Frideric - Recit.: Banish Your Fea 2317. Handel, George Frideric - Aria: Begone, My Fears, 2318. Handel, George Frideric - Recit: A Train Of Capti 2319. Handel, George Frideric - Aria: The Smiling Hours 2320. Handel, George Frideric - Chorus: Let None Despai 2321. Handel, George Frideric - March (Act 1) 2322. Handel, George Frideric - Recit: Thanks To The Po 2323. Handel, George Frideric - Aria: My Father! Ah! Me 2324. Handel, George Frideric - Recit.: Now Farewell, A 2325. Handel, George Frideric - Aria: The God Of Battle 2326. Handel, George Frideric - Recit.: Ah Me! How Soon 2327. Handel, George Frideric - Aria: Daughter Of Gods, 2328. Handel, George Frideric - Chorus: Crown With Fest 2401. Hercules (Original Version) 2402. Handel, George Frideric - Sinfonia (Act 2) 2403. Handel, George Frideric - Recit.: Why Was I Born 2404. Handel, George Frideric - Aria: How Blest The Mai 2405. Handel, George Frideric - Recit.: It Must Be So 2406. Handel, George Frideric - Aria: When Beauty Sorro 2407. Handel, George Frideric - Recit: Whence This Unju 2408. Handel, George Frideric - Aria: Ah! Think What Il 2409. Handel, George Frideric - Recit: It Is Too Sure T 2410. Handel, George Frideric - Recit.: In Vain You Str 2411. Handel, George Frideric - Chorus: Jealousy! Infer 2412. Handel, George Frideric - Recit: She Knows My Pas 2413. Handel, George Frideric - Aria: Banish Love From 2414. Handel, George Frideric - Recit.: Forgive A Passi 2415. Handel, George Frideric - Aria: From Celestial Se 2416. Handel, George Frideric - Chorus: Wanton God Of A 2417. Handel, George Frideric - Recit.: Yes, I Congratu 2418. Handel, George Frideric - Aria: Alcides' Name In 2419. Handel, George Frideric - Recit.: O Glorious Patt 2420. Handel, George Frideric - Aria: Resign Thy Club & 2421. Handel, George Frideric - Recit: You Are Deceived 2422. Handel, George Frideric - Aria: Cease, Ruler Of T 2423. Handel, George Frideric - Recit: Some Kinder Powe 2424. Handel, George Frideric - Aria: As Stars, That Ri 2425. Handel, George Frideric - Recit.: But See, The Pr 2426. Handel, George Frideric - Duet: Joys Of Freedom, 2427. Handel, George Frideric - Recit.: Father Of Hercu 2428. Handel, George Frideric - Chorus: Love & Hymen ( 2501. Hercules (Original Version) 2502. Handel, George Frideric - Sinfonia (Act 3) 2503. Handel, George Frideric - Recit: Ye Sons Of Trach 2504. Handel, George Frideric - Aria: O Scene Of Unexam 2505. Handel, George Frideric - Chorus: Tyrants Now No 2506. Handel, George Frideric - Recit. Acc: O Jove! Wha 2507. Handel, George Frideric - Recit: Great Jove! Reli 2508. Handel, George Frideric - Aria: Let Not Fame The 2509. Handel, George Frideric - Recit. Acc: Where Shall 2510. Handel, George Frideric - Recit: Lo! The Fair Fat 2511. Handel, George Frideric - Aria: My Breast With Te 2512. Handel, George Frideric - Recit: Princess, Rejoic 2513. Handel, George Frideric - Aria: He, Who For Atlas 2514. Handel, George Frideric - Recit: Words Are Too Fa 2515. Handel, George Frideric - Duet: O Prince, Whose V 2516. Handel, George Frideric - Recit.: Ye Sons Of Free 2517. Handel, George Frideric - Chorus: To Him Your Gra 2601. Belshazzar 2602. Handel, George Frideric - Overture (Original Versi 2603. Belshazzar (Original Version) 2604. Handel, George Frideric - Vain, Fluctuating State 2605. Handel, George Frideric - Thou, God Most High, & 2606. Handel, George Frideric - The Fate Of Babylon, I 2607. Handel, George Frideric - Lament Not Thus, Oh Que 2608. Handel, George Frideric - Behold, By Persia's Her 2609. Handel, George Frideric - Well May They Laugh / 2610. Handel, George Frideric - Opprest With Never-ceas 2611. Handel, George Frideric - Dry Those Unavailing Te 2612. Handel, George Frideric - Be Comforted: Safe Thou 2613. Handel, George Frideric - Now, Tell Me, Gobrias 2614. Handel, George Frideric - Behold The Monstrous Hu 2615. Handel, George Frideric - Can You Then Think It S 2616. Handel, George Frideric - Great God! Who, Yet But 2617. Handel, George Frideric - My Friends, Be Confiden 2618. Handel, George Frideric - All Empires Upon God De 2619. Handel, George Frideric - Oh Sacred Oracles Of Tr 2620. Handel, George Frideric - Rejoice, My Countrymen 2621. Handel, George Frideric - Sing, Oh Ye Heav'ns! ( 2701. Belshazzar (Original Version) 2702. Handel, George Frideric - Let Festal Joy Triumpha 2703. Handel, George Frideric - For You, My Friends (A 2704. Handel, George Frideric - The Leafy Honours Of Th 2705. Handel, George Frideric - It Is The Custom, I May 2706. Handel, George Frideric - Recall, Oh King! Thy Ra 2707. Handel, George Frideric - They Tell You True (Ac 2708. Handel, George Frideric - Oh Dearer Than My Life, 2709. Handel, George Frideric - By Slow Degrees The Wra 2710. Handel, George Frideric - See, From His Post Euph 2711. Handel, George Frideric - You See, My Friends, A 2712. Handel, George Frideric - Amaz'd To Find The Foe 2713. Handel, George Frideric - To Arms, To Arms! No Mo 2714. Handel, George Frideric - Ye Tutelar Gods Of Our 2715. Handel, George Frideric - Let The Deep Bowl Thy P 2716. Handel, George Frideric - Where Is The God Of Jud 2717. Handel, George Frideric - Call All My Wise Men ( 2801. Belshazzar (Original Version) 2802. Handel, George Frideric - A Sinfony (Act 2) 2803. Handel, George Frideric - Ye Sages! Welcome Alway 2804. Handel, George Frideric - Oh Misery! - Oh Terror! 2805. Handel, George Frideric - Oh King, Live For Ever! 2806. Handel, George Frideric - No! To Thyself Thy Trif 2807. Handel, George Frideric - Yet, To Obey His Dread 2808. Handel, George Frideric - Oh Sentence Too Severe! 2809. Handel, George Frideric - Oh God Of Truth! Oh Fai 2810. Handel, George Frideric - You, Gobrias, Lead Dire 2811. Handel, George Frideric - Oh Glorious Prince! (A 2812. Handel, George Frideric - Alternate Hopes & Fears 2813. Handel, George Frideric - Fain Would I Hope (Act 2814. Handel, George Frideric - Can The Black Aethiop C 2815. Handel, George Frideric - My Hopes Revive (Act 3 2816. Handel, George Frideric - Bel Boweth Down! (Act 2817. Handel, George Frideric - I Thank Thee, Sesach ( 2818. Handel, George Frideric - A Martial Symphony (Act 2819. Handel, George Frideric - To Pow'r Immortal My Fi 2820. Handel, George Frideric - Be It Thy Care, Good Go 2821. Handel, George Frideric - Great Victor, At Your F 2822. Handel, George Frideric - Say, Venerable Prophet 2823. Handel, George Frideric - Tell It Out Among The H 2824. Handel, George Frideric - Yes, I Will Build Thy C 2825. Handel, George Frideric - I Will Magnify Thee (A 2901. Judas Maccabaeus Hwv 63 2902. Handel, George Frideric - Overture (Original Versi 2903. Judas Maccabaeus Hwv 63 (Original Version) 2904. Handel, George Frideric - 2. Chorus: Mourn, Ye Af 2905. Handel, George Frideric - 3. Recit.: Well, May Ou 2906. Handel, George Frideric - 4. Duet: From This Drea 2907. Handel, George Frideric - 5. Chorus: For Sion Lam 2908. Handel, George Frideric - 6. Recit.: Not Vain Is 2909. Handel, George Frideric - 7. Aria: Pious Orgies, 2910. Handel, George Frideric - 8. Chorus: Oh Father, W 2911. Handel, George Frideric - 9. Recit.: I Feel, I Fe 2912. Handel, George Frideric - 10. Aria: Arm, Arm, Ye 2913. Handel, George Frideric - 11. Chorus: We Come, We 2914. Handel, George Frideric - 12. Recit.: 'Tis Well, 2915. Handel, George Frideric - 13. Aria: Call Forth Th 2916. Handel, George Frideric - 14. Recit.: To Heav'n's 2917. Handel, George Frideric - 15. Aria: Oh Liberty, T 2918. Handel, George Frideric - 16. Aria: Come, Ever-sm 2919. Handel, George Frideric - 17. Recit.: Oh Judas, M 2920. Handel, George Frideric - 18. Aria: 'Tis Liberty, 2921. Handel, George Frideric - 19. Duet: Come, Ever-sm 2922. Handel, George Frideric - 20. Chorus: Lead On, Le 2923. Handel, George Frideric - 21. Recit.: So Will'd M 2924. Handel, George Frideric - 22. Semi-chorus: Disdai 2925. Handel, George Frideric - 23. Recit.: Ambition! I 2926. Handel, George Frideric - 24. Aria: No Unhallow'd 2927. Handel, George Frideric - 25. Recit.: Haste We, M 2928. Handel, George Frideric - 26. Chorus: Hear Us Lor 3001. Judas Maccabaeus Hwv 63 (Original Version) 3002. Handel, George Frideric - 27. Chorus: Fall'n Is T 3003. Handel, George Frideric - 28. Recit.: Victorious 3004. Handel, George Frideric - 29. Aria: So Rapid Thy 3005. Handel, George Frideric - 30. Recit.: Well, May W 3006. Handel, George Frideric - 31./32. Duet & Chorus:s 3007. Handel, George Frideric - 33. Recit.: Oh Let Eter 3008. Handel, George Frideric - 34. Aria: From Mighty K 3009. Handel, George Frideric - 35./36. Duet & Chorus: 3010. Handel, George Frideric - 37. Recit.: Thanks To M 3011. Handel, George Frideric - 38. Aria: How Vain Is M 3012. Handel, George Frideric - 39. Recit.: Oh Judas, O 3013. Handel, George Frideric - 40./41. Aria & Chorus: 3014. Handel, George Frideric - 42. Recit.: Be Comforte 3015. Handel, George Frideric - 43. Aria: The Lord Work 3016. Handel, George Frideric - 44. Recit.:my Arms! - A 3017. Handel, George Frideric - 45. Aria: Sound An Alar 3018. Handel, George Frideric - 47. Recit.: Enough! To 3019. Handel, George Frideric - 48. Aria: With Pious He 3020. Handel, George Frideric - 49. Recit.: Ye Worshipp 3021. Handel, George Frideric - 50. Aria: Wise Men, Fla 3022. Handel, George Frideric - 51. Duet: Oh! Never, Ne 3101. Judas Maccabaeus Hwv 63 (Original Version) 3102. Handel, George Frideric - 53. Aria: Father Of Hea 3103. Handel, George Frideric - 54. Recit.: See, See Yo 3104. Handel, George Frideric - 55. Recit.: Oh Grant It 3105. Handel, George Frideric - 56. Aria: So Shall The 3106. Handel, George Frideric - 57. Recit.: From Caphar 3107. Handel, George Frideric - 58. Chorus Of Youth:see 3108. Handel, George Frideric - 59. March (Part 3) 3109. Handel, George Frideric - 60. Chorus: Sing Unto G 3110. Handel, George Frideric - 61. Recit.: Sweet Flow 3111. Handel, George Frideric - 62. Aria: With Honour L 3112. Handel, George Frideric - 63. Recit: Peace To My 3113. Handel, George Frideric - 64. Chorus:to Our Great 3114. Handel, George Frideric - 65. Recit.: Again To Ea 3115. Handel, George Frideric - 66. Aria, Duett:oh Love 3116. Handel, George Frideric - 67. Aria: Rejoice, Oh J 3117. Handel, George Frideric - 68. Chorus: Hallelujah! 3201. Solomon Hwv 67 3202. Gabrieli Players - Overture (Original Version) 3203. Solomon Hwv 67 (Original Version) 3204. Gabrieli Consort - Your Harps & Cymbals (Act 1) 3205. Harvey, Peter - Praise Ye The Lord (Act 1) 3206. Gabrieli Consort - With Pious Heart (Act 1) 3207. Scholl, Andreas - Almighty Power (Act 1) 3208. Agnew, Paul - Imperial Salomon (Act 1) 3209. Agnew, Paul - Sacred Raptures (Act 1) 3210. Gabrieli Consort - Throughout The Land (Act 1) 3211. Scholl, Andreas - Bless'd Be The Lord (Act 1) 3212. Scholl, Andreas - What Tho' I Trace (Act 1) 3213. Scholl, Andreas - & See My Queen (Act 1) 3214. Dam-jensen, Inger - Bless'd The Day (Act 1) 3215. Scholl, Andreas - Thou Fair Inhabitant Of Nile (Ac 3216. Scholl, Andreas - Welcome As The Dawn Of Day (Act 3217. Agnew, Paul - Vain Are The Transient Beauties (Act 3218. Agnew, Paul - Indulge Thy Faith (Act 1) 3219. Scholl, Andreas - My Blooming Fair (Act 1) 3220. Scholl, Andreas - Haste To The Cedar Grove (Act 1) 3221. Dam-jensen, Inger - When Thou Art Absent (Act 1) 3222. Dam-jensen, Inger - With Thee Th'unshelter'd Moor 3223. Agnew, Paul - Search Round The World (Act 1) 3224. Gabrieli Consort - May No Rash Intruder (Act 1 3301. Solomon Hwv 67 (Original Version) 3302. Gabrieli Consort - From The Censer (Act 2) 3303. Scholl, Andreas - Prais'd Be The Lord (Act 2) 3304. Scholl, Andreas - When The Sun O'er Yonder Hills ( 3305. Harvey, Peter - Great Prince (Act 2) 3306. Harvey, Peter - Thrice Bless'd That Wise Discernin 3307. Scholl, Andreas - My Sovereign Liege (Act 2) 3308. Hagley, Alison - Words Are Weak (Act 2) 3309. Scholl, Andreas - What Says The Other (Act 2) 3310. Gabrieli Players - Thy Sentence, Great King (Act 2 3311. Hagley, Alison - Withhold, Withhold The Executing 3312. Hagley, Alison - Can I See My Infant Gor'd (Act 2) 3313. Scholl, Andreas - Israel' Attend (Act 2) 3314. Hagley, Alison - Thrice Bless'd Be The King (A 3315. Gabrieli Consort - From The East Unto The West 3316. Agnew, Paul - From Morn To Eve (Act 2) 3317. Agnew, Paul - See The Tall Palm (Act 2) 3318. Hagley, Alison - No More Shall Armed Bands (Act 2) 3319. Hagley, Alison - Beneath The Vine (Act 2) 3320. Gabrieli Consort - Swell, Swell The Full Chorus 3401. Solomon Hwv 67 (Original Version) 3402. Gabrieli Players - Sinfony (Act 3) 3403. Gritton, Susan - From Arabia's Spicy Shores (A 3404. Gritton, Susan - Ev'ry Sight These Eyes Behold (Ac 3405. Scholl, Andreas - Sweep, Sweep The String (Act 3) 3406. Scholl, Andreas - Music, Spread Thy Voice Around ( 3407. Scholl, Andreas - Now A Diff'rent Measure - S 3408. Scholl, Andreas - Then At Once From Rage Remove (A 3409. Gabrieli Consort - Draw The Tear From Hopeless Lov 3410. Scholl, Andreas - Next The Tortur'd Soul Release ( 3411. Scholl, Andreas - Thus Rolling Surge Rise (Act 3) 3412. Gritton, Susan - Thy Harmony's Divine (Act 3) 3413. Harvey, Peter - Pious King (Act 3) 3414. Agnew, Paul - Thrice Happy King (Act 3) 3415. Agnew, Paul - Golden Columns (Act 3) 3416. Gabrieli Consort - Praise The Lord (Act 3) 3417. Scholl, Andreas - Gold Now Is Common (Act 3) 3418. Scholl, Andreas - How Green Our Fertile Pastures L 3419. Gritton, Susan - May Peace In Salem (Act 3) 3420. Gritton, Susan - Will The Sun Forget To Streak (Ac 3421. Scholl, Andreas - Adieu, Fair Queen (Act 3) 3422. Gritton, Susan - Ev'ry Joy That Wisdom Knows (Act 3423. Gabrieli Consort - The Name Of The Wicked (Act 3) 3501. Theodora 1750 (Original Version) 3502. Handel, George Frideric - 1a. Ouverture (Overture) 3503. Handel, George Frideric - 1b. Trio (Overture) 3504. Handel, George Frideric - 1c. Courante (Overture) 3505. Theodora 1750 (Alternative Scene 2/part Ii) 3506. Handel, George Frideric - 2. Recitative: 'Tis Dio 3507. Theodora 1750 (Original Version) 3508. Handel, George Frideric - 3. Aria: Go, My Faithfu 3509. Handel, George Frideric - 4. Chorus Of Heathens: 3510. Handel, George Frideric - 5. Recitative: Vouchsaf 3511. Handel, George Frideric - 6. Aria: Racks, Gibbets 3512. Handel, George Frideric - 7. Chorus Of Heathens: 3513. Handel, George Frideric - 8. Recitative: Most Cru 3514. Handel, George Frideric - 9. Aria: The Raptur'd S 3515. Handel, George Frideric - 10. Recitative: I Know 3516. Handel, George Frideric - 11. Aria: Descend, Kind 3517. Handel, George Frideric - 12. Recitative: Though 3518. Handel, George Frideric - 13. Aria: Fond, Flatt'r 3519. Handel, George Frideric - 14. Recitative: Oh Brig 3520. Handel, George Frideric - 15. Aria: Bane Of Virtu 3521. Handel, George Frideric - 16. Chorus Of Christians 3522. Handel, George Frideric - 17. Recitative: Fly, Fl 3523. Handel, George Frideric - 18. Aria: As With Rosy 3524. Handel, George Frideric - 19. Chorus: All Pow'r I 3525. Handel, George Frideric - 20. Recitative: Mistake 3526. Handel, George Frideric - 21. Aria: Dread The Fru 3527. Handel, George Frideric - 22. Recitative: Deluded 3528. Handel, George Frideric - 23. Aria: Angels, Ever 3529. Handel, George Frideric - 24. Recitative: Unhappy 3530. Handel, George Frideric - 25. Air: Kind Heaven, I 3531. Handel, George Frideric - 26. Recitative: Oh Love 3532. Handel, George Frideric - 27. Chorus: Go, Gen'rou 3601. Theodora 1750 (Original Version) 3602. Handel, George Frideric - 28. Recitative: Ye Men 3603. Handel, George Frideric - 29. Chorus Of Heathens: 3604. Handel, George Frideric - 30. Aria: Wide Spread H 3605. Handel, George Frideric - 31. Recitative: Return, 3606. Handel, George Frideric - 32. Chorus Of Heathens: 3607. Handel, George Frideric - 33. Sinfony - Sc.2 (Part 3608. Handel, George Frideric - 34. Recitative: Oh Thou 3609. Handel, George Frideric - 35. Aria: With Darkness 3610. Handel, George Frideric - 36. Sinfony Original Ver 3611. Handel, George Frideric - 37. Recitative: But Why 3612. Handel, George Frideric - 38. Aria: O! That I On 3613. Handel, George Frideric - 39. Recitative: Long Ha 3614. Handel, George Frideric - 40. Aria: Though The Ho 3615. Handel, George Frideric - 41. Recitative: O Save 3616. Handel, George Frideric - 42. Aria: Deeds Of Kind 3617. Handel, George Frideric - 43. Recitative: The Clo 3618. Handel, George Frideric - 44. Aria: Defend Her, H 3619. Handel, George Frideric - 45. Recitative: Or Lull 3620. Handel, George Frideric - 46. Aria: Sweet Rose & 3621. Handel, George Frideric - 47. Recitative: O Save 3622. Handel, George Frideric - 48. Aria: The Pilgrim's 3623. Handel, George Frideric - 49. Accompagnato: Forbi 3624. Handel, George Frideric - 50. Duet: To Thee, Thou 3625. Handel, George Frideric - 51. Recitative: 'Tis Ni 3626. Handel, George Frideric - 52. Chorus Of Christians 3627. Theodora 1750 (Alternative Scene 2/part Ii) 3628. Handel, George Frideric - 34a. Recitative: Oh Tho 3629. Theodora 1750 3630. Handel, George Frideric - 36a. Sinfony - Alternati 3631. Theodora 1750 (Original Version) 3632. Handel, George Frideric - 37. Recitative: But Why 3633. Handel, George Frideric - 38. Aria: O! That I On 3701. Theodora 1750 (Original Version) 3702. Handel, George Frideric - 53. Aria: Lord, To Thee 3703. Handel, George Frideric - 54. Recitative: But See 3704. Handel, George Frideric - 55. Aria: When Sunk In 3705. Handel, George Frideric - 56. Chorus Of Christians 3706. Handel, George Frideric - 57. Recitative: Undaunt 3707. Handel, George Frideric - 58. Duet: Whither, Prin 3708. Handel, George Frideric - 59. Recitative: She's G 3709. Handel, George Frideric - 60. Aria: New Scenes Of 3710. Handel, George Frideric - 61. Recitative: Is It A 3711. Handel, George Frideric - 62. Aria: From Virtue S 3712. Handel, George Frideric - 63. Aria: Cease, Ye Sla 3713. Handel, George Frideric - 64. Recitative: 'Tis Ki 3714. Handel, George Frideric - 65. Chorus Of Heathens: 3715. Handel, George Frideric - 66. Recitative: On Me Y 3716. Handel, George Frideric - 67. Aria: Ye Ministers 3717. Handel, George Frideric - 68. Recitative: And Mus 3718. Handel, George Frideric - 69. Aria & Duet: Stream 3719. Handel, George Frideric - 70. Recitative: Ere Thi 3720. Handel, George Frideric - 71. Chorus Of Christians 3801. Jephtha, Hwv 70 3802. Handel, George Frideric - Overture - Menuet (Origi 3803. Jephtha, Hwv 70 (Original Version) 3804. Handel, George Frideric - It Must Be So: Or These 3805. Handel, George Frideric - Pour Forth No More Unhe 3806. Handel, George Frideric - No More To Ammon's God 3807. Handel, George Frideric - But Jephta Comes (Act 3808. Handel, George Frideric - Virtue My Soul Shall St 3809. Handel, George Frideric - 'Twill Be A Painful Sep 3810. Handel, George Frideric - Happy This Embassy, My 3811. Handel, George Frideric - Ill Suits The Voice Of 3812. Handel, George Frideric - I Go. My Soul, Inspir'd 3813. Handel, George Frideric - What Mean These Doubtfu 3814. Handel, George Frideric - O God, Behold Our Sore 3815. Handel, George Frideric - Some Dire Event Hangs O 3816. Handel, George Frideric - Say, My Dear Mother (A 3817. Handel, George Frideric - The Smiling Dawn Of Hap 3818. Handel, George Frideric - Such, Jephta, Was The H 3819. Handel, George Frideric - When His Loud Voice In 3901. Jephtha, Hwv 70 (Original Version) 3902. Handel, George Frideric - Glad Tidings Of Great J 3903. Handel, George Frideric - Cherub & Seraphim, Unbo 3904. Handel, George Frideric - Up The Dreadful Steep A 3905. Handel, George Frideric - 'Tis Well. Haste, Haste 3906. Handel, George Frideric - Heav'n Smiles Once More 3907. Handel, George Frideric - In Glory High, In Might 3908. Handel, George Frideric - Symphony - Hail, Glorio 3909. Handel, George Frideric - Welcome As The Cheerful 3910. Handel, George Frideric - Horror! Confusion!/op 3911. Handel, George Frideric - Why Is My Brother Thus 3912. Handel, George Frideric - First Perish Thou, & Pe 3913. Handel, George Frideric - If Such Thy Cruel Purpo 3914. Handel, George Frideric - O Spare Your Daughter 3915. Handel, George Frideric - Such News Flies Swift 3916. Handel, George Frideric - Happy They! This Vital 3917. Handel, George Frideric - Deeper, & Deeper Still 3918. Handel, George Frideric - How Dark, O Lord, Are T 4001. Jephtha, Hwv 70 (Original Version) 4002. Handel, George Frideric - Hide Thou Thy Hated Bea 4003. Handel, George Frideric - Waft Her, Angels, Throu 4004. Handel, George Frideric - Ye Sacred Priests/far 4005. Handel, George Frideric - Doubtful Fear & Rev'ren 4006. Handel, George Frideric - Symphony (Act 3) 4007. Handel, George Frideric - Rise, Jephta, & Ye Rev' 4008. Handel, George Frideric - Happy, Iphis Shalt Thou 4009. Handel, George Frideric - For Ever Blessed Be Thy 4010. Handel, George Frideric - Theme Sublime Of Endles 4011. Handel, George Frideric - Let Me Congratulate Thi 4012. Handel, George Frideric - O Let Me Fold Thee In A 4013. Handel, George Frideric - My Faithful Hamor, May 4014. Handel, George Frideric - Ye House Of Gilead, Wit 4015. Not Applicable - Applause


Walking The Floor Over Yo - 2870141471

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Walking The Floor Over Yo Bear Family Records


1. The Passing Of Jimmie Rodgers 2. The Last Thoughts Of Jimmie Rodgers 3. Married Man Blues 4. Mean Old Red Bug Blues 5. My Mother Is Lonely 6. The Right Train To Heaven 7. The T.b. Is Whipping Me 8. Since That Black Cat Crossed My Path 9. Blue Eyed Elaine 10. I'll Never Cry Over You 11. I'll Get Along Somehow 12. You Broke A Heart 13. I Ain't Gonna Love You Anymore 14. I'm Glad I Met You After All 15. I Cared For You More Than I Knew 16. You'll Love Me Too Late 17. I've Really Learned A Lot 18. Swell San Angelo 19. I Know What It Means To Be Lonely 20. Please Remember Me 21. My Rainbow Trail 22. Last Night I Dreamed 23. I'm Missing You 24. My Baby & My Wife 25. I'll Get Along Somehow 26. Swell San Angelo 101. Walking The Floor Over You 102. When The World Has Turned You Down 103. Our Baby's Book 104. I'll Always Be Glad To Take You Back 105. Mean Mama Blues 106. I Wonder Why You Said Goodbye 107. I Ain't Goin' Honky Tonkin' Anymore 108. I Hate To See You Go 109. Time After Time 110. First Year Blues 111. Just Rollin' On 112. There's Nothing More To Say 113. Wasting My Life Away 114. You May Have Your Picture 115. That Same Old Story 116. Try Me One More Time 117. You Nearly Lose Your Mind 118. That's When It's Coming Home To You 119. I Don't Want You After All 120. I'm Wondering How 121. Tomorrow Never Comes 122. Soldier's Last Letter 123. Careless Darlin' 124. Yesterday's Tears 125. I'll Never Cry Over You 126. Last Night I Dreamed 201. Those Simple Things Are Worht A Million Now 202. Answer To Walking The Floor Over You' 203. You Won't Ever Forget Me 204. Keep My Mem'ry In Your Heart 205. I Lost My Ace Of Hearts 206. Though The Days Were Only Seven 207. With Tears In My Eyes (False Starts) 208. With Tears In My Eyes 209. Are You Waiting Just For Me 210. I'll Get Along Somehow 211. Blue Eyed Elaine 212. You'll Love Me Too Late 213. I'll Never Lose You Though You're Gone 214. I'm Too Blue To Worry Over You 215. There's Nothing More To Say 216. I Hate To See You Go 217. I'll Always Be Glad To Take You Back 218. Too Late To Worry, Too Blue To Cry 219. I'm Wondering How 220. Last Night I Dreamed 221. This Time We're Really Through 222. You May Have Your Picture 223. I Ain't Goin' Honky Tonkin' Anymore 224. Walking The Floor Over You 225. Have You Changed Your Mind 226. Just Rollin' On 227. You Nearly Lose Your Mind 301. I'll Never Cry Over You 302. Our Baby's Book 303. When The World Has Turned You Down 304. I Wonder Why You Said Goodbye 305. I'm Glad I Met You After All 306. That's All She Wrote 307. I Ain't Gonna Love You Anymore 308. I Don't Want You After All 309. Just Crying To Myself 310. Try Me One More Time 311. I've Lived A Lie 312. Wondering If You're Wondering Too 313. When Love Turns To Hate 314. There's A New Moon Over My Shoulder 315. Daisy May 316. I Hung My Head & Cried 317. There's Nothin' On My Mind 318. Too Late To Worry, Too Blue To Cry 319. Love Gone Cold 320. You Brought Sorrow To My Heart 321. Home In San Antone 322. Darling What More Can I Do? 323. Blue Bonnet Lane 324. I Believe I'm Entitled To You 325. You're Going To Be Sorry 326. My Confession 401. That's Why I'm Crying Over You 402. Gone & Left Me Blues 403. When The Tumble Weeds Come Tumbling Down... 404. I'll Be True While You're Gone 405. The End Of The World 406. It Just Don't Matter Now 407. You're On My Mind 408. I'm Wasting My Tears On You 409. Ten Years 410. Old Love Letters 411. Low & Lonely 412. Where The Deep Waters Flow 413. You May Have Your Picture 414. It's Coming Back To You 415. Over The River 416. You Don't Care 417. Let Me Smile My Last Smile At You 418. I'm Tired Of You 419. You Told Me A Lie 420. Frankie & Johnny 421. Jealous Heart 422. Crying Myself To Sleep 423. Fort Worth Jail 424. You're Breaking My Heart 425. My Hillbilly Baby 426. Farther & Farther Apart 501. I Loved You Once 502. I'll Step Aside 503. Worried Mind 504. A Year Ago Tonight 505. Time Changes Everything 506. What Good Will It Do 507. My Time Will Come Someday 508. Grey-eyed Darling 509. I Never Cross Your Mind 510. I Told You So 511. I'm Beginning To Forget You 512. I'm Gonna Be Long Gone When I Go Away 513. I Walk Alone 514. Heart Of Stone 515. You'll Want Me Back 516. Our Baby Boy 517. Hang Your Head In Shame 518. The Last Goodbye 519. Pins & Neeldes (In My Heart) 520. The Love I Have For You 521. I'll Never Tell You I Love You 522. I Knew The Moment I Lost You 523. I Wonder You Feel The Way I Do 601. I'll Have To Live & Learn (Alt) 602. National Lament 603. Tweedle O'twill 604. There's A Rainbow On The Rio Colorado 605. Action Speaks Louder Than Words 606. Left All Alone 607. Two More Years (And I'll Be Free) 608. Trailing Home To Mother 609. It's Been So Long Darling 610. Should I Come Back Home To You 611. There's A Little Bit Of Everything In Texas 612. Darling, What More Can I Do 613. It Just Don't Matter Now 614. I'm Beginning To Forget You 615. When Love Turns To Hate 616. You'll Want Me Back 617. There's Gonna Be Some Changes Made Around... 618. You Were Only Teasing Me 619. I'm Free At Last 620. Heart Of Stone 621. Those Simple Things Are Worth A Million Now 622. Filipino Baby 623. Drivin' Nails In My Coffin 624. Rainbow At Midnight 625. I Don't Blame You 626. I'll Have To Live & Learn 701. The Last Goodbye 702. Get In Or Get Out Of My Heart 703. How Can I Be Sure 704. Those Tears In Your Eyes (Were Not For Me) 705. So Round, So Firm, So Fully Packed 706. Don't Look Now 707. A Hundred & Sixty Acres 708. A Woman Has Wrecked Many A Good Man 709. White Christmas 710. It's A Lonely World 711. Mississippi Gal 712. The Trouble With Me Is Trouble 713. Heart Please Be Still 714. I Hope I'm Wrong 715. Those Tears In Your Eyes (False Start) 716. Those Tears In Your Eyes (Alt) 717. Don't Talk To Me About Dames 718. You Won't Ever Forget Me 719. My Confession 720. You Won't Ever Forget Me 721. It Just Don't Matter Now 722. You Nearly Lose Your Mind 723. Try Me One More Time 724. Just Crying To Myself 725. You're Going To Be Sorry 726. There's Gonna Be Some Changes Made Around... 727. You Could Have Said Goodbye 728. Those Tears In Your Eyes


I Let Him Go - 2869629551

86,41 zł

I Let Him Go Blink publishing

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

THE SUNDAY TIMES BESTSELLER'I was crying so much I couldn't breathe. The thought of leaving the shopping centre without him was crushing. I knew that walking away from the place where he had gone missing, without any idea where he now was, meant that things were really bad. James had been right by my side and then he was gone forever.'On 12th February 1993, Denise Fergus' life changed forever. As she was running errands at New Strand Shopping Centre, she let go of her two-year-old son's hand for a few seconds to take out her purse. Denise never saw her son again. For the first time since that moment 25 years ago, Denise tells her extraordinary story in this heart-wrenching book, an unflinching account of that terrible day. What if she had never taken James shopping? What if she had turned right coming out of the butcher's, instead of left? Denise's initial hope after seeing her son on CCTV with other children quickly turned to devastation when, two days later, James' body was found. His death reverberated around the world and his killers became the youngest ever convicted murderers in UK legal history. Four minutes is all it took for them to lead James away from his mother to his death. Denise took up a tortuous legal battle for James, and it was her astonishing strength and love for her son that ultimately helped to change the way the law treats victims of crime. This is a mother's tale, of finding a way through the despair to remember the happiness and wonderful memories that James brought his family. Above all, Denise doesn't want her son to be remembered as a murdered child, and with this beautifully written book, she does just that.


Beautiful Dreamer - 2862450870

112,04 zł

Beautiful Dreamer Chipmunka Publishing

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

It has everything; familial hatreds, great love, romance and failed relationships, attempts by the character to change patterns of life -in fact all the ingredients of a page -turner. It is written in a highly charged poetic style and is full of fine imagistic writing and It should be published both because of all the above and because it is an individual experience which has universal significance. - By Siobhan Campbell, Tutor on M A Creative Writing Course Kingston University Description Mad? Sad? Or Bad? the truth about Alzheimer's Disease. After a lifetime of coping with a very difficult - and sometimes nasty - mother, Patricia now faces her parent`s decline and impending death. As she guided her mother through family history, she tries to unravel what has always ailed the older woman.The story moves through darkness, to understanding and to skeletons in the cupboard. And ultimately to love. But Patricia reaches a mind- blowing conclusion about what she believes to lie behind old age dementia. About the Author Pamela spent most of her working life bringing up four children and doing casual jobs.. she took a degree in English and at a local university and then taught in Adult Education and became a Market Research Interviewer. When her work dwindled in the Recession of the 1990s, she tried for a while to run her own private Adult Education business. She has always wanted to write and began in her twenties. She has broadcast her own talk on the radio, published some short stories and articles, and had prizes in a few writing competitions. Pamela lives in The Royal Borough of Kingston Upon Thames. Book Extract '....And she's got a perfect figure, you know.' For the first time I am listening to what the nurse is saying about my eighty-eight year-old Mother. 'I like her,' she had begun. What's all this? I asked myself. My mother's never got on with anybody, and probably nobody has ever liked her. She certainly doesn't like anyone much. We talk, as I scrabble around trying to remember how the conversation had started. 'She asked me where I came from. Tells me she has always wanted to travel...' Well, we all know that old story, don't we? '...And she's got a perfect figure, you know.' That's when my ears pricked up. I'd hardly been listening, having looked after my mother for as long as I can remember, having lived her life rather than my own... But now this, at nearly ninety and last week nearly dead. 'What do you mean, what do you mean? In and out - in and out?' 'Oh - everything,' the nurse laughs. 'And it is so good for you, because it's genetic.' Genetic? I am her, not exactly a case of symbiosis, since it has not been beneficial to me, but something like that. A week ago, I stood over my mother, having been summoned to what I had thought was her deathbed. She was asleep, but gasping in her sleep, and I thought, 'Are you gasping to stay alive in the hope that one day you will have a life? No, what I really thought was, you look like I feel. Gasping to stay alive in the hope that one day you will have a life. And now this, the perfect figure? A young girl's body beneath that weary face? The tune 'Beautiful Dreamer' comes back into my mind. I think she even used to sing it, way far back, or at least hum it anyway. Beautiful Dreamer, a Sleeping Beauty, is it really that? Is that old face weary with disappointment? Because the young girl's body has never been satisfied? Yet my mother has never shown any stron


Rock Around The Clock - 2870097942

189,99 zł

Rock Around The Clock Membran

Muzyka>Rock>Rock & Roll

1. Blue Suede Shoes 2. Boppin' The Blues 3. Honey Don't 4. Everybody's Trying To Be My Baby 5. Gone, Gone, Gone 6. Tutti Frutti 7. All Mama's Children 8. Put Your Cat Clothes On 9. Dixie Fried 10. I'm Sorry, I'm Not Sorry 11. Movie Magg 12. Whole Lotta Shakin' Goin' On 13. Sittin' On Top Of The World 14. Matchbox 15. Your True Love 16. Pop, Let Me Have The Car 17. Glad All Over 18. Pink Pedal Pushers 19. Levi Jacket 20. Jive After Five 101. Laura Lee 102. Ring A Rockin' 103. No Vacancy 104. Fly Don't Fly On Me 105. The Diary 106. I Go Ape 107. Stupid Cupid 108. You're Knockin' Me Out 109. You Gotta Learn Your Rhythm And Blues 110. Oh Carol 111. One Way Ticket (To The Blues) 112. I Ain't Hurtin' No More 113. Going Home To Mary Lou 114. All I Need Is You 115. Fallin' 116. Another Sleepless Night 117. Stairway To Heaven 118. You Mean Everything To Me 119. Run Samson Run 120. Calendar Girl 201. Let's Have A Party 202. Hot Dog! 203. That Made Him Mad 204. Don'a Wan'a 205. Cool Love 206. Let Me Explain 207. Fujiyama Mama 208. Honey Bop 209. Please Call Today 210. You've Turned To A Stranger 211. Mean Mean Man 212. You're The One For Me 213. A Date With Jerry 214. Rock Your Baby 215. Making Believe 216. Money Honey 217. Happy Happy Birthday 218. I Wanna Waltz 219. Savin' My Love 220. Long Tall Sally 301. Jambalaya 302. Bigelow 6-200 303. One Step At A Time 304. Dynamite 305. Love You 'Till I Die 306. Ain't That Love 307. Rock-a-bye Baby Blues 308. Rock The Bop 309. Ring-a My Phone 310. Little Jonah (Rock On Your Steel Guitar) 311. Bill Bailey Won't You Please Come Home 312. Hummin' The Blues Over You 313. Weep No More My Baby 314. Baby Face 315. Just Because 316. When My Dreamboat Comes Home 317. My Baby Likes Western Guys 318. Ballin' The Jack 319. Sweet Nothin's 320. Let's Jump The Broomstick 401. De De Dinah 402. Ginger Bread 403. Blue Betty 404. I'm Broke 405. Shy Guy 406. Oh La La 407. You Excite Me 408. Teacher's Pet 409. At The Hop 410. I'm Walkin' 411. Little Bitty Pretty One 412. Oooh Look-a There Ain't She Pretty 413. Short Fat Fannie 414. Venus 415. Two Fools 416. Just Ask Your Heart 417. I'll Wait For You 418. Shy Guy 419. Bobby Sox To Stockings 420. Why 501. Hula Love 502. Maybelline 503. Rock Your Little Baby To Sleep 504. Party Doll 505. Mary Lou 506. Cause I'm In Love With You 507. Devil Woman 508. Rockhouse 509. Rock Around The Clock 510. Swingin' Daddy 511. I Think I'm Gonna Kill Myself 512. C'mon Baby 513. That's Why I Cry 514. Somebody Touched Me 515. All For You 516. Long Lonely Nights 517. Teasable Pleasable 518. Storm Clouds 519. I Ain't Sharin' Sharon 520. Lovey Dovey 601. Mona Lisa 602. I Vibrate 603. I'll Try 604. It's Only Make Believe 605. Shake It Up 606. The Story Of My Love 607. Double Talkin' Baby 608. Don't You Know 609. Sentimental Journey 610. Teasin' 611. Make Me Know You're Mine 612. Heavenly 613. Hey Little Lucy 614. What Am I Living For 615. Lonely Blue Boy 616. Is A Bluebird Blue? 617. Hey Miss Ruby 618. Pretty Eyed Baby 619. She's Mine 620. Danny Boy 701. Leroy 702. My True Love 703. Two Timin' Woman 704. Leroy 705. Goodbye Baby 706. Go Wild Little Sadie 707. I Never Felt Like This 708. The Way I Walk 709. Midgie 710. Save My Soul 711. Geraldine 712. Baby Baby 713. Good Deal Lucille 714. You Can Bet Your Bottom Dollar 715. Cruel World 716. Looking For Linda 717. Cool Water 718. Found A Woman 719. Lonesome Mary 720. Down By The Riverside 801. Rockin' Little Angel 802. Rockin' Bandit 803. So Young 804. Right Behind You Baby 805. Little Miss Blue 806. Why Why Why 807. You Made A Hit 808. Sail Away 809. That's All Right 810. Blond Hair Blue Eyes 811. Put Your Arms Around Me 812. One Wonderful Love 813. It Makes Me Feel Good 814. I'll Be Coming Home 815. Rebound 816. After This Night Is Through 817. Turn On The Moonlight 818. I Guess I Better Move On 819. Johnny Lee Hummer 820. Did We Have A Party 901. Splish Splash 902. Pretty Betty 903. Judy Don't Be Moody 904. Queen Of The Hop 905. Mighty Mighty Man 906. Plain Jane 907. Dream Lover 908. Bullmoose 909. Clementine 910. I Ain't Sharin' Sharon 911. Pity Miss Kitty 912. Keep A Walkin' 913. Won't You Come Home Bill Bailey 914. Oo Ee Train 915. You Know How 916. Somebody To Love 917. Now We're One 918. Silly Willie 919. Timber 920. Early In The Morning 1001. La Bamba 1002. Come On Let's Go 1003. That's My Little Suzie 1004. Boney Moroney 1005. Ooh My Head 1006. Framed 1007. Cry, Cry, Cry 1008. Paddi-wack Song 1009. Hurry Up 1010. Dooby-dooby-wah 1011. Bluebirds Over The Mountain 1012. Rockin' All Night 1013. Hi-tone 1014. In A Turkish Town 1015. Little Girl 1016. We Belong Together 1017. Stay Beside Me 1018. Big Baby Blues 1019. Fast Freight 1020. Donna 1101. Bo Diddley 1102. I'm A Man 1103. Diddley Daddy 1104. Bo Diddley 1105. Bring It To Jerome 1106. I'm Looking For A Woman 1107. Who Do You Love 1108. Hey! Bo Diddley 1109. Mona (I Need You Baby) 1110. Before You Accuse Me 1111. The Story Of Bo Diddley 1112. Dearest Darling 1113. Say Man 1114. Hush Your Mouth 1115. You Don't Love Me 1116. Deed And Deed I Do 1117. Cops And Robbers 1118. Run Diddley Daddy 1119. Diddy Wah Diddy 1120. Roadrunner 1201. Peggy Sue 1202. That'll Be The Day 1203. Words Of Love 1204. Peggy Sue 1205. Rock Around With Ollie Vee 1206. Everyday 1207. Oh Boy 1208. Maybe Baby 1209. I'm Gonna Love You Too 1210. You're So Square (Baby, I Don't Care) 1211. Rave On 1212. Listen To Me 1213. Think It Over 1214. Early In The Morning 1215. It's So Easy 1216. Heartbeat 1217. It Doesn't Matter Anymore 1218. Tell Me Now 1219. Ting-a-ling 1220. Peggy Sue Got Married 1301. I'm Walkin' 1302. The Big Beat 1303. Whole Lotta Loving 1304. Lil' Liza Jane 1305. I Want To Walk You Home 1306. I'm Ready 1307. I'm Gonna Be A Wheel Someday 1308. Blue Monday 1309. Be My Guest 1310. Bo Weevil 1311. Ain't It A Shame 1312. Margie 1313. Ida Jane 1314. I Want You To Know 1315. I Can't Go On (Rosalie) 1316. I'm In Love Again 1317. When My Dreamboat Comes Home 1318. Blueberry Hill 1319. When The Saints Go Marching In 1320. My Girl Josephine 1401. Willie And The Hand Jive 1402. Shake It 1403. Lucy Baby 1404. Hum Ding A Ling 1405. Good Golly 1406. Ring-a-ling 1407. Three Girls Named Molly 1408. Crazy Country Hop 1409. Hey Baby, Don't You Know 1410. Willie Did The Cha Cha Cha 1411. Mumblin' Mosie 1412. Let The Sun Shine In My Life 1413. Bye Bye Baby 1414. Loop De Loop 1415. I'll Do The Same Thing For You 1416. What Do You Want To Make Those Eyes At Me For? (Feat. Marie Adams) 1417. A Fool In Love (Feat. Marie Adams) 1418. Castin' My Spell (Feat. Marci Lee) 1419. Ma (He's Making Eyes At Me) (Feat. The Three Tons Of Joy) 1420. Telephone Baby (Feat. Marci Lee) 1501. Sweet Little Sixteen 1502. Rock And Roll Music 1503. Roll Over Beethoven 1504. Oh Baby Doll 1505. School Day 1506. Brown Eyed Handsome Man 1507. Too Much Monkey Business 1508. Maybelline 1509. Thirty Days 1510. Back In The Usa 1511. Reelin' And Rockin' 1512. Johnny B. Goode 1513. Around And Around 1514. Beautiful Delilah 1515. Carol 1516. Memphis Tennessee 1517. Sweet Little Rock And Roller 1518. Bye Bye Johnny 1519. Little Queenie 1520. Let It Rock 1601. Tutti Frutti 1602. The Girl Can't Help It 1603. She's Got It 1604. Ready Teddy 1605. Slippin' And Slidin' 1606. Long Tall Sally 1607. Rip It Up 1608. Heebie Jeebies 1609. Can't Believe You Wanna Leave 1610. Lucille 1611. Keep A Knockin' 1612. Send Me Some Lovin' 1613. Miss Ann 1614. Jenny Jenny 1615. Hey Hey Hey 1616. True Fine Mama 1617. Oh My Soul 1618. Baby Face 1619. By The Light Of The Silvery Moon 1620. Good Golly Miss Molly 1701. Summertime Blues 1702. Cut Across Shortly 1703. Somethin' Else 1704. Teenage Heaven 1705. Twenty Flight Rock 1706. Theresa 1707. Skinny Jim 1708. Sittin' In The Balcony 1709. Mean When I'm Mad 1710. Completely Sweet 1711. Stockin's 'N' Shoes 1712. Jeannie, Jeannie, Jeannie 1713. Have I Told You Lately That I Love You 1714. Pretty Girl 1715. Sweetie Pie 1716. Hallelujah I Love Her So 1717. Drive-in Show 1718. Boll Weevil Song 1719. Three Steps To Heaven 1720. C'mon Everybody 1801. Poor Little Fool 1802. I'm Walkin' 1803. Whole Lotta Shakin' Goin' On 1804. Stood Up 1805. Waitin' In School 1806. My Bucket's Got A Hole In It 1807. Shirley Lee 1808. Down The Line 1809. I'm In Love Again 1810. My Babe 1811. There's Good Rockin' Tonight 1812. Milk Cow Blues 1813. Be-bop Baby 1814. Yes Sir, That's My Baby 1815. Half Breed 1816. Mighty Good 1817. Just A Little Too Much 1818. Honeycomb 1819. Never Be Anyone Else But You 1820. It's Late (Burnette) 1901. Great Balls Of Fire 1902. Breathless 1903. Lewis Boogie 1904. Break Up 1905. Mean Woman Blues 1906. Whole Lotta Shakin' Goin' On 1907. It'll Be Me 1908. You Win Again 1909. Pumping Piano Rock 1910. Let's Talk About Us 1911. Big Blon' Baby 1912. Ubangi Stomp 1913. Little Queenie 1914. I'll Sail My Ship Alone 1915. Old Black Joe 1916. Down The Line 1917. Lovin' Up A Storm 1918. Ballad Of Billy Joe 1919. In The Mood 1920. High School Confidential 2001. Move It 2002. High Class Baby 2003. My Feet Hit The Ground 2004. Livin' Lovin' Doll 2005. Steady With You 2006. Mean Streak 2007. Never Mind 2008. Living Doll 2009. Apron Strings 2010. Travellin' Light 2011. Dynamite 2012. Gee Whiz It's You 2013. I Gotta Know 2014. Lamp Of Love 2015. I Cannot Find A True Love 2016. Fall In Love With You 2017. A Voice In The Wilderness 2018. Willie And The Hand Jive 2019. Nine Times Out Of Ten 2020. Please Don't Tease 2101. Be Bop A Lula 2102. Race With The Devil 2103. Woman Love 2104. Gonna Back Up Baby 2105. Blue Jean Bop 2106. Jump Back, Honey, Jump Back 2107. Jumps, Giggles And Shouts 2108. B-i-bickey-bi, Bo-bo-go 2109. Lotta Lovin' 2110. Cat Man 2111. Rocky Road Blues 2112. Git It 2113. Dance In The Street 2114. Say Mama 2115. Wild Cat 2116. Be-bop Boogie Boy 2117. Red Blue Jeans And A Pony Tail 2118. Pink Thunderbird 2119. Crazy Legs 2120. Dance To The Bop 2201. Rock Around The Clock 2202. Crazy Man Crazy 2203. Shake, Rattle And Roll 2204. Mambo Rock 2205. Rock-a-beatin' Boogie 2206. Burn That Candle 2207. Razzle Dazzle 2208. See You Later Alligator 2209. R-o-c-k 2210. Hot Dog Buddy Buddy 2211. The Saints Rock 'N' Roll 2212. Rocket 88 2213. Dim Dim The Lights 2214. Abc Boogie 2215. Birth Of The Boogie 2216. Choo Choo Ch'boogie 2217. Teenager's Mother 2218. Whoa Mabel! 2219. Lean Jean 2220. Skinny Minnie 2301. Heartbreak Hotel 2302. Don't Be Cruel 2303. Hound Dog 2304. Paralyzed 2305. When My Blue Moon Turns To Gold Again 2306. Too Much 2307. All Shook Up 2308. Got A Lot O' Livin' To Do 2309. Jailhouse Rock 2310. Treat Me Nice 2311. Wear My Ring Around Your Neck 2312. Hard Headed Woman 2313. King Creole 2314. One Night 2315. I Got Stung 2316. I Need Your Love Tonight 2317. (Let Me Be Your) Teddy Bear 2318. Stuck On You 2319. A Big Hunk O' Love 2320. It's Now Or Never


Way Out There - 2870138707

539,99 zł

Way Out There Bear Family Records


1. Way Out There 2. Tumbling Tumbleweeds 3. Moonlight On The Prairie 4. Ridin' Home 5. I Follow The Stream 6. There's A Roundup In The Sky 7. Roving Cowboy 8. Will You Love Me When My Hair Has Turned To Silver 9. When Our Old Age Pension Check Comes To Our Door 10. When I Leave This World Behind 11. Over The Santa Fe Trail 12. Song Of The Pioneers 13. Echoes From The Hills 14. Kilocycle Stomp 15. Cajon Stomp 16. Westward Ho 17. The Hills Of Old Wyomin' 18. A Melody From The Sky 19. We'll Rest At The End Of The Trail 20. Texas Star 21. Blue Bonnet Girl 22. Ride, Ranger, Ride 23. Empty Saddles 24. Blue Prairie 25. I'm An Old Cowhand (From The Rio Grande) 26. Way Out There 27. Will You Love Me When My Hair Has Turned To Silver 28. Song Of The Pioneers 29. Blue Prairie 101. One More Ride 102. Way Out There 103. Tumbling Tumbleweeds 104. My Saddle Pals & I 105. I Love You Nelly 106. I Wonder If She Waits For Me Tonight 107. When The Roses Bloom Again 108. Heavenly Airplane 109. Billie The Kid 110. Power In The Blood 111. Let's Pretend 112. Love Song Of The Waterfall 113. Song Of The Bandit 114. Down Along The Sleepy Rio Grande 115. Just A-wearyin' For You 116. Smilin' Through 117. Kelly Waltz 118. Open Range Ahead 119. Cajon Stomp 120. Blue Juniata 121. Send Him Home To Me 122. Cowboy Night-herd Song 123. One More Ride 124. I Wonder If She Waits For Me Tonight 125. When The Roses Bloom Again 126. Billie The Kid 127. Power In The Blood 128. Open Range Ahead 129. Send Him Home To Me 130. Cowboy Night-herd Song 201. Black Sheep Blues 202. That Pioneer Mother Of Mine 203. Hadie Brown (My Little Lady) 204. Hear Dem Bells 205. One More River To Cross 206. You Must Come In At The Door 207. Lead Me Gently Home, Father 208. The Devil's Great Grandson 209. Dwelling In Beulah Land 210. When The Golden Train Comes Down 211. The Hangin' Blues 212. Hold That Critter Down 213. Leaning On The Everlasting Arm 214. What You Gonna Say To Peter 215. At The Rainbow's End 216. The Touch Of God's Hand 217. Lord, You Made The Cowboy Happy 218. That Pioneer Mother Of Mine 219. Dust 220. When A Cowboy Sings A Song 221. Listen To The Rhythm Of The Range 222. Hi-yo, Silver! 223. A Lonely Ranger Am I 224. Old Pioneer 225. Ridin' Ropin' 226. Black Sheep Blues 227. One More River To Cross 228. You Must Come In At The Door 229. Hold That Critter Down 230. Leaning On The Everlasting Arm 231. The Touch Of God's Hand 301. I've Sold My Saddle For An Old Guitar 302. Colorado Sunset 303. There's A Ranch In The Rockies 304. When The Sun Is Setting On The Prairie 305. When I Camped Under The Stars 306. Born To The Saddle 307. When Mother Nature Sings Her Lullaby 308. Somebody's Smile 309. I've Learned A Lot About Women 310. The Man In The Moon Is A Cowhand 311. She's All Wet Now 312. I Hope I'm Not Dreaming Again 313. The Mail Must Go Through 314. Ridin' Down The Trail 315. Here On The Range 316. Let Me Build A Cabin 317. Headin' For Texas & Home 318. Rusty Spurs 319. Chapel In The Valley 320. You Waited Too Long 321. Nobody's Fault But My Own 322. No Matter What Happens, My Darling 323. Silent Night, Holy Night 324. O Come All Ye Faithful (Adeste Fideles) 325. Wondering Why 326. I Hope I'm Not Dreaming Again 327. Chapel In The Valley 328. You Waited Too Long 329. Nobody's Fault But My Own 330. Silent Night, Holy Night 331. O Come All Ye Faithful (Adeste Fideles) 401. Wondering Why 402. (Without You Darling) Life Won't Be The Same 403. New Worried Mind 404. Time Changes Everything 405. Yesterday 406. Melody Of The Plains 407. So Long To The Red River Valley 408. My Love Went Without Water (Three Days) 409. (Goodbye My Darlin') They Drew My Number 410. He's Gone Up The Trail 411. A Love That Ended Too Soon 412. Cielito Lindo 413. Cool Water 414. You Don't Love Me But I'll Always Care 415. There's A Long, Long, Trail 416. Kelly Waltz 417. Lonely Rose Of Mexico 418. Rye Whiskey 419. Wagner Hoedown 420. Boggy Road To Texas 421. Don't Be Blue, Little Pal, Don't Be Blue 422. You Were Right & I Was Wrong 423. I'm Trusting In You 424. I'll Be Honest With You (Answer To Be Honest With 425. (Without You Darling) Life Won't Be The Same 426. New Worried Mind 427. Time Changes Everything 428. Melody Of The Plains 429. My Love Went Without Water (Three Days) 430. (Goodbye My Darlin') They Drew My Number 431. He's Gone Up The Trail 501. I Knew It All The Time 502. You Broke My Heart, Little Darlin' 503. How Was I To Know 504. When The Moon Comes Over Sun Valley 505. Down By The Old Alamo 506. I Know I Shouldn't Worry (But I Do) 507. A Gay Ranchero (Las Altenitas) 508. Blue Bonnet Lane 509. Don't Waste Your Love On Me 510. It's Just The Same 511. A Man & His Song 512. I've Sold My Saddle For An Old Guitar 513. Pay Me No Mind 514. Salt River Valley 515. Tumbleweed Trails 516. Plain Old Plains 517. You're The Answer To My Prayer 518. Little Old Church On The Hilltop 519. She Gave Her Heart To A Soldier Boy 520. Think Of Me 521. Private Buckaroo 522. O-o-oh, Wonderful World 523. I'll Be Around Somewhere 524. I'm Crying My Heart Out Over You 525. I Hang My Head & Cry 526. Home In San Antone 527. Let Me Keep My Memories 528. There's A New Moon Over My Shoulder 529. Pay Me No Mind 530. Salt River Valley


Shadow of the Sun - 2212824581

40,80 zł

Shadow of the Sun Penguin

Literatura faktu

'Only with the greatest of simplifications, for the sake of convenience, can we say Africa. In reality, except as a geographical term, Africa doesn't exist'. Ryszard Kapuscinski has been writing about the people of Africa throughout his career. In a study that avoids the official routes, palaces and big politics, he sets out to create an account of post-colonial Africa seen at once as a whole and as a location that wholly defies generalised explanations. It is both a sustained meditation on the mosaic of peoples and practises we call 'Africa', and an impassioned attempt to come to terms with humanity itself as it struggles to escape from foreign domination, from the intoxications of freedom, from war and from politics as theft. The Beginning: Collision, Ghana 1958 More than anything, one is struck by the light. Light everywhere. Brightness everywhere. Everywhere, the sun. Just yesterday, an autumnal London was drenched in rain. The airplane drenched in rain. A cold, wind, darkness. But here, from the morning


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